Repost: 9/11 Mastermind says the goal of Al-Qaeda is to take over America through immigration

by Ann Corcoran

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It is about as clear as you can get, and from one of their own mouths! (Hey, SPLC does that make him a racist or Islamophobe?)

This isn’t new news for anyone who has been paying attention and reading alternative media like RRW. Heck this is the Hijra explained by someone who is one of Islam’s most diabolical minds—Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Before I get to what KSM is quoted as saying in a soon-to-be released book, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving day today with friends and family. And, I hope this doesn’t spoil what is left of your day!

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Not “practical” to defeat America with terror attacks, must do it through immigration and out-breeding the infidels.

Incidentally, I wrote about KSM a couple of years ago when I read Richard Miniter’s ‘Mastermind.’  I was most interested in the fact that the state of North Carolina was attracting a large Muslim population and was an important refugee resettlement state.  Did you know KSM and others like him went to college in NC?

Now to the news that isn’t shocking, but it is a relief to see it in print and out of the mouth of a significant Islamic supremacist planner. From Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda’s plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and “outbreeding nonmuslims” who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book.


In Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell tells for the first time about his role interrogating al Qaeda principals, many like KSM still jailed at Guantanamo Bay. He details accounts of waterboarding and other interrogation sessions of the nation’s most notorious enemies.


Snippets obtained by Secrets from the book set for release next Tuesday from Crown Forum show that Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11.

Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.


Consider this passage in the book, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America, where KSM reveals the plan to Mitchell:

He said the terror attacks were good, but the “practical” way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message. They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people eventually would become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.

“Eventually,” KSM said, “America will expose her neck to us for slaughter.”

Since the attacks, and during President Obama’s two terms, Muslims from several countries that harbor terrorists have flooded into the U.S. And Obama has promised to open the borders for Syrian refugees whose backgrounds are difficult to investigate. President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse Obama’s plans.

More from Bedard here.

Get James Mitchell’s book here Tuesday (I just ordered my copy)!  It would make a nice Christmas gift for Nikki Haley!

I had an opportunity in 2015 to speak with Donald Trump and give him my little book on the Hijra and refugee resettlement, sure hope he at least skimmed it!

Muslim Leader in US: “Islam is not here to Integrate [or Assimilate]. Islam is here to Dominate”

Written by:
Published on: November 19, 2016

At least there is one Muslim in America who is open and honest about what Islam is and what it is here for. No taqiyya, no mincing of words. Islam is here to dominate.

Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, told American Muslims earlier this year that Islam was not here to integrate, but rather to dominate.

USA: Khalifah conference 2016 (May) in Chicago… Watch and Listen!!!

— Onlinemagazin (@OnlineMagazin) November 10, 2016

“The Prophet said: ‘There is no god but Allah,’ said Thbait. “Instead the [elites of Mecca] rejected. They offered the Prophet wealth, status, and political representation – a seat on the executive branch within Mecca’s secular order – all to avoid this statement and its implications. Yet he rejected their offers and continued his journey towards radical change, providing us with step-by-step instructions on how to make this religion supreme.”

“The elites of Mecca would use every possible measure to coerce or contain Muhammad‘s call for change within specific parameters,” he added. “Those parameters would permit the changing of anything that did not threaten their system and infringe on their power. But this message is not here to integrate. It is here to dominate. Islam is here to dominate! This was an ideological struggle, the sole purpose of which was to organize Man’s affairs in accordance with a system revealed by Allah.

“There was no room for compromise,” Thbait continued. “Instead Allah revealed to the Prophet, saying: ‘Proclaim openly, as commanded, and turn away from those who associate others with Allah.’ ‘Proclaim openly, as commanded by Allah’ – this is our activism. It is free of polytheism, the polytheism of a secular system. Activism within a flawed infidel system is forbidden.”

There is definitely a problem with polytheism in our land, but Islam will not help that since it is a flawed ideology that thrives on death, not life, and because it is an anti-christ religion at its heart.

He then said:

You cannot raise your hands to Allah, while extending your hands to men for legislation. Every four years, you do just that. Muslims are pressured to get out there and vote, believing somehow that their insignificant numbers have an impact. The effort to get Muslims out there to vote has never been about their significance. It is part of an effort to assimilate Muslims.

They have tricked Muslims into voting for Clinton, who went on to starve half a million children in Iraq to death. They tricked Muslims into voting for Bush, who went on to bomb two Muslim countries and kill millions. And they went on to trick Muslims to vote for Obama, who bombed seven Muslim countries and killed millions.

The argument used was always the “lesser of evils.” So now, killing millions of Muslims is a “lesser evil.” “What is the matter with you? How do you judge?” [Quran 68:36] The ballots have brought you nothing but disgrace, and have soaked you with the blood of your Muslim brothers and sisters. The problem with their system is not the scores of dead. It is deeper than that. It is their secular faith. It is in direct opposition with our creed, when Allah says: “Legislation belongs to none other than Allah.”

Muhammad and his companions established for us a political system where sovereignty belongs to Allah and not to the elites, where politics meant caring for the affairs of Mankind, not only the elites, where da’wa was conveyed to the whole of society, not only to the oppressed and excluding the elites. This system was not for the 99% or the 1%. This system was for the 100%. For those of us in the West, Allah granted us the opportunity to be amidst a people so misinformed that the truth we offer will resonate. Our voice is our greatest weapon, and our silence is our worst enemy.

They want to entice you and intimidate you into embracing their way of life. They want to change our Islam We are not their puppets. We are a cure and a mercy. We carry a comprehensive system of solutions for Mankind, and we should act accordingly. Muslims in the West are a part of this struggle. We should not underestimate our impact in this global effort. We need to be honest about who we are, what our global program is, and advocate for the system of Islam, wherever we may be, and explain it to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Don’t fall into the electoral trap.

Some of what he says is true. This idea of being used is very true, not only of Muslims, but of many in our society. However, Islam does not offer truth. It offers lies. As for killing Muslims, perhaps one should follow the blood trail left by Islam, not just in this century, but in the previous nine!

While I do admire his conviction, it’s placed in the wrong thing. I wish more Christians understood their divine mandate and obeyed it (Matthew 28:19-20). I wish they understood that Christians are ambassadors for King Jesus and that He is dominating the world through the message we are to be teaching others (1 Corinthians 15).

Sadly, American Christians many times can’t even get the basics of the Gospel right. It is because we have lost our saltiness that we are being trampled underfoot in America (Matthew 5:13). May God renew us, even as He did Samson (Judges 16:28), and either cause our enemies to bow to Him or destroy them before us.


UK: Muslim Leader Islam Not a Religion of Peace

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has released a review of its strategy in the war on terrorism. The report failed to even mention the word "Islam."

CBN News traveled to London to talk with Anjem Choudary, a leading Muslim radical who says Islamic teachings are what shaped his pro-jihad message.

Although both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have declared that Islam is a religion of peace, Choudary begs to differ.

A Religion of Peace?  

"You can't say that Islam is a religion of peace," Choudary told CBN News. "Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam."

Choudary is the leader of Islam4UK, a group recently banned in Britain under the country's counter-terrorism laws. He wants Islamic Sharia law to rule the United Kingdom and is working to make that dream a reality.

While Islamic radicals in the United States usually prefer to speak in more moderate tones while in public, masking their true agenda, Choudary has no such inhibitions.

He has praised the 9/11 hijackers and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict. He also stirred controversy recently when video emerged of him converting a 10-year-old British boy to Islam.

Openly Praising Jihad 

Choudary told CBN News his group is a "non-violent political and ideological movement" that resides in the UK under "a covenant of security."

Yet he openly praises violent jihad.

"The Koran is full of, you know, jihad is the most talked about duty in the Koran other than tawhid -- belief," he said. "Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting."

Several former members of Choudary's group have been arrested on terrorism charges.

"A very significant amount of former al-Muhajiroun people were involved in terrorist plots against this country," London-based terrorism expert Peter Neumann said. "A number of people have actually gone to Afghanistan, joined the Taliban and died fighting for the Taliban."

Choudary refuses to condemn acts of terror including 9/11 and the July 7, 2005 London bombings, which killed 52 people.

Islam More than Religion   

CBN News asked Choudary for his thoughts on the 7/7 bombings on London's transport system, and whether he condemned them.

"For the people who carried it out, it was legitimate," he replied. "If you look at the will of the 7/7 bombers Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, they would be justified. And there are many verses from the Koran and many statements to say that's the Islamic argument. And that is a difficult Islamic argument to refute. And there are many scholars who support that argument as well."

Choudary says his group is merely following core Islamic teachings and that Islam is much more than a religion.

"This particular belief is more than just a religion," he declared. "It is not just a spiritual belief. It is, in fact, an ideology which you believe in and you struggle for and you are willing even to die for, because you believe in that: That is your whole life."

Choudary seems to relish being called Great Britain's "most hated man" and pledges to continue his rallies calling for the overthrow of the British system.


Trump's Choice for National Security Adviser: Islam Not a Religion

By Kurt Nimmo

Donald Trump’s anti-Islam agenda is front and center now that retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn has accepted the position of national security adviser.

BREAKING: Senior official: Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn job as national security adviser.

— The Associated Press (@AP) November 18, 2016

Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, consulted Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Earlier this year the Trump campaign thought about running him as vice president but settled on Mike Pence instead.

Flynn has worked with the Center for a New American Security, a think tank co-founded by Michèle Flournoy, the former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. She advised defense secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta.

Flournoy is a “liberal interventionist,” the Democrat version of a neocon.

She is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the CIA’s External Advisory Board.

“Undersecretary of defense Michele Flournoy is the dictionary definition of a hawkish Democrat,” declared Thomas Donnelly, a neocon with the American Enterprise Institute, a frontline organization instrumental in arranging the invasion of Iraq. Donnelly is also the former deputy director of the now-defunct Project for the New American Century.

Flynn is a staunch anti-Islamist. Even The New York Times characterizes him that way. He will be passing his ideology on to Trump. Like George W. Bush, Trump is a lightweight when it comes to geopolitics.

Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL: please forward this to others: the truth fears no questions…

— General Flynn (@GenFlynn) February 27, 2016

Flynn doesn’t consider Islam a religion. He says it is a political ideology hiding behind the First Amendment and the freedom of religion.

.@GenFlynn: “We also need to be able to go after this doctrine of radical Islamism.” #SpecialReport

— Fox News (@FoxNews) August 17, 2016


Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.


Trump: Shariah law and Constitution don't mix

Friday, November 18, 2016
Bob Kellogg (

President-elect Donald Trump is about to send a message loud and clear that Islam’s “Shariah [law is] incompatible with [the United States] Constitution” as he prepares to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s days of influencing the United States government may be coming to an end, and those who are expert in the field of Islamist activism and the threat of terror are pleased,” WND reports. “President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization.”

Trump’s foreign policy adviser, Walid Phares, is confident that Trump will follow through by calling a spade a spade and formally recognize the controversial group as a militant Islamic terrorist organization. He announced Trump’s plan to the Egyptian news outlet, Youm7, and explained that a bill exists in Congress to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, but noted that the Obama administration has refused to pass the bill due to the president’s support of the Brotherhood – with whom he want to say on friendly terms.

It’s about time …

As a founding member of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Philip Haney is excited about a revitalized eagerness (by Trump) to bring the government agency back to what it was created to do.

“This is what the Department of Homeland Security was created for in the first place – to protect the American people from the threat of terrorism both foreign and domestic – so all he’s doing is following the policies of the original purpose of DHS,” Haney, who authored See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,  told WND. “This is what we were actually supposed to do clear back in 2003, when the agency was formed.”

American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) President Pamela Geller, who wrote the book Stop the Islamization of America,  also welcomed the news of Trump’s plans with open arms.

“It’s long overdue and much needed,” Geller insisted, according to WND. “We can only hope that it will stop Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the U.S. government.”

Protecting Americans, not terrorists …

The bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group was introduced a year ago this month by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was tired of the Obama administration skirting the issue and continuing to keep Americans in danger by defending jihadists.

“We have to stop pretending that the Brotherhood are not responsible for the terrorism they advocate and finance,” Cruz told the Washington Free Beacon in November 2015. “We have to see it for what it is: a key international organization dedicated to waging violent jihad.”

It is also maintained that the Islamic terrorist organization secretly works with other Muslim American groups to spread jihad across the U.S.

The bill examines the Muslim Brotherhood’s history of terrorism and shows how it is linked to three prominent American Muslim organizations: the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT),” WND’s Paul Bremmer informed. “The legislation was approved by the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year and referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which has not taken action on it.”

Trump will be joining Russia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to make the U.S. become the seventh nation to officially declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

By making the designation, Haney says the U.S. will be making a bold statement to militant Muslims worldwide who have taken advantage of America’s weakness and unwillingness to fight jihad head-on.

“It’ll send a signal to the entire Salafi, pro-Shariah, pro-jihad Islamic world that we’re serious again about protecting our borders, and that we will do it without firing a single shot or dropping a single bomb anywhere,” Haney stressed. “And that’s very significant. We talk about peace through strength and walking softly and carrying a big stick – well, this is a good example of it.”

Using Islam’s own mottos to prove his point, Haney shared the religion’s beliefs to show that the very tenets of Islam run contrary to religious liberty in America.

“Allah is our objective; the Quran is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish,” Haney said, reciting popular Islamic chants.

Haney stressed that there are some things the American government must get straight if it does not want to succumb to Islamic terrorism.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has quite plainly stated what their intentions are, so we should simply take them at their word and by designating them as a terrorist organization, we’re saying that Shariah law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution, and that might be the most important part,” he continued.

Staying on course…

Even though some are wary that Trump will not hold to his plan to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, Geller is confident that he will do all he can to eradicate the influence of Islamic militants from the government.

“So far, he has stuck to his guns through a presidential campaign – during which he was subjected to vicious and relentless attacks for those positions,” Geller contended. “That gives me hope that he will follow through.”

Not quite as confident that Trump will stick to his resolve to declare the Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Haney is still cautiously optimistic.

“He thinks a terrorist designation of the Muslim Brotherhood could set the stage for a follow-up to the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, in which various charities and leaders affiliated with the Brotherhood were found to have been funding Hamas terrorists,” Haney asserted. “But he sees it as even more important than a second trial.”

The national security expert is adamant that such a designation is imperative if the U.S. is to take the reins and win the war on terror – and no longer take a vacation from the conflict, as it has done over the past eight years with the Obama administration.

“If you designate the Muslim Brotherhood organization, not only does it provide incentive for the Holy Land trial part two, but it also puts the people that are in the Muslim Brotherhood that are having any kind of influence in the U.S. government on notice that they will no longer be given access to positions of influence and authority within the social arena, political arena and law enforcement arena, which are the three areas they’ve been operating almost unhindered for the last eight years, if not longer,” Haney concluded.


Islam and Blood

(well-researched PDF): islam_and_blood.pdf

The Pope is part of uniting of all Christian denominations, in turn to be merged with other faiths, to create a one-world religion over whom Antichrist can rule.

The War on Christianity, Part 1

This post is adapted from Chapter 17 of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.
Producing a One-World Religion: A Three-Step Plan


The Agenda behind the Refugee Crisis

I’ll preface my remarks by stressing I am not “against immigration.” My wife is an immigrant. Most Americans are descended from immigrants. Any sovereign nation has the right to accept immigrants in accordance with its own laws. If a country’s labor force is seriously short of, say, engineers, it would do well to welcome foreign engineers.

For the illuminist/Zionist banker oligarchy, however, “immigration” has a different purpose and meaning. In my 2013 book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, I wrote:

Recent years have seen huge pushes to relax U.S. immigration laws. President George W. Bush was criticized by his own party for being notoriously weak on restricting immigration; in 2007 he even joined forces with liberal Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy to create a bill that would have naturalized all illegal immigrants.

Immigration is integral to the globalist plan. The European Union, for example, encourages free movement within member states. Why? Notice that nations are becoming harder to characterize. Britain had only 10,700 Indians and Pakistanis in 1955; by 2001 that figure had risen to over 1.8 million. France today has over five million Muslims, most of them immigrants from its former North African colonies; they constitute a state within a state – as witnessed by the rash of violence and fires in 2005 that French police couldn’t contain.

The Establishment encourages such situations because if you confuse national identity, you weaken national sovereignty. When Africans Muslims come to France, they usually don’t consider themselves Frenchmen – and ethnically they aren’t. A country not unified by a distinct identity is far easier to strip of sovereignty because the subjects themselves feel little allegiance to country, flag, and each other. “Multiculturalism” is politically correct today, but its purpose is to fragmentize nations.

“Divide and conquer,” of course, is a stock-in-trade tactic of the NWO. But the recent push for Western nations to accept massive numbers of Middle East refugees is raising the agenda bar to a new level, with unprecedented implications.

First, some underlying facts:

• The current immigration crisis was created by the West. The United States is still fighting in Afghanistan, even though our alleged reason for going there was Afghanistan’s refusal to give us Bin Laden – long dead, even by the official narrative. We fought a war in Iraq for a decade over weapons of mass destruction that even the Bush administration eventually admitted didn’t exist. We bombed Libya into utter chaos because Muammar Gaddafi wanted to introduce the gold dinar as Africa’s currency, upsetting America’s dollar-based banker oligarchy. And when President Obama couldn’t gain public support for war on Syria over the false claim that Assad used sarin gas on his own people, war on Syria was wangled anyway, through staged beheading videos and switching the professed enemy from Assad to ISIS – i.e., the very forces we had trained and equipped to fight Assad.

For those who still don’t know it, the Pentagon already had a plan in 2001 to war against seven Middle Eastern/North African countries, including Iraq, Libya and Syria, as was revealed by General Wesley Clark:

• The crisis has been hyped by mainstream media. The presstitutes of the tightly controlled media only shed their crocodile tears when their chiefs require it to serve an agenda. Child atrocity stories are a proven winner; thus we had faked tales of German soldiers cutting hands off Belgian children for World War I, the “Shanghai Baby” for World War II, and the infamously fabricated “baby incubator deaths” for the Gulf War. For the refugee crisis, the media selected a drowned boy, “Aylan,” as the iconic image they needed to impress on the public brain:

This boy’s death was a tragedy. But no less tragic were countless other child deaths the media has ignored, from the Holodomor to Gaza. Furthermore, as well summarized by James Delingpole, there are many problems with the Aylan story, not the least of which are details suggesting the body was carefully positioned at water’s edge for maximum dramatic effect.

• Most of the “refugees” aren’t Syrian, as claimed. According to this Town Hall post by Leah Barkoukis, about 80 percent actually come from other countries. Even sub-Saharan blacks are being passed off as “Syrians.” Furthermore, most are young adult males (i.e., ISIS recruiting age), not women, children, families, or the elderly.

To reinforce and flesh out the above points, I highly recommend the following video by “Syrian Girl”:

(Although I won’t embed it here, I also recommend her very informative 2012 video “Why the NWO Hates Syria.”)


Why are the politicians who obediently serve as fronts for the global bankster oligarchy crying that their nations have a “moral duty” to accept these refugees? Germany’s Angela Merkel has said there is no limit to the refugees her country should accept. David Cameron has said the UK will take 20,000. Obama has offered  to accept 10,000; Hillary is calling for 65,000.

Actually, as this Infowars clip from earlier in the year reveals, the Department of Homeland Security has been quietly bussing about 100,000 Muslims into the U.S. each year, well before the “Syrian refugee crisis” emerged in the headlines:

Obviously, the most sensible places for Muslim refugees are other Muslim nations, where barriers of language and culture are comparatively minimal (yet wealthier Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have steadfastly denied admittance to Syrian refugees). Already Germany is feeling the effects, as gangs of “migrant” men roam the streets, stalking and sometimes sexually assaulting women.

Osama Bin Laden, the patsy of the 9/11 false flag, made a relevant point in his remarks reported by the Pakistani newspaper Ummaut on September 22, 2001:

I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. [emphasis added]

“Conflict between Islam and Christianity” is exactly what the Zionists behind 9/11 have been generating through the never-ending Middle East wars. Now, the transplanting of hundreds of thousands of young male “Syrian” refugees into Europe and America could turns these lands themselves into battlefields. Besides the natural tensions resettlement creates (job competition in already-stressed economies; conflicts in religion, culture and language; lingering resentment among Muslims over what the West has done to their homelands), some of these “refugees” may be sleeper ISIS fighters. All it would take to ignite chaos would a major false flag, such as the demolition of the Dome of the Rock, perpetrated by Mossad but blamed on others. (The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is one of Islam’s holiest shrines; it has been falsely claimed to be erected on the ancient site of Solomon’s Temple, which Zionists have long wished to rebuild as the throne of their false Messiah/antichrist, ruler of world government.)

The chaos of bloody street clashes between displaced Muslims and Americans/Europeans could achieve yet other Illuminati goals, including imposition of domestic martial law and suspension of remaining freedoms. Fighting could also expand, like a wildfire, into a global war including Russia and China, which would fulfill yet more Illuminati aims: population reduction, and emergence of world government as “the only way to relieve the planet’s suffering.”

There is one other apparent objective to the refugee crisis worth mentioning: mass evacuation of Muslims from the Middle East war zones helps empty the space Zionists covet in order to create “Greater Israel,” a plan laid out in this detailed article at Global Research.

What is the true solution? Putin put it well in his UN speech:

I would like to stress that refugees undoubtedly need our compassion and support. However, the only way to solve this problem for good is to restore statehood where it has been destroyed, to strengthen government institutions where they still exist. . . .

The answer to the refugee crisis is not transplanting myriad people out of their native lands, but to restore stability to those lands, so people can remain in their homes. And that means (1) an end to the West’s policy of training and arming the very terrorist groups which it alleges to fight; (2) an end to Western support for Israel’s program of aggression, expansion, and ethnic cleansing.

October 7. Update. While I wouldn’t agree with every remark he makes, I found this commentary by a Russian analyst adds some helpful insights regarding Europe’s refugee crisis:

October 12. Further thoughts. The Western/Zionist-imposed “Arab Spring” has been “Balkanizing” the Middle East: reconfiguring it into small, divided, chaotic states. (With Russia’s help, Assad is still holding out.) Assad notwithstanding, it would be relatively easy for Israel’s military, now ranked among the world’s most powerful, to throw its tanks against these lands and annex them in its quest for “Greater Israel.” (Again, the strategy is: divide, then conquer.) However, for Israel to do this, it would first desire the support of public opinion in the EU and America. It occurs to me that if extensive fighting broke out between Europeans and these Muslim migrants, probably triggered by false flag events, it would create European sympathy for Israel as its military blasted away against “our common foe.” No doubt Israel would justify its aggression by first portraying itself (as it always does) as a “victim.


BULGARIAN Prime Minister says “Send them back!” Orders mass deportations of violent Muslim invaders posing as refugees

by BareNakedIslam

FURIOUS Bulgarian Prime Minister orders mass deportations of Afghan Muslim thugs after they trashed and set fire to their holding camp. Those who are not sent back to the Middle East will be dispersed to migrant camps across the country in a bid to prevent them from organizing another violent uprising UK Express (h/t Terry D)  Bulgaria's […]

Read more of this post



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
December 20, 2015


St. Augustine once said: “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.”

Those Americans whose fellow citizens have been murdered by Muslim terrorists and who feel no anger are, according to St. Augustine, immoral and unjust. They are particularly immoral and unjust because their sympathies lie with the murderers, not the victims.

The issue of Muslim immigration became front and center in the media when Donald Trump released a statement to the press saying “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our countries’ representatives can figure out what is going on.” He also made this statement during the Republican debate on CNN last Tuesday night.

Trump quoted a statistic from the Center for Security stating that 51 percent of the Muslims living in America believe they should be able to choose to be “governed according to Shariah.”

Trump then added to his statement, saying: “Shariah (law) authorizes atrocities (such) as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women.” In case anyone hasn’t figured it out, that means they do not accept the Constitution of the United States as the highest law of the land and want to replace our laws and our Constitution with Shariah Law.


On June 27, 1952, the Immigration and Nationality Act passed. It revised the laws of immigration, naturalization, and nationality in America. The Act became Public Law 414. It prohibits entry into the United States by aliens who belong to any organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States. That law remains in effect as of this date.

You can find the Immigration and Naturalization Act here. Click on the link, then scroll to Chapter 2, Section 212.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 makes clear the intent of Congress regarding aliens wanting to enter our nation. If you read Chapter 2, Section 212, you will find that if an alien seeking to enter America for whatever reason – I repeat, for whatever reason – belongs to any group or organization seeking the overthrow of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means” that alien’s entry into America should be prohibited. A group which rejects our Constitution and seeks to replace it with Sharia law fits that definition.

Any “group or organization” includes religion. The Muslim faith is part and parcel of Sharia law which opposes the rule of law that flows from America's Constitution.

This law is being ignored not just by the media, but by the man who claims to be President of the United States and his Attorney General. It is being ignored by the Republican-dominated Congress. It is not being ignored by Donald Trump. This issue would have never been brought to the public's attention if not for Trump.

Donald Trump got it right when he said all Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until the citizens of America – those human beings the President of the United States is sworn to protect – can be assured that those who want to kill them can be prevented from doing so.

There is insufficient record keeping in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran and all of the other Middle East Hell Holes like Libya and Pakistan and Egypt to successfully “vet” (research) residents of those nations. When they seek asylum in America, there is no way to identify with confidence Muslims with ties to violence prone Jihadist groups like ISIS. Intelligence officials have warned the President of this truth. He ignores them... and so does the Congress.

Trump was responding to the justified anger of the American people caused by the murder of fellow citizens. He was also responding to the justified fears caused by violent Jihadists whose Middle Eastern Islamic heritage has set them on a road of murderous intent. They want to kill American citizens because we do not believe in Allah.

All Muslims should be rejected from entry into America because the Qur'an, Sharia law and the Hadith require complete submission to Islam and Islamic law runs in opposition to our Constitution. All Muslims residing in the United States who will not commit to putting the Constitution of the United States ahead of Sharia law should be returned to an appropriate Qur'an-believing nation that is dominated by Sharia Law. It is best for them; it is best for us. They cannot reject Sharia law without rejecting their Muslim faith. They will not do that -- nor should they be asked. To believe in their faith, they must reject the Constitution of the United States.

It appears the liberal progressive media has been conditioned to believe their stories are more important than the lives of the people who read them. Their liberal opinions are more important than truth or law. The media reacted as expected. They immediately attacked Trump for his uncaring, unconstitutional and "insane" attitude towards the peaceful people of the Middle East whose peaceful religious beliefs produce only a very small percentage of violent believers.

It only took two people to wipe out 14 lives of peace-loving Americans celebrating at a December 2, 2015 San Bernardino, CA party. The two Jihadists, one male and one female, seriously injured an additional 22 others. It only took a half-dozen violent believers in this peaceful religion to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center, killing 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11/01. It took only one “peaceful” Muslim named Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army Major and psychiatrist, to shoot and kill 13 and injure 30 others at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. As his attack against military personnel began, Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar!" but the Obama Administration refuses to name the attack terrorism. Instead, it was workplace violence.

There are from 5 to 8 million Muslims in America. If only 1 percent are Jihadists, that totals 50,000 potential terrorists with possible ties to ISIS. If 10 percent are Jihadists, that number increases to 500,000 potential terrorists. Trump is right to be concerned about the safety of Americans... especially women for whom Muslims have little or no regard.

We need to remember -- and force our elected officials via the power of the ballot to remember -- that though all Muslims are not terrorists, all terrorists are, thus far, Muslim.

Sharia law says all Muslims must commit and attest that the Qur'an is their life's guiding principle. They must submit to Islam. They must submit to Islamic law – Sharia law. That is why immigrated Muslims do not integrate into the American system and why they begin demanding Sharia law from the time their feet touch American soil. They want prayer mats in airports (they got them). Muslim cab drivers want to be able to pick and choose which passengers are acceptable to them. They apply for jobs as truck drivers but do not want to deliver beer -- though they knew their employer delivered beer when they applied for the job.

They must submit to Sharia law and its form of government – which is a subtle way of saying they want to overthrow the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law of the land. They run from the depravities and violence of their home countries and immediately want to implement the very laws that cause the depravation and violence they left behind.

Donald Trump is not only right according to American law. He is also right according to St. Augustine. Those who oppose him on this issue, seeking non-anger from the people over terrorist violence, are both immoral and unjust. After the media blow-up caused by Trump’s comments, prominent evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, stated:

“For some time I have been saying that Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over.” Graham’s Facebook page continued: “Donald J. Trump has been criticized by some for saying something similar. The new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, said yesterday that he disagrees – saying that ‘such views are not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for.’ Politicians in Washington seem to be totally disconnected with reality.”

If you, like Paul Ryan and the rest of Congress, haven't yet figured it out: We are at war. We didn't declare it -- would our Congress declare war on anyone? The Jihadist terrorists declared war against us. If you haven't yet figured it out, it is impossible to fight a war on the homeland of an offender without a homeland. The Caliphate (ISIL, as Obama prefers to reference the terrorist Muslims and their Caliphate) has land, but it hasn't declared war on us. Only Jihadists have declared war; they are the ones who chant "Death to America" in the streets of Islamic population centers worldwide. And to make sure Congress, the media and the current Administration understand it: non-citizens do not have constitutional rights.

The statement "Not all Muslims are Jihadists but all Jihadists are Muslims" truly has significant meaning when viewed in this context. To them, life has no meaning. If your standard of living was as miserable as theirs, you might feel the same way. How miserable must the life of a woman be if she will gladly and willingly strap bombs on one of her children and tell him or her to go blow themselves up someplace where it will kill a lot of non-believers?

Sunni Muslims versus Shiite Muslims versus Kurd Muslims... they have been at war with one another since the death of Mohammed and arguments about who should run Islam arose.

All of the politicians running for the Presidency want to provide solutions to the ongoing battles of the Middle East but you don't solve a war of several hundred years with a band-aid. It doesn't seem to have dawned on anyone, but as long as they had leaders in power we in America would term tyrants, those leaders seemed to keep the various tribes from killing one another -- and others around the world.

Perhaps it takes a Saddam Hussein of Iraq or a Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to keep Muslims from killing one another and protects the rest of the world from the violence that is so much of life in the Middle East.

Perhaps we should get rid of the Muslims who have immigrated to the United States and send them home to the violent social scenes they understand. Perhaps we should let the Middle East solve its own problems while we develop our own oil and gas resources and become a world exporter of the very products that have made the Middle East an important part of international commerce. Bring the price of oil down, down, down and kill the income stream that funds ISIS. Bankrupt them.

There is an answer... but it does not involve the Bush concept of nation building. These people are not temperamentally suited to freedom. They are too filled with hatred. Freedom requires discipline.

That's not intended as an insult. As I watch the American people and their "give me something for nothing" socialist attitudes, I often think the same is true of about 45 percent of our people: They have insufficient discipline for freedom. Islam understands the discipline required for violence, not the discipline required for freedom.

Donald Trump, it appears, understands both.


Students at William and Mary pushing for refugee resettlement for Williamsburg, VA

by Ann Corcoran

The biggest threats to the social order and economic viability of your community may be the little darlings at your local college or university (many of whom will graduate and go somewhere else in four short years).

Readers in Virginia need to nip this in the bud. 

Students are pushing for a city resolution welcoming the federal refugee contractors in to set up shop in the historic city. (Nevermind that there is little low cost housing because the students likely gobble it all up!).

Why is it so cool for the kids these days to want to bring in Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees while not caring about the local American poor, disabled or struggling veterans?

From the Virginia Gazette:

William and Mary students want to make sure refugees know they are welcome in Williamsburg if and when the state sees fit. First step: getting the city council to pass a resolution to that effect.

In light of severe political unrest and danger in Syria, more than 10,000 refugees have entered the United States. They've settled in cities and towns across the country.

"The resolution would say that the city of Williamsburg would be willing to accept refugees were they to come," senior student Andrew Vollavanh said.

He and other students decided to take the city resolution route after speaking with city staff. "We were trying to proceed in a legislative fashion," Vollavanh said. "The mayor told us that probably wasn't the best way to do it."

Sam Steed is the Virginia legislative coordinator at Amnesty International and a student at the college.

Be sure to check out the information on Sam (photo caption at Virginia Gazette)!  He is from Massachusetts and wants a  job with Amnesty International when he graduates!

Looks like this is a national campaign aimed at college towns.

He said that resolutions similar to the one that they are trying to pass in Williamsburg have already passed in other cities, including Durham, North Carolina, New Paltz, New York, and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Williamsburg does not share all of the traits of those cities, but the students still want to push a resolution through. The federal government lets trusted non-governmental organizations [LOL! "trusted"!---ed] figure out where refugees can settle upon entering the U.S. They weigh characteristics like whether there is an existing immigrant community and housing availability.

Continue reading as they repeat the refugee industry's talking points that seem to be springing up everywhere.  These are the three main talking points we have addressed in the past:

Omar al Harden an Iraqi refugee plead guilty in Houston recently. He planned to bomb two area malls for ISIS.

~Only women and children! So we are expected to believe that these Middle Eastern and African women are going to live without their men for the next couple of decades. There is this thing called "family reunification."

~Thoroughly vetted! But, no one tells the students that the Director of the FBI has testified to Congress that the Syrians can't be vetted because there is no documentation on them from the failed state of Syria. In spite of that, Obama shortened 'screening' for Syrians from 18-24 months down to 3 months.

~No terrorist arrests in the refugee population in the US! Amazing to me that they tell this bald-faced lie when there is plenty of documentation of Islamic terrorist arrests and convictions (caught before they acted!) in the US refugee population.

I told readers about a few cases off the top of my head here when Church World Service was spinning in Poughkeepsie. One of these days I guess I will have to go back through my refugee crimes category and pull out all the Islamic terror/crime stories from the last 9 years involving refugees.

And, if you live nearby don't miss this:

Students at the campus chapter of Amnesty International will hold a forum on Nov. 29 where experts will talk about some of the nuances involved in accepting refugees.

See more of the story at the Virginia Gazette.

And, one final thought.  Since Williamsburg is an independent city with as they admit little housing for poor people, the kids would presumably have to sell this idea on surrounding counties.


Turkey threatens to unleash millions of Syrian Muslims on Europe (again)

by Ann Corcoran

Invasion of Europe news....

The EU is between a rock and a hard place!

Remember Turkey is not our friend (Obama's, but not ours)!

Unrelated (sort of) to this story, I wanted you to see this data from the US State Department's Refugee Processing Center because I want you to know that the three top countries through which we process refugees to the US are Kenya, TURKEY and Jordan. All three are processing in mostly Muslim refugees. Data for the month of October only.

From the Irish Times:

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the European Union that his country may wave through up to three million migrants to Europe as Ankara reacted furiously to Thursday’s vote in the European Parliament calling on Turkey’s accession negotiations to be frozen.

Mr Erdogan said that Turkey could row back on the migrant pact signed with the EU in March, which has dramatically reduced the number of refugees entering the EU through Turkey.

Three kindred spirits changing the world order, undermining Western Civilization: President Barack Obama, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

As a condition of that deal, the EU promised to accelerate Turkey’s accession talks and consider granting visa-free access to Turkish citizens to Europe.

But concerns about the Turkish government’s increasingly authoritarian stance, as it clamps down on dissenters following July’s failed coup, has sparked calls for Turkey’s accession talks to be suspended.

Speaking in Istanbul on Friday, the Turkish president accused the EU of “betraying its promises”.

“If you go any further, these border gates will be opened,” he said, describing the parliament vote as a “dry threat”.

If Turkey opens its gates, I predict Erdogan should expect the so-called 'anti-immigration' parties to win big! So, his threat, if carried out will not help his case.

Elections are looming in a number of EU countries next year, including France, Germany and the Netherlands, with anti-immigration parties expected to poll strongly.

As a result, incumbent governments are unlikely to want to commit to granting 78 million Turkish people visa-free access to Europe.

More here.

Our 'Invasion of Europe' archive is here.

On the Refugee Processing Center where the US State Department keeps the data on who is coming in to the country through the RAP, we have found that important parts of the site are unavailable again and we hope it is only a Thanksgiving weekend anomaly. Notice how the new site has become an advocacy-oriented site.  This is the sort of thing a new Secretary of State must know about and be ready to change!

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Woolworth’s store scraps Christmas decorations telling customers the shop is now Muslim

by creeping

“We are a Muslim business now. We do not want to sell Christmas articles.”


Cut the crap! Australia ‘refugee’ deal is about the Australian public not wanting any more Muslim migrants

by Ann Corcoran

....while Obama is willing to take all he can get!

Look at this New York Times story on the supposed deal the Obama Administration has made with Australia to take its rejected asylum seekers off their hands! And, look at the UN twisting like a pretzel as it tries to explain why this insane deal is even being considered.

What it all boils down to is this: the Australian public (the voters) are sick and tired of all the Muslim boat people trying to break into Australia (so they have been parked offshore), but Australian political leaders, by agreeing to take Central American (phony refugees) in Costa Rica, are banking on being able to sell the public on most likely Catholics (or Christians of some sort) rather than the Muslims whose asylum cases were rejected!

This is basically a swap of illegal aliens! Don't believe the UN that this is a "one-off!"  Check out Malta, the European island nation that sends the US its overflow African illegal alien boat people, a travesty we have been writing about for years.

The Muslim boat people held in detention in Australian offshore facilities have had their asylum claims rejected.  So neither those on Nauru or those in Costa Rica are legitimate (by definition) refugees! 

For background, before you read on, see Grassley and Goodlatte blast Obama, hereThere is a list of the nationalities of the failed asylum seekers, most come from Muslim countries.

New York Times (hat tip: heymister24):

SYDNEY, Australia — For years, the United Nations’ refugee agency told Australia that its policy of banishing asylum seekers to remote Pacific island detention centers was illegal.

This is Obama's Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power. This "deal" sounds like something she wholeheartedly approved. What will Nikki Haley do about it (or other similar deals, this is not a one-off) when she gets to the UN? Will she say No! We don't know, but one thing we can be sure of, Haley will likely dress more professionally than Power!

Now, the agency is working with Australia in what both sides call an unusual, not-to-be-replicated agreement to send some of those refugees across the world, to be resettled in the United States.

The deal, announced by Australia last week, is aimed at shutting down two offshore detention facilities — one on the island nation of Nauru and the other on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea — where hundreds of people are housed in what rights groups describe as deplorable conditions. The United States has agreed to take some of them; how many, and how quickly, remains unclear.


In an interview this week, Volker Turk, an assistant high commissioner with the United Nations’ refugee agency, said his staff would help with the screening and resettlement of refugees but only as a “one-off” to allay their suffering. “We think there is an urgent imperative to find a humanitarian way out of this otherwise very, very, complex conundrum,” he said by telephone from Canberra, the Australian capital.

What the heck is the "complex conundrum?" 

Either they are legitimate refugees that Australia should admit to the mainland or they are illegal aliens who should be returned to where they came from.


NYT continues:

“We do not in any way want to give the impression that we would continue supporting such types of mechanisms,” Mr. Turk said, referring to Australia’s offshore detention policy. “We, all of us, are very clear that this is a one-off, good offices, exceptional humanitarian type of involvement because we do not believe that the future of handling this lies in sending people to Manus Island and Nauru."


Making the deal even more unusual, Australia has agreed to take in an unspecified number of Central American refugees who fled gang violence in their homelands.  [Fleeing gang violence is not a criteria for being designated a refugee!---ed]  The United Nations says there are an estimated 2,400 such people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras who have been screened and recognized as refugees [Who "recognized" them?---ed]. The United States has long been reluctant to let them apply for asylum on its territory and only recently agreed to let the United Nations vet them at a processing center in Costa Rica.


Legitimate asylum seekers are supposed to ask for asylum in the first safe country they get to, they are not supposed to be 'asylum shopping' for better deals! By doing this 'one-time' (ha! ha!) deal we set the precedent for many more to come!

Continue reading here.

If you want to learn more about Samantha Power, we have a lot, click here.

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Bleeding Borders Must Stop!
 By Dr. Don Boys   --American Politics

The bleeding at the borders must be stopped while other immigration matters are decided. If we don’t stop the bleeding, more Americans will bleed.

Each year about 500,000 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. with many carrying drugs, disease, and destructive plans for our nation. In recent months, Border Patrol agents have contracted various diseases, lice, and scabies. The Washington Post reported that Virginia State health authorities announced that “tuberculosis continues to rise” and that “immigration is fueling the spread.”

Each year about 500,000 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. with many carrying drugs, disease, and destructive plans for our nation. In recent months, Border Patrol agents have contracted various diseases, lice, and scabies. The Washington Post reported that Virginia State health authorities announced that “tuberculosis continues to rise” and that “immigration is fueling the spread.”

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons reported, “Many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease.” A good example of accelerating disease is that whooping cough is up 1,300% in just two years!

Immigration officials are criminally reckless if they don’t inquire about a person’s health, and it is criminal to permit people to enter the U.S. if they are carriers of plague, tuberculosis, pneumonia, Ebola, Zika, AIDS, typhoid, and other contagious diseases. Of course, no one knows what uncaught, unvetted, and unknown immigrants are bringing in!

Many illegals want to pick tomatoes; however if tomato pickers can slip in, so can terrorists. Yet, we have major politicians who are so unconcerned they want to give amnesty to the illegal gate-crashers already here!

This is incredible, indefensible, and insane yet our politicians and fuzzy Christian leaders seem to think it is acceptable and admirable instead of abhorrent and abominable. Furthermore, some illegal aliens kill about 10,000 Americans each year–when they are not “picking tomatoes.”

Even in normal times, it is insane for a nation to have unrestricted immigration, and during wars, national pestilences, or terror it is doubly insane to have porous borders! That’s about where the U.S. is today.

Open border fanatics tell us, “The U.S. had open borders from its inception until 1882. It makes one wonder what the Founding Fathers would think of us today!” However, that is not the whole story because in America’s early days, the western frontier was Ohio! There was much of America unexplored, uninhabited, and undeveloped. We needed farmers, carpenters, preachers, teachers, smiths, merchants, salesmen, trappers, and cobblers who came and fell in love with their new nation, learned English, and melted into the pot. But the pot is not melting today. It is now a salad bowl where many different peoples do their own thing and have no interest in the general welfare.

American citizens will hold elected officials responsible for terrorism resulting from their inaction, ineptitude, or incompetence relating to border security. As the numbers grow, the crimes accelerate, and the costs escalate, there will be devastating results. America’s seething volcano is going to erupt!

Should U.S. taxpayers be expected to finance illegal immigrants? I can defend the position that we should not even finance legal immigrants. “Thanks” to Republicans and Democrats with amnesty their ignoble goal, immigrants will get on the welfare rolls, and most will stay there. Have the loonies taken over the asylum? There are non-thinkers, even “evangelical” Christians, who defend illegal aliens getting all kinds of welfare benefits! Such gullible people would qualify as Lenin’s “useful idiots.”

It is time for some hard decisions: Is it reasonable to know who is entering our nation? Is there not a limit as to the number who may come? Shouldn’t we have some requirements as to education and ability so they can contribute to America? Is it unreasonable to expect people to be in good health and be free of contagious diseases? Should we not expect arrivals to have some kind of retirement plan or funds to sustain them? Should arrivals be expected to learn our language and accept our culture? Is it unreasonable to demand that immigrants obey our laws? Is it reasonable to expect hospitals to treat people without cost even if it means bankruptcy for the hospitals?

The basic premise is that every nation has an obligation to have distinct borders and defend those borders. However, the globalists have always demanded open borders in every nation! The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the globalist position when he told graduates at Northeastern University in Boston on May 6, 2016 that they ought to realize a “borderless” world was something they couldn’t stop, and should instead accept. That would mean that nations would cease to exist and people could go wherever they wanted without any restrictions.

I ask those who want unlimited immigration if they will invite anyone and everyone to come to America? Are there not some limits? If so, then what are the limits? It is almost too late to implement policies to save America from being totally destroyed by immigrants with alien customs, alien skills, alien language, and an alien religion.

With the knowledge of the massive catastrophic results there are still major political, religious, academic, and other leaders demanding that all those who crashed our gates should be given legal status! Amnesty for all! That is insane.

The illegal alien invasion of America has resulted in a dangerous, dark, decaying, and dying nation; and I see a catastrophic future if there is not a return to common sense enforcement of immigration laws. And there is no hope for sure if we refuse to restrict immigration and we grant amnesty to lawbreakers already here.

The bleeding at the borders must be stopped while other immigration matters are decided. If we don’t stop the bleeding, more Americans will bleed.

The Donald is on the spot!

Dr. Don Boys -- Bio and Archives | Click to view Comments

Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 14 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. His most recent book is ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! His new eBook, The God Haters is available for $9.99 from These columns go to over 11,000 newspapers, television, and radio stations. His other web sites are  and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.

Don Can be reached at


Islam’s Jihad on the Christian Cross

Posted on November 27, 2016 by creeping

Source: Articles: Islam’s Jihad on the Christian Cross

By Raymond Ibrahim

What more evidence is needed to prove that Islam is at war with Christianity than its well documented hatred for the quintessential symbol of Christianity: the cross?

This recently occurred to me as I was surfing Arabic-language videos and websites discussing Christianity – only to encounter one hostile video, fatwa, or sermon after another against the cross.

Only one seemingly spoke well of the cross – though for a reason that again demonstrated Islam’s hostility for Christians.  According to Al Azhar professor Dr. Salim Abdul Galil, Muslims can be tolerant of the cross – they can even wear and pray before it – but only when in need of deceiving Christians, whom the learned cleric portrayed as the natural enemies of Muslims.

The most telling talk show featured Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi, a Saudi expert on Islamic law.  Asked about Islam’s ruling on whether any person – in this case, Christians – is permitted to wear or pray before the cross, the learned Muslim explained: “Under no circumstances is a human permitted to wear the cross” nor “is anyone permitted to pray to the cross.”  The reason?  “Because the prophet – peace and blessings on him – commanded the breaking of it [the cross].”

Indeed, as with all of Islam’s hostilities, animosity for the cross begins with Muhammad.  He “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it,” he once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry,” and he claimed that at the End Times, Isa (Islam’s version of Jesus) will make it a point to “break the cross” as proof that Christians had gotten it wrong all along.

The reason for this animosity is that the cross symbolizes that which Islam was developed in direct contradistinction to.  As Sidney Griffith, author of The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque, put it, “[t]he cross and the icons publicly declared those very points of Christian faith which the Koran, in the Muslim view, explicitly denied: that Christ was the Son of God and that he died on the cross.”  Thus, “the Christian practice of venerating the cross and the icons of Christ and the saints often aroused the disdain of Muslims,” so that there was an ongoing “campaign to erase the public symbols of Christianity [in formerly Christian lands such as Egypt and Syria], especially the previously ubiquitous sign of the cross.”

According to the Conditions of Omar – a medieval text that lays out the many humiliating stipulations conquered Christians must embrace to preserve their lives and that Islamic history attributes to the second “righteous caliph,” Omar al-Khattab – Christians are “[n]ot to display a cross [on churches]” and “[n]ot to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims.”

During the aforementioned talk show, the Saudi cleric also explained that if it is too difficult to break the cross – for instance, a large concrete statue – Muslims should at least try to disfigure one of its four arms “so that it no longer resembles a cross.”

We actually have much historic and numismatic evidence of this approach going back to the century of Islam’s founding.  Almost all of the gold coins that belonged to the Christian Byzantine Empire had the image of the cross on one side.  After the Byzantine treasury was seized during the Muslim conquests, the caliphate ordered that one or two arms of the cross be effaced so that the image no longer resembled a cross.

As for the smaller crosses that Muslims could break, again, we have testimonies from the very earliest invasions into Christian Syria of Muslims systematically breaking every crucifix they encountered – to the point that Christians were convinced that the invaders were demons, if not worse.  In the words of Anastasius of Sinai, who lived during the earliest invasions, “[n]ote well that the demons name the Saracens [Arabs/Muslims] as their companions.  At it is with reason.  The latter are perhaps even worse than the demons,” for  whereas “the demons are frequently much afraid of the mysteries of Christ,” among which he mentions crosses and churches, “these demons of flesh trample all that under their feet, mock it, set fire to it, destroy it[.]”

Sophronius, the patriarch of Jerusalem when its walls were being sieged by Muslims in 638, lamented:

Why are the troops of the Saracens attacking us? Why has there been so much destruction and plunder? Why are there incessant outpourings of human blood? Why are the birds of the sky devouring human bodies? Why have churches been pulled down? Why is the cross mocked?  Why is Christ … blasphemed by pagan mouths?

Even Saladin (d. 1193) – regularly touted in the West for his “magnanimity” – ordered “the removal of every cross from atop the dome of every church in the provinces of Egypt,” according to The History of the Patriarchate of the Egyptian Church.

In light of the above, it should come as no surprise that the Islamic State (“ISIS”) also exhibits hate for the crucifix.   In its communiqués to the West, hostile reference to the cross is often made: “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah[.] … [We will cast] fear into the hearts of the cross-worshipers[.]”

Moreover, the Islamic State once disseminated a video showing its members smashing crosses in and atop churches in territories under its sway (since taken down by YouTube); it beheaded and stabbed a man with his own crucifix; and it published pictures of its members destroying Christian crosses and tombstones in cemeteries under its jurisdiction.

Similarly, in post-“Arab Spring” Libya, now another ISIS stronghold, a video of a Muslim mob attacking a commonwealth cemetery near Benghazi appeared on the internet.  As the Muslims kicked down and destroyed headstones with crosses on them, the man videotaping them urged them to “break the cross of the dogs!” while he and others cried “Allahu akbar!”  Toward the end of the video, the mob congregated around the huge Cross of Sacrifice, the cemetery’s cenotaph monument, and started to hammer at it, to more cries of “Allahu akbar.”



Alinsky Style Race-Baiting



Most in the Vatican backed Hillary Clinton for president



Time to move on...
 By Don Severe   --American Politics

The confetti has been swept from the floors.  The released balloons have long since drifted away. The placards are down and the speeches are finished. Now the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election has begun.

The thugs are rioting in the streets of several major cities, though we have learned that many of these misguided people did not vote, nor did they possess any significant information about the candidates who are at the center of their protests.  Rumor has it that they may have been paid to create chaos...




By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
February 21, 2016

... and the winner is...

The conversation started with unwarranted comments from the Holy Father, Pope Francis. The Pope’s comments stirred the very roots of the mainstream media. It seemed all they could talk about on Thursday, February 18, 2016

“A person who thinks only about building walls, whatever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel.” —Pope Francis talks about Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall between the U.S./Mexican border, 2/17/2016

“It is hypocritical to teach one thing while concurrently supporting its opposite.” —Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall,, 9/27/2015.

I made the above comment September 2015 in an article that was an open letter to Pope Francis regarding the catechism of the Catholic church which teaches adherents of the faith that when adopting a new nation as “home,” the laws of the new nation must be followed. When someone enters the United States illegally, they first thing they do is violate our laws. Thus, it is hypocritical for the Catholic church to teach one thing and for the Pope to recommend something different from what the church teaches.

In addition to being hypocritical in his comments, the Pope ignored Biblical commentary that says “Judge not lest ye be judged” when he decided it was okay for him to declare Donald Trump a non-Christian without even knowing him.

Did he actually say Donald Trump is not a Christian? No. Read his comment above. He did not say that. The Pope was, however, responding to a specific question from the media about Donald Trump’s proposal to end illegal immigration. Thus, the comment was specifically directed at the Donald.

The media flew into immediate “we have a legitimate anti-Trump story... let’s see who can get it published first” mode. The problem is, it is not a legitimate anti-Trump story. It is a legitimate anti-Republican candidate story because every person running for the American presidency supports the building of a wall to stop the out-of-control flow of people entering freely into the United States across the Rio Grande River.

The media chose to make it a Trump story because it fills their need to help convince the American people that Donald Trump would not make a satisfactory President. They don’t like him. They want an establishment candidate like Marco Rubio or John Kasich.

So, what the media is telling you is untrue – no unusual surprise there. It is a lie that the Pope says Donald Trump is not a Christian. What the Pope said is far more serious than that.

The Pope, whether or not he intended to, said that all Republican candidates who believe a wall needs to be built to halt illegal aliens from entering our nation and bringing with them disease, poverty, threats of violence, and cowardly refusal to clean up their own governments (they prefer to run away) are not Christians. It is not Christian for Americans to want to stop the flow of illegal drugs – drugs that kill so many young people physically, mentally and, yes, Pope Francis, spiritually – into our country. It is also not Christian to do what we can to stop the murder of innocent American women on San Francisco wharfs, I guess.

The Pope also said I’m not a Christian – and neither are you if you believe we need a Trump-recommended wall to secure our nation from those who would enter illegally. If you are a Christian and you buy off on that pap... what’s wrong with you?

Some commentators just couldn’t resist the opportunity to stick it to the presidential candidate who they just don’t get. They are all shaking their heads... what Trump says should be (from journalists’ perspectives) turning off the American public. Instead, his poll numbers go up every time they say “Well, he’s done it now... his numbers will go down.”

The media is insulated from the true and deep anger of the American people. They do not understand that when Trump says “There were no weapons of mass destruction,” many millions of Americans believe he’s right. Journalists do not have the slightest idea that those millions of Americans also believe the U.S. Government is somehow complicit in 9/11; so when someone mentions it, journalists think it’s being said by a conspiracy nut. They don’t understand that when the Pope says all people who believe we need a wall to secure our nation are not Christians, it upsets more than a little bit those who believe themselves to be Christians but think we need to stop illegal immigration.

“You have people coming in, and I’m not just saying Mexicans – I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists, and they’re coming into this country,” Trump told Jake Tapper at CNN last June. It is a message that resonates with the American people because it is true. Trump has previously stated that the Pope has no understanding of the dangers of America’s open border with Mexico. He is right.

Prior to the Pope’s departure for Mexico, Trump called the Pope “a very political person.” Frankly, I think the Pope should return to the Vatican and straighten out all of the money laundering and other banking problems in the country where he controls policies before he tells America how to run ours and defines for us who is a Christian and who is not.

Bear in mind as you read this material, there is no nation-state in the world with higher walls around it than the Vatican. Those walls kept the Nazis out of the Vatican during World War II just as they would keep drug-dealing criminals out of America today.

When, Pope Francis, will you open your doors... or, at the very least, use your influence to get governments around the world to open buildings owned by the Catholic Church so Muslim immigrants can move in and enjoy freedom and Muslim worship services?

When will the Vatican begin accepting immigrants who run away from chaos and tyranny, from death and destruction, to seek asylum in a country safer than the war-torn piece of land they seek to leave? Surely the Pope would not suggest other nations make sacrifices that are unacceptable to him? That, too, would be hypocritical. What will the Papal reaction be when Muslims – most of the ones departing the Middle East appear to be young men, not families – demand “their part of the Vatican” (or Detroit or London or Paris) be governed by Sharia Law?

I may be wrong, but wasn't it the hypocrisy of the highest-ranking Jewish authorities that allowed (or even perhaps encouraged) the purchase of doves and "soul-saving" memorabilia to be sold on the steps of God's Temple in Jerusalem? It caused Jesus Christ to display righteous anger and throw the merchants who would market the Lord as if He were a product made by Proctor and Gamble or Microsoft from their Temple lemonade stands. "Oh, ye hypocrites!" were, I believe, Christ's exact words.

Since the Pope spoke words about anyone who builds walls rather than bridges not being a Christian, and since the Vatican has some of the highest walls around it I’ve ever seen, and since the Pope isn’t inviting the starving masses from the Middle East into the Vatican – there can be no other definition of the Pope regarding this matter: “Hypocrite!”

As a former Catholic, I find those words difficult to say. They are, however, the truth.

Unfortunately, by supporting people who flee tyranny rather than supporting them to effectively fight it, the Catholic church supports a lack of responsibility for fighting tyranny and the tyrants who seek to enslave us all – politically, spiritually, and economically. I believe that is not only wrong, but immoral.

We all need to ponder the words “legal immigration” and “illegal immigration” and the negative impact of illegals on the lawful citizens of all nations... often threatening the survival of the lawful so the unlawful can survive. Is that the Catholic objective? If so, the Pope should make clear his views on this issue so Catholics can, as all members of all religious sects do, re-evaluate whether the Catholic church represents their beliefs.

Do the Pope’s views represent the views of all Catholics? Or, just the Jesuits?
In all humility, the Pope should stop telling others to do that which he is not prepared to do. It damages his and the church’s credibility.

All of the above is based on facts, not opinions... yes, even the use of the word “hypocrite.” One is defined by what one does. But here’s a bit of a conspiracy theory for you to ponder.

Remember St. Malachi? What if St. Malachi’s dream is true? He said there would be 112 more Popes and that the final Pope would lead the Catholic church into apostasy -- meaning the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief. Pope Francis is the 112th Pope since St. Malachi had that dream.

What are the necessary elements of a New World Order [One World Government and One World Religion]?

First, the establishment of an international monetary system (the central banks are working hard on that one). Second, some form of international “currency;” (I don’t believe it will be a currency, I believe a system of non-currency will be visited on us worldwide – more on that in another article). Third, an international religion is needed. As the communists once said, religion is an opiate for the masses.

Could it be that Pope Francis is leading the church to apostasy? Does he support illegal immigration and a North American Union as step one in forming an international church and does he envision himself at the head of this “church”?

Pope Francis has certainly raised some interesting questions, some well-deserved anger, some strange judgments about who is and who is not a Christian, and what his possible motives for raising such issues are.

Did Donald Trump err by responding against Papal comments as strongly as he did?

All you need to do to answer that question is to answer this one: Until Trump responded to the Pope, what was the number one news story on Thursday, February 18, 2016? It was South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s announced support for presidential candidate Marco Rubio. After Trump’s comments, I heard nothing about Haley choosing to support Rubio. I heard only about how Donald Trump responded to the Pope’s comments.

If you doubt this man is brilliant, you need to look at the facts. He not only got a great deal of support from all Christians – Independents, Republicans and Democrats – for standing up to a Pope who decided he gets to define who is a Christian and who is not – but he took the number one news story away from Marco Rubio and made it his own.

That is brilliant.

(c) 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved

Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career in 1956 as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 years (plus) as a banker and bank consultant, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, was U.S. Consulting Editor for Private Banker International (London/Dublin), and other major banking industry publications. She has written seven non-fiction books about banking and taught private banking at Colorado University for the American Bankers Association. She has authored seven banking books, one dog book, and two works of fiction (about banking, of course). She has served on numerous Boards in her community.

Barnewall is the former editor of The National Peace Officer Magazine and as a journalist has written guest editorials for the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and Newsweek, among others. On the Internet, she has written for News With Views, World Net Daily, Canada Free Press, Christian Business Daily, Business Reform, and others. She has been quoted in Time, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and other national and international publications. She can be found in Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in Finance and Business, and Who's Who in the World.

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By Reverend David Whitney
July 24, 2016

Prayer matters - but what matters most of all is to whom you are actually praying. Praying to the moon idol Allah actually does more harm than good. For the follower of that moon idol, they are taught that if they complete the five pillars they will obtain paradise; the second of which is prayer five times each day; at dawn, at noon, in the afternoon, also at evening, and finally at night. The faithful followers of Mohammed pause from all activity at the set time then after a ritual washing assume the position reciting rote prayers while facing in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.

Video of the sermon:

Now from an under the sun perspective one might think such religious devo-tion would be not only good for the individual practicing it, but also that such pious individuals would be good for the whole society, a blessing to those who don’t share that belief system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What happened on Bastille day in Nice, France is evidence that pious followers of the moon idol are not a blessing to society. If what we are told is true, it appears it is another example of jihad, this time with a tractor trailer as the weapon of choice. I am still waiting to hear the globalists call for the confiscation of all tractor trailer trucks because they can be used as deadly weapons. What took place that day should not surprise us when we understand the ideology of jihad behind the attack.

“The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad's own martial legacy, along with the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran, have produced a trail of blood and tears across world history…

The violent verses of the Quran have played a key role in very real massacre and genocide. This includes the brutal slaughter of tens of millions of Hindus for five centuries beginning around 1000 AD with Mahmud of Ghazni's bloody conquest. Both he and the later Tamerlane (Islam's Genghis Khan) slaughtered an untold number merely for defending their temples from destruction. Buddhism was very nearly wiped off the Indian subcontinent. Judaism and Christianity met the same fate (albeit more slowly) in areas conquered by Muslim armies, including the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, including today's Turkey.…

Some modern-day scholars are more candid than others. One of the most re-spected Sunni theologians is al-Qaradawi, who justifies terror attacks against Western targets by noting that there is no such thing as a civilian population in a time of war:

"It has been determined by Islamic law that the blood and property of people of Dar Al—Harb [ie. non-Muslim people who resist Islamic conquest] is not protected... In modern war, all of society, with all its classes and ethnic groups, is mobilized to participate in the war, to aid its continuation, and to provide it with the material and human fuel required for it to assure the vic-tory of the state fighting its enemies. Every citizen in society must take upon himself a role in the effort to provide for the battle. The entire domestic front, including professionals, laborers, and industrialists, stands behind the fighting army, even if it does not bear arms."

Consider the example of the Qurayza Jews, who were completely obliterated only five years after Muhammad arrived in Medina. Their leader opted to stay neutral when their town was besieged by a Meccan army that was sent to take revenge for Muhammad's deadly caravan raids. The tribe killed no one from either side and even surrendered peacefully to Muhammad after the Meccans had been turned back. Yet the prophet of Islam had every male member of the Qurayza beheaded, and every woman and child enslaved, even raping one of the captives himself (what Muslim apologists might refer to as "same day marriage").

One of Islam's most revered modern scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, openly sanctions offensive Jihad: "In the Jihad which you are seeking, you look for the enemy and invade him. This type of Jihad takes place only when the Islamic state is invading other [countries] in order to spread the word of Islam and to remove obstacles standing in its way." Elsewhere, he notes: "Islam has the right to take the initiative…this is God’s religion and it is for the whole world. It has the right to destroy all obstacles in the form of institutions and traditions …

….Dr. Salah al-Sawy, the chief member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, stated in 2009 that "the Islamic community does not possess the strength to engage in offensive jihad at this time," tacitly affirming the legitimacy of violence for the cause of Islamic rule - bound only by the capacity for success. (source)”[1]

So the people watching the fire works in Nice France were not civilians to the Mohammedan, they were enemy soldiers and it was perfectly justified to murder them all.

We learn that “Every twelfth verse of Islam's holiest book either speaks to Allah's hatred for non-Muslims or calls for their death, forced conversion, or subjugation.”[2]

In other words faithful Mohammedan’s are committed to Jihad at first quietly subverting a non Mohammedan society while waiting for their population to reach that trigger point where they can then engage in offensive jihad. France is ahead of the United States in percentage of Mohammedan population in place - it would seem to me that this is the road we are heading down even as Obama brings in tens of thousands of more Mohammedans Jahids to our land.

There can be no honest investigator of the history of Mohammedanism and of its sacred texts that can call it a religion of peace. It has only advanced world wide by brutal violence. Now, not all Mohammedan’s know this, they like many Christians don’t read their sacred texts. So there is a an interesting phenomena in places around the world where the more brutal violence is taking place; Mohammedans are horrified by what their belief system produces and are turning to faith in Jesus Christ by the thousands.

We have the Good News of Jesus Christ to share with them, the true religion of peace, from the Prince of Peace. While it can be truthfully stated that bru-tal violence is an integral part of Mohammedanism, I believe you could even use the Christian term a sacrament it is never part of the faith Christ Himself established. While violence is at the heart of Mohammedan worship, let us look at the heart of Christian worship by examining the Altar of Incense.

Learn more about your Constitution with Pastor David Whitney and the “Institute on the Constitution” and receive your free gift.

© 2016 Rev. David Whitney - All Rights Reserved


1. What makes Islam so different?
2. Ibid

Rev. David Whitney has been teaching the Christian heritage and history of our country with Institute on the Constitution for over a decade where he serves as Senior Instructor, and Radio show host on Dr. Stan Monteith’s Radio Liberty.

David is an Honors Scholar graduate from Rutgers University with a Masters Degree from Denver Seminary. A minister for 32 years he is currently the Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of Pasadena, Maryland.

As an member of Clergy, Activist and Radio personality David has appeared in Washington Times, on Voice of America, Fox, ABC, NBC, CSPAN, BBC, and more…


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By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
December 1, 2013

On November 26, 2013, two days before America’s celebratory day of Thanksgiving for the freedoms our Founding Fathers gave this Great Nation, Pope Francis I issued from the Vatican a 50,000 word “apostolic exhortation” (an 84 page Papal opinion). His opposition to capitalism and support for liberation theology was made quite clear. You can download the Pope’s commentary here.

Liberation theology was called a “Marxist myth” by the new Pope’s predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. Conspiracy theorists can have a good night’s entertainment putting together a case for a forced retirement for Pope Benedict so a new Pope, Francis I who is more friendly to communist philosophies, could take control of the Catholic Church to help the communist-based New World Order move into high gear.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the comments of Pope Francis certainly raised the hair on the back of my neck. I realize he is from South America where Liberation theology has a strong foothold, and I realize that His Holiness is far more qualified than I in the Catechism of the Holy Mother Church. But based on Pope Francis I’s comments about capitalism, I also realize that I am more qualified than he to define the values and downfalls of the system of economics known as capitalism.

Before providing comments of Pope Francis I, some definitional clarity of specific terms Pope Francis used is required. Anyone who reads my articles knows that I strongly believe that defining one’s words is the only means by which truth can be identified. According to an ancient Chinese philosopher, wisdom begins with the understanding of the meaning of the words we use. I agree with that thought.

Capitalism is defined by some as an economic system in which trade, industry and the means of production are controlled by private owners with the goal of making profits in a market economy.

That’s a simplistic definition dealing only with the application of capitalism within a free marketplace – dealing only with the subject as it applies to economics. Since we have not had a free marketplace for many years, we have not had capitalism for many years either. Pope Francis seems unaware of that sad fact in his apostolic exhortation.

Those of us in what is called “Western Civilization” have lived under a system run not by a free market, but by the Rothschild central banks of the world for a very long time. The War of 1812 was funded by the central bank of England because America, after winning the Revolutionary War, refused to establish a central bank. America, the newly-born nation, had a central bank right after the Revolutionary war – it had a 20-year contract which was not renewed when the contract ended because the theft of American wealth ran so rampant. Some things, it seems, never change..

So let’s expand the definition a bit.

Capitalism is also a social system. That system is based on principles of individual rights – and individual responsibilities. As I recall, the message of Jesus Christ is about individual responsibilities. I mention that only because Liberation theology, favored by Pope Francis I, places the concept of “we are our brother’s keeper” above the individual responsibility that goes with that statement. Capitalists manage the risk inherent in the system; socialists look to government to remove risk from their lives.

Socialists view risk as something one takes, not something one manages. They have yet to learn that security is something one finds within one’s self (perhaps one’s soul?), not in government. The best person you can rely on to do anything for you is YOU. Most Americans believe self reliance is strengthened by a loving God who, in response to their prayers, aids them in their personal endeavors.

Socialists and communists believe government is their strength – and the rejection of God in favor of government strengthens their endeavors. Perhaps that is why having the Catholic Pope favor a Marxist economic system (which can only be managed by a Marxist government) over a system supportive of individual rights and responsibilities surprised me so much.

We can also expand the definition of capitalism to say it is a spiritual system. Just as the socialist and communist systems are based on the philosophy that all things (including human rights) flow from government, capitalism is a system that makes possible the recognition that human rights flow from the hand of God. That is why our Founding Fathers told us they had given us a Republic – if we could keep it. They told us that capitalism could not succeed in other than a moral nation. Some went so far as to say morality had to be based on Christianity. It was our Founders who declared us “a Christian nation.” The last time I looked, Catholicism was a Christian religion… but perhaps not under this Pope.

So, capitalism (which is currently not practiced anywhere in the world) is not just an economic philosophy. It is not just a social philosophy. It is not just a spiritual philosophy. It is all three. It is the only political system with morality built into it because properly practiced it is dedicated to the protection of the rights which are necessary to all people to survive in the physical AND the spiritual world.

Without a political system that supports freedom, no one is free to worship as they choose. Those who gain power over people – whether it be a government or a church – are very possessive of it and do nothing to teach the populace how to regain power once people allow it to be taken. How can you know what is factual, what is truthful, if your government creates a system of education that withholds facts and truth from students?

I know what is coming in the aftermath of this article: Letters from socialist progressives (some call themselves liberals; some liberals are not socialist progressives) who are firmly convinced of their moral high ground because they want to equalize everything for everyone… to redistribute wealth, to provide for those unable to provide for themselves. I say to liberal progressives to get over your arrogance and vaunted sense of self importance. If you hadn’t lied (under the guise that “the end justifies the means), we wouldn’t have lost our moral concept of capitalism in the first place! Millions of people wouldn’t be without health insurance today if not for you and your need to think you know what’s better for the world than those who live in it!

Liberal progressives seek a non-existent Utopia. Everywhere socialism/communism has been tried, it has failed. Russia killed 40 million of its people when implementing a socialist/communist form of government. China killed almost twice that many. The Soviet Union imploded under its lies and corruption; to survive its communist philosophies, China has had to become a largely capitalist nation – and regardless of what you read, China’s economy is in trouble today.

I will also get letters from the opposite end of the spectrum, the libertarians who are firmly convinced that there is no need for social or monetary order other than that provided by sovereign individuals handling their own lives responsibly. Since much of my own political philosophy leans to the libertarian side, I understand how difficult it is for people who believe in individual sovereignty to realize that the moment you mix your individual sovereignty with that of others – when you enter the marketplace – you have group sovereignty and when you have group sovereignty you have chaos (or survival of the fittest) unless you have a system of organization that holds everyone to the same standards of behavior. When those values involve currency or money, you need a system of banking and a system of economics within which banks function to establish social and economic order.

So much for an explanation of capitalism. Now we need to define Liberation theology. Why? Because Pope Francis I references it in his remarks – and analyzing his comments is the purpose of this article..

Liberation theology is a political movement within the Roman Catholic Church which chooses to interpret the teachings of Jesus Christ to mean that an unjust economic, political and social system causes poverty and keeps the poor struggling to escape the suffering that goes with that status.

Liberation theology (much like liberal progressives) views poverty through the eyes of the poor… and they do not. The Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest entities in the world. It has a $170 billion budget in America and owns a massive amount of real estate in Manhattan, one of the costliest places to live in the world. Priests, regardless of their behavior, will never have to face living on the street or starving. Like progressives, they think they can imagine the insecurities of poverty. Having been there at one time in my life, I promise them they cannot.

Detractors (within the Church) have called Liberation theology Christianized Marxism.

Liberation theology began in Latin America in the 1950s and 1960s (though the Pope’s parents were born in Italy, he was born in Argentina). It became an issue because of honest concern – a moral reaction, if you will – to poverty caused by social injustice in Latin America. Liberation theology calls for the redistribution of wealth – a very Marxist solution to solving the suffering of the poor. Has it worked anywhere in the world? No. And it will not.

Pope Francis I says “My people are poor and I am one of them.” He lives in an apartment and cooks his own supper. He wants priests to show mercy – to show courage by keeping their doors open to everyone 24/7. He wants the Church to avoid being self-centered… but spiritual worldliness is found in the eye of the beholder. I believe Pope Francis is totally sympathetic to the miseries of poverty. But no one with alternatives to poverty – like a Priest has, or like the warm homes liberal progressives have when they go spend a night or two on the street to sample the misery of poverty – can really understand the burdens of the poor. Why? Because they have alternatives should they choose to exercise them.

In the past, Pope Francis has said when speaking of social justice that Catholics should rediscover the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. He tells Catholics to study the Catholic Catechism. “Trampling on a person’s dignity is a serious sin,” he said.

I agree with the Pope and have often commented on the need for the Catholic Church to abide by its Catechism… especially that portion of it that states that when Catholics move to a new country they have a moral obligation to obey the laws of that new nation. I have pointed out to many Catholic priests who tell parishioners week after week how important it is for Americans to welcome illegals from Mexico into our nation, legal or not, that the Church’s Catechism tells Catholics to obey the laws of their new land. I have pointed out that it is impossible for illegals to obey the Catechism when the first thing they do by entering America illegally is to violate the new nation’s laws.

As for “trampling on a person’s dignity” being a serious sin, I agree. Where the Pope and I would disagree is his evident opinion that only the poor have their dignity abused in their world. For such a statement to have meaning it must encompass the entire flock, not just a portion of it favored by this prelate or that. Trampling on the dignity of achievers is just as much a sin as is trampling on the dignity of the poor.

With all of that said, Part II of this article provides some of the comments made by Pope Francis I and a capitalist’s interpretation of them. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2,

(c) 2013 Marilyn M. Barnewall - All Rights Reserved

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Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall began her career in 1956 as a journalist with the Wyoming Eagle in Cheyenne. During her 20 years (plus) as a banker and bank consultant, she wrote extensively for The American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, Trust Marketing Magazine, was U.S. Consulting Editor for Private Banker International (London/Dublin), and other major banking industry publications. She has written seven non-fiction books about banking and taught private banking at Colorado University for the American Bankers Association. She has authored seven banking books, one dog book, and two works of fiction (about banking, of course). She has served on numerous Boards in her community.

Barnewall is the former editor of The National Peace Officer Magazine and as a journalist has written guest editorials for the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and Newsweek, among others. On the Internet, she has written for News With Views, World Net Daily, Canada Free Press, Christian Business Daily, Business Reform, and others. She has been quoted in Time, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and other national and international publications. She can be found in Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in Finance and Business, and Who's Who in the World.

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By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
December 8, 2013


It is obvious when reading the pre-Thanksgiving comments of Pope Francis I, that the words of President Ronald W. Reagan stuck in the new Pope’s mind as he notes the failed “trickle down” theories of the former President. The Pope attributes “trickle down” to capitalism and thus because it did not work it must be the fault of capitalism.

The question, of course, is: Did Reagan’s policies fail? Or did a corrupt political environment prevent them from being properly implemented?

The Pope said: “Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system.”

So sayeth Pope Francis I of the Holy Mother Church. No liberal Marxist will disagree with such a statement… and a few who call themselves conservative (but are really just liberal Republicans) will agree, too.

Actually, the assumption that economic growth that is encouraged by a free market inevitably brings about greater justice and inclusiveness was tested through American history until the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. And this nation thrived under that system! The capitalist free market system created the most dynamic economy in world history, Pope Francis. Surely you are not a student of economic history if you are making such broadly inaccurate statements. The American capitalist economy you denigrate provided more jobs to Europe’s poor than any phenomenon in world history.

The Pope continues: “Exclusion ultimately has to do with what it means to be part of the society in which we live; those excluded are no longer society’s underside or its fringes or its disenfranchised – they are no longer even a part of it. The excluded are not the ‘exploited’ but the outcast, the ‘leftovers’.” He cries out against “a throw away culture,” and what he termed “an invisible and almost virtual” economic tyranny.

Francis disavows income inequality around the world. The United States – where levels of income inequality are at record levels – make clear that the wealthy are into recovery mode from the financial crisis of 2007 but the lower and middle classes still struggle. Pope Francis takes the moral high ground with his concern about the poor and income inequality around the world. His suggested solutions and his rejection of capitalism as a solution, however, are in error. One of the problems in the Pope’s decision that capitalism is the problem and that “trickle down” doesn’t work is an over-simplified view of wealth versus profit. Perhaps an article I wrote on that subject will help in better defining the two.

The primary issue the Pope avoids when speaking of income and poverty inequality in America vs the rest of the world is that the poor in America have lifestyles equivalent to the upper middle classes in his Argentinian home (where his socialist philosophies dominate) and American poverty is the equivalent of the middle class lifestyles of Europe. I wrote about this and gave statistics verifying it in a World Net Daily article.

Since the economies of South America (with rare exception) and Europe are socialist based – where income redistribution is part of daily political life – and, until recently and at the hands of the Obama Administration, has been minimized in America – what Pope Francis I is saying doesn’t make sense.

The Pope’s logic equates to this:

1. I want to help the poor. (I have no doubt that is what Pope Francis wants to do.)
2. I think the best way to do that is to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor.
3. In all economies where such a philosophy has been employed, all that has been achieved is to reduce the quality of life of the middle class causing them to become poor.

The Pope is largely correct in his statements lamenting poverty, the discomforts and indignities of it, and the reasons for it. There are few Americans who would argue that our political system has totally corrupted the economic system in this country. And yet, the following Papal statement makes one question how serious Francis is about solving the problem: “I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor.”

This request for more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, of the people, and the lives of the poor is, I am sure, honestly made. It is certainly indicative that His Holiness strongly believes in miracles because it would take the hand of God to remove from office all of those politicians in America (and around the world – including Argentina) whose hands in the cookie jar have caused and supported the poverty against which he rails. Politicians who redistribute wealth have one concern: an increase in their personal net worth. There are a few exceptions, but they are rare.

The corruption of politicians worldwide has caused the current economic crisis and continues to rob from the poor and give to the rich in a Reverse Robin Hood manner. The politicians of the world consider the poor to be collateral damage as they pad the monetary gains resulting from legislation that produces bridges to nowhere in Alaska and money to Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband for a non-existent high-speed rail project in California. They view the rest of us as collateral damage, too. Please, Your Eminence! Pray for no more politicians who are concerned for the poor! We will all be starving if your prayers are answered!

“A new tyranny is thus born, invisible and often virtual, which unilaterally and relentlessly imposes its own laws and rules… To all this we can add widespread corruption and self-serving tax evasion, which has taken on worldwide dimensions. The thirst for power and possessions knows no limits.”

You are absolutely correct, Pope Francis. It knows no limits. But how can you in one thought pray the Lord for good politicians concerned with the poor, and in another thought in the same document reveal your awareness that the thirst for power and possessions knows no limits? The most powerful place in the world where the thirst for power and possessions is even greater than beyond the gates of hell is in the political arena. The second place would be at multi-national companies – and they are not part of the capitalist philosophy described by Adam Smith when he defined capitalism in his book Wealth of Nations. Multi-national companies have loyalty only to the cheapest world labor pool they can find to produce their products. They are the ones who want to keep the poor – well, poor, so surely you cannot speak of them as the saving grace that can give meaning and purpose to the lives of the poor.

Specifically what is this newborn tyranny of which you speak? Is it capitalism? I think not for the obvious reason that capitalism as created by the philosophy of Adam Smith does not exist in the world today. Thus, today’s economic problems cannot result from capitalism.

Rather, greed so great that the political faction of global politicians willing to sell their national sovereignty to enrich themselves is this “new tyranny.” And who are the parents of this new tyranny? Its mother is the laziness of the people whose freedoms are being stolen daily (too busy to be bothered with learning about the economic system that determines their well being and doing what is necessary to protect it from corruption – it’s boring, after all). The father of this tyranny is the international lack of a moral compass.

Who or what bears responsibility for the moral health of nations and the people who populate them? The churches that should be educating the populace about the importance of freedom and the only economic philosophy that supports it: Capitalism!

Pope Francis I says: “Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills.” The Pope went on to ask, “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?”

Who can disagree with that statement? Most Americans would agree with His Holiness that the mainstream media is nothing more than a group of prostitutes who sell their access to the public. They print what they are paid to print and it is very wrong. That is not the fault of capitalism; rather, we are back to the lack of a moral compass within the media.

However, since we are speaking of the Ten Commandments, I wish I could ask Pope Francis about the total violation of one of God’s Commandments by the Liberation theology he supports. “Thou shalt not covet.”

To covet is for a person to willingly take from someone that which he or she has earned for his or her own benefit. The fact that the Pope suggests politicians via taxation should forcibly remove the funds from one entity to give to another suggest that “Thou shalt not steal” is also being violated. The only Commandment on which God placed more emphasis than any of the other nine was that His people should love Him first and foremost and without reservation. He did not suggest that killing someone was a greater sin than coveting the possessions of others or that killing someone was a greater sin than stealing.

I pray the Pope will give more serious thought to his opinions on these very important issues. I pray he will look at the American economy before NAFTA was forced on the American people and industrial jobs were quickly shipped to cheap labor pools around the world so multi-national companies could profit from the work of the poor the Pope says he wants to champion.

Pope Francis said: “First of all, we need to be sure that we understand the meaning of the words we read… the most important goal is to discover its principal message, the message which gives structure and unity to the text.”

Pray that the Pope will study the meaning of the word “capitalism” before demeaning it and assuming what is, in reality, “debtism.” World economies today represent a system of “debtism,” not “capitalism.” The system of debtism is that about which Pope Francis should add his powerful voice to eliminate it from the world. Too, it would set a good example if the Church released some of its wealth to help fight the problem of poverty. To suggest others give up what they have worked hard to earn but continue to sit on the wealth of the Church smacks a bit of hypocrisy. As I recall, the only thing that angered Jesus Christ was the hypocrisy of the money changers on the steps of the Temple.

Hopefully, the Pope will become more familiar with the meaning of capitalism before declaring it responsible for world tyranny. It is the prostitution of capitalism and the corruption of those who have prostituted it that are responsible for unending poverty, not capitalism.

Another of the Ten Commandments tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are told to love God above all else. What is love?

1. Is it love to give someone a fish and make them dependent upon being given the fish for sustenance? Or is it love to teach someone to fish? Capitalism does the latter.
2. Is it love to support the laziness of someone who chooses not to work? What if God is teaching a lesson by making one of His children understand the need for a purpose in life?
3. Is it love for government to provide unwed mothers more and more income for having more unwed babies? No wonder we have so many fatherless children!
4. Is it love to use the force of government to take from one person that which he or she has worked hard to earn so it can be given to another? Is that the new definition of charity?
5. If individuals are to be given no choice as to their charitable giving, why did God give us a world where everything is choice? We choose good or evil, faith or lack of it, etc. Doesn’t the redistribution of wealth oppose the world of choice in all things granted us by our Creator?

It would be a horrible mistake to remove the best means of providing jobs and purpose and love of neighbor be destroyed… capitalism. It holds the answer. It is not the problem. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2,



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
September 27, 2015

Dear Pope Francis:

It must be a very difficult line to walk when you visit countries like Cuba which enslave their people with a communist form of government. Or countries like America which has killed more than 50 million babies in their mother’s womb.

As the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, you must question how to use your visits to such nations to the benefit of all people while making every effort to not offend yet not support the governments of these and other nations. It must be very difficult. I tremendously enjoyed and appreciated your visit to America... but have some questions and ideas.

When will the Vatican begin accepting immigrants who run away from chaos and tyranny, from death and destruction, to seek asylum in a country safer than the war-torn piece of land they seek to leave? Surely you would not suggest other nations make sacrifices that are unacceptable to your own? What will your reaction be when Muslims – most of the ones departing the Middle East appear to be young men, not families – demand “their part of the Vatican” (or Detroit or London or Paris) be governed by Sharia Law?

You appear to be a gentle and humble man. Everyone says you are truly kind and thoughtful – a holy man -- and I’m sure there is no hypocrisy in your desire for Americans and people of other nations to accept immigrants from the Middle East and for the Vatican to accept none. Thus, I’m confident you will open your doors... or, at the very least, use your influence to get governments around the world to open buildings owned by the Catholic Church so Muslim immigrants can move in and enjoy freedom and Muslim worship services. Impossible, you say? It would disrupt the ability of the Catholic Church to function and serve the 1.2 billion Catholics who rely on Mother Church for their salvation? What, Holy Father, do you think accepting Muslims running from tyranny or Mexicans running from drug cartels does to the American and other governments? What do you think it does to average Americans when illegals from Mexico cost taxpayers $2.50 for every $1.00 they, as a group, provide in taxes? It disrupts our ability to function. It tears families apart when jobs lost to illegal Mexican workers cost American families their homes.

In all humility, I suggest you stop telling others to do that which you are not prepared to do. It damages your credibility.

I may be wrong, but wasn’t it the hypocrisy of the highest-ranking Jewish authorities that allowed (or even perhaps encouraged) the purchase of doves and “soul-saving” memorabilia to be sold on the steps of God’s Temple in Jerusalem? It caused Jesus Christ to lose His temper (the only time I believe He displayed anger) and throw the merchants who would market the Lord as if He were a product made by Proctor and Gamble or Microsoft from their Temple lemonade stands. “Oh, ye hypocrites!” were, I believe, Christ's exact words.

Holy Father, I hold you in great regard and respect. I would, however, encourage you to contemplate about things you don’t know you don’t know. I truly believe you are a good and gentle man of God who takes your role as Vicar of Christ with great humility and responsibility. I also think you believe you know things you do not know.

I encourage you to meditate on the word prelest... according to Bishop Ignatius of the Russian Orthodox Church it means “spiritual deception.” To be specific, I would suggest you ponder the words “legal immigration” and “illegal immigration” and the negative impact of illegals on the lawful citizens of any nation... often threatening the survival of the lawful to offer survival to the unlawful. Is that the Catholic objective?

As a former Catholic, I am well aware that the Church’s Catechism teaches that when people migrate from one nation to another their primary obligation is to obey the laws of their new homeland. Holy Father, how can the Catholic Church support illegal aliens who enter America by violating our laws (and the Catholic Catechism)? Is it even reasonable to tell Americans to welcome them when they are taking construction and other jobs from our own citizens who are out of work? Are you not inflating the value of those who accept the tyranny of corruption in their own land and flee it while deflating the value of those who work hard to support their families? Illegals come from poor nations and are willing to work for lower wages which takes jobs from others. This is nothing more than a ploy to redistribute wealth... a stand that suggests the Church has the approval of God to say who succeeds and who fails in life, whose families will prosper and whose will not. How can you justify that?

I am open to any answer you – or political Catholics like John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi – might offer provided it is not a political answer or a lie or lacks respect for the Constitution of the United States which disallows illegal immigration. Our legal immigration laws are the most generous in the world.

I understand the Catholic Church would like more Latinos in America because the poor to our South – Mexico and Central and South America – are Catholic (which increases the number of Catholics in America and strengthens the Church here). I go to Mass occasionally and every time I go I listen to the priest tell the faithful in attendance to welcome illegals. Until the Church rewrites its own Catechism about immigrants obeying the new homeland’s laws this message should cease. It is hypocritical to teach one thing while concurrently supporting its opposite.

Why do you suppose Muslim immigrants seek shelter only in the Christian world and not in other Muslim nations? Their governments have vowed to destroy Christianity and the nations that consider themselves Christian. Could it be a plot? I can understand why you might not be able to consider such a thing... perhaps plots are beneath the Vatican? Were I not aware of Opus Dei and P2, I might believe that.

I hope the Catholic Church and the thousands of priests who serve Mother Church give more and deeper thought to the damage done when people do not stand up to tyrannical governments and fight to remove them from power. By telling Catholics worldwide to welcome illegal aliens, the Church enables and even encourages those who run – but the greater good is best served by standing up to the tyranny from which they flee.

Too often, Americans forget they would not have this beautiful nation called America had our Founding Fathers not done that. They did not run to Canada or Mexico or South America (or Cuba) when King George put the boot of tyranny on their necks and wanted to enslave them to a British government. A rag-tag Army stood and fought the biggest and best-trained military in the world at that time – and they won. They understood that “When, in the course of human events...” a government becomes tyrannical, citizens worthy of freedom stand and fight that government.

The next logical question must be asked: If a person is not willing to stand and fight – not sit and become informed, not pray for guidance, but stand and fight for freedom while becoming informed and praying for guidance – is such a person worthy of freedom? Or is such a person more compatible with the dictates of slavery? What is slavery if not tyranny? One is a slave when forced to take vaccinations, for example. One is a slave when their freedom to live by the dictates of their religious faith places them in jail. One does not have to be forced into the cotton fields to be a slave. One can be an American who loses his or her job because government chooses not to protect its borders... jobs lost to illegal aliens causes a loss of home and family.

Today encroaching slavery results from governments that encourage young women to have children out of wedlock by providing support, increasing payment for every illegitimate and fatherless child they bring into the world which, in turn, guarantees a life of poverty – comfortable poverty. In America, about 70 percent of black babies born are born to unwed mothers who will raise this child and others they will have by coveting the money of their neighbors to support what is now defined as the new American family. You say the Church supports the family... yet you ignore the core cause for the loss of family: Welfare – which is, of course, another means of redistributing wealth (a socialist view) which you support.

I appreciated your comments about the need to support and save the concept of family... it would be helpful for you to define your terms. How does the Catholic Church define “family’?

And I appreciated your comments about the need to protect human life from the moment it is conceived until God takes that human life home. It would have been helpful had you added “from the moment it is conceived in its mother’s womb” because liberal Catholics who support abortion say they do not believe a fetus is a living human being. They think a twig that will one day grow to be a tree is a tree and should be protected, but not a baby in its mother’s womb. Nancy Pelosi is open about declaring her Catholic faith... and she and other liberal progressives consistently vote to support Planned Parenthood. The Church in no way penalizes them for their role in the death of these most innocents of the innocent.

If Your Holiness has not viewed the video tapes of people affiliated with Planned Parenthood laughing while the bones of an aborted baby are being crunched in the background so the liver and kidneys and heart and lungs can be "harvested" to sell in the marketplace, I hope you do watch it. If doves angered Jesus, I can only imagine His reaction to these barbarians.

My government uses my tax dollars to support Planned Parenthood, thus putting the blood of those innocents on every American’s hands. That is another definition of slavery to a political system run morally amok.

You are correct in calling the American system of economics “crony capitalism.” Though the American media sought to suggest that because you were raised in a South American nation you have little insight into the difference of the crony capitalism in Argentina and the capitalism we have in America. “We don’t have crony capitalism here,” said the media after your comments about America's crony capitalism and the redistribution of wealth.

Yes. We do. However, crony capitalism in America is quite different from crony socialist capitalism in various South American nations. Both are forms of slavery, but the solution to each is quite different. In America, the solution lies in taking from the hands of government the idea or thought that government creates jobs or that a privately-owned corporation called the Federal Reserve (which violates our Constitution) is required to manage our economy. Government is a user of money and jobs, not a provider of them. All forms of government share that reality with all churches.

That is why so many people are giving up on church and take seriously the words of the Christ when He told us “Seek, and ye shall find.” They have come to realize Christ did not tell them to have a pastor or a priest seek for them. They have come to realize that all churches put forth a dogma that no one really follows... like liberal democrats who vote to support Planned Parenthood and are welcomed in Catholic churches for Confession every Friday and to church services every Sunday. The same acceptance is given by Protestant churches. All churches seem more determined to see parishioners adhere to a dogma than to their spiritual growth and acceptance and growing belief in their Creator.

What is Capitalism? I suggest this is one of Your Holiness’s “don’t know you don’t know” problems. It is best defined by the philosopher who created the concept in the 1700s, Adam Smith. I suggest you read his book, Wealth of Nations. You might also find the book he wrote just prior to writing Wealth of Nations of interest, The Theory of Moral Sentiments.

Properly done and properly monitored, capitalism offers a pathway from poverty to all people who believe in God, in His goodness, in themselves, and are willing to work hard. It offers a pathway out of spiritual poverty and prelest (spiritual deception).

Unfortunately, by supporting people who flee tyranny rather than supporting them to effectively fight it, churches support a lack of responsibility for fighting tyranny and the tyrants who seek to enslave us all – politically, spiritually, and economically. I believe that is not only wrong, but immoral.

Please, Holy Father, give thought to the concept that to redistribute wealth is to disobey God’s Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Covet.”

God bless you and all believers in the Holiest of Holies and mi casa su casa... have a safe journey home.





By Reverend David Whitney
July 24, 2016

One of the unanswered questions with the riots in Baltimore is who was behind the aggressive social media campaign to organize a “purge” that would start at the Mondawmin Mall at precisely 3 PM on a Monday afternoon? The spark that ignited that Monday’s pandemonium it appears started with high school students on social media, who were discussing a “purge” — a reference to a film in which laws are suspended for a specific period of time.

Video of the sermon:

Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby told CNN, many people knew “very early on” that there was “a lot of energy behind this purge movement,” “it was a metaphor for, ‘Let’s go out and make trouble.’” What is clear is that the looting done at Mondawmin Mall was largely done by High School students as they were released from High School Monday at 3pm.

God's Education Plan

In all the analysis of the riots in Baltimore, I have yet to hear anyone ask this question, is there a connection between the actions of the High School students at Mondawmin Mall on Monday afternoon and what they have been taught in the institution of secondary education where they were prior to 3pm? Has the education system been training up little barbarians who place no value on other people’s property rights, who have no qualms about stealing from others, who value anarchy instead law and order?

R.J. Rushdoony’s book The Messianic Character of American Education tells us an important part of American history: exactly what has public education been trying to accomplish? Before the 1830s and Horace Mann, there weren’t any schools in the U.S. supported by the state or state controlled. They were local, parent-teacher enterprises, supported without taxes, and taking care of all children. They were remarkably high in standard and were all Christian.

From Horace Mann to the present, the state has used education to socialize the child. The school’s basic purpose, according to its own philosophers, is not education in the traditional sense of the 3 R’s. Instead, it is to promote “democracy” and “equality,” not in their legal or civic sense, but in terms of the engineering of a socialized citizenry. Public education became the means of creating a social order of the educators design. Such men saw themselves and the school in messianic terms.

John Dewey, chief architect of the modern government run schools denied that there were any absolute values. He implemented that belief in shaping the government run schools. Is it any wonder today that the majority of children today produced by those schools do not believe in absolute right and wrong. Instead they believe in relative answers, based on personal needs and desires. To accomplish this goal they had to remove Bible reading, prayer and the Ten Commandments. They had to make sure no one was teaching “Thou shalt not steal” to children in the classroom.

Ken Ham’s book Already Gone documents the rate of success among children attending the government run schools that are brought up in Christian households and attending church regularly; more than 80% abandon the Christian faith by the second year of college. Those schools succeeded in the stated goals of dechristianizing students who attend church and are being raised in Christian homes.

The stated goals of this public indoctrination system are clear; it is printed in school system literature how the students need to be raised up so they can be better citizens of the new world economic order. Country, family, and God are no longer the values to be endorsed but are labeled as the causes of bigotry, narrow mindedness, prejudice, and intolerance: thus deserving to be done away.

A Harvard professor has written that children are sick when they enter kindergarten. Sick with parental influenced ideas of love, family values, national pride, and loyalty to elected officials. He says the children need to be re-educated away from those traditional values of their parents so they can become better citizens of the new world order. So that is the extent of secular humanism and its goals for our children. It is rapidly assaulting our traditional values of Christian family, home, and a nation under God.

The Biblical Principles of Education

Let’s open the Word to see God’s Education plan. Deuteronomy 6:4-7.

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”




By Reverend David Whitney
August 14, 2016

What happens when the most powerful forces in business combine together with the most powerful forces in civil government and together they control the means by which the people learn to think about the most important issues of life? You have a people who are enslaved but may not even realize that this is their condition. There are two main areas of life that must be captured by them to accomplish this goal of total group think in a society - education of the young and the media/entertainment market.

Video of the Sermon:

Consider that only six corporations control 90% of everything America, sees, reads or watches. So the truth is that we have only an illusion of choice in this area of life as 232 media executives of those six corporations are in control of the information diet of 330 million Americans. That is a ratio of 1 to more than 1.4 million. For example consider that 80% of the playlists of all radio stations perfectly match. One study shows that since it was released, the song “Mrs. Robinson” has been aired more that 6 million times. So if you were to play that song non stop back to back it would be replayed for 32 years!

These six giants control most of what books and magazines are published, what movies and TV shows are made and aired, what is published in newspapers and almost all other outlets of news dissemination. They virtually control what most American’s think about and what they believe to be true.[1]

Then consider education; what we do know about the new national education standards called common core (which by the way these standards are slated to become the global standards for all children in all countries)?

It really began as a business partnership of two globalist companies - “Follow the money. It all ends up in the hands of a very few. Pearson Foundation is getting the contracts because of its partnership with the Bill Gates Foundation…The Gates Foundation has spent over $170 million to manipulate the U.S. Department of Education to impose the CSSS, knowing it would realize a return on this investment…

Bill Gates’ Microsoft will make a fortune from the sale of new technology products”….In “2011 [when] the Gates Foundation joined forces with the Pearson Foundation, a British multi-national conglomerate, [together they] represent the largest private business maneuvering for U.S. education dollars. Pearson executives saw the potential to secure lucrative contracts in testing, textbooks and software worth tens of millions of dollars….The Pearson and Gates foundations also fund the Education Development Center (EDC)… It is a global nonprofit organization that designs teacher evaluation policy. Both stand to benefit from EDC recommendations. The center is involved in curriculum and materials development, research and evaluation, publication and distribution, online learning, professional development, and public policy development.

Its alignment with the Gates Foundation and Common Core, Pearson dominates the education testing and is raking in profits as school districts are pushed to replace paper textbooks with digital technology. For example, the Los Angeles school system with 651 students, spent over $1 billion in 2013 to purchase iPads from Pearson.

Additionally, The Los Angeles school purchased Pearson’s Common Core Systems of Courses to provide all the primary instructional material for math and English/language arts for K-12, even though the material were incomplete in 2013. [they purchased them sight unseen]

Pearson’s profits will continue to increase as it has billions of dollars in long-term contracts with education department in a number of states and municipalities to introduce both testing software and the teacher training software and textbooks it claims are necessary to prepare for the tests. For example, Illinois has paid Pearson $138 million to produce standardized tests; Texas, $50 million; and New York, $32 million…” Has anyone caught on to this scam?

“A small cloud did fall over the Pearson Foundation (the nonprofit arm of educational publishing giant Pearson Inc) in December of 2013, when a $7.7 million fine was levied for using its charitable work to promote and develop course materials and software to benefit its corporate profit making. …New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman determined that the foundation had created Common Core products to generate “tens of millions of dollars” for its corporate sister. According to the settlement: “Pearson used its nonprofit foundation to develop Common Core product in order to win an endorsement from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which helped fund the creation of the Common Core standards.”[2] But other than that there has been nothing to stop the juggernaut. Big government in bed with big business to completely control the education of all children in America and ultimately of the whole world. And the complicit news media doesn’t bother to blow the whistle for they are in on the scam as well.

This is what happens when the most powerful forces in business combine together with the most powerful forces in civil government and together they control the means by which the people learn to think about the most important issues of life. We might call these two modern day giants the modern Nephilim after Genesis 6:4-11 description. In those days before the judgment of God fell in the deluge, the Nephilim dominated the world and cause men to follow every path of evil continually.

Look at what Jesus prophesied in Luke 17:26-30 “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”

Jesus draws a direct link between the evil of the Nephilim in Genesis 6 just before the flood with the wickedness of Sodom just before its destruction. I think we may safely assume that gross forms of sexual immorality characterized the Nephilim just as it did Sodom and Gomorrah.

What we are witnessing is a whole new level of Nephilim domination and control through brainwashing. “Brainwashing, or ‘mind control,’ refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated.”[3] It is only by washing our minds with the Word of God that we can be delivered from the modern brainwashing which surrounds us on all sides.

Learn more about your Constitution with Pastor David Whitney and the “Institute on the Constitution” and receive your free gift.

© 2016 Rev. David Whitney - All Rights Reserved


1. These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America.
2. Bill Gates and Pearson Partner to Reap Tens of Millions from Common Core.
3. Brainwashing in Communism and in Democracy.


Rev. David Whitney has been teaching the Christian heritage and history of our country with Institute on the Constitution for over a decade where he serves as Senior Instructor, and Radio show host on Dr. Stan Monteith’s Radio Liberty.

David is an Honors Scholar graduate from Rutgers University with a Masters Degree from Denver Seminary. A minister for 32 years he is currently the Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of Pasadena, Maryland.

As an member of Clergy, Activist and Radio personality David has appeared in Washington Times, on Voice of America, Fox, ABC, NBC, CSPAN, BBC, and more…


Twitter: @theAmericanView





By Lee Duigon
August 25, 2016

I had the pleasure, this weekend, of reviewing a “Christian movie” that turned out to be good.

I use the quotation marks to signal my awareness that the entertainment market’s full of “Christian” movies, TV shows, and whatnot that are just like the secular movies and TV shows, only not as good, and with some little bit of Christian additive slapped onto it like a decal. If you scraped it off, no one would notice. Not that there’s anything at all bad about showing one of the characters in the story coming out of a church, where he has obviously attended a service—but it does need to go farther than that.

Fragile World,” though, really is a Christian movie, in that the main characters’ problems cannot be solved, or even understood, until they recognize that God is truly God, and dare to put their trust in Him. Writer-director Sandy Boikian has come up with a very tricky story that will keep you guessing—so much for Christian movies being simple-minded!

This is a movie that’s worth something. It matters because, over the past hundred years or so, we Christians have conceded to Non-belief practically the whole enormous territory of our popular culture.

People spend up to hundreds of hours a week watching movies and TV, listening to popular music, reading novels and comic books, and playing video games—vastly more time than they spend in school or family activities, to say nothing of the comparatively little time they give to God in prayer, worship, or Bible study. By far, gobbling up pop culture is how we educate ourselves. This is what we feed into our minds, day and night; and what comes out is only a manifestation of what goes in.

In consuming pop culture, we gorge ourselves on crime and fornication of all kinds, on selfishness, shallowness, and every form of short-term, thoughtless gratification. Who needs saints and prophets, when you’ve got costumed super heroes?

Religion in general, and Christianity in particular, is almost invisible here. An observer from Mars might be excused for thinking, after a careful study of our entertainment media, that religion plays only a negligible part, if any, in our daily lives. How would he be wrong in thinking so?

Is it any wonder that we habitually elect villains and dunderheads to govern us, when it’s been so deeply planted in our minds that corruption and foolishness are the normal workings of the world? What can we hope to accomplish in our politics, as long as millions of us, come election day, are willing to vote a notorious and habitual criminal—Hillary Clinton, trailing behind her almost 40 years of scandal—into the highest office in the land, and go to bed thinking nothing the less of themselves? That’s our toxic culture doing our voting for us. That’s the monster coming out of the tar-pit that we’ve made of our culture.

But in a story like “Fragile World,” the lessons are different—love instead of mindless sex for the asking; faith instead of magic; giving instead of endless taking; reality instead of wishful thinking. In this story, it is not taken for granted that no one has a conscience.

What if we consumed movie after movie, novel after novel, in which the protagonist is not mocked as a holy joe for being honest, telling the truth, being considerate of others, or simply being good? What if decency and integrity were presented not as oddities, but as normalcy?

In my own “Bell Mountain” books, if I may say so, I’ve set myself the goal of “re-normalizing religion”—depicting faith and communion with God as everyday aspects of life for ordinary people, even as they once were for most Americans. These are fantasies, and “Fragile World” is much harder to categorize.

One novelist, one movie-maker, can only stake a claim to a very small piece of the ground. But as servants of God, our position is never hopeless. A lot of little pieces of ground will add up to a bigger one. As Nehemiah told us, the new wall of Jerusalem was built not from one great stone, but from many smaller ones.

Re-building a Christian culture in America will have to be the work of many generations.

But if it were impossible, God wouldn’t be calling us to do it.

I have discussed these topics, and others, on my blog,, throughout the week. Please stop by and read! All it takes is just one click to get you there.

© 2016 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on



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By Reverend David Whitney
October 16, 2016

I watched the tail end of the Vice Presidential debates last week and was interested in the question about how the candidates handled the issue of their religious beliefs when it came to public policy, when that policy was against what they believed. The moderator asked, “Can you discuss in detail a time when you struggled to balance your personal faith and a public policy position?”

Video of the sermon:

One candidate, former governor of Virginia, talked about his religious belief that the death penalty is wrong. By the way, from this pulpit we have ad-dressed that issue and to summarize it in one phrase - God ordained human civil government for the purpose of executing those who unjustly take human life. So this candidate ironically says it is his religious belief the civil government should never do that which God ordained it to do, to never fulfill the first purpose God assigned to Civil government. You can tell where that individual is coming from and that the idol he is worshipping is something other than the God of the Bible. Then he said, He knows how to take an oath, and that means completely separating his religion from how he governs when he is in the office he has taken that oath for. Several things to note: First, if you claim to believe something to be true but refuse to act upon that truth, then you really don’t believe it to be true. Your actions always reveal your true beliefs. Second to whom is an oath taken?

The Founders of our Land designed the oath to be taken to the God of the Bible with a clear understanding there were eternal consequences for violating that oath. The Candidate said he knew how to take an oath, but he made no reference to whom he was taking that oath and has demonstrated by his many years in office that he is an oath breaker not an oath keeper. He certainly is not alone in his violations of every important principle in our Constitution. Thirdly, he claimed to separate his religion from his job as an elected official. As we have already said, that is not possible - you will do what you actually believe, not what you might tell the voters you believe but what you actually hold to be true. Consider what John Jay, First Supreme Court Justice wrote in a letter to John Murray, October 12, 1816

“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” Rather than separating true religion (the Christian Faith) from government, our Founders spoke to the point that Christianity was the guiding force in everything that should be done by the Civil government. We were designed to be a nation that is governed by the Laws of the Creator which they styled, “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

Now the other candidate spoke of his pro-life commitment. This led to some back and forth and the Senator from Virginia accusing his opponent for not trusting women. What did he mean not trusting women? Not trusting them to make their own decision unconstrained by any law to hire a contract killer to murder the baby in their own womb. Consider that position as whole - he is opposed to the death penalty but he all in for the murder of babies up to and even as they are being born. So he stands for not punishing those who commit murder of those outside the womb and he is all for handsomely rewarding at taxpayers expense those who murder human beings inside the womb. So I think it would be fair to apply truth in advertising rules and label him the pro-murder candidate for the office of Vice President. He explained in that debate how his belief system (I would not call it Christian in any way, shape or form) actually influences how he has and will govern.

We often believe the myth that what a person believes doesn’t really make a big difference, so believe whatever you want to. Yet the reality is that what you believe determines what you will do and therefore believing lies will bring disaster.

Consider the words of Isaiah 59:2-4 “But your iniquities have separated be-teen you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness. None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.” This seems an apt description of America today.

This one interchange in the debate actually raises an important question for all Christians. How then shall we live? How shall we interact with this world? There is the Amish answer to that question, which is to completely separate from the world in every way, establish your own community outside the system, live apart from the world and have as little contact or interaction with the non-Christian world. This is an increasingly attractive route as the darkness descends on our land.

On the opposite side of the pendulum would be the position of live in the world so much that you are essentially indistinct from the world around you. Blend in, go native, hide your light so successfully that no one will ever even know you are a Christian. What does God want?

Moses in Exodus 33 presents a valuable role model for us in that he pursued the goal of being in the world, but not of the world.

Learn more about your Constitution with Pastor David Whitney and the “Institute on the Constitution” and receive your free gift.



By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
October 18, 2015

As I look at women’s political involvement in America, it scares me to death. Why? Because women are drawn to government offers of security. “Just give government more and more power to run everything and we’ll keep you safe and secure. You want food stamps? Sure. Welfare? No problem. Cell phone? Here you go!”

Any woman (or man) who believes in promises of security from politicians has never read the history of the world. it’s altogether possible such people cannot read because if one takes a serious look at the state of the world where governments are supposed to be protecting people, one must be pretty dumb to believe that’s what governments do.

Fidel Castro has been protecting Cubans for many years now while Cubans build boats from trash to run from the communist/socialist shores of that island nation to big, bad America.

Anyone who hasn’t figured out that if an entity is powerful enough to give you something for nothing, it can also take it away when it chooses -- or when you do something it doesn‘t like. We should find some kind of test that demonstrates citizens learn that lesson before registering them to vote.

It doesn’t seem to matter that Lyndon Johnson’s promises to end the suffering of the poor via his War on Poverty were made more than 50 years (and several trillion dollars) ago. The lives of women have been, in my opinion, downgraded relative to security during that time frame. Our food stamp and welfare rolls which guarantee that recipients will languish in poverty have never been as large as they are today. So much for political promises.

Long ago, I wrote a series of sayings and put them on a poster to hang in my office. They were things I as an early feminist had learned and wanted to remember. Here is one of those sayings:

Women are equal to men because they are their opposites. Men are equal to women for the same reason.

In my view, only as long as we view male and female as opposite entities are men and women equal. When that element is removed from the equation of life, equality becomes a matter of survival of the fittest.

Throughout most human history, man was accepted as the family provider, the lender, the borrower, the business and property owner, the worker, the historian, the head of government, the physician and lawyer. He has been the philosopher of the human race. He has written the Bible and the Koran (Qur'an). He is the inventor who sailed (and mapped) the world.

It all started in the cave.

A long time ago, people lived in a mobile society. It was necessary to hunt, fight a hostile environment and be fast enough to either attack or retreat successfully. Then, people returned to the cave to cook the day's catch (once we figured out how to use fire).

It was obvious to both male and female that pregnancy was not particularly conducive to running a successful footrace with Mother Nature. Originally, it was common sense for the superior strength of the male to make him the dominant partner. It was a survival of the fittest life. Man became the risk manager. Woman became his opposite -- risk-averse. We survived and progressed.

Women have a logical reason for having a risk-averse nature – a need for security. We have had this link from the beginning and will have it until the end of time. It is an Alpha and Omega deal. We are the bearers and nurturers of progeny. We carry babies, we birth them, and we nurture and raise them. Well, we used to nurture them.

Women who nurture and raise children need one thing above all else: Security. Without it, children cannot develop properly. This simple, basic fact explains why women tend to support political candidates that promise them security.

Conservative political candidates do not understand this basic hormonal female need and, thus, don’t draw proper distinctions between political promises which are often lies and the truth about personal security for everyone -- male and female. Liberals appear to understand how to turn any social conflict into a crisis from which they can benefit politically. Regarding feminism, they have decided to promote the idea that conservatives are at war with women and their rights to equality. The public should be paying for college girl birth control -- and their abortions when they don't have the discipline to employ control of any kind.

The female need for security is basic and remains a strong internal drive until women learn that being protected by society or government often provides less security than they can provide for themselves. It often means abuse. And men did abuse the power they held over women for centuries. Surely women cannot think a government that demands their infants get loaded up with vaccines filled with preservatives laced with Mercury (which is what many scientists say is what causes autism) is interested in the well-being of their children! (Dr. Ben Carson was right when he said vaccines are safe; Donald Trump was right when he said vaccines cause autism; it’s not the vaccine... it’s the preservatives they contain.)

Men and women experience life. Men cannot have babies. Women cannot change history. Male domination and leadership throughout history has been vested in men. That is a historically accurate statement.

Only when people – men and women -- realize that security lies within the person and not within government are they capable of making honest personal choices about which kind of political system is best for humanity. It is because of this critical level of personal growth that Ben Franklin said “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security deserves neither.”

It is when people reach this point of personal growth that beliefs become based on choice rather than fear. Prior to that time, political and social decisions are based more on societal security needs than on realities that challenge all of us daily. The problem is, the government that promises to take care of security needs cannot (and will not) fulfill that promise.

Babies can’t find their own food source. It must be provided. Either the mother or father do it, or government does. Humans are unable to control their environment for at least a dozen years after birth. Thus, one prime objective of pre-adolescence is to learn to control childhood fears so we can control our adult lives. Almost all of us achieve this objective, to one degree or another.

Nature provided an environment – the family – to help children grow through their fears. Perhaps that’s one reason socialist and communist views of the world first destroy the family and then faith in God. They need fear to achieve those objectives. By removing the thing that helps both males and female overcome the natural fears of childhood, liberals maintain that deep-seeded fear that a monster is hiding under the bed. That’s why Hillary Clinton wrote the book “It Takes a Village” which explains why someone other than Mom and Dad should rear your child. Such ideas help destroy the family unit.

Communism and socialism remove the source to which we go when fears become intolerable: faith in God. Churches are given tax exempt status and give away their First Amendment Constitutional rights for something they already have – no taxes. The people lose access to the very source that should be stormily informing them about the evils of abortion and the selling of body parts from aborted babies... but if they do, they will lose their tax exempt status – possibly even their church. So the church as the primary path to God is lost as is faith.

When we overcome fear, we become independent people. Until the modern feminist movement, women were primarily the protectors of children. Because women are generally the physically weaker of the two sexes, men protected women. That provided a secure environment enabling women to protect children. Thanks to the feminist lie that women are equal to men in all things, we’ve lost that. In the good old days (just a few years ago), women could choose to stay home and raise their children or they could choose to work. Today, most families cannot survive without two incomes.

These are the things feminists find offensive about women who achieve at high levels. We compete effectively in a male dominated world without adopting male traits to be effective. We maintain the joy of being female – and we don’t for a minute think men need to get in touch with their feminine side. The person who started that movement to feminize American males should be forced to read aloud male magazines in the public square for 40 years. The tears shed so often by men like John Boehner give me little confidence that they are in touch with their strong male side (usually required in times of crisis and certainly a necessity when making decisions involving human life).

Feminists decided it was demeaning to women for men to protect them. In truth, men gave feminists a lot of ammunition. They lied, cheated and stole from their wives and children. They deserted them. They skipped out on child support payments. They became sperm donors rather than fathers. Women found themselves serving as both mother and father. Male lawmakers -- men – did little to help find fathers who deserted their families.

The biggest lesson I learned from my own life’s experiences is how to face my fears. It gives you a wonderful sense of freedom. It makes you into a very positive person who is not afraid to have hopes and dreams or to pursue them with energetic vigor. I learned how to manage risk the moment I figured out that I was the best asset to provide security for me and my children. With God’s help, I could do it a lot better than government.

I also learned that the biggest mistake women can make in their attempts to declare themselves equal with men is to lose their unique sense of being male opposites. Contrary to what feminists today appear to believe, feminine traits are much needed elements for a successful society to progress.

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By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
October 25, 2015

Today’s feminists imitate male behavior and are threatened by women who enjoy being feminine while competing in the world of business which is dominated by rules and regulations created by male personalities that for so long dominated the world of business and politics.

Since women compete in what has always been a traditionally male domain, it seems logical to think the only way to get ahead is to adopt the male traits developed in the world's corporations by men who ran them with no female senior managers for so many years. In many ways, that’s true.

In my world, women have very strong traits uniquely their own. They should be highly valued by society and the business community. They would be if women started acting like their very strong, valuable feminine traits have value.

Because women emulate men and their male traits rather than exhibit feminine strengths in the world of business, real female potential lays dormant. It is difficult to earn respect for female strengths when women, by emulating males, compete from positions of weakness rather than strength. Male traits come naturally to men and are reflected in the business world they created over the centuries. Female traits come naturally to women -- and they are quite opposite male strengths. Existing business standards are filled with black and white arrows pointing to male strengths that represent the road to success. It would be pretty stupid for women to paint a new sign, right?

What can women bring to the business world that it currently lacks?

How about true compassion? Men tend to intellectualize it. Women feel it in their hearts and souls. How about intuition? How about gentility? Or common sense? How about an inbred-by-nature security drive? A real security need prevents people from making stupid short-term profit decisions which, in the long run, can ruin a company -- and a social order.

Security is a long-term thing, not something one achieves today that will come back and bite one in the backside a year from now -- like manufacturing faulty tires that kill people, then denying it even when the evidence is overwhelming.

“But,” you might say, “business isn’t compassionate. It doesn’t function on intuition. It isn’t gentile ... and, often it uses little common sense. And, you’ve said yourself, business is about managing risk, not eliminating it.” An absolutely accurate statement. AND THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG WITH BUSINESS – AND POLITICS!

Managing risk does not mean ignoring it. Ideally, it means pitting a totally competitive and high-risk nature against its totally security-driven opposite. It means pitting what comes naturally to men – competition – against what comes natural to women – a security drive. It provides intelligent balance. It is called yin and yang by the Chinese.

If men and women functioned in the world of business as true equals, a sense of risk management skills that come naturally to men would prevent the male tendency to become too competitive for a short-term gain by offsetting it with security drives, natural to women. Balance would result. Nature is balance in action.

Companies would be properly competitive. Volkswagen wouldn’t be paying billions of dollars in fines for lying about emissions and causing a scandal that will cause years of reputational repair, if women who displayed feminine rather than male traits had been involved in that corporate decision.

Males would be paying attention to short-term profits while security-conscious women ensured a positive long-term view of the future. You would not have a tire company denying that its tires kill people, then admitting that they do. You would not have a major U.S. auto manufacturer producing cars with gas tanks that explode, burning people to death. The feminine security-drive and sense of compassion would eliminate the need for costly corporate (and government) cover-ups. Tobacco companies would have admitted that nicotine is addictive far sooner than they did. Companies would not be cooking their books to falsely attract investor dollars to their stock offerings because in the long term, it always fails.

With women adopting male traits in the world of business and politics, the advantage corporations could gain from real feminism is lost.

Can you imagine the feminine strength of the need for security allowing Lehman Brothers to create the liar loan mortgage-backed derivative packages that has brought economies worldwide to dangerous levels of potential failure? I can’t.

Female politicians have, for the most part done the same thing women in the world of business have done. The Donald Trump/Carly Fiorina/Ben Carson phenomenon results from public rejection of entrenched male and female politicians giving politically correct rather than truthful answers to voters.

In other words, because until very recently business and politics have always been male dominated, both reflect male strengths. Male competitive business instincts that harm consumers lack feminine compassion and intuition. It places short-term corporate good ahead of long-term business survival.

Risk management that succeeds in the short-term but fails in the long-term means the competitive drive is too strong. The drive from a feminine security need is lacking.

For example, spending too much in the short term results in long-term cost-cutting. Such stupidity is unnecessary when the common sense of most housewives is applied. This is the male philosophy of cost effectiveness. No one understands cost efficiency better than women -- and there is a huge difference between cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Men understand cutting costs as a means to achieve economic objectives. They spend irresponsibly until economics causes them to rein in their appetites. When companies are cost efficient (the female security drive makes women save for tomorrow), the need to constantly cut costs is eliminated ... along with all of the human pain caused by the jobs that are eliminated as costs are cut.

If the business world functioned at an optimum level, it would work in concert with the laws of nature. Women would be encouraged to bring their natural talents to the corporate table. Their strengths would be integrated with male strengths and they would be appreciated.

Since the beginning of time, nature has created balance at the highest possible point of positive action by placing two equally strong forces in opposition to one another. In this case, male and female forces.

In such an environment, women’s femininity would be valued, not derided. Men would be encouraged to exercise their strengths (which are female weaknesses), and women would be encouraged to exercise their strengths (which are male weaknesses).

Instead, women leave their female strengths outside the doors of their offices each day. They compete with men whose strengths have traditionally set the standards for performance in the world of business.

Conservatives are always realistic and the fact is, women are newcomers to the world of business management. It is logical that when one group competes from a position of weaknesses with a group using its natural strengths, the group using its weaknesses to compete suffers a disadvantage. If feminists were a little less demeaning towards male strengths and a bit more appreciative of their own strengths, perhaps they would stop pretending to be men and learn how to be real women. It would certainly end the Let’s Pretend War Against Women -- especially the one being waged by progressive liberals.. The one that wants to destroy natural feminine traits and replace them with what comes natural to men. They are so confused about their genetic identity, it’s frightening.

Can women walk into the world of business and demand to have their strengths written into next year’s corporate business plan? Of course not! They can, however, do what over one-third of America's business owners do: become independent business owners, hire and utilize male strengths in concert with their own, and set a successful business example the giants of commerce cannot ignore.

Additionally, they can avoid falling into the trap of forgetting their feminine strengths. When women avoid imitating men as the primary means of seeking equality while concurrently understanding and appreciating male strengths in the world of business and politics, they will be on the true road to equality. Moreover, while avoiding the loss of their feminine identities, they can gain respect for their strengths.

How? By making them work for the corporation. Gently ... as is the way with feminine women. We created the concept of an iron fist in a velvet glove. Ask any mother.

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TOLD YA SO! Sooner or later Twitter, and hopefully Facebook, will be replaced by social media that does not censor speech with which it disagrees

Yes, you CAN do something about the ‘Halal Jihad’ going on in your supermarket

AL-Qaeda leader confirms what BNI readers already know: Islam will conquer the world by ‘Immigration Jihad’

Hijrah: Jihad by Immigration

Angela Merkel’s out-of-control Muslim migrant invasion of Europe has greatly accelerated its transition into a sharia-compliant ‘Eurabia/Europistan.’ America, under Barack Hussein Obama’s quiet but massive importation of Muslims (not including the recent surge in Syrian refugees), means that America was only a few years behind Europe, but thanks to the election of Donald Trump, it appears that trend will be halted and quickly reversed.

This is not the future. This is not photoshop. This photo was taken in 2009 in Washington DC on the lawn of the Capitol Bldg, soon after Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office

Washington Examiner  Since the 9/11 attacks, and during President Obama‘s two terms, Muslims from several countries that harbor terrorists have flooded into the U.S., made even worse by Obama’s move to opening the borders for Syrian so-called refugees whose backgrounds are impossible to investigate. President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse Obama’s plans.

The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda’s plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and “outbreeding non-muslims” (via polygamy and the West’s generous welfare systems) who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also predicted that intelligence officials using so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques such as the waterboarding he experienced would eventually come under attack from weak-kneed U.S. politicians and media.

In Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell tells for the first time about his role interrogating al Qaeda principals, many like KSM still jailed at Guantanamo Bay. He details accounts of waterboarding and other interrogation sessions of the nation’s most notorious enemies.

Snippets obtained by Secrets from the book set for release next Tuesday from Crown Forum show that Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11.

Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.

To see what was planned for the US, look at these two videos of what is already going on in Europe:

Consider this passage in the book, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America, where KSM reveals the plan to Mitchell:

It would be nice,” he said, if al Qaeda or like-minded Islamists could bring America to its knees with catastrophic attacks, but that was unlikely to happen; “not practical” is the wording he used. From his perspective, the long war for Islamic domination wasn’t going to be won in the streets with bombs and bullets and bloodshed. No, it would be won in the minds of the American people.

He said the terror attacks were good, but the “practical” way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message. They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people eventually would become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.

“Eventually,” KSM said, “America will expose her neck to us for slaughter.”

KSM wagged his finger professorially at us and warned, “Soon they will turn on you.” He prophetically predicted that the press and some members of my own government would turn on people who took aggressive action to prevent the next 9/11 attack and save American lives.

Warming to the topic, KSM smiled and said the media, either on purpose or without realizing it, would promote Islam’s cause and champion tearing down the measures put in place to protect the American people after 9/11. He said the media would promote al-Qaeda’s cause by framing the war against Islam as morally wrong, impossible to win, and fraught with unacceptable losses. He said the media’s response was one of Allah’s “gifts,” one of the ways Allah preordained for Americans to set aside those things which kept us safe and prevented attacks in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

KSM said, “Your own government will turn on you. Your leaders will turn on you. They will turn on you to save themselves. It will play out in the media and strengthen the hearts of the brothers. It will recruit more to Allah’s cause because the press coverage will make the U.S. look weak and divided.”


JESSE JACKSON tells Sweden they must embrace the Muslim invasion of its country because they used to be slave traders

1379876_765881180134015_1123299658534253558_nFrom a Swedish State Television Interview, Jackson says Sweden’s wealth “is built upon the backs of the African slave trade” and the only way for the country to redeem itself is to accept even more African Muslim freeloaders for the New World Order that will turn Sweden into a Third World country. sweden-immigrants Jackson says that Swedes must embrace their multi-racial future and “its new peoples” that are fleeing from war which is the result of Western oppression and aggression as a form of justice for the legacy of their slave trade. And he is applauded for saying that. While 60 million people are still enslaved today (much of it in the Middle East), the politically correct narrative is obviously to shame Western nations into submission by constantly telling them they’re guilty of a practice they have long ago abolished – not invented. Face of a dying Nation


MUST SEE! Black man confirms that MUSLIM slave traders are the MAIN reason black people are in America today – BARE NAKED ISLAM


FOUR STAGES OF ISLAMIC CONQUEST: What stage has your country reached now?


Top Posts

By on November 20, 2016 • ( 4 )

Source: The Gatestone Institute, by Yves Manou

  • This is the moment where hate speech laws become a greater threat to democracy and freedom of speech than hate speech itself.
  • In France, Muslim terrorists are never Muslim terrorists, but “lunatics,” “maniacs” and “youths”.
  • To attack freedom of the press and freedom of speech is not anti-hate speech; it is submission.
  • By following these recommendations, the British government would place Muslim organizations in a kind of monopoly position: they would become the only source of information about themselves. It is the perfect totalitarian information order.
  • Created to guard against the kind of xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda that gave rise to the Holocaust, national hate speech laws have increasingly been invoked to criminalize speech that is merely deemed insulting to one’s race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.
  • It is disturbing to wonder how long the EU will strongly engage its experts and influence to cut through existing legal obstacles, in a quest to criminalize any type of criticism of Islam, and to submit to the values of jihad.

According the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) — part of the Council of Europe — the British press is to blame for increasing hate speech and racist violence. On October 4, 2016, the ECRI released a report dedicated only to Britain. The report said:

some traditional media, particularly tabloids… are responsible for most of the offensive, discriminatory and provocative terminology. The Sun, for instance, published an article in April 2015 entitled “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants”, in which the columnist likened migrants to “cockroaches”…

The Sun newspaper has also published inflammatory anti-Muslim headlines, such as its front page of 23 November 2015 which read “1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis”, along with a picture of a masked terrorist wielding a knife…

The ECRI report establishes a direct causal link between some tough headlines in British tabloids and the security of the Muslims in the UK. In other words, the British press is allegedly inciting readers to commit “Islamophobic” acts against Muslims.

ECRI considers that, in light of the fact that Muslims are increasingly under the spotlight as a result of recent ISIS-related terrorist acts around the world, fueling prejudice against Muslims shows a reckless disregard, not only for the dignity of the great majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom, but also for their safety.

ECRI is basing its report on a recent study from Matthew Feldman, Professor at Teesside University. This study compiled anti-Muslim incidents before and after terrorist's attacks:

In the seven days prior to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, where 12 people were killed, there were 12 reported (anti Muslim) incidents, but in the seven days following, there were 45. This pattern was similar in relation to the terror attacks in Sydney, in December and Copenhagen, in February.

So, according to the ECRI and scholars of Teesside University, when Muslim jihadists murder people and the press reports that killers are Muslims, the press, and not Islamists, is encouraging "Islamophobic incidents" in Britain. According to ECRI Chair Christian Ahlund, "It is no coincidence that racist violence is on the rise in the UK at the same time as we see worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians."

For the ECRI, the biggest problem is:

"... where the media stress the Muslim background of perpetrators of terrorist acts, and devote significant coverage to it, the violent backlash against Muslims is likely to be greater than in cases where the perpetrators' motivation is downplayed or rejected in favour of alternative explanations."

The report does not explain what could be "alternative explanations." But we can find examples in French press: when a Muslim attacks a soldier and tries to take his gun, he is not an Islamist terrorist, but a "lunatic." Such attacks by "lunatics" are very common in France.

The French press downplays attacks by deciding not to name Muslim perpetrators: incriminating a "Mohamed" could, in the minds of French journalists, incite retaliations against Muslims. In another example, Muslim gangs cannot be connected to any form of violence, so they become "youths." In France, Muslim terrorists are never Muslim terrorists, but "lunatics", "maniacs" and "youths."

But that is France. In Britain, tabloids are not so polite, and they understand perfectly the intentions of the ECRI report: to ban the word "Muslim" when it is associated with "violence or terrorism."

The ECRI Report Marks a U-Turn in Free Speech

This is the moment where hate speech laws become a greater threat to democracy and freedom of speech than the hate speech itself. Prohibiting journalists from naming "Islamic terrorism," and encouraging them to hide the association of Muslims with terrorism, is an attempt to misrepresent the truth in the same way the former Soviet Union censored the truth. Taking advantage of some real racist articles in tabloids -- not many, because not many are quoted in the report -- to attack freedom of the press and freedom of speech is not anti-hate speech; it is submission.

The proof of submission lies in ECRI's recommendations to the British government:

By following these recommendations, the British government would place Muslim organizations in a kind of monopoly position: they would become the only source of information about themselves. It is the perfect totalitarian information order. If a breach of that kind would open in the future, no doubt all the lobbies would rush into the breach: political parties, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, multinationals, everyone.

The British government did not fall into the trap, and firmly rebuffed ECRI's demands. It told the European council body:

"The Government is committed to a free and open press and does not interfere with what the press does and does not publish, as long as the press abides by the law."

In Great Britain, and in all countries of European Union, anti-hate laws already exist. Created to guard against the kind of xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda that gave rise to the Holocaust, national hate speech laws have increasingly been invoked to criminalize speech that is merely deemed insulting to one's race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

These laws have also been invoked often by Islamists to sue against anti-Islamist speech (cartoons of Muhammad, blasphemy against Islam, etc.) as manifestations of "racism" -- fortunately with little success. Most court cases that Islamists have initiated have failed because Islam is not a race.

Agnes Callamard, expert on human rights, writes in reference to the United Nations Charter:

"ARTICLE 19 recognises that reasonable restrictions on freedom of expression may be necessary or legitimate to prevent advocacy of hatred based on nationality, race, religion that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence. The organisation does not extend such legitimate restrictions to offensive and blasphemous expressions."

It is disturbing to wonder how long the Council of Europe will strongly engage its experts and influence to cut through existing legal obstacles, in a quest to suppress any type of criticism of Islam, and to submit to the values of jihad.

Read More Here: European Union Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims


Obama Admin Fines, “Forces Sheriff’s Dept. To Hire” Illegal Immigrants


Germany: veteran Santa Claus fired for opposing child marriage

November 24, 2016 12:16 pm By

The Bavarian town of Mühldorf has fired the man who has dressed up as Father Christmas for over 30 years because of the social media post he shared on his Facebook page. Peter Mück has been a staple of the annual Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas market, in the town for over a generation, handing out sweets to local children, The Telegraph reports.

The Santa Claus who sought to protect the well-being of children got sacked in the name of political correctness and fear, but the Mayor of Mühldorf and Socialist party member, Marianne Zollner, tried to spin it differently — and highly illogically. She said:

“I explained to him that this movement, in my view, does not respect the equality and dignity of all people, or our democratic values, and that this attitude was not compatible with the work of portraying Santa Claus.”

If Zollner respected democratic values, and the equality and dignity of all people, she would not have supported firing Peter Muck, who in fact was standing up for the rights, equality and dignity of young girls who are abused and humiliated under the banner of Islamic culture. Marianne Zollner is fearful of Muslim backlash, period.

Interesting that Zoller and the other Mühldorf authorities responsible for sacking Santa would be the first in line to proclaim that Islam is hijacked by a small group of jihadists, child rapists (despite Muhammad’s consummation of his marriage with nine-year-old Aisha) and the likes of the Islamic State. So does it follow, then, that their action in firing this veteran Santa is an essentially open declaration that they are fearful of offending jihadists, child rapists and the likes of the Islamic State? Hardly. Their actions (never their words) do show, however, that they actually deem Muslims overall to be in an dangerous class by themselves, and Westerners must never offend them, out of fear of backlash.

Those responsible for firing Santa Claus in Mühldorf – and all like-minded Westerners — need to confront their obvious fear (phobia) of Muslims and begin to take up the fight for our freedoms, human rights and the rule of law. They also need to recognize that no genuinely peace-loving, pluralistic Muslim will ever support human rights abuses or the victimology narrative of “Islamophobia.” Any caring, thinking individual will share the same concern for the rape of child brides as was shown by the sacked Santa of Mühldorf.

“German Santa Sacked After Sharing Anti-Child Marriage Post Online”, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, November 23, 2016:

A Christmas market Santa Claus was sacked in Germany after sharing a post from the hipster-right Identitarian movement which called for action against the increasing number of child marriages in the country.

The Bavarian town of Mühldorf has fired the man who has dressed up as Father Christmas for over 30 years because of the social media post he shared on his Facebook page. Peter Mück has been a staple of the annual Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas market, in the town for over a generation, handing out sweets to local children, The Telegraph reports.

Mr. Mück was fired because he supported the action of the anti-mass migration hipster-right Identitarian youth movement who were campaigning against the growing trend of child marriages among migrants in Germany. The post which he shared had the slogan, “Child marriage = child abuse” of which he commented, “the core message of which is correct and justifiable for me.”

Mayor of Mühldorf, and Socialist party member, Marianne Zollner explained the reasoning behind getting rid of Mr. Mück, saying: “I explained to him that this movement, in my view, does not respect the equality and dignity of all people, or our democratic values, and that this attitude was not compatible with the work of portraying Santa Claus.”

Since the sacking, the mayor has claimed to have received threats from Germans online who she says accuse her of protecting paedophiles.

Mück claimed for his defence that he had not known about the background of the group who many in the German media have accused of being “undemocratic” and even “neo-Nazi” despite their repeated claims that their peaceful protests are a part of the democratic process.

A prominent figure in the German-speaking Identitarian movement is Martin Sellner who leads the Austrian branch of the organisation. He expressed bafflement as to why the Socialist mayor would punish Mr. Mück for spreading a message the vast majority of Germans agree with including the Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London he said: “These are methods like in the Stalinist DDR (East Germany). The multiculturalist elite is in panic mode and flailing around wildly in a rage of censorship. They have learned nothing. With every citizen they hurt, we are getting new sympathisers.”….

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UK: Muslim who ‘who advocated dying while fighting jihad’ given platform at London university
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 11:54 am

In the UK, the government harasses and hounds foes of jihad, and bans foreign ones from entering the country. Jihad preachers, however, have free reign. How can this possibly end well?

“Muslim preacher ‘who advocated dying while fighting jihad’ given platform at London university,” by Mark Chandler and Robin De Peyer, Evening Standard, November 24, 2016:

A preacher who has advocated “dying while fighting jihad” and claimed men can use “physical force” on their wives was given a platform at a London university, the Standard can reveal.

Abdurraheem Green, a Muslim convert from Roman Catholicism who was once banned from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for making anti-Semitic comments, preached to students at a SOAS Islamic Society charity event this month.

Green has previously written that conflict between Islam and Western societies is “ordered in the Koran”. He has also claimed: “Dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure.”

In 2005 he was barred from boarding a flight to Australia after being placed on a “movement alert list” amid concern over his radical comments.

This month the Islamic Education and Research Academy, a charity he co-founded and chairs, was warned by the Charity Commission to distance itself from extremists. Green has since said he does not support terrorism and acknowledged saying “some radical things in the past”.

During his SOAS University of London address he told the audience that the “whole world is a prison”. Discussing the plight of people in Gaza, he said: “They’re blessed in a way that we’re not blessed, because they’re not deluded.

“They’re not deluded into thinking that there’s some enjoyment in this life. They know the reality. They really know that this world is a prison.”

Green told the Standard that he did not support terrorism and his comments about jihad were years old and related to traditional Islamic teachings.

He said: “Jihad wasn’t a dirty word 20 years ago. Now if you say ‘jihad’ you probably think of terrorism or Isis. I don’t encourage anyone who lives here to go and participate and to go abroad and fight.” The preacher also denied encouraging violence against women and claimed he now only advocated “self-improvement”….

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Muslim contribution to Thanksgiving: 81 sand-filled trucks line Macy’s Parade route to prevent jihad attack
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 11:40 am

Here in New York City today, it’s Thanksgiving Day in a war zone. And imagine: people say Obama is wrong, and that Muslims have contributed nothing to the United States. “81 sand-filled trucks to line Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route to prevent terror attack,” by Josh Einiger, WABC, November 23, 2016: NEW YORK (WABC) — […]
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Australia: Immigration minister charged with “creating terrorists” by saying it was mistake to bring in so many Muslims
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 11:26 am

“Last week Mr Dutton argued the Fraser government had made ‘mistakes’ in parts of its 1970s’ migration program. Challenged in parliament to identify the groups he was referring to, Mr Dutton said ‘of the last 33 people who have been charged with terrorist related offences in this country, 22 are from second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds.'”

This is a perfectly accurate statement, but Professor Clive Williams, a former senior defence official now at the Centre for Military and Security Law at the ANU, says: “It’s not a good idea to make that kind of observation in public.” Why? According to Dr. Clarke Jones, such observations are “creating the terrorists of the future.”

This is very common thinking all over the West; it’s akin to Hillary Clinton’s saying that Donald Trump was aiding Islamic State recruitment by calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. The thinking is apparently that Muslims reject jihad terrorism and want to assimilate and become Westernized, loyal citizens of secular, pluralistic societies, but if non-Muslims point out that there is a jihad threat, or that some Muslims are not assimilating and becoming loyal citizens, those peaceful Muslims will become so enraged that they will join jihad groups.

Absurd. If they reject jihad terrorism, they won’t be driven to it by Dutton’s factual observation that some other Muslims have not rejected it. This kind of woolly thinking is impeding honest discussion of the threat of jihad and Sharia all over the Western world.

“Peter Dutton’s remarks on Lebanese Muslims risk ‘creating terrorists of future,'” by Deborah Snow, Sydney Morning Herald, November 24, 2016:

Immigration minister Peter Dutton’s linking of terrorism with past levels of Lebanese Muslim migration will do “immense damage” to the government’s attempts to engage Islamic communities in the battle against violent extremism, a leading expert has warned.

Dr Clarke Jones, who worked as a national security official for 17 years, said the minister’s remarks risk “creating the terrorists of the future, if I want to be blunt”.

The Immigration Minister reveals he was referring to Lebanese Muslims when he said last week that Malcolm Fraser had made immigration mistakes.

“We are certainly not reducing the threat, we are contributing to the threat by those statements. Effective intervention means working with young kids and the only way you can get to young kids is working with communities,” he told Fairfax Media.

“The government has taken a 10 or 15-year step backward.”

Dr Jones, now a research fellow at the Australian National University’s School of Global Governance, has been working with Islamic community members to help design and set up youth intervention and support programs.

He said frontline police and intelligence agencies trying to build links with those communities would also likely be dismayed by Mr Dutton’s comments.

“Police struggle at the best of times with community engagement because they have the difficult dual role,” he said.

The federal government has invested millions of dollars in trying to get effective Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs off the ground. But the Dutton comments could jeopardise any progress already made, others also warned.

Professor Clive Williams, a former senior defence official now at the Centre for Military and Security Law at the ANU, slammed the minister’s comments as ” counterproductive”.

“Its [sic] not a good idea to make that kind of observation in public. We need the co-operation of families, they are the first point of contact really if there is concern developing about a young person.”

Last week Mr Dutton argued the Fraser government had made “mistakes” in parts of its 1970s’ migration program.

Challenged in parliament to identify the groups he was referring to, Mr Dutton said “of the last 33 people who have been charged with terrorist related offences in this country, 22 are from second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds”.

Mr Dutton has since sought to soften the context around the remarks, telling Sydney radio host Ray Hadley on Thursday that “the point that I was making is that we should call out the small number within the community, within the Lebanese community, who are doing the wrong thing. If we do that we can hold up the vast majority of people within the Lebanese community who work as hard as you and I do, who have contributed to Australian society.”…

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Muslims celebrate Israel fires: “Please Allah, let Israel burn entirely, Amen”
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 11:06 am

Meanwhile, suspects have been arrested for arson. Could these fires be a jihad attack? “Arab Social Media Celebrates Fires: ‘Please Allah, Let Israel Burn Entirely,’” by Ali Waked, Breitbart, November 24, 2016: News reports about widespread forest fires in Israel this week have been met with jubilant reactions from some Arab social media users. Hundreds of […]
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Ohio: Muslim plotted to murder military employee and cops for the Islamic State
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 10:35 am

Where did he learn his understanding of Islam? Where did he go to mosque? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? “Ohio college student who plotted to kill military employee, police officers for ISIS is sentenced to 20 years in prison,” by Mark Berman, Washington Post, November 23, 2016 (thanks to Patrick): An Ohio college student […]
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Norwegian PM: “You cannot expect Norwegian society will pay you benefits if you refuse to work for religious reasons”
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 09:40 am

“There is also a clear view that if you move and get refuge, you have to live by Norwegian standards, you can’t come and think you live in your home country when it comes to women’s rights, not to be puzzled if you see two men kiss on the street, because there are gay people in our countries and it is normal, it’s part of our system.”

This is indeed the choice. Will Muslim migrants live by the values of Western pluralistic societies, in which people put up with things that may offend them, or will they assert the primacy of their own societal norms in their new lands? Will Western governing authorities demand and require that they live by Western societal norms, or continue to allow them to establish Sharia enclaves in Europe?

“Norwegian PM declares migrants cannot use religion to say no to jobs,” by Joe Barnes, Express, November 24, 2016:

THE Norwegian Prime Minister has demanded migrants arriving in her country must “work to sustain a living” and “cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they serve pork or alcohol” for religious reasons.

Erna Solberg said while her country is happy to accept migrants they must not expect Norway will pay them any benefits if are refuse work.

The Scandinavian country has kept maintained a hard stance on the European migrant crisis and successfully challenged European Union migrant quotas, which enabled them to maintain the regular border checks introduced at the beginning of this year, and designed to limit the flow of irregular migrants.

EU law suggests members of the bloc can only bring in emergency frontier controls for an initial period of two months, which can be extended to a maximum of six months in extreme circumstances.

Speaking on Euronews’ Global Conversation, Ms Solberg said: “It is part of our normal educational system that you are discussing why people are fleeing from countries, what is the convention what is the responsibilities we have, this is all part of the school curriculum in Norway.

“There is also a clear view that if you move and get refuge, you have to live by Norwegian standards, you can’t come and think you live in your home country when it comes to women’s rights, not to be puzzled if you see two men kiss on the street, because there are gay people in our countries and it is normal, it’s part of our system.”

Upon being challenged about religious differences between her country and that of arriving migrants, she rebuked: “I do not think it is a complex issue that if you are going to come to country.

“You have to work to sustain a living, you cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they will serve pork or alcohol.

“You cannot expect that the Norwegian society will pay you benefits if you are refusing to work for religious reasons.

“There are too lower of migrants women working in Norway, we know that some reasons are they have a lot of children, so that is work in itself.

“But sometimes it is also because they make some demands that make it more difficult for them to get a job and sometimes it is because their husbands don’t like to see them get too involved in Norwegian society, because then they get a taste of freedom of women in our society, so there is also some type of patriarchy in this.”…

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France: Imam explains the importance of deception in Islamic conquest of Europe
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 09:30 am
Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” (Bukhari 4.52.268)
Video thanks to Vlad Tepes.
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Nigeria: Muslims carry out coordinated attacks on Christians in 5 villages, murdering 45
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 09:23 am

“They laid siege to the village before they started shooting sporadically and throwing explosives at our homes. They were armed with guns, knives, machetes and explosives. They slaughtered [and] butchered women, children and old people who could not escape.” Will the Islamophobia never end? “‘Ethnic cleansing’ attacks by Muslim clan on Christians leaves 45 dead […]
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Amsterdam mosque leaders suspected of jihad terror activity
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 08:33 am

“Do I know jihadists? We know so many people, that means nothing.”

Really? Clearly that means the answer is yes, and raises the question of why he didn’t alert authorities about these jihadists. Also, transpose that statement into any other context, and consider. “Do I know Klansmen? We know so many people, that means nothing.” “Do I know serial killers? We know so many people, that means nothing.” “Do I know career bank robbers? We know so many people, that means nothing.” It suggests the speaker has something to hide.

In any case, note that these are mosque leaders. If these allegations are true, then apparently the Qur’an’s much-vaunted but seldom-seen peaceful teachings have not acted as any significant curb on their jihad activity. John Kerry, Pope Francis, and the rest of the Islam-Is-A-Religion-of-Peace crowd should carefully ponder the implications of that.

“Amsterdam mosque leaders linked to terrorism: Report,” by Janene Pieters, NL Times, November 24, 2016:

Two leaders of the Arrayan mosque in Amsterdam Noord are being watched by the Dutch authorities because they are suspected of radicalization and jihadism, the Telegraaf reports based on “secret documents”.

According to the newspaper, there is a wiretap on chairman Aziz Oilkadi’s phone. He is suspected of having contact with “many radical figures”. The other leader is suspected of being part of the so-called Hofstad terrorist group. The group is centered around Mohammed B. the extremist who killed Theo van Gogh n 2004.

Oilkadi denies the accusations to the newspaper and insists that he is not radicalized. “I graduated from the Vrije Universiteit and have been a dutiful Muslim since my 18th birthday. Do I know jihadists? We know so many people, that means nothing.” He added that the other board member is also back on the right path….

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9/11 mastermind: Al-Qaeda now favors immigration and “outbreeding non-Muslims” to destroy US
By Robert Spencer on Nov 24, 2016 07:59 am

“Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11. Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.”

“Warming to the topic, KSM smiled and said the media, either on purpose or without realizing it, would promote Islam’s cause and champion tearing down the measures put in place to protect the American people after 9/11. He said the media would promote al-Qaeda’s cause by framing the war against Islam (his characterization, not mine) as morally wrong, impossible to win, and fraught with unacceptable losses. He said the media’s response was one of Allah’s ‘gifts,’ one of the ways Allah preordained for Americans to set aside those things which kept us safe and prevented attacks in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.”

This is so close to what actually happened that it sounds like prophecy-after-the-fact. Or maybe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is an unusually insightful human being. In any case, this is exactly what is happening.

“9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors ‘immigration’ to defeat USA,” by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, November 23, 2016:

The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda’s plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and “outbreeding nonmuslims” who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also predicted that intelligence officials using so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques such the waterboarding he experienced would eventually come under attack from weak-kneed U.S. politicians and media.

In Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell tells for the first time about his role interrogating al Qaeda principals, many like KSM still jailed at Guantanamo Bay. He details accounts of waterboarding and other interrogation sessions of the nation’s most notorious enemies.

None more so than Mohammed. Among the most facinating aspects of the book are chatty discussions between KSM and Mitchell long after the waterboarding and before he was delivered to the prision at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he clammed — and lawyered — up.

In his book, Mitchell is not pushing for a return to waterboarding, especially for run-of-the-mill battlefield prisoners. He does, however, back aggressive interrogation the worst terrorists trained or willed to not cough up any secrets because he said it worked….

Snippets obtained by Secrets from the book set for release next Tuesday from Crown Forum show that Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11.Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.Consider this passage in the book, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America, where KSM reveals the plan to Mitchell:

“It would be nice,” he said, if al Qaeda or like-minded Islamists could bring America to its knees with catastrophic attacks, but that was unlikely to happen; “not practical” is the wording he used. From his perspective, the long war for Islamic domination wasn’t going to be won in the streets with bombs and bullets and bloodshed. No, it would be won in the minds of the American people.

He said the terror attacks were good, but the “practical” way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message. They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people eventually would become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.

“Eventually,” KSM said, “America will expose her neck to us for slaughter.”

Since the attacks, and during President Obama‘s two terms, Muslims from several countries that harbor terrorists have flooded into the U.S. And Obama has promised to open the borders for Syrian refugees whose backgrounds are difficult to investigate. President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse Obama’s plans.

In talks with the terrorist, Mitchell said that KSM discussed waterboarding and other interrogation techniques and said that if the tables were turned, “he would do the same thing to protect his way of life.”

He also predicted the downfall of the techniques and persecution of those involved.

From the book:

KSM wagged his finger professorially at us and warned, “Soon they will turn on you.” He prophetically predicted that the press and some members of my own government would turn on me and Bruce and others like us who took aggressive action to prevent the next 9/11 attack and save American lives.

Warming to the topic, KSM smiled and said the media, either on purpose or without realizing it, would promote Islam’s cause and champion tearing down the measures put in place to protect the American people after 9/11. He said the media would promote al-Qaeda’s cause by framing the war against Islam (his characterization, not mine) as morally wrong, impossible to win, and fraught with unacceptable losses. He said the media’s response was one of Allah’s “gifts,” one of the ways Allah preordained for Americans to set aside those things which kept us safe and prevented attacks in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

KSM said, “Your own government will turn on you. Your leaders will turn on you. They will turn on you to save themselves. It will play out in the media and strengthen the hearts of the brothers. It will recruit more to Allah’s cause because the press coverage will make the U.S. look weak and divided.”

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Texas: Muslim lied to FBI about pledging allegiance to the Islamic State
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 01:37 pm

A hadith has Muhammad granting permission to lie “in battle, for bringing reconciliation amongst persons and the narration of the words of the husband to his wife, and the narration of the words of a wife to her husband (in a twisted form in order to bring reconciliation between them).” (Muslim 6303) In this case, […]
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Hamas-linked CAIR markets “Islamophobin” gum as cure for “Islamophobia”
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 01:10 pm

Hamas-linked CAIR is congratulating itself on its “witty and humorous” idea, but it isn’t even original to CAIR. Back in July 2010, while speaking in Sweden, I was handed a box of “Islamofobil” pills that promised to cure “Islamophobia” and promote “multiculturalism” and “open-mindedness.”

Is Hamas-linked CAIR paying a royalty to the people who marketed “Islamofobil” pills?

Anyway, Hamas-linked CAIR’s self-proclaimed “witty and humorous” new product claims to cure “Blind Intolerance,” “Unthinking Bigotry,” “Irrational Fear of Muslims,” and “U.S. Presidential Election Year Scapegoating.” It even promises that it “SPREADS LOVE.”

Aren’t there laws against making false claims for a product? But let’s take them at their word. “Islamophobin” gum cures “blind intolerance”? Wonderful! So if Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik had been chewing away on some “Islamophobin,” they wouldn’t have stormed a Christmas party in San Bernardino last December and murdered fourteen non-Muslims, right? If Islamic jihadists had had some “Islamophobin” gum in November, they wouldn’t have murdered 130 people in Paris, eh? And apparently if they had had some of this miracle love-spreading gum in Brussels last March, they wouldn’t have murdered 32 people and wounded over 300 in bombings at the airport and the metro station.

This wondrous gum also cures “unthinking bigotry.” So if it could be distributed widely in Pakistan, it would prevent Christians from being victimized by blasphemy charges, for “crimes” such as trying to protect Christian girls from Muslim bullies. If it were available in Egypt, it would keep Muslim mobs from stripping old Christian women naked and parading them through villages.

But of course I am getting carried away. This new wonder drug wouldn’t do any of those things. It’s “Islamophobin,” not “Christianophobin” or “Jihadophobin”: it is meant to combat “irrational fear of Muslims,” not “irrational persecution of Christians” or “jihad mass murder.” Hamas-linked CAIR has always been far more concerned about stamping out “Islamophobia,” that is, any investigation into how Islamic jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism, than about combating jihad terror, which has never been on their priority list at all.

In the Hamas-linked CAIR video, the non-Muslim has an “irrational fear of Muslims” because he envisions his neighbor as a sword-wielding jihadi screaming “Allahu akbar” while striking impotently at the shrubbery — a cynical trivialization of the numerous beheadings and other murders we have seen committed by Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar.” Anyway, after he takes some “Islamophobin,” the “Islamophobe” is able to see his Muslim neighbor for what he is: an ordinary, harmless, even cuddly guy. The point is that if you have a Muslim neighbor and regard him with suspicion, you’re an irrational, intolerant bigot. What would the neighbors of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and Jah’Keem Yisrael, and Ibrahim Simpson, and Mohammed Abdulazeez, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and Nidal Malik Hasan and all the many jihad plotters caught in the U.S. before they could commit mass murder for Islam think about that?

If Hamas-linked CAIR honestly wanted to combat “irrational fear of Muslims,” it would confront, seriously and publicly, the real reasons why people have any fear of Muslims at all: not because of “intolerance” and “bigotry,” but because of jihad terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims who justify their actions by referring to the Qur’an and Sunnah. This “Islamophobin” gum is just another salvo in Hamas-linked CAIR’s years-long project of conflating legitimate concern about and opposition to jihad terror and Islamic supremacism with hatred and bigotry. There is no opposition to terrorism that speaks honestly about its motives and goals that Hamas-linked CAIR finds acceptable: anyone and everyone who dares to note how Islamic jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims is vilified as a “bigot.” The obvious goal is to discredit and marginalize all foes of jihad terror, so that no one else dares speak out against it, and it can advance unimpeded and unopposed.

But as the West inches ever closer to subjugation and slavery, at least Infidels have something to chew on.

“Satirical ad ‘cures’ Islamophobia with gum,” World Bulletin, May 26, 2016 (thanks to Warren):

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization has launched a satirical public awareness campaign to challenge growing Islamophobia in America.

Says CAIR on their website “Prompted at least in part by anti-Muslim rhetoric employed by public figures like Donald Trump and other GOP candidates we decided to launch Islamophobin. With Islamophobin, we hope to dispel a serious problem with a witty and humorous manner. Buy and distribute Islamophobin to help us dispel Islamophobia”.

Labelled as “a multi-symptom relief for chronic Islamophobia,” the over-the-counter medication ( in actual fact a sugar-free chewing gum) is available online and its “maximum strength formula” is designed to treat “blind intolerance,” “unthinking bigotry,” “irrational fear of Muslims” and “U.S. presidential election year scapegoating.”

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Pakistan: Christian stops Muslim boys from teasing Christian girls, gets arrested for blasphemy
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 12:02 pm

The Pakistani blasphemy laws are the cause of a huge number of human rights abuses and ruined lives. But the “human rights” organizations can’t be bothered to do anything about them. After all, it isn’t as if something really important like “Islamophobia” were being committed.

“Christian man arrested for posting blasphemous messages in Pak,” PTI, May 26, 2016:

Lahore: A Christian man has been arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab province for allegedly posting blasphemous messages on his Facebook account.

Police said they arrested Liaquat Usman yesterday on a complaint that he had posted blasphemous material on his Facebook account.

According to Usman’s wife, a resident of Nabipura Sheikhupura district some 50 kilometers from here, her husband had a fight with some Muslim boys over teasing of girls in the locality.

“My husband stopped some boys from teasing girl students. A couple of days ago the boys manhandled Usman.

Instead of arresting the boys, police arrested Usman saying a complaint against him has been lodged for committing blasphemy,” she said.

Initial investigations showed that the blasphemous messages were posted on the Facebook account of Usman a year ago but the suspect said he did not post them as someone else tagged them (on his account), said police official Sarfraz Khan.

“The man who allegedly tagged the blasphemous post on Usman’s Facebook account is living abroad,” he said, adding further investigation is underway and an FIR will be registered in the light of its finding….

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Pakistan: Council of Islamic Ideology recommends “light beating” for disobedient wives
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 11:39 am

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and […]
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Egypt: Muslims strip 70-year-old Christian woman naked, parade her through village
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 11:17 am

Her crime? There were “rumors about a romantic relationship between her son and a Muslim girl.” In Islamic law, Muslim women are forbidden to marry Christian men, although Muslim men may marry Christian women. The idea is that the non-Muslim community must perpetually be kept in a state of decline. A Coptic source inside Egypt […]
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Taliban chooses Islamic legal scholar as its new leader
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 10:49 am

Clearly the Taliban hasn’t gotten the memo that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. John Kerry and Pope Francis need to fly to Peshawar, make their way to Taliban headquarters, and explain to Haibatullah Akhundzada how the true Islam is peaceful and rejects all forms of terrorism and violence.

“How the Taliban Hastily Chose Haibatullah Akhundzada as its New Leader,” Reuters, May 25, 2016:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – Haibatullah Akhundzada, the Islamic legal scholar appointed leader of the Afghan Taliban on Wednesday, was not the obvious choice when senior members of the militant movement gathered to appoint a new “emir”.

The “shura”, or leadership council, was convened in haste after leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan on Saturday, presenting the Taliban with their second succession in less than a year….

He has been identified by the United Nations as the former chief of the hardline justice system imposed by the Taliban when it ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001.

Within an hour of the appointment being announced, a bus carrying court employees west of Kabul was blown up in a suicide attack, killing up to 11 people and wounding more. The Taliban claimed responsibility….

“He (Akhundzada) is of the older generation, he is one of the founders. So he has more respect as a religious scholar, while Sirajuddin Haqqani and Yaqoob … are pretty young,” said Thomas Ruttig of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

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Has the Pope Abandoned Europe to Islam?
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 10:37 am

Is there really any evidence to the contrary?

“Has the Pope Abandoned Europe to Islam?,” by Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute, May 26, 2016:

To scroll the list of Pope Francis’s apostolic trips — Brazil, South Korea, Albania, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Cuba, United States, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines — one could say that Europe is not exactly at the top of his agenda.

The two previous pontiffs both fought for the cradle of Christendom. Pope John Paul II took on Communism by toppling the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. Benedict XVI took on “the dictatorship of relativism” (the belief that truth is in the eye of the beholder) and bet everything on re-evangelizing the continent by traveling through it (he visited Spain three times) and in speeches such as the magnificent ones at Regensburg, where he spoke bluntly about the threat of Islam, and the German Bundestag, where he warned the gathered politicians against declining religiosity and “sacrificing their own ideals for the sake of power.”

Pope Francis, on the contrary, simply ignores Europe, as if he already considers it lost. This former Argentinian Cardinal, a representative of the “global South” Christianity, made spectacular trips to the migrants’ islands of Lampedusa (Italy) and Lesbos (Greece), but never to the heart of the old continent. Pope Francis has also made it difficult for Anglicans to enter into the Catholic Church, by downplaying the dialogue with them.

Most importantly, however, in his important May 6 speech for the Charlemagne Prize, the Pope, in front of European leaders, castigated Europe on migrants and asked its leaders to be more generous with them. He next introduced something revolutionary into the debate: “The identity of Europe is, and always has been, a multicultural identity,” he said. This idea is questionable.

Multiculturalism is a specific policy formulated in the 1970s. and it was absent from the political vocabulary of Schuman and Adenauer, two of Europe’s founding fathers. Now it has been invoked by the Pope, who spoke of the need for a new synthesis. What is this all about?

Today, Christianity appears marginal and irrelevant in Europe. The religion faces an Islamic demographic and ideological challenge, while the post-Auschwitz remnants of Jewish communities are fleeing from the new anti-Semitism. Under these conditions, a synthesis between the old continent and Islam would be a surrender of Europe’s claim to the future.

“Multiculturalism” is the mosque standing on the ruins of the church. It is not the synthesis requested by the Pope. It is the road to becoming extinct.

Asking Europe to be “multicultural” while it is experiencing a dramatic de-Christianization is also extremely risky. In Germany, a new report just found that “Germany has become demographically a multi-religious country.” In the UK, a major inquiry recently declared that “Britain is no longer a Christian country.” In France, Islam is also overtaking Christianity as the dominant religion. You find the same trend everywhere, from Protestant Scandinavia to Catholic Belgium. That is why Pope Benedict was convinced that Europe needed to “re-evangelized.” Pope Francis does not even try to re-evangelize or reconquer Europe. Instead, he seems deeply to believe that the future of Christianity is in the Philippines, Brazil and Africa.

Probably for the same reason, the Pope is spending less time denouncing the terrible fate of Christians in the Middle East. Sandro Magister, Italy’s most important Vatican observer, sheds light on the Pope’s silences:

“He remained silent on the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram. He remained silent on the young Sudanese mother Meriam, sentenced to death solely for being Christian and finally liberated by the intervention of others. He remains silent on the Pakistani mother Asia Bibi, who has been on death row for five years, because she too is an ‘infidel’, and [He] does not even reply to the two heartrending letters she has written to him this year, before and after the reconfirmation of the sentence.”

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI, in his Regensburg lecture, said what no Pope had ever dared to say — that there is a link between violence and Islam. Ten years later, Pope Francis never calls those responsible for anti-Christian violence by name, and never mentions the word “Islam.” Pope Francis also recently recognized the “State of Palestine,” before it even exists — a symbolic and unprecedented first. The Pope also might abandon the Church’s long tradition of a “just war,” one regarded as morally or theologically justifiable. Pope Francis always speaks of the “Europe of peoples,” but never of the “Europe of Nations.” He advocates welcoming migrants and washes their feet, while he ignores that these uncontrolled demographic waves are transforming Europe, bit by bit, into an Islamic state.

That is the meaning of Pope Francis’ trips to the islands of Lampedusa, Italy, and Lesbos, Greece — both symbols of a dramatic geographical and civilizational boundary. That is also the meaning of the Pope’s speech for the Charlemagne Prize.

Has the head of Christianity given up on Europe as a Christian place?

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Iran supplying weapons, cash and training to Taliban
By Robert Spencer on May 26, 2016 10:15 am

Sunnis and Shi’ites hate each other, but not as much as they hate the Infidel. Hence Iran’s support for the Taliban, as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad: Sunnis who are waging jihad against Infidels are allies of Iran, as far as the mullahs are concerned. Such support also strengthens Iran’s ongoing maneuvering to be […]
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Raymond Ibrahim: “Radical” vs. “Moderate” Islam: A Muslim View
By Raymond Ibrahim on May 26, 2016 07:42 am

Originally published by Gatestone Institute

After his recent electoral victory, it emerged that Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, had described moderate Muslim groups as “Uncle Toms”—a notorious racial slur used against blacks perceived to be subservient to whites, or, in this context, Muslims who embrace “moderate Islam” as a way of being subservient to the West.

One of Iran’s highest clerics apparently shares the same convictions.  After asserting that “revolutionary Islam is the same as pure Muhammadan Islam,” Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad recently declared:

Some say our Islam is not revolutionary Islam, but we must say to them that non-revolutionary Islam is the same as American Islam. Islam commands us to be firm against the enemies and be kind and compassionate toward each other and not be afraid of anything….

According to AB News Agency, “Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad stated that revolutionary Islam is this same Islam. It is the Islam that is within us that can create changes. The warriors realized that Islam is not just prayers and fasting, but rather they stood against the enemies in support of Islam.”

How many Muslims share these convictions, one from a Sunni living (and now governing) in London, the other from a Shia living and governing in the Middle East?

An Arabic language article offers perspective.  Titled (in translation) “The Truth about the Moderate Muslim as Seen by the West and its Muslim Followers,” it is authored by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Khadr in 2011.

According to the findings of this article,

Islamic researchers are agreed that what the West and its followers call “moderate Islam” and “moderate Muslims” is simply a slur against Islam and Muslims, a distortion of Islam, a rift among Muslims, a spark to ignite war among them.  They also see that the division of Islam into “moderate Islam” and “radical Islam” has no basis in Islam—neither in its doctrines and rulings, nor in its understandings or reality.

Khadr goes on to note the many ways that moderates and radicals differ.  For instance, radicals (“true Muslims”) aid and support fellow Muslims, especially those committed to jihad, whereas moderates (“false Muslims”) ally with and help Western nations.

This sounds similar to Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad’s assertion that “non-revolutionary Islam is the same as American Islam. Islam commands us to be firm against the enemies [“infidels”] and be kind and compassionate toward each other.”

Among the more important distinctions made in Khadr’s article are the following (translated verbatim):

  • Radicals want the caliphate to return; moderates reject the caliphate.
  • Radicals want to apply Sharia (Islamic law); moderates reject the application of Sharia.
  • Radicals reject the idea of renewal and reform, seeing it as a way to conform Islam to Western culture; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals accept the duty of waging jihad in the path of Allah; moderates reject it.
  • Radicals reject any criticism whatsoever of Islam; moderates welcome it on the basis of freedom of speech.
  • Radicals accept those laws that punish whoever insults or leaves the religion [apostates]; moderates recoil from these laws.
  • Radicals respond to any insult against Islam or the prophet Muhammad—peace and blessing upon him—with great violence and anger; moderates respond calmly and peacefully on the basis of freedom of expression.
  • Radicals respect and reverence every deed and every word of the prophet—peace be upon him—in the hadith; moderates don’t.
  • Radicals oppose democracy; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals see the people of the book [Jews and Christians] as dhimmis [third class “citizens”]; moderates oppose this.
  • Radicals reject the idea that non-Muslim minorities should have equality or authority over Muslims; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals reject the idea that men and women are equal; moderates accept it, according to Western views.
  • Radicals oppose the idea of religious freedom and apostasy from Islam; moderates agree to it.
  • Radicals desire to see Islam reign supreme; moderates oppose this.
  • Radicals place the Koran over the constitution; moderates reject this.
  • Radicals reject the idea of religious equality because Allah’s true religion is Islam; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals embrace the wearing of hijabs and niqabs; moderates reject it.
  • Radicals accept killing young girls that commit adultery or otherwise besmirch their family’s honor; moderates reject this.
  • Radicals reject the status of women today and think it should be like the status of women in the time of the prophet; moderates reject that women should be as in the time of the prophet.
  • Radicals vehemently reject that women should have the freedom to choose partners; moderates accept that she can choose a boyfriend without marriage.
  • Radicals agree to clitorectimis; moderates reject it.
  • Radicals reject the so-called war on terror and see it as a war on Islam; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals support jihadi groups; moderates reject them.
  • Radicals reject the terms Islamic terrorism or Islamic fascism; moderates accept them.
  • Radicals reject universal human rights, including the right to be homosexual; moderates accept it.
  • Radicals reject the idea of allying with the West’ moderates support it.
  • Radicals oppose secularism; moderates support it.

Khadr makes other charges outside of his chart, including that moderates believe religion has no role in public life, that it must be practiced in private, while radicals want it to govern society; that moderates rely on rationalism, while radicals take the text of the Koran and hadith literally; that the first place of loyalty for moderates is the state, irrespective of religion—marveling that the moderate “finds hatred for non-Muslims as unacceptable”—whereas the radical’s loyalty  is to Islam, a reference to the Islamic doctrine of Loyalty and Enmity.

Khadr’s conclusion is that, to most Muslims, “moderate Muslims” are those Muslims who do not oppose but rather aid the West and its way of life, whereas everything “radicals” accept is based on traditional Islamic views.

If true—and disturbing polls certainly lend credence to Khadr’s findings—the West may need to rethink one of its main means of countering radical Islam: moderate Muslims and moderate Islam.

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Germany’s largest Muslim organization gets Muslim prof fired for saying violent Qur’an verses not valid for all time

May 23, 2016 2:41 pm By

Islamic apologists routinely claim that violent Qur’an verses have no validity beyond Muhammad’s time, but this story illustrates that this is not the mainstream view in Islam. The persecution of Mouhanad Khorchide also shows the uphill battle that genuine Muslim reformers face: branded as heretics and/or apostates, they’re often shunned (or worse) by the very community that needs their ideas the most.

“Opinion: A German Islam must be liberal, self-critical,” by Susanne Schröter, DW, May 23, 2016:

When the theologian Mouhanad Khorchide, who teaches at the University of Münster, published “Islam Is Compassion” in 2012, he received a variety of diverse reactions. Many non-Muslims celebrated the work as the revelation of a humanistic Islam: an Islam that no one needs to fear. This feeling arose in part because the author created a picture of God that is not “interested in the labels of Muslim or Christian or Jewish, believer or nonbeliever.”

Korchide threw out the idea that Koran verses that appear violent or hostile toward women or non-Muslims may be valid for all eternity. He wanted them to be viewed as the words of a bygone era.

It seemed that the professor, with the swoop of his pen, managed to brush aside all those reservations that made people wonder whether Islam really “belonged to Germany,” as former President Christian Wulff said famously in a 2010. One might even have thought that Muslims would offer Khorchide a pat on the back.

On the website for DITIB, Germany’s Turkish Islamic union and the country’s largest Muslim organization, one can read that Khorchide’s statements were a “rejection of the teachings of classical Islam” and an “insult to Muslim identity.” For this reason, the professor was removed from his post at the university. As if that weren’t enough, the coordinating body of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims (ZMD), a cooperative made up of a number of large organizations, produced a nearly 100-page assessment document to discredit him further, but luckily was not able to get far with it….

“Jihad,” when used in the sense of a real war, is a term that is used in the Koran and in Islamic heritage. There are clerics who claim jihad is an appropriate instrument for avenging insults to the Prophet Muhammad – such as an act of revenge for a nation’s foreign policy. These clerics are even lent the pulpit at some mosques, though the official leaders of the houses of worship issue apologies to the community if religious youths clamor after extremists. But Salafism is a youth movement, and it draws in so many teenagers and young adults that the psychologist Ahmad Mansour speaks of a “Generation Allah.”

Mansour isn’t only referring to those youths who join radical groups and potentially fight in such places as Syria, but also those whose beliefs vacillate between extremism and orthodoxy. “Generation Allah” refers to youths who find meaning in life by subjecting themselves unquestioningly to God and his rules, who ask constantly what is halal (allowed) or haram (forbidden) because their perspective is that they can be winners in paradise. I have spoken to such young men. Living in contemporary German society is dangerous for these young men, full of sin, and as a result they reject any relationships with so-called unbelievers. They go beyond what is normally required of their faith.

Some Muslim organizations encourage such segregation. Nearly every mosque has soccer teams that play against other sides from other mosques. Islamic day care and cultural centers are being founded; Islamic NGOs are working with underprivilileged [sic] people and youth. Parallel structures are being developed that would allow Muslims to avoid contact with non-Muslims from the cradle to the grave….

CFR’s Max Abrahms claims Syrian jihad groups growing because they’re moderate

June 3, 2016 1:31 pm By

Max Abrahms, “#Terrorism Theorist / Northeastern Prof / Council on Foreign Relations / Center for Cyber & Homeland Security,” is the very epitome of the vacuous contemporary intellectual, thumping his chest about his “research” and “scholarship” but unwilling and unable to defend them in a public forum, and retailing absurd and defeatist views that appeal to the kneejerk politically correct crowd.

Abrahms offers the kind of terrorism analysis that dominates the mainstream these days — the analysis that has led and continues to lead to numerous foreign policy errors and disasters, because it is determined above all to ignore, downplay and deny the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists, and to preserve the prevailing fiction that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing to do with the violence perpetrated in its name and in accord with its teachings. Hence it is useful to pop arrogant Max’s balloons from time to time, to help illuminate why our response to the jihad threat has run so far off the rails.

Last Wednesday, June 1, Abrahms made a presentation at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard Law School, entitled “Why the Conventional Wisdom on ISIS Has Been Totally Wrong.” In it, he claims that “pundits have focused narrowly on ISIS as if it’s some kind of alien from Mars,” and that “the conventional wisdom on ISIS goes something like this: Islamic State is a very mean group, but it’s also a very successful group. In fact, Islamic State is so successful precisely because it’s so mean.”

Abrahms doesn’t name anyone who actually claims that the (his refusal to use the definite article is a subtle way of denying that they’re really Islamic or a State at all; he is using the name as a title, as if it were a Dantescan college football team) “Islamic State is so successful precisely because it’s so mean.” But he reinforces his straw man several times during this brief talk, claiming that the “conventional wisdom” is that the Islamic State is brutal because that aids it in “attracting fanatics,” and that “there’s no denying that a tiny slice of the world’s population is lured to Islamic State because of its barbarism.”

In reality, those who are attracted to the Islamic State are attracted by its claim to be the caliphate and the quintessential Islamic state, following scrupulously the directives of the Qur’an and Sunnah, as I explain here. That is why we see devout Muslims from all over the world flocking to the Islamic State; if the attraction were barbarism rather than Islamic orthodoxy, we would see non-Muslim sadists and lovers of violence joining the Islamic State in large numbers. In fact, we don’t see any such people joining it. But in his Harvard talk, Abrahms doesn’t even consider the possibility that the Islamic State attracts Muslims because it is so very Islamic even long enough to dismiss it; instead, he sets up the claim that the “conventional wisdom” holds that the Islamic State is successful because it is barbaric, and then argues that it is actually failing because it is barbaric, and losing ground to what he says are moderate groups. Says Abrahms:

Now you might ask yourself, how would ISIS being doing organizationally if it didn’t brag so much about killing innocent people?

Just take a look at Islamist groups that share s similar ideology, but which use more moderate methods.
Groups like Ahrar al-Sham and Nusra are moving in the opposite direction as ISIS.

Unlike ISIS, Ahrar and Nusra are trading on their more moderate branding to expand their territorial control, membership rosters, and material support especially from Sunni Gulf countries and Turkey.

As I’ve been saying since Day 1, the future of Syria is going to look a lot more like these groups than like ISIS precisely because they’re more moderate.

knew things would shake down like this because about a decade ago, I began publishing the first studies on the political effects of militant group violence.

What I discovered is that only certain kinds of violence help groups politically, whereas other kinds are actually counterproductive.

Militant groups tend to suffer when they engage in indiscriminate violence against civilian targets like ISIS does. They’re much better off by instead engaging in selective violence against military targets like Ahrar and Nusra.

Abrahms supports his claim that Ahrar al-Sham and Nusra are more moderate than the Islamic State by making another claim: that they hit military, rather than civilian targets.

Is he right? Let’s see. Moderate? In January 2014, Ahrar al-Sham had two men lashed publicly for missing Friday prayers. Interested only in military targets? In January 2016, Kim Kagan, a former adviser to Gen. David Petraeus, said this of Nusra: “While ISIS is flashier … both represent an existential threat, both wish to attack the homeland, both seek the mobilization of Muslim communities against the West.” The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, told the Senate intelligence committee that al-Nusra “does have aspirations for attacks on the homeland.”

In October 2015, Nusra Front leader Abu Muhammad al-Jolani exhorted Muslims in the Caucasus to “kill the Russians” in revenge for Russia’s strikes in Syria. He didn’t say anything about killing only Russian soldiers. The Telegraph reported in January 2015 that Nusra participated in the destruction of churches in the Syrian town of Kessab — after making a concerted effort to present themselves as “moderate Muslims” before the international media (looks as if Max Abrahms fell for it). Father Miron Avedissian, priest of the destroyed Armenian Apostolic church said: “They took photographs to show they were looking after the churches, and then set them alight.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied that there was any difference between the Islamic State and Ahrar al-Sham: “Some mass media have published footage of shocking scenes filmed at the sites of clashes between the Islamic State and the so-called moderates confronting it. Those who saw that footage can make conclusions as to what the ‘moderate’ opposition is really like. Yet we’ve been warned and asked to believe for so long they are ‘moderate.'”

In April 2016, Russia accused Nusra of killing 18 civilians in Aleppo. Of course, Russia is battling against Ahrar al-Sham, so we can take what she says with a grain of salt. But she is not the only one making the claim. In May 2016, a reporter asked State Department spokesman Mark Toner “what qualified Ahrar Al-Sham as ‘moderates,’ when their ideology was no different from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) or Jabhat Al-Nusra.” Toner gave a non-answer: “I don’t have the criteria, other than the fact that they were believed to be a part of the viable Syrian opposition, and that they exhibited a desire to play a positive, constructive role to resolving the conflict.”

This is a far different picture of Ahrar al-Sham and Nusra from the one Abrahms paints. And it gets worse. Says Abrahms: “When Nusra fighters slaughtered 20 Druze villagers last year in northwestern Syria, for example, the leadership publicly announced that these wayward killers would stand trial before an Islamic court.” He doesn’t mention that the group forced the Druze villagers to destroy their shrines and convert to Islam.

Abrahms’ core assumption that the Islamic State’s brutality turns Muslims away from the group is likely based on the ironclad, unquestionable and forever unexamined dogma that Islam is a religion of peace, and that therefore the vast majority of Muslims are horrified by beheadings, stonings, amputations, etc. Building on that, he purveys this ridiculous and counterfactual analysis, knowing that his audience will not question what he says, because it dovetails so nicely with their own preconceived notions. Max Abrahms is a quintessential example of how today’s academic examination of the jihad terror threat, and the domestic and foreign policy that flows from that examination, is based not on reality, but on politically correct fantasy. He represents an establishment that has been proven wrong, and wrong, and wrong again, and just keeps on being wrong, with no accountability.


Islamic State calls on Muslims to make Ramadan “a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers”

May 23, 2016 1:34 pm By

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims are supposed to deepen their piety and renew their commitment to Allah. As such, it is often a time of increased jihad activity, since jihad against unbelievers is undertaken as a pious act in obedience to Qur’anic commands top make war on unbelievers.

“ISIS urges attacks on West during Ramadan,” Reuters, May 21, 2016:

BAGHDAD — A new message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State calls on followers to launch attacks on the United States and Europe during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins in early June.

“Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad. Get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers … especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America,” said the message, suggesting attacks on military and civilian targets….

“The smallest action you do in their heartland is better and more enduring to us than what you would if you were with us. If one of you hoped to reach the Islamic State, we wish we were in your place to punish the Crusaders day and night,” Adnani said….

The message made no mention of the EgyptAir flight that crashed into the Mediterranean on Thursday in unexplained circumstances, amid speculation by Egyptian, French and American officials that a jihadist attack was the most likely cause….

“Their planes do not distinguish between civilians and combatants, man or woman,” the message continued, in apparent reference to the strikes.


Belgium’s Prime Minister: “This is not a war between the West and Islam”

May 23, 2016 3:42 pm By

Unfortunately for Michel, Belgium and the West, all too many Muslims consider this to be precisely a war between the West and Islam. And the West’s response to this challenge is hamstrung by the refusal to acknowledge that fact.

“We are not at war with Islam: Belgian PM,” from Iran’s state-run Ahlul Bayt News Agency, May 23, 2016 (thanks to Lookmann):

AhlulBayt News Agency – Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel vowed on Sunday that the West will ultimately defeat terrorist group Daesh (the so called IS) as the royal family hosted a ceremony marking two months since the deadly Brussels bombings.

He vowed that Belgium and other countries fighting IS, which claimed the Brussels bombings as well as last November’s attacks in Paris, will eventually prevail.

“This is not a war between the West and Islam. And we will do everything to stop these terrorists. This is a difficult fight. A fight that will take time,” he said, adding: “We will know setbacks and successes.

But I am confident that we will win.”…

On what grounds?


UN slams Europe for “lack of vision” in responding to the “migrant crisis”

by BareNakedIslam

Maybe that's because it isn't a "migrant crisis" at all, but a Muslim invasion, aided and abetted by international criminals like George Soros and the United Nations in conjunction with European traitors who are facilitating population replacement, while Arab Muslim Gulf States reject "refugees" in order to fast-track the Islamization of Europe [for their NWO / New World Order / One World Government and One World Religion, which the pope is also taking part in betraying the Catholics into accepting their slavery to the global elites with no representation and no say in their taxation or laws that they will be subjected to (which is why the elites want to eliminate all borders and nationality). Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Gates, and other Bilderbergers are the global elites. Note that class warfare is also part of this plan: setting blacks against whites, muslims against non-muslims, women against men, young against old, etc. so that we're so busy fighting each other that we don't notice our incremental enslavement by the global elites until it is too late to do anything about it! Instead of fighting each other, why don't we ALL join together against this NWO globalization and the global elites that mean to enslave us, and not fall into their trap of making us fighting each other!]
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Links Between Muslim Groups in US (CAIR) and Muslim Brotherhood Well-Documented, Alive

GMBDW has documented the extensive contacts between CAIR and Nihad Awad and other elements of the Global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas...


Trump Should Get a Medal for Criticizing Khazir Khan

1 day ago
Written by David Lawrence

Where there is rumor there is doubt and where there is doubt the Democrat Party shouldn’t be delivering speeches like they are truth.  Funny that liberals take everything for granted, even their opposition, us.

So Khazir Khan should not have been trundled onto the stage by the Democrat Party as if he were the truth of Republican mistreatment.  Especially when there are rumors that he was paid $25,000 by the DNC to recite a speech they prepared for him.

Furthermore, the crooked Democrat stooges bought him the Constitution two hours before.  He held it up like he was a Constitutional scholar.

There are also accusations that Khazir Khan received $375,000 from the Clinton Foundation.  This wouldn’t surprise me in that the Clintons have been involved in all sorts of pay for play and filling their coffers with Saudi money. When Hillary was Secretary of State Bill was paid millions for speeches. We don’t know which favors the Saudis earned from the payola. Crime is never that clear.  But the Saudis were paying for access.

Khan was reading from speech writers like Obama.  No one knew that he was a Shariah law scholar which is anathema to our form of government.  He also was a lobbyist for the Saudis. He pretended that he was one of us but he was a follower of a religious form of government that was anti-American.

Khan blamed the violent protests after Trump’s election on Trump when they were all paid for by Soros. The agitators were an extension of liberal spleen.  I believe that the Democrats paid the protestors about fifteen hundred dollars each.

Khan said that he wants “to help the nation move forward and heal.” Mere words when he tried to exacerbate the rift between the left and the right.  As meaningless as Obama’s coming to office when he said: “Not ‘red states’ or ‘blue states,’ but the United States of America.”

Talk is cheap.  Not that cheap.  It costs lives and national division.

Obama is in fantasyland, dreaming that his speech caused the oceans receding, planets healing.

Khan’s son, Muslim-American Army Captain Humayun Khan, was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004.

That’s unfortunate but it doesn’t entitle Khan to lecture Trump or America on how to behave as badly as radical Muslims.

Khan’s son is one Muslim who died.  That doesn’t compare to the three thousand Americans who died on 9/11 and the thousands of innocents who died around the world at the hands of jihadists.

And Trump said that Khan’s wife, Ghala, didn’t speak at the convention because she was forbidden as a Muslim.  Trump was merely pointing out how Muslim women have no rights and are discriminated against.  Liberal feminists should congratulate him on this.

In Saudi Arabia they can’t drive, are honor killed and stoned to death if they commit adultery. Trump was doing us a favor by pointing out how badly  Muslim women are treated.  He should have been given a medal rather than been criticized.


The Gates of Hell

Posted by Dr Sircus on November 21, 2016 | Filed under World News

The Pope and today's politicians are not up in arms to protect their cultures and their women from violence and rape. Those who are crying for peace, tolerance and globalism are inviting the opposite of what they are preaching.



We are standing by the gates of hell and we can hear the weirdest pronouncements over the media loudspeakers that are heralding in an age of terror the world has never seen. What is happening is beyond everything we can or want to imagine. It is very sad but true today that those who are crying for peace, tolerance and globalism are inviting the opposite of what they are preaching. At the gates of hell what else should we expect?

It is a monumental propaganda job being done on humanity. Brainwashing meant to take our intelligence away and disarm the enemy of the elites (we the people), communications are being made by the mainstream media that would doom our present world, eat up nation states, win the day for globalism, and set the stage for perpetual war in western cities and towns and get a lot of women raped. The tragedy and the apocalypse of traditional information is playing out its hand and that is why we are at—the gates of hell.

Of course, there are other scenarios one of which would be that right-wing nationalists (that’s what they call them but they have lots of other nasty names for them) take power and start to fight back against an invasion of refugees who are raping their women and destroying their cultures. And it would be the nationalists who would save us from the world order that the elite of the world are so hot for.

What follows is a description of a group of people but it is not an accurate description. It is deliberately omitting some very important parts of the story.

“We see, for example, how quickly those among us with the status of a stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, become a threat, take on the status of an enemy. An enemy because they come from a distant country or have different customs. An enemy because of the color of their skin, their language or their social class. An enemy because they think differently or even have a different faith.”

It is very embarrassing to have to say that the Pope just said this. I have written how powerful women like Hilary Clinton and Chancellor Merkel would betrayed their people and nations. But to hear the Pope himself betray the Judo-Christian west should shake us to the core.

There are so many reports of Christians in many parts of the world being persecuted or worse and so many cases of Muslim men raping western women that it is upsetting, to say the least, that the Pope and politicians would not be up in arms to protect their cultures and their women. We know what the Pope's position is. Francis is against polarization, nationalism, and demonization of minorities no matter if they are pillaging and raping.

What we see him, liberals and progressives and even the center right—all are on the gravy train of globalism which has as a basic tenant—toleration of the intolerable. Francis warned against what he called a “virus of polarization” and hostility in the world targeting people of different nationalities, races or beliefs but he will not have the integrity to confront Islam, which is the most polarizing religion in history.

Earlier Popes encouraged a crusade against Islam to retake Jerusalem so Christians, Jews could also pray there and so the butchery of Christians could be brought to a halt. For those who believe Islam is a religion of peace know that through its 1400 years Islam killed approximately 270 million Christians, Hindus and Jews. But if it is anything like what is happening today, and counting the number of battles fought through the centuries and genocides conducted we can well believe the number.

The Pope must be out of his mind when he spouted out about Islam being a religion of peace when it is definitely not. One trip into history tells the story. A trip into the present tells us that the nightmare is just again getting started and that we as a race are playing around in front of the gates of hell.

It is important to know the concept of jihad includes a doctrine of rape. The Pope would continue the flood of Muslims into Europe and have the Europeans just lie down and let them run wild not only over their cultures and morals but over their women, in massive numbers, as well.

The liberals in the west simply do not want to understand that Islamic terrorists are not driven by inequality but by hatred for the Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian values of the West. Many of the refugees believe and feel this but politicians and Popes do not want their trusting publics to be aware of an outright invasion of hate and rape. In fact, cultural Marxism is having its way with Christianity and nationalism on the chopping block.

The Gate Stone Institute reported that during the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the German Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, an increase of nearly 40% over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught.

Local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit and are unable to maintain law and order. The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has drawn renewed attention to the spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants in cities and towns across Germany — and the lengths to which German officials and the media go to censor information about the perpetrators of those crimes.

The girl was riding her bicycle to school at seven o’clock in the morning on October 27 when a man ambushed her, threw her to the ground and raped her. The suspect is described as being in his mid-thirties with short brown hair and a stubble beard. Leipzig police have explicitly refused to say whether the suspect is a migrant, but have implicitly admitted that he is.

The German people no longer feel safe, no wonder they are leaving their own country in droves while the anti-immigrant party leader is urging people to arm themselves, which they are doing in swelling numbers. Growing discontent with the problems caused by mass migration have fueled the meteoric rise of the right-wing anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is now enjoying its strongest poll results ever and for good reason, their women are being sexually harassed and raped..

One should go to the Gate Stone page to see reports on the daily rapes and sexual assaults happening. Here are just the first two days of October reports. It is hard enough to read just a few of these kinds of rape reports imagine reading a full month or year full of this nightmare that Satan himself could not better.

October 1. Two “southern-looking” (südländische Erscheinung) men raped a 23-year-old woman in Lüneburg. The woman was walking in a park with her young child when the two men approached from behind. The men forced the child to watch while they took turns attacking her mother. A “southerner speaking Arabic” (Südländer, sprach Arabisch) attempted to rape a 34-year-old woman in Volksgarten. The man ran away when the woman pushed her fingers into his eyes. A “southerner” (südländische Erscheinung) pulled a knife on a 12-year-old girl in Kirchdorf. A “southerner” (südländischen Teint) exposed himself to two girls, aged eight and ten, in Legden.

October 2. A 19-year-old migrant from Morocco raped a 90-year-old woman as she was leaving a church in downtown Düsseldorf. Police described the suspect as “a Southern European with North African roots.” It later emerged that the man is a Moroccan with a Spanish passport. A migrant from Africa (dunkler/afrikanischer Typ) sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman in Altötting.

Martin Armstrong said, “There are those in the Middle East who are deliberately looking at the “refugee” issue as the means to conquer Europe. They are preaching this very policy of assimilation to take over Europe. Even Muslims I know within Europe are disturbed by all of the refugees entering for they are of a different mindset generally and lack skills to be economically beneficial to Europe moving forward. What is disturbing to me is that this may indeed be part of the catalyst which transforms Europe into a third-world country as the financial capital of the world moves to Asia.”

When will the Shooting Start?

Europe’s conservative, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim tide is rising and spreading at an accelerating pace from nation to nation. What we read above has been going on for years but is intensifying greatly in Germany and other countries these past few years.

The “Alternative for Germany” (AfD)—a party that has said it may be necessary to shoot at migrants trying to enter the country illegally—are warnings about the “slow cultural extinction” of Germany that supposedly will result from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming of more than a million refugees. Anyone who looks at the situation clearly will see that Islam incompatible with the country’s values and constitution.

Von Storch said the AfD congress would call for a ban on Islamic symbols in Germany such as minarets on mosques, the call to prayer and full-face veils for women. It will openly challenge Merkel’s claim that “Islam is part of Germany”, a country that is home to around four million Muslims.

To its many critics the AfD represents xenophobia and a backward-looking isolationism but what it really is about is cultural survival and protection of the women and children. President Trump (and almost half the people of America) is now among the numbers who favor resisting Islamic refugees with progressives and liberals having seizures about it.

Defending the Borders is a First Step

Naturally the first step in any war is home defense and defending the boarders. A few months ago Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi kicked off two days of talks in Rome with Merkel and senior EU officials, the German leader said Europe must defend its borders “from the Mediterranean to the North Pole” or suffer the political consequences.

Tony Abbott is Right about Immigration – and Turning Back Boats. “For many years, Australia has been turning away boats filled with migrants. From a remove, this looks cold–hearted — a nation built by immigrants showing no compassion for others who want a better life. But it is precisely because Australia is an immigrant nation that it understands the situation: if you let the boats land, more people come. People traffickers will be encouraged, migrants will be swindled, and their bodies will wash up on your shores. Any country serious about immigration needs a more effective and robust approach.”

EU legislation guarantees the right of any migrant, once within territory or waters, to make claim for asylum status. Thus, they need to be dismayed from coming, turned back before entering European space or let them in when it is known a certain percentage of the men will rape European women and of course a certain percentage will be terrorists hiding in the herd.

White women are infidels so are fair targets according to the word of Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

Until all is Islam

Jihad, as a conflict against the rest of the world, is being glorified across the Islamic world, and if the West does not smarten up it will destroy western societies and cultures.

Though it is politically correct to think Islam being a religion of peace the blind can see that the Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers (Quran 8:12) and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

There is no doubt that there is beauty in the Koran but it is hard to stretch the imagination to believe that verses like the below are beautiful and non-violent.

The Huffington Post published one of these verses:

“Kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them, and blockade them, and watch for them at every lookout…” (Quran 9:5).

Another version of Quran 9:5

Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.

“After every attack in the name of Allah, many people hasten to disavow the connection between the Islamic faith of the terrorists and their murderous actions. Whether it’s 9/11, the London bombings, or the ISIS beheadings—it’s always the same refrain: Attacks carried out by radical Muslims have nothing to do with the religion of Islam. But the sad truth is that the so-called “religion of peace” is responsible for more deaths and violence than any other religion in the world,” writes Doug Pander.

Pander says, “At this point some will object (they always do) that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. This is quite true, and we can be thankful it is so. But we must remember that a Muslim’s peacefulness is actually inconsistent with the full teachings of the Quran. In other words, most Muslims are not peaceful because of Islam but in spite of Islam.”

More quotes of violence:

“Truly Allah loves those who fight in His cause in battle array…” (Quran 61:4)

“The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Sahih Muslim 1:33).

It is hard to understand Pope Francis insistence on Islam as a religion of peace. The violent lines are there for all to see:

Quran tells us to: “not to make friends with Jews and Christians” (5:51), fight them “until they pay the Jizya (a penalty tax for the non-Muslims living under Islamic rules) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” ( 9:29). “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123).


It is much too late to turn refugees back at the borders for millions have already been let in the gates. There is no solution and its either witness the absolute destruction of those countries in Europe, which were so imprudent as to follow their liberal leaders, or its eventually back to the final solution, which is just too much to either think or talk about.

The sad thing is that every single one of us are people and it is the mistakes we make that cost so much in terms of suffering and lives lost. Most of us are asleep to what is going on and the worst that is going to come. We have not learned the lessons of love. We have not learned to listen or resolve conflicts peacefully. What do we expect from our ignorance and arrogance and thinking everything is alright when it’s not?

The mainstream establishment are rapists for they are inviting the conditions for massive amounts of rape to happen. They are destroying democracy creating communistic/fascist attitudes and practices, which all boil down to them being right and everyone else wrong. Political correctness says everything about them. They will be crushed during the coming apocalypse—at least we hope so.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association

Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine


Palestinians: "The Mafia of Destruction"


Where Does Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitism Come From?

Islamic Islamophobia: When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us?

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: July 2016

"Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany."

August 17, 2016 at 5:00 am

  • Figures released in July by Destatis, the government's statistics agency, showed that more than 2.1 million people migrated to Germany in 2015.

  • More than 33,000 migrants who are supposed to be deported are still in Germany and are being cared for by German taxpayers. Many of the migrants destroyed their passports and are believed to have lied about their countries of origin to make it impossible for them to be deported. Others have gone into hiding so that immigration police cannot find them.

  • An investigative report by Bavarian Radio BR24 found that deradicalization programs in Germany are failing, because many Salafists do not want to become deradicalized.

  • "My impression is that we all underestimated a year ago what was in store for us with this big refugee and migration movement. Integration is a Herculean task that does not end with a three-week language course." — Jens Spahn, CSU politician...

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: July 2016

Dating Sites for Polygamists, Dog Bans and Pardons, Pardons, Pardons

The Middle East: The Other Main Sources of Law

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: August 2016

Honor killing, "self-styled emirs," child sexual abuse


A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: September 2016

Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual Assaults

Islam's "Quiet Conquest" of Europe


France Working to De-Radicalize Its Mosques

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control

Suppression of data about migrant rapes is "Germany-wide phenomenon."

by Soeren Kern  •  August 9, 2016 at 5:00 am


The Other Root of Terrorism

by Louis René Beres  •  August 9, 2016 at 4:00 am

Palestinians: The "Country" Where Crime Is an Official Job

by Yves Mamou  •  August 7, 2016 at 5:30 am


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Islamic Terrorists not Poor and Illiterate, but Rich and Educated
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Donald Trump and the Return of European Anti-Americanism
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Sweden: Rape Capital of the West
by Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard



Never trust Muslims whom you think are “moderate” either

"The term 'moderate Islam' is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam." -- Turkish PM Recep Erdogan


So-called “moderate” Muslims try to draw a distinction between Islam, which they say is good and Islamism, which is bad. There is no such thing as “Islamism.” And there is no evidence that any other version of Islam is being taught in mosques or Islamic schools other than the version being perpetrated by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

[syn: there is no moderate islam; moderate islam; radical islam; The Myth of "Moderate Islam" vs "Radical Islam"; Is Islam a Religion Of Peace?; moderate muslim; ]

There's only one reason they need a bigger mosque -- because the Islamic Society is expecting thousands more Muslims in the area in the near future. The vision is to create a much larger place of prayer, school, daycare center, thrift store, recreation center and Islamic heritage museum.

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers." -- poem read by Turkish PM Recep Erdogen

"Islam was never a religion of peace, Islam is the religion of fighting. No one should believe that the war that we are waging is the war of the Islamic State, it is the war of all Muslims, but the Islamic State is spearheading it. It is the war of Muslims against Infidels." -- ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 14th May 2015 [Note: al-Baghdadi has 3 degrees, a B.Sc., M.S., and a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from one of the "best" Islamic Universities in the World; if he doesn't know what Islam's goal is, I don't know who does!]

MUSLIM SOWS want you to believe the 'Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam'
A group of Muslims in central Kentucky is trying to promote a totally false narrative to the American public that 'ISIS is not part of Islam.' Perhaps they should try convincing the head of the Islamic State, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies, which apparently none of these sign holders do:

Does the Leader of ISIS Understand Islam? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a BA, MA and a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad

ISIS: Islamic or Not? (see chart)
"It Is The Nature Of Islam To Dominate, Not To Be Dominated, To Impose Its Law On All Nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." -- Hassan Al Banna

There Are Signs That Allah Will Grant Islam Victory In Europe - Without Swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades." -- Muammar Al Gaddafi [syn: Stealth Jihad; Civilization Jihad; ] [Note: these are the so-called "peaceful muslims" who work to change the government to Sharia without most people even noticing the incremental Sharia concessions that they continually demand].

[But most engage in Civilization Jihad / Stealth Jihad and strive for Sharia. These are the so-called "peaceful muslims" who tithe a portion of their incomes to the terrorist muslims, whether it be from welfare that the government is stealing from us by over-taxation or from jobs that they are taking from American workers, and support (and work endlessly) to overthrow our government and replace it with Sharia law -- all the while smiling in our faces and lying about their intentions (taqiya).]

[Note: the so-called "peaceful muslims" are engaged in Stealth Jihad / Jihad by Immigration, as taught by Muhammed in the Qur'an and ordered by their imams. They also tithe a percentage of their income or welfare money to jihadis, support Sharia law, and actively work to have as many muslim children as possible to facilitate their changing the governments of their host countries to Sharia law as soon as possible, while they live on welfare (slave tax), which further strengthens them and weakens the non-muslims.]


Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims


Muslims not only refuse to assimilate into their host country’s culture, they make every effort to eliminate and replace it

by BareNakedIslam

In the British city of Blackburn, with a heavy Muslim population, Trick or Treaters were ordered to avoid being on the streets in that neighborhood on Halloween. The Rebel  The flyer below was placed on public places like lamp posts and so on reveals the uniquely Islamic approach to multiculturalism, which is to say, "we don't […]


  1. Clarice
    November 22, 2016 @ 2:26 pm

    If they believe and follow Sharia law they should be considered radical, as well as potential terrorists.

  2. david rasch
    November 22, 2016 @ 8:26 am

    From my reading I understand the wahabs of the Saudi kingdom are the most conservative. However ALL moslems believe the koran perfect and complete [i.e., they believe that the Koran was written under Allah's direction and are Allah's words and must be followed verbatim -- including all of the later violent verses that "abrogate" or replace any so-called earlier "peaceful" verses].

  3. Az gal
    November 22, 2016 @ 4:17 am

    Are there moderates & radicals? No, only strong or weaker in faith. Both of which are changeable. Don’t know why people can’t understand this. They just can’t comprehend the evil that is Islime, and how many people that subscribe to it.

  4. Cleavis Nowell
    November 21, 2016 @ 6:21 pm

    The kingster of Jordan is also said to have stated there is no moderate islam. Kings and Prime Jinnsters/Military Leaders know there is no moderation in authentic islam and impose rigid regime on their rabid two-legged reptiles to have order in the lands they rule with little regard to what the “authentics” do in countries without rigid regime on “authentics”.

  5. ronyvo
    November 21, 2016 @ 2:55 pm

    Erdogan is right. A Muslim says something right?!!!! He said that there is no such thing as moderate Islam. This is quite true, but he should continue, if he wants to play the game of ‘truth’ correctly. He should add Islam is extremely hateful, violent and corrupted system, Islam is NOT a religion [it is a political ideology that seeks to overthrow and conquer all other countries' governments and enslave or murder all non-muslims, along with muslims of other sects].

  6. StarWish246
    November 21, 2016 @ 2:52 pm

    Do I need to point out that ‘moderate’ Muslim parents are producing more and more radical offspring? THAT plant bears bitter fruit, inedible and useless to the West. Not only a danger to us, but a costly waste of precious housing, resources and an economic drain. WHERE is the ‘UP’ side for us?

  7. Etti
    November 21, 2016 @ 5:03 pm

    Part of the Muslim strategy, Star. Destabilise a country’s finances and at the same time make the hosts pay for the parasites ["Jizya" or slave tax]. Make your parliamentary rep listen to your concerns and threaten to withdraw support from him/her if the problem is not resolved.

  8. JAMES
    November 21, 2016 @ 2:43 pm

    There is no such thing as a moderate muzlum.
    All muslums read and live by the same stupid book.
    Never ever trust a muzlum especially muzlums that say they are moderate muzlums.

  9. tophtml
    November 21, 2016 @ 2:43 pm

    A radical Muslim wants to chop your head off. A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to chop your head off [and tithes a portion of their income to jihadis, along with working tirelessly to demand concessions to Sharia law, elect legislators who are receptive to Sharia law, etc.: [Stealth Jihad; Welfare Jihad; Militarized Migration; Creeping Sharia; ].

  10. Francisco Rodrigues
    November 21, 2016 @ 2:33 pm

    Only two kinds of muslims!!’
    One will kill You today, and another will kill You tomorrow!!!


Maine: Muslim Refugee Collected Welfare for 4 Years While Becoming Islamic Terrorist

by creeping

Authorities said Fazeli came to Maine through Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services...



‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored

2013/11/21 by

The worst Christian massacre—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters).

Images of three of the six family members tortured and thrown in a well by U.S.-supported Islamic terrorists.

The massacre took place in Sadad, an ancient Syriac Orthodox Christian habitation, so old as to be mentioned in the Old Testament.  Most of the region’s inhabitants are poor, as Sadad is situated in the remote desert between Homs and Damascus (desert regions, till now, apparently the only places Syria’s Christians could feel secure; 600 Christian families had earlier fled there for sanctuary from the jihad, only to be followed by it).

In late October, the U.S-supported “opposition” invaded and occupied Sadad for over a week, till ousted by the nation’s military.  Among other atrocities, 45 Christians—including women and children—were killed, several tortured to death; Sadad’s 14 churches, some ancient, were ransacked and destroyed; the bodies of six people from one family, ranging from ages 16 to 90, were found at the bottom of a well (an increasingly common fate for “subhuman” Christians).

The jihadis even made a graphic video (with English subtitles) of those whom they massacred, while shouting Islam’s victory-cry, “Allahu Akbar” (which John McCain equates to a Christian saying “thank God”).  Another video, made after Sadad was liberated shows more graphic atrocities.

Here are the words of Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama (another detailed account, with pictures, appears here):

What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half… 45 innocent civilians were martyred for no reason, and among them several women and children, many thrown into mass graves. Other civilians were threatened and terrorized. 30 were wounded and 10 are still missing. For one week, 1,500 families were held as hostages and human shields. Among them children, the elderly, the young, men and women….  All the houses of Sadad were robbed and property looted. The churches are damaged and desecrated, deprived of old books and precious furniture…  What happened in Sadad is the largest massacre of Christians in Syria and the second in the Middle East, after the one in the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Iraq, in 2010.

In the Iraqi attack of 2010, al-Qaeda linked jihadis stormed the church during service killing some 60 Christian worshippers (see here for graphic images of the aftermath).

While the archbishop is correct that this is the “largest massacre of Christians in Syria,” it is but the tip of the iceberg of the persecution the nation’s Christian minority has suffered—including beheadings, church bombings, kidnappings, rapes, and dislocation of hundreds of thousands of Christians—since the war broke out (see Syria entries in monthly persecution series).

A month before Sadad, another ancient Christian region, Ma‘loula, one of the world’s very few regions that still spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus, was besieged by the jihadis, its churches bombarded and plundered, its inhabitants forced to convert to Islam or die.  The last  words of one man who refused were: “I am a Christian, and if you want to kill me for this, I do not object to it.”

The archbishop concluded his statement concerning Sadad by asking: “We have shouted aid to the world but no one has listened to us. Where is the Christian conscience? Where is human consciousness? Where are my brothers? I think of all those who are suffering today in mourning and discomfort: We ask everyone to pray for us.”

Serge Trifkovic—who hails from a European region especially acquainted with Islamic jihadresponds to the archbishop as follows:

That no “human consciousness” is to be found in the White House, or in the editorial offices of the leading Western media, is now a matter of well-established record. Just try searching for “Sadad” (or alternatively “Saddad”) on the websites of the Department of State or The New York Times. Ditto the leading European dailies, the CNN/BBC/RTF, the human-rights defending “NGOs” et al.

The problem, of which Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh appears unaware, is no longer in the Western elite’s mere indifference to the impending demise of Christianity in the lands of its birth, but in its active, ongoing, and open contribution to that demise. Cyprus (1974) and the Balkans (1991-9) provided the test, Iraq (2003-today) the conclusive proof. In Syria the Obama administration remains committed to supporting the rebels—ah, yes, only the “moderate” ones, like the Christian-murdering “Free Syrian Army” (discretion advised again), not “even though” the result will be the same, but precisely because it will be.

In one of the Arabic videos documenting the aftermath of the Sadad massacre, as the mutilated bodies of one family are drawn from a well (around :30 second mark), a middle-aged male relative, in tears, says:

Another of Sadad’s churches, desecrated by jihadis.

The most precious in the whole universe [his family], are now gone, leaving me alone, but thank God I am still surrounded by these loving people who remain.  I want to say, let people [the jihadis] return to their minds.  The problems of the world can only be solved by knowledge and brains.  Enough insanity, the nerves of the people are shredded.  Enough, enough—return to your minds; you people, you humans—return to your humanity, enough crimes.

As a sign of the times, here is a Syrian, an “easterner,” evoking rationalism and humanity, products of Christian civilization, even as the post-Christian West is governed by anything and everything—propaganda, emotionalism, mindless indoctrination—but the twain.

Filed Under: Islam

  • This is Super Sad for our Christian Brothers and Sisters!! Obama is GUILTY of TREASON and TYRANNY for supporting our ENEMY the Syrian Rebels that are the evil Muslim Brotherhood!!! Obama and his REGIME are DISGUSTING, DISRESPECTFUL!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP with this TYRANNICAL Government under Obama and his REGIME, it is TIME to Start IMPEACHMENT for the CRIME’S Above NOW!!



    • FollowMe@Jesus1975

      Amen Mike!!! He had an American name at birth and no Christian carries a name like Barack Hussein Obama PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT

    • Marit
      Hussein is a muslim name ! All over the world!
    • Arius1071
      The US aids and abets jihadis in Syria that are raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the seventh century. In Egypt the US aids and abets the Muslim Brotherhood that is raping and killing Christians and also Muslims that say No to the seventh century. If anything the US is consistent in its support of jihadis across the region.
      My father survived the Turks’ bloody Armenian Genocide in 1915 and loved America for its peace, freedom and prosperity. If he was alive today it would be hard to tell him what America has morphed into, the evil that it has become. I am ashamed and disgusted with the US. The America that he believed in is no more.

      • Nick Olson
        Clearly the mainstream media is a controlled propaganda machine which serves the interest of the neos and their sociopathic vision. #boycottmainstreammedia
        • George Weiss
          His god is called Allah and his prophet is Mohammed. His god is not he Christian god and his god has commanded his followers to rid the world of infidels.

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            He keeps screaming he is not Muslim but his name, actions and Aura all reek muslim……sorry: it is what it is…………crying wolf when we all see through his sheep skin……..he is fooling himself, not the world. Even the Muslims acknowledge he is a liar and are tired of him saying he is a Christian just to play it safe, like he is ashamed of muslims. He isn’t though it’s just all apart of his “change”…….if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s Obama lolol……..quack
        Kerry Kugelman

        Supporting the “opposition” in Syria is crazy at this point. And yes, our government has gone crazy and needs all kinds of change. But that will take more time than the issue at hand.
        I humbly suggest that taking direct action through communication to elected officials is an immediate action that can be taken. This site – – provides contact information for all Senators and Representatives. There are other sites that have similar options, I’m just posting this as a starting point.
        Republicans are generally supporting the idea of keeping Assad in place, because for all his faults (and he’s as brutish as Saddam was), he’s kept a lid on the potential violence against Christians (and others) in the country. Voicing support for the elected officials who hold this position, and exhorting those that don’t to change their mind, is an actionable step. We can vent about our crazy leaders later.
        • drose
          The Jihadists continue to goad us into conflict and we stumble around and ignore the truth of their threats and deeds. Wherever the sons of Ishmael live in large numbers, there is strife and conflict and it shall always be so. This is exactly why India was partitioned into Pakistan and Modern India…and they continue to be in a state of war. As a Country founded on Judeo-Christian values, we need to cling to our faiths, support our brothers in foreign lands, and withdraw all aid to those who harm Christians and Jews.


        Here is the correct link for “responds to the archbishop as follows:”


        The West: Desensitized to Islamic Violence

        2015/01/23 by 22 Comments

        Veritas International Enterprise 

        Following the January 7 massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, where Islamic gunmen killed a dozen people because the satirical magazine had mocked the prophet of Islam, one thing has become clear: the amount of atrocities committed in the name of Islam all around the world have become so frequent, so ubiquitous, that other, lesser hostilities by Muslims, which might once have been newsworthy, are now completely falling by the wayside, seen as minor and insignificant—commonplace, almost expected.

        "Liberalism go to hell!"; "Butcher those who insult Islam!!!"; "Europe, you'll come crawling when Mujahideen come roaring!!!"; "Europe will remember their 9/11!"

        Thus, while Islamic gunmen were massacring “infidels” in Paris (and elsewhere),  “everyday Muslims” in Europe were engaging in less dramatic, but no less significant behavior.

        On Friday, January 9—Friday being when Muslims get most riled during mosque sermons and when non-Muslims are frequently attacked—“foreigners” in Italy, believed to be Muslims, attacked a man kneeling in prayer before the statue of the Virgin Mary, tore the photo of a loved one from his hand, and then broke and urinated on the Virgin Mary statue.  By the time police arrived at the chapel the attackers had already fled.

        Ten days later, also in Italy, a crucifix near a populated mosque was shattered to pieces.

        Immediately after this incident, according to the report, “People have already strongly reacted across social networks. They are outraged at this new blow to their deepest feelings, to their beliefs. People can’t take it anymore.”

        Nor did the municipality’s Councillor Giuseppe Berlin of the civil list “Your Town” mince words:

        It’s time to put an end to the do-gooders’ policies of welcoming and integrating by a certain political party.  Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture. We shouldn’t minimize the importance of certain signals; we must wake up now or our children will suffer the consequences of this dangerous and uncontrolled Islamic invasion.

        Meanwhile, Pope Francis called on Catholics and Western people in general to refrain from insulting other religions—namely Islam: “It’s normal, it’s normal [violence]. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

        It is widely believed that the Pope made these statements in reference to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, which was provoked by “insult[ing] other people’s faith,” those “people” being Muslims and that “faith” being Islam.

        One wonders if Pope Francis would still call it “normal” if members of his own flock were to murder those who urinated on the Virgin statue or broke the crucifix?

        And in Spain, also on Friday, January 9, an unruly and violent young Moroccan man broke into a store to get a knife, started screaming Islamic slogans—including “Allahu Akbar!” “You will all die!” and “I am a Muslim!”—resisted arrest, tried to snatch the arresting officer’s weapon, and smashed the patrol car’s windows.

        Police ended up tying him with tape and moving him to another patrol car to transfer him to the General Hospital of Manresa, where he was sedated.  During the transfer, he kept shouting things like, “You killed my brothers in Paris. I’m going to kill everyone. Christians, you will die!”

        Before this incident, he was in a juvenile facility where he had tried to “propagate ideas of holy war and jihad among other youths of North African origin.”

        None of these incidents made it into any major Western media and instead appeared in minor, local (Italian and Spanish) websites.

        You see, here in the West, for any Islamic outburst or attack to be deemed “newsworthy,” it must involve dramatic, wholesale slaughter, as in the Charlie Hebdo affair—such is the West’s desensitization towards Islamic violence.  Muslims attacking Christians praying, smashing and urinating on Christian statues and icons, or screaming “You will all die! I am a Muslim!”—are today deemed trite and commonplace, hardly newsworthy.

        One wonders how long before Charlie Hebdo-style attacks also lose their newsworthiness, becoming commonplace and expected, as the tentacles of the jihad continue to grow.

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      • reyol

        No Muslim is ever grateful for having been let into another country; all thanks go to Allah. Our kindness and Christian charity is naught but weakness to them – which they also thank Allah for. It is shameful [to a muslim] to not exploit such weakness. Muslims want to live better but they don’t want to live shamefully.

      • David Harding

        Most people of the world are already in retreat on this issue. However, like my Mom once told me about an unwelcome roommate mistake I was making, she said “David, you won’t wake up until he is stting with his dirty feet on your coffee table telling you WHAT AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE”. Then you will wake up. Believe me people, as incredible as it seems, the whole “West” has not yet reached that point of decision. But, no doubt it will soon. The chief evidence of this is in the Charlie Hebdo response which it indeed was a response that carried great meaning. “All is forgiven” means much more to all Frenchmen and to the West that maybe the Muslim does not understand very well. This type of forgiveness is a special trait of free peoples; it happens when they start to wake up to the unwelcome guests in their house, who is with dirty feet on their coffee tables and is calling them ASSHOLES.

        • Depp

          You are probably right, David. People in Western Europe (France, Germany and probabli also UK) are increasingly uneasy about the Muslim minorities, which generally are very closed selfghettoized societies with very conservative machismo style views on women. I couldn’t believe my ears when in separate occasions a Turkish and an Arab told me in a conspiratorial tone that all the Western women are sluts. As proof he saw the fact that the Non-Muslim women wear dresses (and/or jeans). They also loath the (almost) equal place the European women share with men in the society. Should women be covered from head to toe and stay in the kitchen to be respected??

          People already ask themselves is Islam has anything to do with peace, tolerance, human rights and democracy. The mainstream media do not mirror the general suspicion against Islam by the majority of the population because they fear the rise of undemocratic populist fascist governments in Europe and a backlash against this unfriendly religious minority.

          In my opinion, the traditionalist Muslims like the Salafis will only increase their terrorist attacks against Europe, forcing a showdown between the secular European society and the Muslim community. A serious conflict will erupt and Muslims will be deported en masse from Europe, like in Spain during reconquista.

          This backward religion has no place in modern civilized free societies. Why do you think the Japanese are not permitting any Muslim to settle in their country? They have virtually no Muslim community and accept no Muslim "refugees".

        • Laura

          “They (Japan) have virtually no Muslim minority and accept no Muslim immigrants. ”
          That’s not quite right, they have a muslim population of around 10.000 and there are a few mosques [but the Japanese closely monitor what goes on in, and what is said in those mosques, and Japanese courts have even recently ruled this is necessary for national security. This is why you don't hear of muslim massacres in Japan]. The muslims are everywhere, and for a reason, they didn’t go to Sweden, Norway and Finland for the balmy weather. No, it was for the generous welfare payments and to colonise and conquer the [unsuspecting] natives.

          • Depp

            As for my knowledge Japan does not accept foreign refugees (though there are rare exceptions and only for small numbers) and refuses to rely on massive immigration to ease the economic burden of an aging population.

      • riley

        the unwelcome guest is called Israel and the world is waking up

        • Shamael

          Do you not think that the unwelcome guest on this planet is the human? Islam is a way of thinking that is imposed on those who follow it by one violent written book, the book itself is not violent [i.e., doesn't do the actual killing or other violence]; what is written and interpreted in a literal way [by people] is violent. Religion, what ever it’s form is, is a slavery system where people get brainwashed by those who are trained for that, thus they can let all there sheep run in any direction they want.

          If any religion would ask me to kill others that do not fit in the system or do not have the same faith, me, as a human with a sane brain would ask myself first what in this world gives the right to anyone to destroy anything for no reason, a faith, a belief, a principle, are indeed no valuable reasons to kill anyone or destroy anything. I some in the system would ask me to kill others, I would ask myself first what could be the reason for it, and then I would find out that those who order such things, or have written books in that way, are on a constant fetch of power and wealth they can only build up on the back of those idiots that believe their nice words.

          Religion is a misuse of innocent people to gain power and make big money, and the more this money is near to grab, the more violent it gets. Yes, Israel grabs the land of others, but do Muslims not do the same when they claim on every corner that they will conquer the world and Allah will take it all over?

          Many had that dreams since more than 5000 years, and no one ever reached it. There are in fact more chains in this world than barking dogs. Dreaming of becoming the ruler of the world is a stupid way of thinking, most of those simple minded do not even end their life ruling their own country.

          There is one way to keep a body clean and healthy, and that is to not let viruses in and fight them if they do. One Muslim in one country is thus just one to much, but this is something the fools will only find out when it’s too late. Islam a religion of peace? Google Islam, and you will see, and then, in1 year, when you have read most of it, we can talk about it again.

    • Depp

      You might find this article interesting: Looking Away from Europe’s Muslim Problem

      And here is the comment of the reader “Charles”: “Historically when two groups of people, each of which hold different cultural beliefs and values, confront one another, the sharp differences are resolved by territorial self segregation or by letting the differences compete over time until workable compatibility has been achieved. In either process of assimilation mutual respect for the beliefs and customs of each is appropriate. Here, however, one group’s cultural beliefs and values includes the requirement of submission by the other which is justified by law founded upon revealed truth. The tactics of conquest are dressed in, and often regarded as, mere cultural differences. This should fool only the very ignorant or gullible.”

    • Ranchman

      Yes, it’s way past time that people in non-muslim, countries awaken to the threat of islam. Citizens everywhere should be able to defend themselves, their families, their property, and everything else. Property is being destroyed and people are getting hurt and killed because of the insanity of political leaders who deny their people the right to defend themselves and deny them the right to know the truth about what is happening. Enough is enough. The people need to get fed up to the point where they do something about it.

    • Steve Buckley

      It strikes me that the real problem here is one of silence. I wrote to CAIR the other day that real Islamophobia is not criticism of Islam, but the silencing of all criticism. The silencing of any discussion, questioning, and challenging of Islam. Thus, in my mind— Islamophobia is actually caused by those Muslims who are committing the violence to “avenge” Mohammed, and any slights, whether perceived or real, against Islam. I.e., Muslims are their own worst enemies.

    • Kon Dimo

      We are not doing enough at all to address the violence of Islam. When shall we? When we are all finished. Islam is not a religion [it's a political ideology that seeks to overthrow all other forms of government and religion by the use of deadly force, as well as by Stealth Jihad and Militarized Migration]. It should have been banned long ago, by every sovereign nation like Angola did two years ago.

    • sakovkt

      We already are desensitized to it.
      IS beheads another hostage. Ho-Hum!
      How many have they slaughtered, now? Ya lose count.
      But hey!
      Sale at Macy’s!

    • RationalFearOfTerror

      Nursery Rhymes on Cultures Knee – Western Version: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Islamic Version: Words, images, body language will ‘provoke’ me to break your bones with swords and guns and I will certainly hurt you.

    • RationalFearOfTerror

      I sit this morning in café Poppy looking out towards the softly shadowed Australian War Memorial of …..

    • RationalFearOfTerror

      No The West: are not Desensitized to Islamic Violence: citizens in the West can simply do nothing about it as the world political elite have opted for the hand washing solution provided by the World Health Organisation WHO. WHO have determined violence, be it terror or otherwise, is a ‘health issue’ and not a cultural derived artifact which is why Obama has insisted the FBI cease doing the rational thing and utilise a person's ideology as a starting point to develop threat levels.

      “This programme identifies radicalised and at risk people and delivers a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services, that will help them turn away from ideologies of violence and hate,” the Attorney Generals’ office said.” Australia 2015

      “This programme identifies radicalised and at risk people and delivers a range of tailored services such as mentoring, counselling, education and employment services, that will help them turn away from ideologies of violence and hate,” King Louis XVI said”. France 1785

      [Does] anyone who has read history really believe two diametrically opposed value constructs within the same Public Square will be resolved this way? Dangerously, clearly so.

      Ideology is no indication of intent? A culture's behavioral variance which constantly consistently contains violence, terror against Others because their cultural behavioral constructs are so iniquitous are going to be mollified with Other's version of existence?

      This is an insane policy paradigm being orchestrated and driven worldwide by the World Health Organisation WHO, where terrorism is no longer a culturally derived artifact -- it is a ‘health Issue’. Yes, that’s right, a ‘health issue’.

      It is a paradigm where the British and French opposed to the notion of the Divine Right of Kings and Clerics to determine their fate simply needed a job, therapy and feel included in the others value system?

      Seriously -- [is] this is going to work, dealing with the symptoms not the cause?

      This is world the World Health Organisation and Obama are creating for humanity where insanity replaces sanity; those opposing tyranny are suffering a mental illness a phobia, are bigots, racists (although Muslims are not even a race) and those supporting a genocide, misogynistic construct are the "good".

      A World where the Nazi SS returning to Britain, Australia, the US, … through WWII back from throwing gas canisters into concrete bunkers, or fully intending to participate in such atrocities at home and abroad, and doing so being regarded as only needing ‘understanding’ and a good therapy session.

      This is the policy madness which is determined as rational by Western Governments at this very moment and being driven by WHO – which now can only be regarded as a benefactor of genocide and misogyny.

      The psychologists and the medical establishment giving their imprimatur of ‘expert’, required to wash the hands of Western politicians instituting such policy and allocating resources, justifying this tragedy along with their bureaucratic supporters inclusive of WHO must be held in the end to account for what they are perpetrating against humanity. It is no exaggeration that they by their actions are enabling current and future triggers to be pulled, bombs exploded and matches to be lit.

      And worse these psychologists if not the contributory political source by their inaction to deny it, the notion it is the ‘provocation’ of Other be it by cartoons, lack of ‘opportunity’ or rightful prejudice against a genocide and misogynistic construct is the ‘real’ reason for terror rather than the actual cause the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex which determines any challenge of Islamic doctrine and resultant behavior, of clearly iniquitous constructs of women and Other, incites the Islamic codified method of extreme violence not the ‘real’ reason the Islamic/Muslim cultural codex justification and authorisation for such a violent method.

      Because this policy cannot work as we see there is a charge that Others are to blame, Other's provocation is to blame, Other's prejudice against iniquity and a policy of delivering rather than stopping terror is bigotry, a mental illness, so the demand from this same source are for laws and regulations which diminish the freedom of citizens to challenge the very existence of the persistent terror in their streets by calling to account the actual culture responsible for it the Islamic/Muslim culture.

      WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? The World Health Organisation [, UN, and the global elites -- ] that’s WHO.

      Cultures have no ‘Master Plan’ there never is but there is invariably a cultural codex stipulated principle ALL should convert to the True belief,

      Nursery Rhymes on Cultures Knee – Western Version: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Islamic Version: Words, images, body language will ‘provoke’ me to break your bones with swords and guns and I will certainly hurt you.

      The fact is from my reading of psychology you cannot change what a citizen believes is truth but you can change how they get to believe what is truth. In otherwords what this policy is proposing is you can change a person’s belief system after it has been set in concrete. Also the Islamic codex already imbues the adherent with the mental schema Other will try this on and what happens then – peace and harmony?

      Charlie Hebdo did not even slightly inform this WHO policy was completely flawed let alone the two dead in the Sydney café what do you want victims falling on your front door step?

      The response there was just not enough money and programs – there never will be.

    • Tom Chapplin

      what is the good of islam for humanity????


    Meanwhile, far from calling Islam out, Western liberal Christians continue calling for more Muslim refugees and carrying signs proclaiming, "I’m Christian and I love the Qur’an"

    ‘Break the Cross!’ Muhammad Commands It

    By —— Bio and Archives November 20, 2016

    What more evidence is needed to prove that Islam is at war with Christianity than its well documented hatred for the quintessential symbol of Christianity: the Cross?

    This recently occurred to me as I was surfing Arabic language videos and websites discussing Christianity—only to encounter one hostile video, fatwa, or sermon after another against the cross.

    Only one seemingly spoke well of the cross—though for a reason that again demonstrated Islam’s hostility for Christians.  According to Al Azhar professor Dr. Salim Abdul Galil, Muslims can be tolerant of the cross—they can even wear and pray to it—but only when in need of deceiving Christians, whom the learned professor portrayed as the natural enemies of Muslims.

    The most telling video featured Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi, a Saudi expert on Islamic law.  Asked about Islam’s ruling on whether any person—meaning a Christian—is permitted to wear or pray to the cross, the learned cleric explained:  “Under no circumstances is a human permitted to wear the cross” nor “is anyone permitted to pray to the cross.” The reason? “Because the prophet—peace and blessings on him—commanded the breaking of it [the cross].”

    Indeed, as with all of Islam’s hostilities, animosity for the cross begins with Muhammad. He “had such a repugnance to the form of the cross that he broke everything brought into his house with its figure upon it”; he once ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry”; and he claimed that at the End Times, Isa (Islam’s version of Jesus) will make it a point to “break the cross” as proof that Christians had gotten it wrong all along.

    The reason for this animosity is that the cross symbolizes that which Islam was developed in direct contradistinction to.  As Sidney Griffith, author of The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque, put it: “The cross and the icons publicly declared those very points of Christian faith which the Koran, in the Muslim view, explicitly denied: that Christ was the Son of God and that he died on the cross.”  Thus “the Christian practice of venerating the cross and the icons of Christ and the saints often aroused the disdain of Muslims,” so that there was an ongoing “campaign to erase the public symbols of Christianity [in formerly Christian lands such as Egypt and Syria], especially the previously ubiquitous sign of the cross.”

    According to the Conditions of Omar—a Medieval text which lays out the many humiliating stipulations conquered Christians must embrace to preserve their lives and which Islamic history attributes to the second “righteous caliph,” Omar al-Khattab—Christians are “Not to display a cross [on churches]… and “Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims.”

    During the televised Saudi program, cleric al-Tarifi explained that if it is too difficult to break the cross—for instance, a large concrete statue—Muslims should at least try to disfigure one of its four arms, “so that it no longer resembles a cross.”

    We actually have much historic and numismatic evidence of this approach going back to the century of Islam’s founding.  Almost all of the gold coins that belonged to the Christian Byzantine Empire had the image of the cross on one side of them.  After the Byzantine treasury was seized during the Muslim conquests, the caliph ordered that one or two arms of the cross be effaced, so that the image no longer resembles a cross.

    Left: Byzantine coin with cross, c. 7th century. Right: After being manipulated by the Islamic caliphate.

    As for smaller crosses that Muslims could break, again, we have testimonies from the very earliest invasions into Christian Syria of Muslims systematically breaking every crucifix they encountered—to the point that Christians were convinced that the invaders were demons, if not worse.  In the words of Anastasius of Sinai, who lived during the earliest invasions:  “Note well that the demons name the Saracens [Arabs/Muslims] as their companions.  And it is with reason.  The latter are perhaps even worse than the demons,” for whereas “the demons are frequently much afraid of the mysteries of Christ”—among which he mentions crosses and churches—“these demons of flesh trample all that under their feet, mock it, set fire to it, destroy it.”

    Sophronius, the patriarch of Jerusalem when its walls were being sieged by Muslims in 638, lamented:

    Why are the troops of the Saracens attacking us? Why has there been so much destruction and plunder? Why are there incessant outpourings of human blood? Why are the birds of the sky devouring human bodies? Why have churches been pulled down? Why is the cross mocked?  Why is Christ … blasphemed by pagan mouths?

    Even Saladin (d. 1193)—regularly touted in the West for his “magnanimity”—ordered “the removal of every cross from atop the dome of every church in the provinces of Egypt,” according to The History of the Patriarchate of the Egyptian Church.

    In light of the above, it should come as no surprise that the Islamic State (“ISIS”) also exhibits hate for the crucifix.  In its communiques to the West, hostile reference to the cross is often made:  “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah…. [We will cast] fear into the hearts of the cross worshippers….”

    Moreover, the Islamic State once disseminated a video showing its members smashing crosses in and atop churches in territories under its sway (since taken down by YouTube); it beheaded and stabbed a man with his own crucifix; and it published pictures of its members destroying Christian crosses and tombstones in cemeteries under its jurisdiction.

    In post “Arab Spring” Libya, now another ISIS-stronghold, a video of a Muslim mob attacking a commonwealth cemetery near Benghazi appeared on the internet.  As the Muslims kicked down and destroyed headstones with crosses on them, the man videotaping them urged them to “Break the cross of the dogs!” while he and others cried “Allahu Akbar!”  Towards the end of the video, the mob congregated around the huge Cross of Sacrifice, the cemetery’s cenotaph monument, and started to hammer at it in an effort to disfigure the cross—to more cries of “Allahu Akbar.”  Other Christian cemeteries in post-“Arab Spring” Libya have suffered similarly.

    Pictures emerged just the other day of a Christian cemetery in Iraq that was vandalized by ISIS.  Broken and scattered crosses appear.  In one picture, the jihadis broke into a coffin, snapped off the head of the withered corpse and threw it and the crucifixes surrounding it on the ground.

    Lest all this still seem aberrant—limited to some obscure saying of Muhammad, or “ancient history,” or the doings of “radical” groups like ISIS—below is a very partial list of examples of how the crucifix throws “everyday” Muslims into savage paroxysms:

    Pakistan: When a Muslim man saw Julie Aftab, a Christian woman, wearing a cross around her neck, he attacked her, forced battery acid down her throat, and splashed it on her face—permanently damaging her esophagus, blinding her in one eye, and causing her to lose both eyelids and most of her teeth.

    Egypt: A young Coptic Christian woman named Mary was mauled to death when her cross identified her as a Christian to Muslim Brotherhood rioters.    Before her, 17-year-old Ayman, a Coptic student, was strangled and beaten to death by his Muslim teacher and some fellow students—for refusing to obey the teacher’s orders to remove his cross. Even in Muslim nations deemed “moderate,” violence provoked by the cross is not uncommon:

    Malaysia: A Christian cemetery was attacked and desecrated in the middle of the night by unknown persons in the Muslim majority nation.  Several crosses were destroyed, including by the use of “a heavy tool to do the damage.” Separately, a Muslim mob rioted against a small Protestant church due to the visible cross atop the building of worship.  It was quickly removed.

    Maldives: Authorities had to rescue a female Christian teacher after Muslim “parents threatened to tie and drag her off of the island” for “preaching Christianity.” Her crime was to draw a compass—which was mistakenly taken for a cross—as part of a geography lesson in class.

    Turkey: A 12-year-old boy in Turkey wearing a silver cross necklace in class was spit on and beat regularly by Muslim classmates and teachers.

    As Islam’s presence continues to grow in Europe, it should come as no surprise that attacks on crosses are also on the rise:


    • A Moroccan migrant invaded an old church in Venice and attacked its large, 300-year-old cross, breaking off one of its arms, while shouting “All that is in a church is false!”
    • A Muslim boy of African origin picked on, insulted, and eventually beat a 12-year-old Catholic girl during school because she was wearing a crucifix.
    • After yet another crucifix was destroyed in close proximity to a populated mosque, the area’s mayor did not mince words concerning the identity of the culprit(s):  “Before we put a show of unity with Muslims, let’s have them begin by respecting our civilization and our culture.”


    • A Muslim man committed major acts of vandalism inside two churches.  Along with twisting a massive bronze cross, he overturned and broke two altars, the candelabras and lecterns, destroyed statues, tore down a tabernacle, smashed in a sacristy door and even broke some stained-glass windows.  (Click for images.)
    • Christian crosses and gravestones in a cemetery were damaged and desecrated by a Muslim.  After being apprehended, he was described as follows: “The man repeats Muslim prayers over and over, he drools and cannot be communicated with: his condition has been declared incompatible with preliminary detention.”  He was hospitalized as “mentally unbalanced.”  (See his handiwork.)


    Of course, Islamic hostility for the cross is only encouraged by some Europeans themselves, who happily comply with Islam’s “sensitivities.”

    Spain: Real Madrid, a professional football (soccer) team stripped the traditional Christian cross from its club crest as part of a deal with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi—“so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities in the United Arab Emirates.”

    United Kingdom: Offensive crucifixes are being removed from prisons in order not to offend Muslim inmates (who are further provided with food baths for Islamic rituals).

    Germans in Jerusalem: At the request of their Muslim hosts, German bishops are now removing their pectoral crosses when visiting the Temple Mount.  Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm (Munich) rationalized his capitulation by saying “we acted out of respect for the hosts” and insisting that his decision is “not at all a denial of the cross, but a response to the wish of the hosts.”

    Such is the history and continuity of Islam’s hate for the cross—that symbol which represents the heart of the Christian faith, including the death and resurrection of Christ, which Islam strongly denounces as a lie.  Islam’s war on the cross began with Muhammad, was carried out by the earliest caliphs and jihadis, and continues to this day by the new “caliphate” and many “everyday” Muslims.

    Meanwhile, far from calling Islam out, Western liberal Christians continue calling for more Muslim refugees and carrying signs proclaiming, “I’m Christian and I love the Qur’an.”

    Raymond Ibrahim -- Bio and Archives | Click to view Comments

    RAYMOND IBRAHIM ( is a widely published author, public speaker, and Middle East and Islam expert.  His books include Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013) and The Al Qaeda Reader (2007). His writings, translations, and observations have appeared in a variety of publications, including Fox News, Financial Times, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times Syndicate, United Press International, USA Today, Washington Post, Washington Times, and Weekly Standard; scholarly journals, including the Almanac of Islamism, Chronicle of Higher Education, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, Middle East Quarterly, and Middle East Review of International Affairs; and popular websites, such as American Thinker, the Blaze, Bloomberg, Christian Post, FrontPage Magazine, Gatestone Institute, the Inquisitr, Jihad Watch, NewsMax, National Review Online, PJ Media, VDH’s Private Papers, and World Magazine. He has contributed chapters to several anthologies and been translated into various languages.


    New Boko Haram leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi announced that Christians are now target #1

    “Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016

    By —— Bio and Archives November 21, 2016

    Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

    Islamic hate for Christians was on constant display throughout the month of August.  Shortly after an 80-year-old Catholic priest in France was slaughtered by Muslims who stormed his church during mass, the 16-year-old Muslim son of an Islamic cleric living in Belgium made and posted a video on social media.  In the video he appears walking along the main street of the Belgian city of Verviers during recent Ramadan while making prayers to Allah, including: “Allah, kill the despicable Christians. Allah, kill each and every last one of them…”  According to Immigration Minister Theo Francken: “It’s obvious that his father, the imam, is promoting such ideas not just to fighters to join the battle in Syria, but also to his own children. The young man who appears in the video reflects the father’s views, and I understand and empathize with the great concern that city residents have over this.”  A deportation order was last reported as pending a court appeal.

    Similarly, in the August edition of Dabiq, ISIS’ propaganda magazine, the jihadi organization urged Muslims to destroy the “arrogant Christian disbelievers” and urged them to “pray for Allah’s curse to be upon the liars.” ISIS also threatened Christians to “break the cross.”  Those who do and convert to Islam will “enter the Gardens of Paradise,” and those who reject Islam and cling to the cross will die in a “futile” war against ISIS.

    As if the Christians of Nigeria weren’t persecuted enough by Muslim groups such as Boko Haram, the new leader of that terrorist organization, which was also known for killing nonconformist Muslims, announced that Christians are now its number one and primary target, and that Boko Haram will continue to “bomb churches and kill Christians while ending attacks on mosques and markets used by ordinary Muslims.”  Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the new leader, also spoke of “booby-trapping and blowing up every church that we are able to reach, and killing all of those who we find from the citizens of the Cross.”

    The experiences of Muslim converts to Christianity in Egypt continue to speak for themselves.  After Muhammad Hegazi’s nine-year long battle with authorities—that began when he asked that his religion be changed to Christianity on his Egyptian ID card and ended with him being arrested and tortured for years—Islam’s honor was restored, though in a way held suspect by many rights activists in Egypt.  Hegazi made a brief video announcing his return to Islam and praising Muhammad, adding “I say this out of my complete free will. I am not being held by any agency, nor am I under any pressure of any kind.”

    And Majed el-Shafie, who was imprisoned and tortured for apostatizing years back in Egypt, wants the world to know that “ISIS is not the problem.”  As proof he recounted his experiences—not at the hands of ISIS but Egyptian authorities: “They shaved my head, they put my head in freezing cold water and then into boiling hot water.  They burned their cigarettes on me, they electrocuted me.  They cut me and put salt in my wounds.  I still wake with nightmares about it, even now 20 years on.”

    The remainder of August’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians—all of which was not committed by ISIS—includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    Muslim Slaughter of Christians

    Nigeria: Muslim Fulani herdsmen, who are believed to be connected to the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, increased their murderous raids on Christian majority villages:

    • Between August 1-3, they killed 13 Christians, burned Christian homes and churches, and displaced many survivors, during raids conducted in separate Christian majority villages.
    • On August 13, the Muslim shepherds killed another seven Christians during another raid. Some of the victims were shot while others were slaughtered with machetes.
    • On August 16, the Muslim herdsmen attacked another Christian majority village and slaughtered ten people.
    • On August 25, a group of at least 50 Muslim herdsmen conducted a night raid into another Christian majority village. Among their victims was a six-month pregnant Christian woman whose stomach was ripped open.

    According to one report,

    Local Christian leaders are pleading with the Nigerian government to react with appropriate security measures in light of the ongoing crisis, which the state has so far left unaddressed. Since 2001, Fulani attacks of Christian-majority farming settlements across Nigeria’s central “Middle-Belt” region have grown increasingly violent as victims face their towns being literally wiped off the map in brutal raids. The militant group has murdered tens of thousands of Christians, amassing a body count larger than Boko Haram has inflicted, while attacks are expanding further into Northwest and Southeast Nigeria. To date, the Nigerian government has largely ignored the issue…

    Such indifference reportedly stretches all the way to the president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari.  According to prominent Nigerian thinker and politician Femi Fani-Kayode, despite the increasing violence against Christians, “the Muslim president has only awarded the murderers with impunity rather than justice and has staffed his government with Islamic officials, while doing essentially nothing to give the nation’s Christians, who make up half the population, due representation.”

    Uganda: A group of Muslims murdered Pastor Robert Bakulubanywa, 38.  As he was returning home after Sunday evening fellowship at his church, a group of Muslims—reportedly angry with him for evangelizing to Muslims and refusing to sell them land—surrounded him, tied him up, and sliced him to death with a sharp sword.

    Democratic Republic of Congo:  Muslim militants from the Allied Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Uganda gathered and tied up between 36 and 50 Christians, before hacking them to death.  In recent years, the “liberation” front has targeted Christians with violence, abducting people, looting Christian villages, and destroying churches, though most Western media downplay the religious motives of the rebels.

    Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches

    Indonesia: A teenage Muslim sitting amid Christian worshippers during a Catholic church Sunday mass service suddenly went into jihad mode: he attacked its 60-year-old priest with an axe and tried to set off explosives that could have killed hundreds of worshipers in the packed church.  The bomb failed to go off properly and the 18-year-old Islamic terrorist was apprehended.

    United States: In Riverside, California, Muslims in a car repeatedly screaming “Allahu akbar!” through a bullhorn terrorized St. Andrew Orthodox Church during worship service, “as the unnerved parents drew their infants close and exchanged worried glances,” said the report.  Some witnesses told police it looked like one of the three men in the green Honda Civic was taking surveillance pictures of the church.

    France: During a mass held for Father Hamel—the 80-year-old priest who was slaughtered days earlier—at the St. George church in Vivonne (Vienne), a small town of 4000 inhabitants,  the priest informed the congregation that the church had been vandalized: “the light of the tabernacle of the Real Presence had disappeared or had been stolen, and placed on the altar was a photo of the Nice terrorist, the Islamist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.”

    Iran:  Authorities arrested 11 Christians during a raid on an in-house church in the city of Isfahan. Books and other Christian literature were confiscated from the in-house church.  According to the report, there was no further information about the status of the detainees.

    Turkey: After giving previous permission, authorities banned Orthodox Christian liturgy from being held at a historic monastery.  According to the report, “The doors of the Sumela Monastery reopened in June 2010, after 88 years. The Turkish government had given permission to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to have a patriarchal liturgy for the Feast of the Assumption every year. That permission has been suddenly revoked, perhaps permanently.”

    Sudan: Claiming that it was built illegally, local Muslim authorities issued a demolition notice to yet another church.  The congregation was given one week to clear out or else further legal procedures would be taken, including forcing the church to pay the demolishing costs.  The church was built on the land in 1976, a considerable time before the National Islamic Front seized power in Sudan through a military coup in 1989—so how could it be illegal, argue church activists.  Countless churches that once stood in Sudan for decades have met the same fate in recent times.

    Pakistan:  Christians accused the government of Gujrat of intentionally flooding a 130-year-old church with sewerage.  According to the report, “Local Christians managed to cut the flow of sewerage after hours of skirmish efforts….  Agitated Christians claimed that the flow of the sewerage was maneuvered towards the church in order to prevent it from flooding neighboring Gujrat Gymkhana. The waste water swamped the flooring and carpets of the church.”

    Muslim Attacks on Christian Apostates, Blasphemers, and Preachers

    Algeria: A Muslim convert to Christianity was sentenced to five years in prison for saying that the light of Jesus will outshine Islam and its prophet Muhammad on social media, which the court ruled was “blasphemous.”  According to his son, who accompanied the apostate during his hearing: “The court sentenced my father to the maximum sentence! ….  [M]y father was expressing his ideas and spread his political views on social networks as it has always done elsewhere. It is an attack on freedom of expression because, in my opinion, everything is subject to criticism, even religions.”

    Nigeria:  After two university students got into a verbal argument, the Muslim student accused the Christian of insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad.  Soon a mob of Muslims formed and said the Christian must die; they savagely beat and nearly killed him.  He only survived “because a fellow Christian intervened to rush him to the hospital with the help of a compassionate Muslim who volunteered his car to carry the victim.” On the following day mobs of Muslims rioted and vandalized Christian campuses and churches.  According to a local source, “They went to ECWA Church, Living Church, and Anglican Church. They vandalized the Anglican Church pastorium, destroying electronics and other property. I heard they also burnt down the home of the rescue volunteer Muslim man (who assisted the attacked Christian student to the hospital), trapping and killing eight persons inside who, sadly, happened to be Muslims also.”

    Separately,  a Muslim man sought to divorce his wife of 24 years after he discovered that she secretly converted to Christianity. The man stated that he cannot tolerate any other religion in his home except for Islam.  Last reported, the 50-year-old woman “broke down in tears while on her knees begging her estranged husband, Jamiu Adewunmi, not to divorce her.”  Addressing the court she said: “Please court; help me beg him, where will I get a man at my age to marry me if my husband divorces me?”

    Pakistan:  A Christian girl faces death threats if she does not return to her Muslim abductor who forcibly converted her to Islam.  The family of a Christian girl who was kidnapped, raped, forced to convert to Islam, and then forcefully married to a Muslim are now under threat if they refuse to hand back their daughter to her captors. Several months earlier, Asma was kidnapped by a powerful Muslim neighbor who forcefully converted her to Islam and forcefully married her, and then named her Aisha, after the prophet’s young wife. After she escaped and returned to her family, local clerics claimed that Asma had re-converted to Christianity and was now apostate and should be killed unless she returns to her husband and new faith.

    Uganda:  Eight children, ages 9 to 16, from four families of Islamic and pagan backgrounds, took refuge with Christians after their parents and other community members beat and disowned them for leaving Islam and animism for Christianity.  Through the ordeal, the church they were able to seek refuge in has also come under threat of destruction and violence by the local Muslim population.  “Your church activities will not be tolerated in this area,” one Muslim informed the pastor. “If you do not leave our village, then we shall soon come for your life.”  Separately, a Christian high school student received a serious head injury by the Muslim father of a young woman he led to Christ.

    Muslim Discrimination against and Abuse of Christians

    Saudi Arabia: According to an Arab language news report published on August 27, officials from the desert kingdom arrested 27 Christians—among them several women and children—for the crime of “conducting Christian prayers” and being “in possession of Bibles.”  The group of Christians, most if not all of whom were Lebanese nationals, were celebrating a Virgin Mary feast day when authorities stormed their residence and arrested them.  The dreaded “religious police” proceeded to strip them of their visas and deport them back to Lebanon.  Such religious intolerance is actually better than that meted to other Christians caught engaging in “acts of Christianity” In 2012, for example, 35 Christian Ethiopians were arrested and tortured in prison for almost a year, simply for holding a private house prayer.  One of them reported after being released: “They [Saudis] are full of hatred towards non-Muslims.”

    Pakistan: The son of a Muslim landlord sexually assaulted the five-year-old daughter of a Christian couple renting a room.  Afterwards, “the landlord purportedly barred the Christian couple from reporting the incident to the police for seven days. Because of the harassment, parents of the victim were unable to acquire a medical report of their daughter who was sexually assaulted,” said the report.  “As a result of lack of medical report, there is no substantial proof of the assault. The influential landlord and his rapist son hurled threats at the Christian family stating that entire family of the victim will face dire consequences if action is taken against the culprit.”

    Separately, a historic Christian graveyard is falling into decay due to willful neglect from local authorities.  According to the report, “Local Christians claim the graveyard is undergoing wear while the local authorities are overlooking the situation. They expressed serious concerns over the desecration of graves of their loved ones. They said that the Christian population had been residing in the area, even before the creation of Pakistan.”

    Egypt:  Arguing that they are being treated as second-class citizens, about three dozen Christians staged a rare protest in downtown Cairo and demanded that the government uphold their rights.  Standing on the steps of a courthouse in the capital the demonstrators defied Egypt’s draconian positions on protests.  “I am an Egyptian citizen above all,” said Michael Armanious, a Christian demonstrator. “We pay taxes, we serve in the army, we are dealing with all the same economic problems in Egypt with the rest of our countrymen, why should we have fewer rights?”  Police—who often take hours to appear when Muslims attack Christians—quickly dispersed the protesters.

    Separately, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reported that there have been 77 cases of extreme Muslim on Christian violence between the years 2011 and 2016—excluding the huge spate of attacks on Christians and dozens of churches that directly followed the ousting of former president Morsi.  Coptic Pope Tawadros also confirmed that Christians are seriously attacked by Muslims on average once a month.  At least ten incidents this year have resulted in discord, death and destruction.

    Sudan:  Prosecutors accused two imprisoned pastors, both members of the Sudanese Church of Christ, of numerous crimes against the state, and called for the death penalty against them.  The pastors denied the charges and local sources say there is no evidence against them, but that the hardline Islamist prosecutors are persecuting them for their faith.

    Bangladesh:  Rosaline Costa, a Catholic newspaper editor, fled to America after receiving numerous death threats prompted by editorials in the newspaper she worked for about the growing religious discrimination and violence in the country. Because there has been a rise in Muslim attacks on Christians in various ways in Bangladesh—including outright murder—the Catholic woman decided to leave before she was next.  Christian minorities further allege that Bangladeshi authorities and the judicial system either cannot or will not do anything to stop the persecution and discrimination against them.

    Germany:  Christian refugees continue to face daily harassment and threats from Muslim majorities living with them in asylum centers.  In one instance, 14 Iranian Christian men were threatened with death for refusing to abandon their faith.  During Ramadan, Christians had to hide their Bibles and were forced to eat leftover food in the camp after the meal times were changed to accommodate Muslims, who fast and don’t eat during daylight hours during the Islamic holy month.  One pastor said many Muslims in the camp regard their fellow Christian migrants as “unclean” and “more impure than dogs.”  In several asylum centers all throughout Europe, Christians minorities continue to be harassed and attacked.


    Western Ignorance of the ‘Conditions of Omar’

    2014/03/24 by

    Church in Raqqa, Syria, before and after: cross and church bell are now replaced with Islam’s black flags proclaiming “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

    PJ Media

    A jihadi group occupying the Syrian town of Raqqa recently gave Christian minorities living there three choices: 1) convert to Islam, 2) remain Christian but pay tribute and accept third-class subject status, or 3) die by the sword.

    According to the BBC, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria issued a directive

    citing the Islamic concept of “dhimma”, [which] requires Christians in the city to pay tax of around half an ounce (14g) of pure gold in exchange for their safety. It says Christians must not make renovations to churches, display crosses or other religious symbols outside churches, ring church bells or pray in public.  Christians must not carry arms, and must follow other rules imposed by ISIS (also known as ISIL) on their daily lives.  The statement said the group had met Christian representatives and offered them three choices—they could convert to Islam, accept ISIS’ conditions, or reject their control and risk being killed.  “If they reject, they are subject to being legitimate targets, and nothing will remain between them and ISIS other than the sword,” the statement said.

    Because several Western media outlets uncharacteristically reported on this latest atrocity against Syrian Christians, many Westerners are shocked—amazed to hear of such draconian conditions.

    In reality, however, these three choices are fully grounded in Islamic teachings, as shall be demonstrated below.

    So why is the West, here in the “information age,” utterly if not abhorrently ignorant of the teachings of Islam?   Because those responsible for making such knowledge available—specifically academia, media, and government—are more interested in whitewashing Islam and bemoaning Islamophobia (see pgs. 219-249 of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians for specifics).

    Western Dissembling

    Most symbolic of all this is that right around the same time news that jihadis were subjugating and extorting jizya-money from Syrian Christians appeared, the Saudi-funded Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.,  held a seminar discussing how Islam is misunderstood and being demonized by so-called “Islamophobes.”

    I have direct experience of this.  Many years ago, as a graduate student at Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, my interest in medieval Islamic history, Sharia, and jihad received askance looks from professors—not least because most classes offered were about the evils of colonialism and Orientalism, or Islamic “feminism.”

    It was the same when I worked at the African and Middle Eastern Division of the Library of Congress, a governmental institution; there, our conferences regularly focused on the purported achievements of Islamic civilization.

    As for the endemic Muslim persecution of Christians—past or present—apparently only an “Islamophobe” would raise that topic up.

    Speaking of government, also around the same time jihadis were giving Christians the three classic choices of Islam—conversion, subjugation, or death—a delegation of Syrian Christian clergy came to the Senate Arms Services Committee meeting room to offer testimony concerning the sufferings of Syria’s Christians.  Then,

    Sen. John McCain marched into the committee room yelling, according to a high-level source that attended the meeting, and quickly stormed out. “He was incredibly rude,” the source told Judicial Watch “because he didn’t think the Syrian church leaders should even be allowed in the room.” Following the shameful tantrum McCain reentered the room and sat briefly but refused to make eye contact with the participants, instead ignoring them by looking down at what appeared to be random papers. The outburst was so embarrassing that Senator Graham, also an advocate of U.S. military intervention in Syria, apologized for McCain’s disturbing outburst. “Graham actually apologized to the group for McCain’s behavior,” according to the source, who sat through the entire meeting. “It was truly unbelievable.”

    Less dramatically but equally revealing, CIA chief John Brennan recently declared that the ideology of those offering Christians three choices is “a perverse and very corrupt interpretation of the Koran,” one that has “hijacked” Islam and “really distorted the teachings of Muhammad.”

    And if the attempts to suppress the reality of Christian suffering under Islam by academia, media, and government were not enough, months and years back, when the plight of Syria’s Christians was becoming known, even random (but supposedly nonbiased and independent) think tanks and writers also tried to suppress it.

    Is it any wonder, then, that Christians in Syria being offered three choices—Islam, subjugation, or death—is mindboggling to the average person in the West, appearing as a wild aberration?

    The Conditions of Omar

    Yet knowledge of the particulars of Islam’s three-fold choice has been available for centuries; early Western peoples were much acquainted with it, including the now much maligned “Orientalists.”

    Whereas Koran 9:29 provides divine sanction to fight the “People of the Book”  (namely, Christians and Jews) “until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued,” the lesser known Conditions of Omar (also known as the Pact of Omar) lays out in detail how they are to feel themselves subdued.

    Named after the second caliph, Omar bin al-Khattab (r. 634 to 644), the Conditions was purportedly agreed upon between the caliph and a community of Christians conquered by invading Muslims, ironically in the region of Syria.  It has since been referenced in most major works on the treatment of dhimmis—non-Muslims living under Islamic authority.

    There are different versions of the text of the Conditions, varying only slightly.  Excerpts from one of the most authoritative versions follow (see Crucified Again for my complete translation). As in most versions, the conquered Christians appear to be speaking and agree:

    Not to build a church in our city—nor a monastery, convent, or monk’s cell in the surrounding areas—and not to repair those that fall in ruins or are in Muslim quarters;

    Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;

    Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims;

    Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;

    Not to congregate in the open for Easter or Palm Sunday, nor lift our voices [in lamentation] for our dead nor show our firelights with them near the market places of the Muslims;

    Not to display any signs of polytheism, nor make our religion appealing, nor call or proselytize anyone to it;

    Not to prevent any of our relatives who wish to enter into Islam;

    Not to possess or bear any arms whatsoever, nor gird ourselves with swords;

    To honor the Muslims, show them the way, and rise up from our seats if they wish to sit down;

    We guarantee all this to you upon ourselves, our descendants, our spouses, and our neighbors, and if we change or contradict these conditions imposed upon ourselves in order to receive safety, we forfeit our dhimma [covenant], and we become liable to the same treatment you inflict upon the people who resist and cause sedition.

    To “become liable to the same treatment you inflict upon the people who resist and cause sedition” simply meant that, if any stipulation of the Conditions was broken, the Christians would resume their natural status as non-submitting infidels who “resist and cause sedition” against Islam—becoming, once again, free game for killing or enslavement.

    Far from being merely a historical or theoretical text, the Conditions are very much on the minds of some Muslims.  Aside from the new reports that jihadis are enforcing the Conditions—and to a tee—on the Christians of Raqqa, Syria, consider the following words of Saudi Sheikh Marzouk Salem al-Ghamdi, spoken once during a Friday mosque sermon:

    If the infidels live among the Muslims, in accordance with the conditions set out by the Prophet—there is nothing wrong with it provided they pay Jizya to the Islamic treasury. Other conditions are . . . that they do not renovate a church or a monastery, do not rebuild ones that were destroyed, that they feed for three days any Muslim who passes by their homes . . . that they rise when a Muslim wishes to sit, that they do not imitate Muslims in dress and speech, nor ride horses, nor own swords, nor arm themselves with any kind of weapon; that they do not sell wine, do not show the cross, do not ring church bells, do not raise their voices during prayer, that they shave their hair in front so as to make them easily identifiable, do not incite anyone against the Muslims, and do not strike a Muslim. . . . If they violate these conditions, they have no protection.

    From here, one can understand why all around the Islamic world Christians are under attack—their churches bombed, burned, or simply denied permits to exist or renovate, and their Bibles, crosses, and other symbols of “polytheism” confiscated and/or destroyed; why Christians who openly speak of Christianity are accused of proselytizing or blaspheming—both which can lead to execution; and why Christians are being forced to pay tribute or else convert to Islam or die.

    Just the other day in Pakistan, Christians “began the construction of a church on land donated by the Christian Akber Masih, a resident in the area. They built the walls of the building and placed a cross in front of the main gate of the small construction yard.”  But “when a large group of Islamic extremists saw the Christian symbol they arrived unexpectedly with bulldozers and started demolishing the building.”  Although the Christians notified police and authorities, “the perpetrators were not arrested.”  As for the aggrieved Christians, they “have received threats and have to abandon the idea of the project to build a church.”

    Thanks to Western intervention in the colonial era, the Conditions largely disappeared—not least because Muslim leaders and elites were themselves westernizing.  But today, as Muslims turn back to their Islamic heritage and its teachings—not least because Western leaders and elites are urging them to, in the name of multiculturalism if not moral relativism, the Conditions are returning; and woe to the Christian minority who dares break them by exercising religious freedom—what I call the “How Dare You?!” phenomenon, which is responsible for the overwhelming majority of Islamic attacks on non-Muslims.

    Even so, thanks to the “progressive” dissembling of academia, media, and government—the supposed guardians and disseminators of truth and knowledge—such simple facts about Islam remain a great mystery in the West, to our own detriment.

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    • Denise

      The western, or rather the pampered church, is too busy celebrating their pagan holidays and waiting for their rapturous escape to realize that christians and jews throughout the rest of the world are already going through the tribulation. They know that the Antichrist is soon going to appear on the scene and they think that they will be out of here before that happens.
      When this same persecution hits America and these same choices are offered to us it’s going to come as a real shock, one that most are not prepared for. Islam considers America to be the ‘great satan’ and Israel the ‘little satan,’ and to some degree they are right. We have the big satan occupying the Oval Office at this very moment. These are Obama’s own words: “If things should turn in an ugly direction in the Middle East, I will side with the Muslims!” Not the Christians, not America, the Muslims! These words were in Obama’s own books. Obama has been softening the ground in an effort to prepare the way for an Islamic takeover of America.

      • ThePleiades

        The truth is squelched in this country bc we are afraid to tell it. It’s offensive or there will be hell to pay from this administration. If you want to know who and what controls the masses then look and find what or who they fear. That is the cold hard truth.

    • pogee

      Raymond, you are a light unto nations, and a blessing to all who would know the truth.

    • dia61

      Raymond, many thanks for another enlightening, educational. and HONEST article.

      Unfortunately, factual history and honest reporting of current events are often distorted by the economics of petrol dollars [Saudi Arabia and Qatar, etc.]

      Georgetown, and folks like John Esposito, have been on the receiving end of significant petrol dollars for years. So, like any other business (and, yes, academia is all about the bucks), when the “boss” is attacked, the “employee” will come to “his” defense. Georgetown may have a Board, but bin Talal runs runs the show. He’s the boss and “The Hoyas” are his employees.

      As far as John McCain and his despicable behavior toward the Christian delegation? All anyone has to do is to connect the dots and the truth becomes apparent.

      A few months ago, there was an incident that took place at Lehigh University, which certainly brought to light the influence of petrol dollars on US foreign policy and academia. Here’s the nickel version of what happened:
      The DOS held a multi day “Syria” conference at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, PA, but the discussions were one sided ( very typical). In other words, representatives of the indigenous Syrian Christian population (a group that would prefer Ba’athist rule over Islamist subjugation ) were not invited to participate. Ironically, one of largest immigrant Syrian Christian communities, in the United States of America, is located in Allentown, PA. ( Bethlehem and Allentown are located right next to each other). The last day of the conference was open to public questions and answers from the community. So, some representatives of the Syrian Christian community decided to attend. The end result wasn’t pretty. At the end of the evening, an arrest was made because one of the Syrian Christians had become so ENRAGED by the lies, insults, and misinformation of the conference participants, that emotion overcame him, and he threw one of his shoes at one of the “propaganda” panelists.

      (I would encourage anyone who’s interested in reading more about this event to Google the incident). The media often portrays the victims as the bad guys, but that wasn’t the case in this situation. The Syrian Christians were absolutely shocked and incensed by what they heard and witnessed.

      Also, “The Redirection”, by Seymour Hersh (2007), is a must read.

      Also, the Ottoman Empire (which included Syria) abolished the “jizya” in 1856 because of pressure from the Christian West and from Christian Russia [but muslims coming to the West view staying on welfare instead of working as jizya or collecting slave-tax from the non-muslims, while working to change their governments to Sharia Law].

      Ignorance, stupidity, and greed are very dangerous maladies, and petrol dollars are very enticing.

      It takes incredible strength to refuse the bucks, and unfortunately, little by little, this Constitutional Republic is being bought.

      Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.
      What a MESS for all of us.

    • Lea

      It is rather odd that the West and even Christians are so under-educated to the true face of Islam. Blame lies with Christians for trying to pretend that by ignoring Islam it will go away. Furthermore, many Christians are deceived by the teaching that Islam is an Abrahamic religion which is definitely is not. Ishmael was born to Abram and he was not born as a result of a miracle as the seed of the promise of the redemption of humanity in Jesus Christ. Ishmael was not mandated to utter even one word in the name of the God of Israel. We can know the difference between a false prophet and a true prophet just by comparing the sinful psychopath of islam with the divine Son of God, Jesus Christ, anyone with a pea brain could discern that Islam is a pagan cult, a mimicry and mockery of the Jews and the Christians.

      • andrew sapia

        not only that Muhammad himself denies being a descendant of Ishmael and says that he can only trace back his lineage x amount of generations and anyone that says he descends from Ishmael is a liar.

        • Lea

          Interesting, so he is not even a descendant of a biblical figure at all then, so what is supposed to make islam an Abrahamic religion? I thought this was the whole premise for it.

          • andrew sapia

            It was later Islamic scholars that tried to link Muhammad to Ishmael despite Muhammad’s own denial. Everything about Islam is lies and more lies and propaganda. It is amazing that today in the west there is total ignorance or deliberate deception as to the true nature of Islam. This was not so in the past. Churchill compared Islam in a man to rabies in a dog. For most of Europe’s history it was common knowledge to be wary of Islam. I think part of it is that the first immigrants to Europe from Morocco and other parts of the Islamic world were nominal Muslims who appreciated their new lives in Europe but their children grew up in a limbo of sorts, not truly European and yet not Moroccan or Turkish either. Turning back to discover their roots they discover that what Islam teaches if you are orthodox is that all non-Muslims are inferior and it is the duty of Muslims to subjugate non-Muslims. The fact is that when Muslims reach a certain percentage they will always become belligerent and make unreasonable demands on their host populations. It is a demonstrable fact of history.

    • Pray Hard

      Willful ignorance of the clear and present danger of Islam is no longer acceptable. The information is out there so “ignorance” is a lie. These “ignorant” will be the same people screaming through their own blood to be saved from the Muslim scourge. With our own CIA director being a Muslim convert, America is in grave danger. Next election, vote the vermin out.

    • Diogenesusa

      Raymond has been a cry in the wilderness. Warning a sleeping Christian Church. Christian, Jew, or Muslim, or unbeliever, but any thinking person cannot sit on the fence when the obvious dangers promoted by Islam are so blatant. A recently published book on, or Barnes& gives a simple, yet in-depth understanding of true biblical Christianity. and how it differs from Islam.
      Allah of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible “Are They the Same?”
      The “Pact of Omar” gives insight of what would be in store for the western societies if we are foolish enough not to take a stand against this subversion of free will.
      America’s next election will certainly be the litmus test of just how blind Americans are.

    • yogi9644

      Muslims are the cause of 75% of all world violence. It is time to wage war against Islam…..any Muslim who is not a citizen must be expelled, Muslim immigration must be halted, and all American mosques must be shuttered.

    • Grigor Kosta

      You have to read the Obuma lecture in Cairo 2009. He mentioned all the contributions of Islam in the world, Islam's peaceful face, he showed his admiration and great respect towards Islam. He granted the special status of Islam in west and vowed to kick the ass of our “islamophobes” if we dare to denounce this wonderful divine religion. So watch out! Who knows -- the NSA or big brother is watching us!


    Kansas City: Terror-linked Muslim group’s dishonest dawah billboard


    Europe: Let’s End Free Speech!

    by wkchild

    Source: The Gatestone Institute, by Judith Bergmann According to New Europe, in Leeuwarden, "about twenty opponents of the plans [to establish asylum centers] in the region received police visits at home." In other words, the Netherlands are engaging in state censorship, thereby raising the question: Is the Netherlands now a police state? In the town […]


    ITALY: Police force elderly hotel owner to house 15 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa, against his will

    The hotel’s owner, Luigi Fogli, desperately clings to the door frame at the hotel, in a futile attempt to block the entrance from the mob of strong, young African Muslim freeloaders posing as refugees.

    Servizio Pubblico  After the elderly owner is overpowered, the Muslims stream into his lobby, make themselves at home on the sofas, demand the keys to their rooms and ask what’s for dinner.

    His daughter tells the police that they will be responsible for the damage the migrants inevitably will cause and it will be their fault if  her father has to be hospitalized due to excessive stress or Muslim violence.

    The owner was told he would receive fair compensation, but there is no way he can survive on renting out his rooms at 7 Euros per day. He was also told he would be receiving Syrian families, but only African Muslim males showed up.

    Confiscations of private property are now common in European countries where asylum fraud is commonplace. Many landowners are forced to rent our their premises, such as empty warehouses or vacant hotel rooms, to Muslim illegal  – against their will.

    Most landowners are terrified of the idea of housing these Muslims as they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go, often leaving hotel rooms trashed and uninhabitable within days. Hundreds of cases of fires in refugee shelters or hotel rooms have been documented – either due to carelessness or deliberate arson to receive apartments at better locations.

    Face of a dying Nation



    PAT CONDELL on the growing backlash against the Muslim invasion of Europe

    Child brides, gang rapists, polygamists, economic freeloaders, sharia police, Christian and Jew-hating scum, and other criminals represent the majority of Muslim invaders pretending to be refugees who are flooding Europe. Will the people finally wise up and throw out the leaders who are aiding and abetting their own demise? It’s now or never.

    By Muslim Invaders


    1. Darwinite
      November 24, 2016 @ 8:14 pm

      As an atheist i have a contempt for all “faiths”, regarding these fantasy believers as mentally deranged. But it goes beyond that with Islam – here is a cancer, a dangerously sick disease that grows as the ignorant and infected Muslim families increase in our society.

      • Don Spilman
        November 24, 2016 @ 10:36 pm

        Dar, you should study history a bit before you show such disdain for all things spiritual. And one very strong argument FOR. Christianity and Judaism is how hated they are by the TRULY EVIL elements of the world.You are right izslime is the most evil thing ever invented by the devil, and Jews and Christians are its most hated and most murdered people groups. Hitler hated Jews and Christians doesn’t that seem odd to you.

    2. Munich
      November 24, 2016 @ 8:40 am

      @ Christine t
      The victim of the barbaric crime that happened in Hameln/Germany was not veiled and seemed to be trying to liberate herself from her husband. At least she had separated from him and called the police when he threatened her before he attacked her.
      Although in most cases I agree with you on muslim women, I believe this case might be a true tragedy. If she had stayed with him and behaved submissively, it may not have happened.
      In any case however, it is a catastrophe for the Germans and the whole West to have such barbaric people in our countries and not be able to deport them (under the laws we have at the time being) because they were naturalized so easily. We are more and more horrified here by what we have in our country.
      Luckily, many people are just waking up in Germany and in other Western countries. I notice very different reactions to what I got at the beginning of this year, when I say something that is not pc about Merkel’s guests.

    3. Rob
      November 24, 2016 @ 6:52 am

      If I had the power in New Zealand I would ban Muslim immigration, two cases being relevant. The first where a Muslim father married his 14 year old daughter to an old Indian…..and when at 18 years of age she finally escaped,, neither the father or the Mullah were ever charged…and the Indian caught the next flight back to India…

      The second case was where a Muslim was recorded on video selling drugs right beside a Mosque in Hamilton…he was never charged as the informants life was claimed to be at risk if he gave evidence..

      The third case was where an old associates son wanted to marry the girl of his choice who lived in Pakuranga, and was forced to pay a bride price as the father stated it was his daughter and he could do as he liked. The Muslim father worked for Air New Zealand.

      Wake up New Zealand…type in Mosques in New Zealand into Google.. the answer and risks is found there….and you should be VERY VERY afraid.

    4. lynn
      November 23, 2016 @ 11:41 pm

      A tiny bit of good news, here in NZ. A muslim imam was videoed preaching the usual crap. Hatred of Jews and how to treat your wife. A complaint was made to the human rights commissioner here in NZ and a huge outcry berated the imam. He was stood down from his position..Apparently the muslim women’s league laid the complaint, so a source said. Anyhow, that’s it. However, give it a month or so till the hue and cry dies down, and this imam will be back in business.

    5. Daniel Rubio
      November 23, 2016 @ 9:57 pm

      Pat Condell’s talk is wishful thinking. Europeans have been swallowed whole by the mass of muslim invaders posing as refugees. Europe today is fast becoming brown and ugly, with millions of savage, backwards, good-for-nothing muslims and africans polluting their streets, cities and towns, invading public spaces when lifting their arses up in the air to pray to a blood-lusting “god” that commands them to follow their pedophile “prophet’s” footsteps and become themselves child-molesters, rapists, mysoginists ans antisemitic scumabgs. Europe is dying as the white native population won’t reproduce fast or wide enough. The new generation is not composed by Johns, Johaness or Jeans nor Marys or Maries. Its composed mostly of Mohammeds, Alis, Ibrahims, Rashids and Ayeshas and Noors with a few Mbala Mbalas and Bonganis and Abijahs. The new major in no less than London, once a proud capital of a proud empire, is a muslim, and in less than 10 years most other capitals in Europe will be controlled by muslim majors and parliaments.
      Europe is doomed, its citizens too old, too scared by corrupt police and politicians or too stoned to fight back.

      • Jim Saul
        November 24, 2016 @ 8:26 am

        saddens me to totally agree with you but i do. i LOVE Pat Condell true champion of the alt right and truth. BUT I do feel its doomed in EU. slowly but slowly, they breed and get into power and change things. grow the masses in population and change the culture,.

        how do you stop the juggernaut. even if right wing govt get in, its a short appease. why? b/c of sheer numbers ! they just keep breeding,.all on handout benefit from the Europeans, taking advantage of their goodwill to finally outbreed them

        [Impeachment and holding elected officials accountable, along with eternal vigilence is the only way to stop it.] And it would take mass deportation or mass genocide to stop the growth. if neither is done EU is all but lost ! so sad.

        and don't think for 1 minute this vile scum when they take over in entirely in 100yrs, wont pull down and destroy every known Christian artifact known to mankind, including all churches and historic art pieces..

        so sad. so upsetting. the work of satan ! its certainly not from any God i know.

        • Don Spilman
          November 24, 2016 @ 5:23 pm

          “when they take over in entirely in 100yrs, ”
          Jim go back an study the crusades, as Abe Lincoln said, “RIGHT makes might”. The guys with the crosses on their shirts and banners WON! There will come a time when EVERYONE on the planet chooses to back the muzslime OR the Christians. There indeed WILL BE a final battle between good and evil. Coming SOON to a planet near you.

      • Jimbo
        November 24, 2016 @ 8:27 am

        saddens me to totally agree with you but i do. i LOVE Pat Condell true champion of the alt right and truth. BUT I do feel its doomed in EU. slowly but slowly, they breed and get into power and change things. grow the masses in population and change the culture,.

        how do you stop the juggernaut. even if right wing govt get in, its a short appease. why? b/c of sheer numbers ! they just keep breeding,.all on handout benefit from the Europeans, taking advantage of their goodwill to finally outbreed them

        civil war is the only way to stop it. and it would take mass deportation or mass genocide to stop the growth. if neither is done EU is all but lost ! so sad.

        and dont think for 1 minute this vile scum when they take over in entirely in 100yrs, wont pull down and destroy every known Christian artifact known to mankind, including all churches and historic art pieces..

        so sad. so upsetting. the work of satan ! its certainly not from any god i know.

    6. Hadenoughalready
      November 23, 2016 @ 9:54 pm

      [Consistent consequences and punishment is] THE ONLY answer to this islami-demic [along with deportation and not letting them back in -- which means closing the borders, and only letting in limited numbers of the best of the immigrants who won't go on welfare, want to work and have some skills that are needed and in short supply, are disease-free, not mentally ill and indoctrinated with an ideology that want to kill everyone else who doesn't belong to it, and who will assimilate, learn our culture, history and customs, and who will contribute to making their new country better]! [They are testing their limits, just like kids do, and when there are no consequences and they are not held accountable, they just keep getting worse.]

    7. Ozgaza
      November 23, 2016 @ 9:31 pm

      This would have to be the most powerful speech from Pat I have ever heard, he has clearly had a gut-full of Genocidal,Violent,Raping Islamic Scum and their pandering leftist travellers who have turned large chunks of the civilised world into a death cult no-mans land.Islamic Vermin come from hellish lands that they created themselves and now are attempting to spread like some killer virus to the Free Civilised World….But we will stop them..we should all be free to say Islam is a death cult of genocidal perverts who value death,rape,torture,child molestation,animal torture and a long list of crimes.Islam makes a promise to its male perverts that if they follow the death cult they will be rewarded in heaven by an Army of virgins and young boys…so to collect your Porno after life fantasy you must be a murderous homicidal maniac in this one…say no more.Donald Trump has taken on Soros and his corrupt Clinton Stooges,Saudi Bucks,Corrupt Media and Brain dead traitor leftists and won….but he has won for you and kick the shit out of the Left,Muslims,PC and Moral Corrupters…We must all join in with The Don to take our Countries and Western Civilisation Back.

      • vigiloz
        November 24, 2016 @ 3:10 am

        The chalkenge in oz now is to convince the missguided many in parliament to take a page out pf trump’s book and understand that he is looking out for his fellow citizens as much as some politicians in oz shoul do. How many lomg term unemployed people are passed up for refugees. how many of them get loval council positions while your citizen has to fight for it and get a loan to get certified. refugees here get free training,free housing.. free ticket to better jobs. so what do citizens and long term residents get??

        • david rasch
          November 24, 2016 @ 8:09 am

          I know of a person who was told illegals and obamama immigrants are first for housing. This cuts into the clinton/obamama voting block.

    8. Pray Hard
      November 23, 2016 @ 6:29 pm

      If Pat ain’t the man, nobody is. Maybe he can get some sort of position in the Trump administration, Minister of Truth, maybe …

    • Stewart - South Africa
      November 23, 2016 @ 6:23 pm

      I love such plain speaking – something much of the world has today lost!

      But Pat is right – the worm IS turning in Europe. If democracy cannot handle the problem then other, much more – shall we say – ‘blunt’ means will be applied by the people.

      • Christine t
        November 24, 2016 @ 3:00 am

        Yip he calls a spade a spade. Liberal PC eejits are trying to stamp out our freedom of speech so they can turn us all into whimpering dillusional Swedes and krauts so they can crap all over us by inflicting this trash on to us.

    • david rasch
      November 23, 2016 @ 6:14 pm

      Only Solzhenitsyn could describe such as Pat’s comments. His novels speak truth more than I can describe.

      • Don Spilman
        November 23, 2016 @ 7:25 pm

        david, I have read everything Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, several years ago and yes he is life changing. Still have four of his books.

        • Ramez
          November 24, 2016 @ 1:21 am

          My favourite Solzhenitsyn quote:
          “To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.”

          • david rasch
            November 24, 2016 @ 8:13 am

            How accurate he is. A man with a voice for out time.

          • Don Spilman
            November 24, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

            My favourite Solzhenitsyn quote:
            “To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.”

            Yes, so good Ram, and that is exactly the goal of the GLOBS. In reality I full well know that there will be a time when the one world order will happen. Their agenda is the EXACT description of the fulfillment of prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. I just want to be a part of holding them off as long as possible. I think we have a chance to do that with president Trump, he will need our help though.

          • david Rasch
            November 25, 2016 @ 7:36 am

            Solzhenitsyn lived in the first modern times -- godless overthrow of a believing country. He, too believed in the mantra until 1940’s when as an artillery officer he began to ask about Papa Joe. Sound familiar?

        • keary
          November 24, 2016 @ 1:39 am

          Yes Dave and Don I would agree. A. Solzhenitsyn peeled back my eyes. Good call Gentlemen.

        • david rasch
          November 24, 2016 @ 8:27 am

          Over the years I’ve collected most of his works. They are in my legacy/library to my grandchildren. He tells us just what may/can happen when the left with attitude take control of a country. I’m so relieved the moslemite and dhimmis will be getting a Limbaugh size can of TRUMP-ASS.

    November 23, 2016 @ 5:35 pm

    I would hang all the judges and law enforces that let them go, or put them in prision for life to do the remaining real sentences they should have given to the Muslims

    November 24, 2016 @ 5:55 am

    As for Condell’s now or never at least for Germany it will be never ever because it is already over. The country is irreversibly done and doomed and you can expect authorities to 100% sideline with the newly arrived. It won’t come as a surprise if Merkel government cracks down on the indigenous population in a brutal manner we have not seen since the darkest Sowjet ages when they start rising. Her final goal is totalitarism.
    I feel terribly sorry particulary for women and young girls who are turned into a wild game already by now, however it will get MUCH worse. It should be noted that the age group of females experiencing sexual assault an rape shifted from the twens to the young teens with the arrival of a million overwhelmlingly Muslim males from the Middle East but also North and Central African. Latter are the majority among the boat people reaching Italy, with the firm intend of reaching Germany, no matter what. All 180,000 will likely end up there since there are no effective border controls.
    A good example is Freiburg, the first major city north of the Swiss border. Once one of the best places to live in the country, has turned into a nightmare full of crime for it’s citizens, particulary the female who cannot move around safely any time, anywhere.

    November 23, 2016 @ 4:36 pm

    Let’s hope that with Trump, the ploy of ‘Muslims being offended’, will rate no further consideration, if it conflicts with American Citizen traditions, tastes, and social norms. Islamic ways are not OUR ways!
    WE do NOT bend to THEM – THEY bend to US!

    al Kidya
    November 23, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

    Thank you, Pat, for speaking what I have wanted to speak but couldn’t quite put is so succinctly as you do.
    I am so glad the world is turning in the correct direction…Right!
    For a while there, the world held its collective breath thinking the greatest power in the world might go totally Left. But we did it. Now we must do our due diligence in bringing other countries in the west that have fallen into the ditch on the Left. France should be first, followed by Germany. I would love to see “Justin-case” Trudeau and his Soros financed thugs booted right off the cliff as well but that won’t be happening anytime soon.

    Don Spilman
    November 23, 2016 @ 3:37 pm

    We in the West owe nothing to to any muzslime. We do not have to share our nations with them and invite them to come in and take over large areas and set up your nasty vile sharia. We do not have to offer them any medical help, nor food assistance, nor education, nor protection, nor friendliness, nor any human kindness trait for they indeed will ONLY use EVERY kindness to destroy us. They are evil creatures dedicated to stealing from, destroying, injuring brutalizing ALL non muzslime. Is this so hard to understand?

    • Scaredofislam
      November 24, 2016 @ 6:22 am

      Amen to that Don! And no, it is not so hard to understand, people see and understand the truth about Islam, but lots of them are too stupid to accept it. People choose to be blind in the name of multiculturalism. I wish I could say is ignorance, but that would be giving leftists and their cohorts an excuse. They know better, but accepting reality doesn’t fit their agenda. I guess more of them will have to get raped or killed by muslims and maybe they will understand or NOT!

      • Michael Copeland
        November 24, 2016 @ 6:34 am

        They are instructed in their Koran (part of Islamic law):

        “an excellent pattern……..between us and you enmity and hatred forever” (60:4).

        One who denies any verse is to be killed. The killing can be performed vigilante-style by anyone: it is penalty-free “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (Manual of Islamic Law, o8.4).

    • debby
      November 23, 2016 @ 3:36 pm

      muslim bastards destroy everything in their path.

    • Berengaria
      November 23, 2016 @ 3:27 pm

      Apparently, the Muslim Potentates have been buying up Governments, that are willing to see the end of their Christian Citizens. European & North American GOVS are almost like George Soros, they all seem so convincing as they lead you into the enemies’s Camp.
      Most of the Citizens have not fallen for Islam, but the Elites were quick to bow down before the Old Moon God.
      I wonder what Price was paid to our Sneaky Elites in America, we know the Bush, Clinton & Obama Crime families are living high on the HOG.


    ITALY: Police force elderly hotel owner to house 15 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa, against his will


    WELCOME TO FRANCE: Muslims set fire to 26 cars in upscale neighborhood of Paris

    I guess they didn’t get the message that the traditional day for Muslims to set fire to hundreds of cars in France is New Years Eve and sometimes Bastille Day.


    CALIFORNIA Republican official under fire for anti-Muslim comments

    Mary Young, an Orange County GOP official and volunteer to Donald Trump’s campaign, broadly attacked Muslims in a Facebook post, among other things writing in all capital letters, “I DO NOT WANT ANY TYPE OF MUSLIMS IN OUR COUNTRY, PERIOD!”

    OC Register  The comments were promptly condemned by county ‘dhimmi’ Republican Party Chairman Fred Whitaker, who said they did not reflect the position of the local or national party — or the position of Trump. (But it reflects the position of most Americans)


    Young was elected by area Republicans to serve on the county GOP’s governing Central Committee. She cannot be removed from office by party officials, but Whitaker said the party’s executive committee would meet to determine the “appropriate response.”

    Young’s comments, which the Laguna Niguel resident later deleted on Facebook, come at a time when some say that Trump has emboldened anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim incidents and comments. (No, he’s just made it OK not to be politically correct anymore)

    Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Anaheim office of the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations), said that recent reports of such hate incidents are the most since his group began tracking complaints. He said the national CAIR office has received 120 such complaints since the Nov. 8 election and that the Saudi-funded Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes, has tallied 700 around the country.

    He called on Young to resign from the Central Committee because of her Facebook comments. “It’s the very definition of anti-Muslim bigotry, which has been normalized and fueled by the Trump campaign,” Ayloush said. (Get used to it)

    “CAIR Leader, Hussam Ayloush, Calls For Overthrow Of U.S. Government,” Hannity, November 11, 2016:

    In a tweet (below) on Wednesday, Ayloush suggests an Arab Spring-like overthrow of the United States Government. According to Daniel Pipes of the Mideast Forum, “that second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for ‘The people wants to bring down the regime.’”


    Rogue sanctuary-city mayors to be prosecuted for illegals' crimes?

    Scofflaw mayors and police chiefs who are vowing to continue breaking federal immigration laws can beat their chests with bravado all they want for now -- their coffers are still full of federal cash.

    But the soon-to-be-inaugurated Trump administration has promised to turn off the spigot to sanctuary cities stealing the sovereignty of the American people.

    And, according to one idea being floated, these enablers of crimes against U.S. citizens could not only lose federal money, but their own as well ...
    Read the latest now on


    CNN Panics Over Impending Assad Victory, Confuses Humanitarian Organizations, Reasons For Crisis

    By Brandon Turbeville

    CNN is in full panic mode with the recent resumption of the Syrian government assault on terrorist-held East Aleppo. The discredited “news” agency is now reduced to rehashing tired and disproven propaganda against the Syrian government and claims that “Assad is killing his own people” by bombing head-chopping terrorists in East Aleppo.

    You have to hand it to CNN for consistency at least. Cutting edge propaganda, however, is not the corporation’s strong suit, since every time it has tried to deliver a major blow, it has resulted in an epic fail.

    This time, the propaganda of choice is the same tired line that every bomb (excuse me, every “barrel bomb”) being dropped on East Aleppo has been dropped intentionally on top of civilians for the purpose of killing them all because . . . . well, that part has never been explained. But, for the average CNN reader, just know that Assad is a “bad guy” and that the “rebels” who demand veiled, silent, women and full adherence to Sharia law under pain of death are “good guys” and democracy-loving freedom fighters.

    “The regime’s siege of rebel-held neighborhoods has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe as food, water and medical supplies run low,” says CNN. Obviously, the humanitarian conditions in East Aleppo have nothing to do with savages and pre-historic bearded freaks running rampant and demanding that their ridiculous interpretation (or should I say “Saudi” interpretation) of their religion be enforced by the blade of a dull knife. It couldn’t be because the terrorists have prevented aid from reaching civilians and have actively prevented civilians from leaving East Aleppo to flee to the (*gasp!!) government-held areas. It couldn’t be because of the Western sanctions on Syria. It couldn’t be because the United States and its treacherous allies funded a proxy army of extremists to destroy the country. No, it’s because the Syrian military dared bomb foreign terrorists in East Aleppo. CNN uses interesting logic, indeed.

    The article laughably uses the notorious terrorist support group known as the White Helmets as its source relaying all the “horrors” of the Assad “regime.” This has been typical of the corporate press in the West ever since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, i.e. using terrorist organizations to cite claims against the Syrian government. Generally speaking, these terrorists are labeled “activists” when a quote is needed but, in the case of the White Helmets, the label of “humanitarian organization” is tossed around, a much more effective propaganda technique.

    But what is even more deceitful is that CNN also labels the White Helmets and the Syria Civil Defense as the same organization, an absolute fallacy as Vanessa Beeley, the individual who is probably most responsible for exposing this propagandistic terrorist organization, can personally attest to, having met with members of the real Syria Civil Defense in Syria and hearing their stories about the terrorism of the White Helmets. Beeley has also interviewed a doctor with the Aleppo Medical Association who was responsible for assessing East Aleppo refugees who stated clearly that, despite being widely popular in the U.S., the people in East Aleppo simply don’t know who the White Helmets are. For them, White Helmets are just another terrorist group.

    None of this matters to CNN, however, since the corporation is nothing but a mouthpiece for the U.S. State Department, Wall Street, and international corporations. It is, in fact, nothing more than a propaganda site.

    Perhaps CNN was one of the “fake news” sites that Obama was whining about during his latest trip to Germany . . . .

    Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 850 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

    This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.


    Married UK Woman Gang Raped in Dubai - She Gets Arrested, Charged with Adultery, May Get Death Penalty

    Editor's Note: This is not the first time Islamists have engaged in this form of injustice.  Look at the story of Australian Alicia Gali or a similar story that happened to Norwegian Marte Deborah Dalelven.

    In a normal society, if you are raped then the police find the rapist, arrest him, and he goes on trial. Not so in the Muslim world. As we have documented before, if a woman is raped in a Muslim country often she is arrested and put on trial for adultery and in this case faces prison time and under UAE law possibly the death penalty:

    A British tourist allegedly gang-raped in Dubai faces a prison sentence and needs £24,000 for legal fees after police accused her of having “extra-marital sex”.

    The 25-year-old woman was reportedly arrested and charged after going to the authorities about the alleged attack by two Britons last month.

    She is now on bail, but is not allowed to leave the country and is said to be “absolutely terrified” of being imprisoned for breaching strict laws on sex.

    She is said to have been lured into a hotel room by two British men, who are alleged to have both raped her while filming the attack.

    The woman’s family claimed the men flew home to Britain just hours later.

    When she reported the attack to police, the alleged victim was then herself charged with having sex outside marriage.

    In the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is the most populated city, it is illegal for married couples to have sex outside of wedlock.

    It is also against the law for a single person to have sex with someone who is married.

    The alleged victim has been released by police on bail, but her family said she needs £24,000 for legal fees.

    “They have taken her passport as lawyers thrash it out,” a family friend told the newspaper. “She is staying with an English family, but she is absolutely terrified. (source)

    Dubai is a “modern city,” but the reality is that underneath it only is that way because of foreigners- take them away and the business they bring and the city returns to the 7th century desert life. It is a pig wearing and a - no matter what you put on it, it is still a pig.

    The best lesson to get from this is don’t go to Muslim majority places because they do not care about you. They will kill you in a heartbeat, even if it is for no reason at all. So why give them even a penny of your hard-earned money?

    Article posted with permission from Shoebat. Article by Andrew Bieszad.


    Illinois: pro-refugee op-ed is worth mentioning, state taxpayers on the hook

    by Ann Corcoran

    Every time a federal resettlement contractor arrives in a new site and attempts to convince local taxpayers that the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is a federal program that won't cost local and state taxpayers anything, beware.

    Editor's note:  I was in Washington, DC yesterday for business and  pleasure so only just now posted good comments from readers to my posts of Thursday.  Sorry for the delay.

    This op-ed at Chicago Monitor by Megan Waden has a few interesting nuggets I want you to see, and this final line sums up exactly why I do what I do and thus I agree whole-heartedly with its author:

    When engaging in policy discussions to address the refugee admissions process, presenting a more comprehensive picture of the security clearance process and the resources provided throughout resettlement is critical.

    My role at RRW for the last nearly 10 years has been to present a "more comprehensive picture" of how resettlement works and who is paying for it.

    The writer begins by giving the refugee industry's talking points about security screening, but you need to know that for the Syrian resettlement, the Obama Administration has reduced screening time down to 3 months.

    Megan is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, UK where she studied Human Geography. She volunteers with Heartland Alliance and the Pan African Association’s refugee resettlement programs in Chicago. In the future she hopes to pursue a Graduate Degree in Refugee Studies.

    Then in this next section, I was stunned, flabbergasted, to see how much Illinois taxpayers have been ponying-up for refugee and immigrant "services." You need to find out how much your state is spending.  And, this below doesn't even mention the cost of welfare payments and the cost of educating the kids!

    (Editor: I split this paragraph in to segments for easier reading):

    Agencies funded at the state level remain particularly vulnerable to the budget impasse in Illinois. The impasse has led to cuts for several services including the Immigrant Family Resource Program, which “assists immigrants in determining whether they are eligible for public benefits and enables the state to meet federally mandated language-access obligations***”. [They have a whole agency which determines if refugees/immigrants are eligible for welfare!---ed]

    Funding was also cut for The New Americans Initiative, ending the program’s ‘citizenship application assistance and outreach’. Over 200 employees were laid off in the Refugee and Immigrant Services sector, as an additional 100 positions remain severely at risk. [Illinois had 300 employees doing this!---ed]

    The Director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Breandan Magee, has quoted over 102,000 clients this year as going without services as a result of these funding cuts. Non-state funded groups like the Syrian Community Network in Chicago, who provide resettlement services for Syrian refugees, try to fill that gap in state funding. But they have to rely on community donations to fund their training and other programs.

    More here.

    The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is an activist group promoting open borders which we have mentioned often over the years. Click here to see those posts.

    ***This reference to "federally mandated language-access obligations" is about a Clinton era EXECUTIVE ORDER that Bush could have rescinded but didn't. Trump? It says that you, local and state taxpayers, must provide at your expense interpreters whenever refugees/immigrants have problems with any institution receiving federal funding for medical care, school systems, criminal justice system, etc.

    About the photo:  Ahhhh! there is a degree in Refugee Studies!  Will they hire me to be a guest lecturer?


    Manchester, NH police chief: 500 refugees coming to NH, 90,000 Syrians to America

    by Ann Corcoran

    That is what the Manchester Union Leader is reporting.  I'm thinking 90,000 Syrians is way high especially in the age of Trump.  Nevertheless, here is the story.  It is not clear to me (maybe it is to you!) what the motion before the mayor and council would actually do, so I'll just stick to reporting on the stunning numbers that supposedly came from the FBI.

    Alderman Keith Hirschmann originally proposed the motion, saying the board would empower Mayor Ted Gatsas in any efforts to stop a potential influx of 500 refugees from Syria.

    Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said he got the numbers from the FBI. BTW, Republican Senator Ayotte, to Willard's right in this photo, lost her Senate seat. For our purposes it didn't matter, because I have not seen her lift a finger to slow the Refugee Admissions Program (too close to Senators McCain and Graham?)

    That figure came from Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, who said he was told by members of the FBI that 500 Syrian refugees could be headed to New Hampshire.

    “I was told during discussions with the FBI that 90,000 Syrian refugees are headed to the U.S., and 500 of them will be headed to New Hampshire,” said Willard.

    Willard said he had no further information about the expected influx, including when or where in the state the refugees would be headed.

    The motion was defeated.

    Here is what one of our long time readers told the Union Leader, a sentiment shared by many in cities and states across America!

    Jeannine Richardson said Friday, November 18, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Those who voted to host more refugees better find a way to house our homeless first and look into the burden on our schools, Medicaid, subsidized housing and job marker [market] for people with no skills before thinking this is a good idea for Manchester. Last family we hosted (like that PC term) are receiving $1200 in food stamps per month while we have soup kichens [kitchens] and religious groups having to feed American citizens in Manchester.

    - See more at:

    We have a huge archive on Manchester where the mayor worked for years to try to slow the flow to the refugee overloaded city.

    And, if you hadn't noticed, New Hampshire is turning (politically) blue and I maintain much of  that has to do with the influx of refugees and immigrants to the state.



    Articles by IPT |  IPT in the News |  IPT Blog |  Profiles |  Multimedia |  Donate |  Contact Us

    Note: The IPT congratulates U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo on his nomination to be the next CIA director. In April, Senior Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra highlighted Pompeo commitment to combatting the radical Islamic threats we face domestically and internationally. That article appears below.

    Pompeo Correct to Speak out about Islamic Speaker

    by Pete Hoekstra
    The Wichita Eagle
    April 12, 2016

    Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, followed the government's advice on terrorism when he "saw something" and "said something" by calling out a known Hamas-linked speaker slated to appear at the Islamic Society of Wichita.

    Monzer Taleb – the "motivational speaker" invited by the Islamic Society to speak for a fundraiser – has publicly established and well-documented ties to the designated terror group Hamas.

    Here are some facts:

    Taleb can be seen repeatedly singing the words "I am from Hamas" on video submitted into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) trial. The HLF trial – in which Taleb was cited as an unindicted co-conspirator – remains the largest terrorism financing prosecution in U.S. history, resulting in 108 convictions. Senior officials from the charity were sentenced to long prison terms for illegally routing more than $12 million to Hamas.

    Taleb continues raising money for Hamas by speaking at events sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial.

    Unsurprisingly, Pompeo takes flak from CAIR, which, like Taleb, was affiliated with the U.S. Palestine Committee, composed of several American-Islamist groups charged with politically and financially supporting Hamas in the United States.

    When not seeking money for the HLF, Taleb ran the multimedia department at InfoCom, a Texas computer company founded by the Elashi brothers, the very same men who helped run the HLF. The Elashis were convicted of laundering money for Hamas chief Musa abu Marzook and violating sanctions against Libya and Syria.

    Taleb lectured at the radical Islamist Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention in 2009 where he helped raise $83,000. He was also a fundraiser for ICNA affiliate Helping Hand.

    Taleb delivers sermons for the Islamic Association of North Texas, which operates the Dallas Central Mosque. The mosque hosts a roster of icons in the radical Islamist collective.

    The people of Wichita deserve to know such relevant facts – and so should organizations around the country that may consider inviting Taleb to lecture at their events. The public should know about the true nature of his associations, dispelling rumors with factual proof introduced as court exhibits and affirmed by federal rules for evidence.

    Pompeo stood up for Kansans of all faiths against supporters of radical Islamist organizations and those who would attempt to infiltrate Wichita's Muslim population to spread support for terror. The American public wants to know that its elected legislators, law enforcement officials and community leaders of all stripes understand and are speaking honestly about the issue.

    "If you see something, say something." Pompeo was right to do so, and members of the Wichita community owe him a debt of gratitude.

    Pete Hoekstra is the Shillman Senior Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the former Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

    Related Topics: Pete Hoekstra, Mike Pompeo, Wichita Eagle, Pete Hoekstra, Investigative Project on Terrorism, Islamic Society of Wichita, Monzer Taleb, Holy Land Foundation, Hamas


    Reader comments on this item

    Prophet of Peace?

    Submitted by dr, Jun 3, 2015 23:16

    I have a hard time accepting that the "Prophet" Muhammed was a prophet of peace when in reading up on the history of Islam it paints a very different picture. My religion teaches us to love thy neighbors as you would yourself, the Koran teaches to kill all infidels who do not believe in Islam. Whereas my religion is peaceful yours is violent and has a desire to kill based on the book in which you believe. No Thanks! We don't need Sharia Law in America. If you desire to have Sharia Law then move back to your own country and stop trying to shove your religion down peoples throats who do not want it here! Sharia has no room in the USA. Our Religion and Constitution is what we live by and I suggest you incorporate your lifestyle to abide by our Constitution and our laws.



    Trump: “We must take on the ideology of radical Islam”

    Before Donald Trump takes office, Obama agrees to take in 1,800 Muslim welfare seekers who were rejected by Australia [as not being true refuges but welfare parasites]

    SADLY, even Oklahoma, a solid Donald Trump red state, has its share of bleeding heart leftist morons who support Muslims

    Wikileaks Founder: Clinton & Islamic State Funded By Same Money

    Obama Has Been Spending a Fortune Dropping Bombs in Open Desert Instead of on ISIS. No Wonder ISIS Thinks We Are Morons

    Islam Sympathizing Obama Team Blasts Trump for “Vilifying” Muslims

    On Islam - Trump Preaches Truth - Eagle Rising

    Trump is Right: Baghdadi Says Islam is a "Religion" [actually Ideology] of War!

    MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Educated Americans know Trump right about Islam

    Saudi prince who blasted Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, is building a border wall to keep out Muslim immigrants

    Did you know that the Muslim panel interviewed about their views on Donald Trump and the State of Israel included a far left wing Obama operative?

    ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION Joins Obama And Friends To Condemn Trump's 'No New Muslim Immigrants' Position

    What They Didn’t Tell You: Trump “Silent Protester” Is Actually A Supporter Of Islamic Terrorism » Sons of Liberty Media

    Did you know the Yellow Star-wearing Muslim bitch kicked out of S. Carolina Trump Rally is a promoter of radical Islamists as well as an anti-Israel activist?

    DONALD TRUMP talks about General Black Jack Pershing's method of getting rid of the Muslim problem

    Hmmm…apparently Donald Trump actually does have some support from the Muslim community in America

    Donald Trump has pledged to get rid of Islam-financed Common Core. Look who has no opinion about it:

    LONDON'S new Muslim Mayor threatens Donald Trump about what will happen if he stops Muslims from entering America

    NOT AMERICAN? Donald Trump’s remarks on Muslims’ inability or lack of desire to assimilate astounds some Muslims

    FINALLY! A Muslim admits that the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Donald Trump does not represent “Islamophobia,” but rather outright hatred for Islam by Americans

    SHARIA COMPLIANT BBC welcomes designated terrorist group CAIR spokesjihadi to whine about Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton Works With Three Major Islamic Terror Leaders Who Want To Kill Christians And Make America Into An Islamic Country, Donald Trump Must Bring This Up In The Debates To Crush Her | Walid Shoebat

    Citizen Warrior: Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant

    Imam thanks Pope for saying Islam is a religion of peace

    The Quran's Verses of Peace and Tolerance

    Liar-in-Chief (and surrogates) opines, “Islam is a religion of peace”

    Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

    UK: Muslim Leader Islam Not a Religion of Peace

    An appeal from a yazidi leader: Please help our peaceful people

    Malaysian islamic leader: islam ironically is a peace-loving religion

    is there room in the Catholic church for those who dont believe Islam is a religion of peace?

    Must Catholics believe that Islam is peaceful?

    Rev. David Whitney -- Islamic Prayer is Not Peaceful: Bastille Day 2016

    Killer of Peaceful Muslim Praised by Supporters in Britain Asad-Shah-murder-Muslim-taxi-driver-SUPPORTERS-shout-from-dock-as-he-is-jailed-for-life

    Islam Peace

    Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam - Brigitte Gabriel #islam #religionofpeace - YouTube


    Taqiyya: quran sanctioned deceit to promote islam as a religion of peace

    Muslim family next door (religion of peace)

    'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude

    More Violence from the Religion of Peace

    The ‘Religion Of Peace’ Rears Its Ugly Head - Again!

    Citizen Warrior: What Should We Call Non-Muslims Who Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?

    Obama's 'Peaceful' Muslims Go On Live TV - Claim 'We Have The Right To Kill Anyone'

    Brussels Bombing Proves That Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

    When Muslims in Western countries talk about how we can all live peacefully together under “divine law,” this is the arrangement

    What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam: "But There Are Peaceful Passages in the Quran Too"; What About the Good Verses in the Quran?

    Citizen Warrior: If the Majority of Muslims Are Peaceloving People, Do We Really Have Anything to Worry About?

    Citizen Warrior: "But There Are Peaceful Passages in the Quran Too"

    “End the culture of jihad if you wish to join the rest of the world in peace and harmony”

    Still Think Islam Is A Religion Of Peace? – You Won’t After Seeing This

    The Neocons Do Not Want Peace In The World:Paul Craig Roberts

    Dualism in the Koran: Calling Islam a Religion of Peace is an Outright LIE

    Islam - The Religion Of Peace(Mirror) - YouTube


    Islam - The Religion Of Peace? - YouTube


    Video: Amazing Answer to 'Peaceful Muslims' Concern Gets Standing Ovation

    Brigitte Gabriel Forever Destroys 'Peaceful Muslim Majority' Argument Gets Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

    [VIDEO] Brigitte Gabriel Answers Question of Radical Muslims vs. Peaceful Muslims

    Islam: The Politically Incorrect Truth

    Koran 023-violence

    The Religion of Peace: TheList

    Why We Need to Keep "Peaceful" Muslims Out: The Islamic Threat as the Overdue and Popular Funeral of Western Liberalism

    Here's One Terrorism Statistic The "Peace Prize" President Doesn't Want You to See

    Recognize the smarmy little weasel nodding behind George W Bush as he made that ignorant statement right after 9/11 that “Islam is about peace?”

    Is ISLAM A Religion Of Peace? This Terrifying Study Sets The Record Straight

    Islam--Religion of peace? Read the book!!

    Pew Poll Analysis: A Billion Muslims Want Sharia Law | Muslim Statistics

    92% of Saudi’s believe that ‘Islamic State conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law’ – Poll | Muslim Statistics

    The Myth of the ‘Tiny Radical Muslim Minority’ | Muslim Statistics

    77% of Danish Muslims say Koran must be followed fully


    Myths of Islam: Home Page 

    uslims often complain of "misconceptions" about their religion in the West. We took a hard look, and found that the most prevalent myths of Islam are the ones held by Muslims and Western apologists.

    The only exception may be the misconception that all Muslims are alike (they aren't, of course), but many Muslims apparently believe this too, which is why there are various factions insisting that they are true Muslims, while those who disagree with them are either infidels, hijackers, or hypocrites.

    Don't be fooled! Hear the myths, but know the truth.

    Europe's Migrant Crisis

    Persecution of Christians


    Games Muslims Play: Home Page

    Given Islam's violent history and the unfavorable contrast that its oppressive practices have against 21st century values, Muslims are hard-pressed to repackage their faith in the modern age.   Some of its leading apologists have come to rely on tricks involving semantics and half-truths that are, in turn, repeated verbatim by novices and those outside the faith.

    Here we try to expose some of these games and help truth-seekers find their way through the maze of disingenuous (often blatantly false) claims about Islam and its history. 

    The Games:

    “If Islam Were a Violent Religion, then All Muslims Would be Violent.”

    “Other Religions Kill, too.”

    Muhammad Preached 'No Compulsion in Religion' (Quran: 2:256)

    The Crusades

    “Muhammad Never Killed Anyone.”

    The Quran Teaches that All Life is Sacred (Quran 5:32)

    "Muslims are Only to Kill in Self-Defense.”

    The Million Dollar Wager that "Holy War" isn't in the Quran.

    "Verses of Violence are Taken Out of Context."

    "Islam Must be True Because It is the World’s Fastest Growing Religion."

    "The Quran can Only be Understood in Arabic."

    "Terrorists Can't be Muslim Because They Kill Muslims"


    TROP is a non-partisan, fact-based site which examines the ideological threat that Islam poses to human dignity and freedom.

    It's far easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different.

    "I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees."
    Stephane Charbonnier (1967-2015)


    FRANCE is now paying illegal alien Muslim invaders to return to their countries

    by BareNakedIslam

    France is offering Muslim migrants €2,500 to voluntarily return home. The offer, which is only valid till December 31, 2016 is meant to “significantly increase the number of aided voluntary departures” following the demolition of the notorious ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais. RT  The government has temporarily decided to “raise to €2,500 ($2,700) the maximum amount of […]


    Why is BNI on a list of websites that allegedly echo “Russian propaganda?”

    by BareNakedIslam

    This list is from Propornot, a website that claims to have been formed as an effort to prevent propaganda from distorting U.S. political and policy discussions. Their immediate aim  is to empower the American voter and decrease the ability of Russia to influence the ensuing American election. (In other words, their goal was to get Hillary Clinton elected) Propornot (h/t […]


    Screw Mexico, America Needs a Northern Wall with Canada

    by John Galt

    by John Galt
    November 26, 2016 19:30 ET

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demonstrated again today why American needs to focus first on a Northern Wall to keep Canuckistanis out of America with his pussified statement on the death of the murdering dictator Fidel Castro:

    Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro

    The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:

    “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

    “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

    “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

    “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.

    “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

    Let's dissect this before I rant.

    1. "longest serving President" - Uh, dipshit, if you didn't vote for Castro you were shot. Or at least imprisoned until you died from some tropical disease or beatings from the guards.
    2. "served his people for almost half a century." - Again, dipshit, shooting your enemies, strafing them as they boarded makeshift rafts trying to escape Castro's repression (that's a big word for Canucks so Google, it you wimps), is not what I would call 'serving'; most sane people call it "murder."

    3. "his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people" - Come down to Calle Ocho, say that to their faces in Little Havana. I dare you you Marxist wimp.

    4. "proud to call him a friend" - Justification enough to withdraw from NAFTA and build that damned wall along the Canadian border.

    Thus with the obvious problem we have on the Northern border which exceeds the threats from the South, besides Mexicans at least have a native and tasty food to offer (name something Canadian, original, and worthy compared to Tamales and we'll talk), I propose the following solution:


    The first section of the wall should be built along the Maritime provinces all the way to the end of the Manitoba border (who cares or knows WTF a 'Manitoban" is) to prevent Quebecers and Ontarions out ASAP. Those liberal shithole parts of Canada deserve Trudeau and the bullshit he spews.

    The purple sections of the map is where I'm open to keeping a short fence only, no higher than two feet to keep those yippy dogs out and let goats transit freely back and forth.

    Blame Canada? Oh hell yeah, South Park had it right years ago....


    Castro Was Not Who You Thought He Was

    Post can be found on

    Castro is dead, but he achieved his purpose, which was to aggravate the Cold War, provide a test case for communism and frighten people about incipient nuclear missile exchanges.

    His passing marks the end of the first phase of the Cold War. Now it is very obvious that a second phase is being prepared.

    Tensions between Russia and the US are being continually heightened… and no, they are still ongoing even with the election of Trump who, under the guidance of Henry "War Criminal" Kissinger, has pledged his full support for NATO while Putin has replied that he will crush NATO.

    These tensions are mainly initiated by the US and Britain. In other words it is the Anglosphere that has been responsible for so many wars including the World Wars.

    Castro provides us with an example of how these trends – which we regularly analyze – work.

    With an academic history that included intensive Jesuit schooling and later on, the backing of the US military and intel community, Castro was positioned to do what he did (take over Cuba) and he was generously funded as well.

    Castro was raised up on purpose. Either that or we are to think that the CIA and other intel agencies drastically misjudged Castro and believed him to be a freedom fighter when he was actually a dictator-in-waiting who would preside over an increasingly totalitarian system of government. Are they really so naïve?

    When the "Russian Revolution" was raging, author G. Edward Griffin points out that Wall Street tycoons journeyed to what would become the Soviet Union to learn where they might direct their cash.

    They were disguised as Red Cross workers and all of their resources went to the "Red" – communists – Russians who won the war with Wall Street's help.

    This is always the way it works in the West. The banking controllers use a Hegelian dialectic to control the world and generate additional globalism.

    In other words, they need an enemy to provide the justification for additional international authoritarianism. Castro was probably groomed from a child to fulfill this role.

    He was raised in wealthy circumstances in Cuba and attended Jesuit schools – where no doubt his preparation as a world-renowned rebel commenced.

    He was probably promised control of Cuba if he cooperated. Tall, energetic and reportedly a bully who liked to fight, he was surely chosen for his role early on – as those who build our false history usually identify and groom their future figureheads when they are young.

    Supposedly Castro developed an attraction for socialist politics that resulted in his participation in revolutionary movements. More likely – as with Clinton and Obama – he was provided with a persona that he gradually realized.

    Here's his background from Wikipedia:

    Aged six, Castro was sent to live with his teacher in Santiago de Cuba, before being baptized into the Roman Catholic Church at the age of eight. Being baptized enabled Castro to attend the La Salle boarding school in Santiago, where he regularly misbehaved, so he was sent to the privately funded, Jesuit-run Dolores School in Santiago.

    In 1945 he transferred to the more prestigious Jesuit-run El Colegio de Belén in Havana. Although Castro took an interest in history, geography and debating at Belén, he did not excel academically, instead devoting much of his time to playing sport.

    First the Jesuits got their hands on him and then of course DC itself. And on it goes …

    We're supposed to believe US officials were "shocked" when Castro turned out to be a communist rather than a corporatist.

    We're supposed to be surprised that the 600-plus assassination attempts "failed."

    We're supposed to be indignant that Castro's reign – not far away from one of the epicenters of world power in Washington DC – lasted well over half-a-century.

    The shadowy globalists that occupy the topmost rung of our world surely wanted him in power. He brought the Cold War very close to the American people and provided an ongoing irritation combined with a boogeyman persona.

    It was impossible to ignore the provocation of the USSR while Castro lived in Havana and regularly deepened his relationships with the communist world.

    Castro served one more purpose as well.  As he aged while the Cold War suspiciously diminished and then suddenly ended, his image was gradually reshaped.

    Instead of a brutal dictator, he was made out to be a man who wanted the best for his people and had simply decided on a misguided methodology.

    In other words, his "heart was in the right place." Thus, Castro was of use one last time to justify the practice of authoritarian politics. We can see this in the wake of his death (whenever he really died …).

    But, really, how different was Castro from Clinton, or even Trump?  Most of the things Castro stood for, so do Clinton and Trump.

    He was pro-military, pro-police, pro-public schools, pro-government borders, pro-regulations, pro-taxes, pro-licenses, pro-minimum wage, pro-immigration control, pro-flag waving, pro-singing the national anthem, pro-government, pro-Constitution, pro-government laws, he wanted to make Cuba great again, he was a war hero, and he believed in the State.

    In the end, as we can see, Castro did revert to his corporatist roots. His rule was never about being a "communist." It was simply a way of assuring longevity. He had none of the artificial limits that a democracy might have provided.

    Of course, Resident Barack O'Bomber was not about to slam Castro for his bloodthirsty rule. Here's how he remembered him:

    "History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him."

    And here's Canadian Prime Murderer, Justin Trudeau's comment:

    "Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation. While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro's supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for "el Comandante".

    Jesuit Pope Francis sent a telegram:

    "Upon receiving the sad news of the death of your dear brother, His Excellency Mister Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, former president of the State Council and of the Government of the Republic of Cuba, I express my sentiments of sorrow to Your Excellency and other family members of the deceased dignitary, as well as to the people of this beloved nation," the pontiff's telegram reads. (CruxNow).

    That's a lot of praise for a man who installed a repressive Stalinist system in Cuba which killed thousands and is also responsible for the deaths of thousands more who died trying to flee his dictatorship.

    A man who created his own concentration camps (the UMAP) and built over 500 prisons in Cuba to hold his victims where abuse and torture were commonplace.

    A man who lived like a millionaire while the Cuban people had to endure 57 years of shortages as he destroyed the Cuban economy and agriculture.

    A man who is listed by Genocide Watch as leader of a regime guilty of genocide.

    In fact, Castro's body count, per capita, would be the equivalent of a US dictator murdering 2 to 5 million Americans.

    I have visited Cuba numerous times and heard all the stories of heartbreak.

    Socialism/communism has been perfected in Cuba where everyone except the government elites makes a "fair share" of $20/month and rationed food.

    Here was an interview I had with one of the few anarcho-capitalists on the island who tells of how bad it is.

    The fact that so many, such as O'Bomber, Trudeau and the Pope are showering praise on his achievements tells you exactly where they would like to see the rest of the world headed… just like Cuba.

    The direct opposite of the fasco-communism in Cuba today is anarcho-capitalism.  The belief in free people and free markets.  Thankfully it is growing dramatically.

    The world's largest anarcho-capitalist event will be held in Acapulco, Mexico at the end of February.

    Let's hope the death of Fidel is a sign of the death of the entire fasco-communist global cabal of world destroyers.  Power to the people. Good riddance to a genocidal stooge.  

    Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind's two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world's freedom, investment and gold conferences including his own, Anarchapulco, as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.


    Obama Spanked by Judge Over Transgender Bathrooms: You Lie!

    Editor’s Note: No one should be surprised at this.  The central government has never been given authority over education, let alone bathrooms in schools...


    Muslim Terrorists Caught On Camera Setting The Massive Wildfires That Are Ravaging Israel Right Now


    Muslim Migrants Complain Housing Funded by Taxpayers is ‘Completely Inadequate’

    Written by:

    Published on: November 26, 2016

    Never has so much been given to so many who deserve so little.

    Half of asylum seekers surveyed said housing provided by the UK government was inadequate.

    Half of asylum seekers complain UK housing funded by YOU is ‘completely inadequate’

    By Jon Austin, The Express, Nov 26, 2016:


    The properties were provided by G4S, one of three companies hired by the Home Office to provide asylum seeker accommodation up and down the country.

    Just 11 percent of people asked said the housing was excellent, eight percent described it as good, and 14 percent said it was adequate for their needs.

    The survey was carried out by Migrant Voice, an organization set up to encourage a more balanced and inclusive debate on immigration in Britain.


    Problems reported included leaking roofs, broken toilets and infestations of vermin.

    Migrants also complained that G4S staff did not take their complaints about housing standards seriously and there were separate concerns raised about possible sexual harassment of refugee women by G4S housing staff.

    Could G4S, by any chance, be hiring Syrian migrants to interact with the “asylum seekers” ?

    Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller


    Catholic Bishops Team Up With the Left

    By on November 19, 2016 in Alternative News

    In the last week, Catholic bishops have teamed up with New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio to support President Obama’s defiance of immigration law, and to oppose Donald Trump’s sworn duty to enforce it.

    This curious alliance raises a fundamental question that goes to the heart of the challenge faced by faithful Catholics in today’s prevailing secular culture.

    It’s no secret. For the past eight years, the Obama Administration has attacked religious freedom on numerous fronts, from the notorious “HHS Contraception Mandate” and supporting Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal body parts to the campaign for SSM (“same-sex marriage”), going so far as to insist on incorporating sexual preference into the “rights” protected by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The same goes for the administration’s support of universal, free abortion on demand until the moment of birth, both at home and abroad, funded by the taxpayer in domestic legislation as well as “family planning” components included in foreign aid programs.

    In their attempts to defend the rights of Catholics – and other like-minded citizens – in such cases, Catholic bishops have valiantly insisted that the government must respect the rule of law regarding religious liberty. They have repeatedly pleaded with the courts and the administration to respect these fundamental rights.

    Yet the Catholic bishops’ defiance of existing law regarding immigration puts the bishops’ argument in a profoundly weakened position with regard to principle: shorn of emotional trappings, their argument says simply that they want the federal government to vigorously support laws that they like while intentionally allowing those that they don’t like to go unenforced, all by design.

    Sometimes their campaign gets disconcerting. I’ve never heard a Catholic bishop publicly console the families of the hundreds of innocent victims murdered by illegal aliens. Apparently, the Catholic bishops believe that even acknowledging publicly the profound sense of pain and loss of the surviving families – many of them Catholics – would weaken their pro-amnesty lobbying efforts.

    The silence goes beyond “Thou Shalt Not Kill”: I’ve never heard a Catholic bishop publicly insist that immigrants – either legal or illegal – obey the Commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Steal” and “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” when the immigrant discovers how easy it is to enjoy the “piñata” of dozens of welfare programs without meeting the legal requirements for qualification. (Those aliens in America who benefit from these programs are able to live on an economic level equal to that of their hard-working middle-class neighbors that they left behind in Mexico and Central America).

    This domestic corruption has a foreign counterpart. I’ve never heard a Catholic bishop demand that immigration authorities acknowledge the endemic corruption imposed on Mexicans by their lawless elites. That demand would require bringing strict scrutiny to the processing of potential entry into the United States of outright criminal aliens. After all, in Mexico, Catholic Cardinals have been assassinated, dozens of Catholic priests have been killed, and mayors attempting to enforce the law have been tortured and killed, with their heads left on the steps of City Hall.

    These facts would suggest that our authorities exercise due diligence. But this reality is profoundly ignored by our prelates. On the contrary: I’ve seen countless Catholic bishops imply that those Americans who support the rule of law regarding immigration are “xenophobes,” “racists,” and “bigots.”

    Curious: even as the Catholic bishops insist that “charity” demands that Americans join with Obama to admit millions of aliens, legal and illegal, to our country, the bishops’ blanket condemnation of those who oppose their personal political views in such moralistic terms hardly oozes with charity.

    In fact, I have personally written over a dozen prominent Catholic bishops regarding the issue. Both Canon Law, which governs the operation of the Church, and the Catholic Catechism, which articulates the Church’s teaching, affirm the rights of the laity to disagree on particulars of social and political policy. At the same time, however, Catholics are indeed required to affirm timeless truths of the faith regarding the Trinity, the Incarnation, and other theological fundamentals, as well as the moral teaching of the Church, however unpopular these days (for instance, the Church’s teachings on sex, marriage, and the family).

    I have asked these bishops – each one a leader of the pro-amnesty movement in the American church – a simple question, using the specific language of Canon Law (Canons 750-753):

    “Your Excellency, must I embrace and support your political views regarding immigration law with the same “religious submission of the intellect and will” to which I must embrace the teachings of Humanae Vitae [The Church’s teachings regarding sex, family, and marriage]?”

    I’ve written over a dozen Catholic bishops, all of them outspoken leaders of the pro-amnesty movement, to ask this question.

    Not one will answer.

    Why the silence?

    [This is the second of a series on the role of the Catholic Church in the decline and fall of the Republic].

    The post Catholic Bishops Team Up With the Left appeared first on LewRockwell.

    This post was originally published on this site


    The Quran's Message of Peace and Tolerance
    Peaceful Verses

    What about the Quran's verses of Peace and Tolerance for other religions?

    While there are some verses in the Quran (and episodes from Muhammad's life) that would appear to promote tolerance and peace, they are usually mitigated by circumstances and context.  Closer examination proves less convenient to the simplistic interpretation furnished by apologists.  Usually one learns more about what Muslims wish were there rather than what actually is.

    Coexistence as equals was something that Muhammad promoted only when he did not have the power to conquer.  In the full context of the Quran, peace means submission, and tolerance of other religions means not killing those members who agree to live in a subjugated status to Islamic rule.

    [Note: This page will be added to over time]



    Quran (2:208): O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace [Islam]. 

    This is a mistranslation.  The Arabic word is "Islam."  This is not the same as "peace," which is salaam.  The verse is actually a call for Jews and Christians to embrace Islam - not an exhortation for Muslims to be peaceful.  In fact, verse 193 tells the faithful to fight "until worship is for Allah alone."

    Quran (2:262): Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

    Taken by itself, this verse indicates an extraordinary tolerance for Jews and Christians (Sabians were a very obscure Middle Eastern sect that Allah curiously chose to mention in place of, say, a religion like Hinduism with hundreds of millions of followers but unknown to Muhammad the "messenger").  The verse would seem to indicate that Jews and Christians will be admitted to heaven and, thus, should not be discriminated against by Muslims here on earth.

    The truth is that this verse was narrated at a time when Muslims did not have the power to fight Jews and Christians.  Muhammad needed to stay in the good graces of the Jewish tribes at Medina.  Once Muslims obtained power, things changed - as did the Quran's view of other religions.

    A [chronologically] later verse in the Quran, 3:85, bluntly states: " Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.  It really can't be any plainer than that.  Non-Muslims will go to hell.

    Abrogation, the "substituting of one verse with another" is an important tool in resolving the Quran's contradictions.  Had the tolerant verse, 2:62, been narrated last, then it might be argued that it overrides the many other verses that curse and condemn Jews and Christians (3:110, 5:13, 5:17, 5:73...) and call for their subjugation(9:29).  Unfortunately, it is the intolerant verses that supersede 2:62, both in their abundance and chronological sequence.

    So, the apologist who quotes this verse out of context is either telling you what they want to believe or what they want you to believe - but not what the Quran as a whole actually teaches.

    Quran (2:256): There is no compulsion in religion. 

    Well... except when there is, as the Quran later prescribes.  This verse is addressed in a separate article here.

    Quran (4:93): And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him

    This verse explicitly applies to the killing of a believer (someone who is Muslim).    The omission of non-Muslim life is highly conspicuous.  A religion that forbids members from deliberately killing each other is hardly breaking new ground or setting a high moral mark.  Other religions and moral systems generally apply the worth of human life universally.

    Quran (5:32): Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind... 

    When presented, this verse is almost always redacted to say "if anyone killed a person it would be as if he killed all mankind".  The full reading (including the verse that follows) conveys a much different meaning.  This is addressed in a separate article here.

    Quran (17:33): And do not kill anyone which Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause. 

    This is one of those verses that sounds better from a distance.  What it literally says is that you aren't supposed to kill people that you aren't supposed to kill... unless it's for a good cause (in which case it's game on).  In fact, one could reasonably argue that since it implies that there is already a list of forbidden targets, the verse exists mainly to provide an exception to the rule.

    So, who is it "forbidden" to kill and what constitutes a "just" cause?

    The only group that the Quran explicitly forbids killing intentionally is believing Muslims (and, more tenuously, dhimmis who pay the jizya).  The greatest cause of all, according to one of the Quran's last (and most violent) chapters, is that Allah's religion be superior over all others (9:33) - which happens to coincide perfectly with what Islamic terrorists say is their supreme goal. 

    Verse 17:33 thus provides divine justification for Islamic terror in which even innocent victims are collateral damage.  Does this sound like peace and tolerance?

    Quran (39:10): Say (O Muhammad ): "O My slaves who believe, be afraid of your Lord and keep your duty to Him. Good is (the reward) for those who do good in this world, and Allah's earth is spacious!" 

    The last part of this verse ("Good is the reward for those who do good") is sometimes extracted from context and said to mean that anyone who does good will be rewarded regardless of their religious belief.  This venture in cherry-picking is refuted by surrounding text as well as other parts of the Quran.

    The "good" that one is supposed to do is not defined in verse 10.  A naïve reader would probably project their own values and assume that this means acts of unselfishness.  An astute reader would look at the surrounding text and discover that it actually refers to Islamic belief and worship (as verse 9 puts it, "one who is obedient to Allah, prostrating himself or standing (in prayer) during the hours of the night, fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the Mercy of his Lord").

    Instead of singing the praises of universal brotherhood, the surrounding verses distinguish Muslims and condemn those outside the circle of faith.  Verse 7 says "If you disbelieve, Allah has no need for you."  The next verse says that disbelievers will "dwell in the fire" (of Hell).  For good measure, verse 9 states that those who believe are not "equal" to those who "know not."  Verse 11 specifically slams the practice of "setting up rivals" with Allah (as polytheists and Christians were said to do).

    This is in keeping with the theme of the Quran.  Verse 39:10 was an early verse "revealed" at Mecca.  Later suras, such as the aforementioned verse 3:85 are very clear about people of other religion being denied entry to heaven.  Verse 14:18 says that the good works of those who reject Allah are "as ashes" (see also verses 18:103-106).
    Quran (60:8): Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. 

    If this verse means that Muslims are told to show justice and kindness to non-believers (as apologists pretend) then why doesn't it just say that - instead of the more equivocal "Allah does not forbid..."?  It is because this is not the context (as the rest of the sura makes clear).  The verse actually refers to a specific episode in Muhammad's life in which "Allah" was giving permission to break the terms of a treaty signed with the Meccans. 

    Under the treaty of Hudaibiya, Muslims were to return to Mecca anyone who left that city to join them.  When two "believing" women showed up, "Allah" suddenly had a change of heart and allowed Muhammad to accept them into his tribe (60:10).  It is an embarrassing episode for Islam's apologists because it means that Muslims were the first to break the terms of the treaty.

    Since the women are said to be "believing", the verse is not even referring to non-Muslims!  In fact, rather than telling Muslims to embrace non-believers, the same sura actually warns Muslims against this.  Verse 60:1 says: "Do not give them friendship when they disbelieve in that truth which hath come unto you." 

    Quran (109:6): To you be your religion, and to me be mine. 

    If this verse were narrated at a time when Muhammad had the power to impose his religion, then it might be more meaningful.  In fact, it was a very early verse narrated when he was in Mecca and had no power.  Things were different a decade or so later, when he came back to destroy the idols worshipped by the people - the same idols he refers to in this verse!

    Scholars usually point out that the real meaning of the verse pertains to distinction rather than tolerance. One of the gods worshipped by the polytheistic Meccans was called 'Allah'. Muhammad wanted it known that their 'Allah' was not the same as that worshipped by the Muslims.


    Bukhari 83:49: The Prophet said, "Whoever killed a Mu'ahid (a person who is granted the pledge of protection by the Muslims) shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise.

    This verse from the Hadith essentially means that the life of a non-Muslim is protected as long as they accept dhimmitude - subjugation and third-class status under Islamic rule.  By implication, the non-Muslim who wishes to live independent of Muslim hegemony is subject to being killed. This is in keeping with the Quran 9:29, which tells Muslims to fight Christians and Jews until they submit to Muslim rule.

    Jami at-Tirmidhi 2510: "...You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love each other... spread the peace among each other" This is roundly considered a weak hadith (ie. not a genuine saying of Muhammad, but manufactured after his death).  Even so, the verse speaks to love among the believers and not to non-Muslims.  (see David Wood's commentary

    Sira (Life of Muhammad)

    It goes that a Jewish woman in Mecca would throw garbage on the doorstep of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in defiance of his message, and one day she fell sick and could not throw the garbage, so the Prophet (peace be upon him) visited her. Then it is said that she was so amazed at his character that she realized his prophethood and accepted Islam.

    This story is often quoted by Muslims to demonstrate the amazingly gracious and tolerant character of their prophet Muhammad.  There is no source cited, however, because it is a complete fabrication that does not exist in any historical text.

    Rather than demonstrate the character of Muhammad, the propagation of the story speaks to what many Muslims wish were there instead of the true stories about the fate of those who insulted Muhammad:

    A Jewish woman used to insult the Prophet and say bad things about him, so a man strangled her until she died, and the Prophet ruled that no blood money was due in this case.  (Abu Dawud 4349)

    A blind man had a slave-mother [his wife, the mother of his children] who used to abuse the Prophet (pbuh) and disparage him. He forbade her but she did not stop. He rebuked her but she did not give up her habit. One night she began to slander the Prophet (pbuh) and abuse him. So he took a dagger, placed it on her belly, pressed it, and killed her. A child who came between her legs was smeared with the blood that was there.
      Abu Dawud 38:4348.
    Several other examples of Muhammad's true position on peace and tolerance can be found here.


    What Does Islam Teach About...

    Does the Quran really contain over a hundred verses promoting violence?

    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

    Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by historical context contained in the surrounding text (although many Muslims choose to think of them that way). They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subject to interpretation as anything else in the Quran.

    The context of violent passages is more ambiguous than might be expected of a perfect book from a loving God. Most contemporary Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book's call to arms according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence. Their apologists cater to these preferences with tenuous arguments that gloss over historical fact and generally do not stand up to scrutiny. Still, it is important to note that the problem is not bad people, but bad ideology.

    Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad's own martial legacy, along with the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran, have produced a trail of blood and tears across world history.



    Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing... but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)" (Translation is from the Noble Quran) The verse prior to this (190) refers to "fighting for the cause of Allah those who fight you" leading some to claim that the entire passage refers to a defensive war in which Muslims are defending their homes and families.  The historical context of this passage is not defensive warfare, however, since Muhammad and his Muslims had just relocated to Medina and were not under attack by their Meccan adversaries.  In fact, the verses urge offensive warfare, in that Muslims are to drive Meccans out of their own city (which they later did).  Verse 190 thus means to fight those who offer resistance to Allah's rule (ie. Muslim conquest). The use of the word "persecution" by some Muslim translators is disingenuous - the actual Arabic words for persecution (idtihad) - and oppression (a variation of "z-l-m") do not appear in the verse.  The word used instead, "fitna", can mean disbelief, or the disorder that results from unbelief or temptation.  This is certainly what is meant in this context since the violence is explicitly commissioned "until religion is for Allah" - ie. unbelievers desist in their unbelief.

    Quran (2:244) - "Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things."

    Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.

    Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

    Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority". This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be 'joining companions to Allah').

    Quran (4:74) - "Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward." The martyrs of Islam are unlike the early Christians, who were led meekly to the slaughter. These Muslims are killed in battle as they attempt to inflict death and destruction for the cause of Allah. This is the theological basis for today's suicide bombers.

    Quran (4:76) - "Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…"

    Quran (4:89) - "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks."

    Quran (4:95) - "Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home).Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward " This passage criticizes "peaceful" Muslims who do not join in the violence, letting them know that they are less worthy in Allah's eyes. It also demolishes the modern myth that "Jihad" doesn't mean holy war in the Quran, but rather a spiritual struggle. Not only is this Arabic word (mujahiduna) used in this passage, but it is clearly not referring to anything spiritual, since the physically disabled are given exemption. (The Hadith reveals the context of the passage to be in response to a blind man's protest that he is unable to engage in Jihad, which would not make sense if it meant an internal struggle).

    Quran (4:104) - "And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain..." Is pursuing an injured and retreating enemy really an act of self-defense?

    Quran (5:33) - "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement"

    Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.  The targets of violence are "those who disbelieve" - further defined in the next verse (13) as "defy and disobey Allah." Nothing is said about self-defense.  In fact, the verses in sura 8 were narrated shortly after a battle provoked by Muhammad, who had been trying to attack a lightly-armed caravan to steal goods belonging to other people. 

    Quran (8:15) - "O ye who believe! When ye meet those who disbelieve in battle, turn not your backs to them. (16)Whoso on that day turneth his back to them, unless maneuvering for battle or intent to join a company, he truly hath incurred wrath from Allah, and his habitation will be hell, a hapless journey's end."

    Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah" Some translations interpret "fitna" as "persecution", but the traditional understanding of this word is not supported by the historical context (See notes for 2:193). The Meccans were simply refusing Muhammad access to their city during Haj. Other Muslims were allowed to travel there - just not as an armed group, since Muhammad had declared war on Mecca prior to his eviction. The Meccans were also acting in defense of their religion, since it was Muhammad's intention to destroy their idols and establish Islam by force (which he later did). Hence the critical part of this verse is to fight until "religion is only for Allah", meaning that the true justification of violence was the unbelief of the opposition. According to the Sira (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 324) Muhammad further explains that "Allah must have no rivals."

    Quran (8:57) - "If thou comest on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember."

    Quran (8:67) - "It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land..."

    Quran (8:59-60) - "And let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip (Allah's Purpose). Lo! they cannot escape. Make ready for them all thou canst of (armed) force and of horses tethered, that thereby ye may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy."

    Quran (8:65) - "O Prophet, exhort the believers to fight..."

    Quran (9:5) - "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them." According to this verse, the best way of staying safe from Muslim violence at the time of Muhammad was to convert to Islam: prayer (salat) and the poor tax (zakat) are among the religion's Five Pillars. The popular claim that the Quran only inspires violence within the context of self-defense is seriously challenged by this passage as well, since the Muslims to whom it was written were obviously not under attack. Had they been, then there would have been no waiting period (earlier verses make it a duty for Muslims to fight in self-defense, even during the sacred months). The historical context is Mecca after the idolaters were subjugated by Muhammad and posed no threat. Once the Muslims had power, they violently evicted those unbelievers who would not convert. 

    [Note: The verse says to fight unbelievers "wherever you find them". Even if the context is in a time of battle (which it was not) the reading appears to sanction attacks against those "unbelievers" who are not on the battlefield.  In 2016, the Islamic State referred to this verse in urging the faithful to commit terror attacks: Allah did not only command the 'fighting' of disbelievers, as if to say He only wants us to conduct frontline operations against them. Rather, He has also ordered that they be slain wherever they may be – on or off the battlefield. (source)]

    Quran (9:14) - "Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people." Humiliating and hurting non-believers not only has the blessing of Allah, but it is ordered as a means of carrying out his punishment and even "healing" the hearts of Muslims.

    Quran (9:20) - "Those who believe, and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah's way are of much greater worth in Allah's sight. These are they who are triumphant." The Arabic word interpreted as "striving" in this verse is the same root as "Jihad". The context is obviously holy war.

    Quran (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." "People of the Book" refers to Christians and Jews. According to this verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being their religious status. Verse 9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has charted them to make Islam "superior over all religions." This chapter was one of the final "revelations" from Allah and it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad's companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the Christian world in the next 100 years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths.

    Quran (9:30) - "And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"

    Quran (9:38-39) - "O ye who believe! what is the matter with you, that, when ye are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, ye cling heavily to the earth? Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter. Unless ye go forth, He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place." This is a warning to those who refuse to fight, that they will be punished with Hell.

    Quran (9:41) - "Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew." See also the verse that follows (9:42) - "If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have followed thee, but the distance was long, (and weighed) on them" This contradicts the myth that Muslims are to fight only in self-defense, since the wording implies that battle will be waged a long distance from home (in another country and on Christian soil, in this case, according to the historians).

    Quran (9:73) - "O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination." Dehumanizing those who reject Islam, by reminding Muslims that unbelievers are merely firewood for Hell, makes it easier to justify slaughter. It also explains why today's devout Muslims have little regard for those outside the faith.

    Quran (9:88) - "But the Messenger, and those who believe with him, strive and fight with their wealth and their persons: for them are (all) good things: and it is they who will prosper."

    Quran (9:111) - "Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Quran: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme." How does the Quran define a true believer?

    Quran (9:123) - "O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness."

    Quran (17:16) - "And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction." Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is "utter destruction." (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam).

    Quran (18:65-81) - This parable lays the theological groundwork for honor killings, in which a family member is murdered because they brought shame to the family, either through apostasy or perceived moral indiscretion. The story (which is not found in any Jewish or Christian source) tells of Moses encountering a man with "special knowledge" who does things which don't seem to make sense on the surface, but are then justified according to later explanation. One such action is to murder a youth for no apparent reason (74). However, the wise man later explains that it was feared that the boy would "grieve" his parents by "disobedience and ingratitude." He was killed so that Allah could provide them a 'better' son. [Note: This parable along with verse 58:22 is a major reason that honor killing is sanctioned by Sharia. Reliance of the Traveler (Umdat al-Saliq) says that punishment for murder is not applicable when a parent or grandparent kills their offspring (o.1.12).]

    Quran (21:44) - "We gave the good things of this life to these men and their fathers until the period grew long for them; See they not that We gradually reduce the land (in their control) from its outlying borders? Is it then they who will win?"

    Quran (25:52) - "Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness..." "Strive against" is Jihad - obviously not in the personal context. It's also significant to point out that this is a Meccan verse.

    Quran (33:60-62) - "If the hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and the alarmists in the city do not cease, We verily shall urge thee on against them, then they will be your neighbors in it but a little while. Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter." This passage sanctions the slaughter (rendered "merciless" and "horrible murder" in other translations) against three groups: Hypocrites (Muslims who refuse to "fight in the way of Allah" (3:167) and hence don't act as Muslims should), those with "diseased hearts" (which include Jews and Christians 5:51-52), and "alarmists" or "agitators who include those who merely speak out against Islam, according to Muhammad's biographers. It is worth noting that the victims are to be sought out by Muslims, which is what today's terrorists do. If this passage is meant merely to apply to the city of Medina, then it is unclear why it is included in Allah's eternal word to Muslim generations.

    Quran (47:3-4) - "Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord... So, when you meet (in fight Jihad in Allah's Cause), those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives)... If it had been Allah's Will, He Himself could certainly have punished them (without you). But (He lets you fight), in order to test you, some with others. But those who are killed in the Way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost." Those who reject Allah are to be killed in Jihad. The wounded are to be held captive for ransom. The only reason Allah doesn't do the dirty work himself is to to test the faithfulness of Muslims. Those who kill pass the test.

    Quran (47:35) - "Be not weary and faint-hearted, crying for peace, when ye should be uppermost (Shakir: "have the upper hand") for Allah is with you,"

    Quran (48:17) - "There is no blame for the blind, nor is there blame for the lame, nor is there blame for the sick (that they go not forth to war). And whoso obeyeth Allah and His messenger, He will make him enter Gardens underneath which rivers flow; and whoso turneth back, him will He punish with a painful doom." Contemporary apologists sometimes claim that Jihad means 'spiritual struggle.' Is so, then why are the blind, lame and sick exempted? This verse also says that those who do not fight will suffer torment in hell.

    Quran (48:29) - "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves" Islam is not about treating everyone equally. This verse tells Muslims that there are two very distinct standards that are applied based on religious status. Also the word used for 'hard' or 'ruthless' in this verse shares the same root as the word translated as 'painful' or severe' to describe Hell in over 25 other verses including 65:10, 40:46 and 50:26..

    Quran (61:4) - "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His cause" Religion of Peace, indeed!  The verse explicitly refers to "rows" or "battle array," meaning that it is speaking of physical conflict. This is followed by (61:9), which defines the "cause": "He it is who has sent His Messenger (Mohammed) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist." (See next verse, below). Infidels who resist Islamic rule are to be fought.

    Quran (61:10-12) - "O You who believe! Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a painful torment. That you believe in Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), and that you strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives, that will be better for you, if you but know! (If you do so) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of'Adn- Eternity ['Adn(Edn) Paradise], that is indeed the great success." This verse refers to physical battle in order to make Islam victorious over other religions (see verse 9). It uses the Arabic root for the word Jihad.

    Quran (66:9) - "O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey's end." The root word of "Jihad" is used again here. The context is clearly holy war, and the scope of violence is broadened to include "hypocrites" - those who call themselves Muslims but do not act as such. Other verses calling Muslims to Jihad can be found here at


    Hadith and Sira

    Sahih Bukhari (52:177) - Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

    Sahih Bukhari (52:256) - The Prophet... was asked whether it was permissible to attack the pagan warriors at night with the probability of exposing their women and children to danger. The Prophet replied, "They (i.e. women and children) are from them (i.e. pagans)." In this command, Muhammad establishes that it is permissible to kill non-combatants in the process of killing a perceived enemy. This provides justification for the many Islamic terror bombings.

    Sahih Bukhari (52:65) - The Prophet said, 'He who fights that Allah's Word (Islam) should be superior, fights in Allah's Cause. Muhammad's words are the basis for offensive Jihad - spreading Islam by force. This is how it was understood by his companions, and by the terrorists of today. (See also Sahih Bukhari 3:125)

    Sahih Bukhari (52:220) - Allah's Apostle said... 'I have been made victorious with terror'

    Abu Dawud (14:2526) - The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Three things are the roots of faith: to refrain from (killing) a person who utters, "There is no god but Allah" and not to declare him unbeliever whatever sin he commits, and not to excommunicate him from Islam for his any action; and jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist)

    Abu Dawud (14:2527) - The Prophet said: Striving in the path of Allah (jihad) is incumbent on you along with every ruler, whether he is pious or impious

    Sahih Muslim (1:33) - the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

    Sahih Bukhari (8:387) - Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah'. And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally."

    Sahih Muslim (1:30) - "The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah."

    Sahih Bukhari (52:73) - "Allah's Apostle said, 'Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords'."

    Sahih Bukhari (11:626) - [Muhammad said:] "I decided to order a man to lead the prayer and then take a flame to burn all those, who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes."

    Sahih Muslim (1:149) - "Abu Dharr reported: I said: Messenger of Allah, which of the deeds is the best? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: Belief in Allah and Jihad in His cause..."

    Sahih Muslim (20:4645) - "...He (the Messenger of Allah) did that and said: There is another act which elevates the position of a man in Paradise to a grade one hundred (higher), and the elevation between one grade and the other is equal to the height of the heaven from the earth. He (Abu Sa'id) said: What is that act? He replied: Jihad in the way of Allah! Jihad in the way of Allah!"

    Sahih Muslim (20:4696) - "the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: 'One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire (or determination) for Jihad died the death of a hypocrite.'"

    Sahih Muslim (19:4321-4323) - Three separate hadith in which Muhammad shrugs over the news that innocent children were killed in a raid by his men against unbelievers. His response: "They are of them (meaning the enemy)."

    Sahih Muslim (19:4294) - "When the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) appointed anyone as leader of an army or detachment he would especially exhort him... He would say: Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war... When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them... If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them."

    Sahih Muslim (31:5917) - "Ali went a bit and then halted and did not look about and then said in a loud voice: 'Allah's Messenger, on what issue should I fight with the people?' Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: 'Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger'." The pretext for attacking the peaceful farming community of Khaibar was not obvious to the Muslims. Muhammad's son-in-law Ali asked the prophet of Islam to clarify the reason for their mission to kill, loot and enslave. Muhammad's reply was straightforward. The people should be fought because they are not Muslim.

    Sahih Muslim (31:5918) - "I will fight them until they are like us." Ali's reply to Muhammad, after receiving clarification that the pretext for attack Khaibar was to convert the people (see above verse).

    Sahih Bukhari 2:35 "The person who participates in (Holy Battles) in Allah’s cause and nothing compels him do so except belief in Allah and His Apostle, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward, or booty ( if he survives) or will be admitted to Paradise ( if he is killed)."

    Tabari 7:97 The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, "Kill any Jew who falls under your power." Ashraf was a poet, killed by Muhammad's men because he insulted Islam. Here, Muhammad widens the scope of his orders to kill. An innocent Jewish businessman was then slain by his Muslim partner, merely for being non-Muslim.

    Tabari 9:69 "Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us" The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam.

    Tabari 17:187 "'By God, our religion (din) from which we have departed is better and more correct than that which these people follow. Their religion does not stop them from shedding blood, terrifying the roads, and seizing properties.' And they returned to their former religion." The words of a group of Christians who had converted to Islam, but realized their error after being shocked by the violence and looting committed in the name of Allah. The price of their decision to return to a religion of peace was that the men were beheaded and the woman and children enslaved by the caliph Ali.

    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 484: - “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 990: Cutting off someone's head while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' is not a 'perverison of Islam', but a tradition of Islam that began with Muhammad.  In this passage, a companion recounts an episode in which he staged a surprise ambush on a settlement: "I leapt upon him and cut off his head and ran in the direction of the camp shouting 'Allah akbar' and my two companions did likewise".

    Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992: - "Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah." Muhammad's instructions to his men prior to a military raid.

    Saifur Rahman, The Sealed Nectar p.227-228 - "Embrace Islam... If you two accept Islam, you will remain in command of your country; but if your refuse my Call, you’ve got to remember that all of your possessions are perishable. My horsemen will appropriate your land, and my Prophethood will assume preponderance over your kingship." One of several letters from Muhammad to rulers of other countries. The significance is that the recipients were not making war or threatening Muslims. Their subsequent defeat and subjugation by Muhammad's armies was justified merely on the basis of their unbelief.


    Other than the fact that Muslims haven't killed every non-Muslim under their domain, there is very little else that they can point to as proof that theirs is a peaceful, tolerant religion. Where Islam is dominant (as in the Middle East and Pakistan) religious minorities suffer brutal persecution with little resistance. Where Islam is in the minority (as in Thailand, the Philippines and Europe) there is the threat of violence if Muslim demands are not met. Either situation seems to provide a justification for religious terrorism, which is persistent and endemic to Islamic fundamentalism.

    The reasons are obvious and begin with the Quran. Few verses of Islam's most sacred text can be construed to fit the contemporary virtues of religious tolerance and universal brotherhood. Those that do are earlier "Meccan" verses which are obviously abrogated by later ones. The example of Muhammad is that Islam is a religion of peace when Muslims do not have the power and numbers on their side. Once they do, things change.

    Many Muslims are peaceful and do not want to believe what the Quran really says. They prefer a more narrow interpretation that is closer to the Judeo-Christian ethic. Some just ignore harsher passages. Others reach for "textual context" across different suras to subjectively mitigate these verses with others so that the message fits their personal moral preference. Although the Quran itself claims to be clear and complete, these apologists speak of the "risks" of trying to interpret verses without their "assistance."

    The violent verses of the Quran have played a key role in very real massacre and genocide. This includes the brutal slaughter of tens of millions of Hindus for five centuries beginning around 1000 AD with Mahmud of Ghazni's bloody conquest. Both he and the later Tamerlane (Islam's Genghis Khan) slaughtered an untold number merely for defending their temples from destruction. Buddhism was very nearly wiped off the Indian subcontinent. Judaism and Christianity met the same fate (albeit more slowly) in areas conquered by Muslim armies, including the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, including today's Turkey. Zoroastrianism, the ancient religion of a proud Persian people is despised by Muslims and barely survives in modern Iran.

    Violence is so ingrained in Islam that it has never really stopped being at war, either with other religions or with itself.

    Muhammad was a military leader, laying siege to towns, massacring the men, raping their women, enslaving their children, and taking the property of others as his own. On several occasions he rejected offers of surrender from the besieged inhabitants and even butchered captives. He inspired his followers to battle when they did not feel it was right to fight, promising them slaves and booty if they did and threatening them with Hell if they did not. Muhammad allowed his men to rape traumatized women captured in battle, usually on the very day their husbands and family members were slaughtered.

    It is important to emphasize that, for the most part, Muslim armies waged aggressive campaigns, and the religion's most dramatic military conquests were made by the actual companions of Muhammad in the decades following his death.

    The early Islamic principle of warfare was that the civilian population of a town was to be destroyed (ie. men executed, women and children taken as slaves) if they defended themselves and resisted Islamic hegemony. Although modern apologists often claim that Muslims are only supposed to "attack in self-defense", this oxymoron is flatly contradicted by the accounts of Islamic historians and others that go back to the time of Muhammad.

    Some modern-day scholars are more candid than others. One of the most respected Sunni theologians is al-Qaradawi, who justifies terror attacks against Western targets by noting that there is no such thing as a civilian population in a time of war:

    "It has been determined by Islamic law that the blood and property of people of Dar al-Harb [ie. non-Muslim people who resist Islamic conquest] is not protected... In modern war, all of society, with all its classes and ethnic groups, is mobilized to participate in the war, to aid its continuation, and to provide it with the material and human fuel required for it to assure the victory of the state fighting its enemies. Every citizen in society must take upon himself a role in the effort to provide for the battle. The entire domestic front, including professionals, laborers, and industrialists, stands behind the fighting army, even if it does not bear arms."

    Consider the example of the Qurayza Jews, who were completely obliterated only five years after Muhammad arrived in Medina. Their leader opted to stay neutral when their town was besieged by a Meccan army that was sent to take revenge for Muhammad's deadly caravan raids. The tribe killed no one from either side and even surrendered peacefully to Muhammad after the Meccans had been turned back. Yet the prophet of Islam had every male member of the Qurayza beheaded, and every woman and child enslaved, even raping one of the captives himself (what Muslim apologists might refer to as "same day marriage").

    One of Islam's most revered modern scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, openly sanctions offensive Jihad: "In the Jihad which you are seeking, you look for the enemy and invade him. This type of Jihad takes place only when the Islamic state is invading other [countries] in order to spread the word of Islam and to remove obstacles standing in its way." Elsewhere, he notes: "Islam has the right to take the initiative…this is God’s religion and it is for the whole world. It has the right to destroy all obstacles in the form of institutions and traditions … it attacks institutions and traditions to release human beings from their poisonous influences, which distort human nature and curtail human freedom. Those who say that Islamic Jihad was merely for the defense of the 'homeland of Islam' diminish the greatness of the Islamic way of life."

    The widely respected Dictionary of Islam defines Jihad as "A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad. It is an incumbent religious duty, established in the Quran and in the Traditions as a divine institution, and enjoined specially for the purpose of advancing Islam and of repelling evil from Muslims…[Quoting from the Hanafi school, Hedaya, 2:140, 141.], "The destruction of the sword is incurred by infidels, although they be not the first aggressors, as appears from various passages in the traditions which are generally received to this effect."

    Dr. Salah al-Sawy, the chief member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, stated in 2009 that "the Islamic community does not possess the strength to engage in offensive jihad at this time," tacitly affirming the legitimacy of violence for the cause of Islamic rule - bound only by the capacity for success. (source)

    Muhammad's failure to leave a clear line of succession resulted in perpetual internal war following his death. Those who knew him best first fought afterwards to keep remote tribes from leaving Islam and reverting to their preferred religion (the Ridda or 'Apostasy wars'). Then the violence turned within. Early Meccan converts battled later ones as hostility developed between those immigrants who had traveled with Muhammad to Mecca and the Ansar at Medina who had helped them settle in. Finally there was a violent struggle within Muhammad's own family between his favorite wife and favorite daughter - a jagged schism that has left Shias and Sunnis at each others' throats to this day.

    The strangest and most untrue thing that can be said about Islam is that it is a religion of peace. If every standard by which the West is judged and condemned (slavery, imperialism, intolerance, misogyny, sexual repression, warfare...) were applied equally to Islam, the verdict would be devastating. Islam never gives up what it conquers, be it religion, culture, language or life. Neither does it make apologies or any real effort at moral progress. It is the least open to dialogue and the most self-absorbed. It is convinced of its own perfection, yet brutally shuns self-examination and represses criticism.

    This is what makes the Quran's verses of violence so dangerous. They are given the weight of divine command. While Muslim terrorists take them literally, and understand that Islam is incomplete without Jihad, moderates offer little to contradict them - outside of personal opinion. Indeed, what do they have? Speaking of peace and love may win over the ignorant, but when every twelfth verse of Islam's holiest book either speaks to Allah's hatred for non-Muslims or calls for their death, forced conversion, or subjugation, it's little wonder that sympathy for terrorism runs as deeply as it does in the broader community - even if most Muslims prefer not to interpret their personal viewpoint of Islam in this way.

    Although scholars like Ibn Khaldun, one of Islam's most respected philosophers, understood that "the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force", many other Muslims are either unaware or willfully ignorant of the Quran's near absence of verses that preach universal non-violence. Their understanding of Islam comes from what they are taught by others. Believers in the West are often led to think that their religion is like Christianity - preaching the New Testament virtues of peace, love, and tolerance. They are somewhat surprised and embarrassed to find that the Quran and the bloody history of Islam's genesis say otherwise.

    Others simply accept the violence. In 1991, a Palestinian couple in America was convicted of stabbing their daughter to death for being too Westernized. A family friend came to their defense, excoriating the jury for not understanding the "culture", claiming that the father was merely following "the religion" and saying that the couple had to "discipline their daughter or lose respect." (source). In 2011, unrepentant Palestinian terrorists, responsible for the brutal murders of civilians, women and children explicitly in the name of Allah were treated to a luxurious "holy pilgrimage" to Mecca by the Saudi king - without a single Muslim voice raised in protest.

    The most prestigious Islamic university in the world today is Cairo's al-Azhar.  While the university is very quick to condemn secular Muslims who critique the religion, it has never condemned ISIS as a group of infidels despite horrific carnage in the name of Allah.  When asked why, the university's Grand Imam, Ahmed al-Tayeb explained: " Al Azhar cannot accuse any [Muslim] of being a kafir [infidel], as long as he believes in Allah and the Last Day—even if he commits every atrocity."

    For their part, Western liberals would do well not to sacrifice critical thinking to the god of political correctness, or look for reasons to bring other religion down to the level of Islam merely to avoid the existential truth that this it is both different and dangerous.

    There are just too many Muslims who take the Quran literally... and too many others who couldn't care less about the violence done in the name of Islam.


    Explore the Quran
    The Quran

    Was it really the eternal word of God to Mankind?

    The Muslim claim is based on circular reasoning:

    We know the Quran was from Allah because Muhammad said so and we know that Muhammad spoke for Allah because the Quran says so.


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    Introduction to the Quran
    The Quran: A Short Introduction (and Chronology)

    What is the Quran?

    The Quran (Koran) is the Holy Book of Islam and the religion's most sacred text.  The word itself means "recitation."  It is a series of "revelations" that Muhammad claimed to have received from Allah at various - often highly convenient - times in his life and then dictated to scribes. 

    The book is divided into 114 Suras (chapters) that contain ayat (verses).  Despite the internal claim that it is "perfectly arranged", the Suras are not in chronological or thematic sequence, but sorted simply by general size, with the larger appearing first.  As such, there is no logical continuity or transition between chapters - and precious little within.

    The Quran was compiled in the years and decades following Muhammad's death from snatches of writings on papyrus leaves, wood carvings, animal bones and, especially, the memory of his companions, who were beginning to die off in the aggressive military campaigns that characterized Islam's expansion. 

    There is generous redundancy within the text, as well as contradictions - which are said to be resolved through "abrogation," whereby later verses have authority over earlier ones when there is an apparent dispute between them.  (It isn't made clear how Muslims are supposed to know which verses are "later" from the text alone, since the Quran is not in chronological order).

    Although the words in the Quran are believed by Muslims to be those of Allah, and not Muhammad, there are several places in the narration where this simply doesn't make sense.  In some cases, Muslim scribes mended the problem by inserting the word "say" in front of certain text to make it appear as if Allah is telling Muhammad to speak in the first person.  In other cases, their clean-up work was not quite as thorough (such as the famous 27:91, in which the word "say" is not in the original Arabic).

    The words of the Quran are said to be the literal, eternal words of Allah himself, relevant to all people at all times (although it includes directives personal to Muhammad, such as 33:53).  It is not a book of history, although there is some badly garbled fragments of stories from the Bible scattered throughout.  The verses that issue rules and edicts are generally open-ended.  Very few are bound by historical context within the text, including calls to violence against unbelievers.

    The Quran is almost incomprehensible in and of itself due to the piecemeal way in which it was compiled.  Directives, topics, diatribes, incomplete accounts of Old Testament stories and mythological characters appear randomly, with very little literary consistency.  Themes are disjointed and shifting, something that would not be expected of a perfect book of instruction.

    External sources, such as the Hadith (narrations of Muhammad's words and deeds) are essential for understanding both the context of critical Quranic passages as well as their meaning.  Even so, interpretations are often arbitrary and, since there is no longer a central authority in Islam, various Muslim factions often claim sharply different interpretations.

    Older versions of the Quran would be helpful in the study of certain words (since vowels are often left out of transcriptions) but, unfortunately, these ancient texts are either destroyed or hidden from public view by authorities, since they differ somewhat from modern versions - and thus throw into question the Quran's internal claim to be the immutable word of God (although the Hadith plainly indicates that multiple versions existed following Muhammad's death).

    The suras of the Quran can be grouped into two distinct periods in Muhammad's life.  There is the earlier "Meccan" period, when Muhammad had little to say about violence or "fighting in Allah's way."  Not only did he not have the power to force Islam on others at the time, but he was borrowing heavily from Judeo-Christian religious tradition. 

    Then there are the "Medinan" suras and later, in which the commands to violent Jihad and intolerance increase corresponding to Muhammad's military strength.  The bloody 9th Sura (the Verse of the Sword) is one of the very last to be handed down by the prophet of Islam, and it came at a time when the Muslims had already achieved power over their neighbors, forcing into exile those who would not convert.

    Most of the Quran is about unbelievers and much of this is devoted to their earthly or divine punishment.  People of other religions are said to be "cursed by Allah."  The more tolerant verses (though popular with contemporary apologists) are less numerous than the later, more violent ones.  According to the Quran itself, the later verses abrogate those that precede them (Allah doesn't change his word, 6:115, but he does "substitute" it when he comes up with something better, 2:106 16:101).

    It is important to note that the Quran does not contain a single original moral value.  However, it is the only major religion to do away with the rule of general benevolence found in all others - including Christianity's "Golden Rule."  Instead of advocating universal love and charity, the Quran distinguishes between believers and unbelievers, drawing a sharp distinction in the value of each group and laying the foundation for discrimination and dehumanization (see Is the Quran Hate Propaganda?).

    Those who abandon themselves to what the Quran literally says generally become a danger to those around them who are not like-minded.  Other Muslims often maintain a discreet loyalty to a predetermined moral framework, around which they mold, filter or ignore inconvenient passages of the Quran - while placing disproportionate emphasis on limited fragments of earlier verses that appear to project a more peaceful message.

    The Quran repeatedly stresses Muhammad's personal claim to being a prophet.  Those who accept it are morally superior to those who don't.  Muslims will receive the highest reward in paradise while the non-believers will suffer egregious torment in hell - as well as a "painful punishment" in this life.

    The proclamation that Muhammad is God's prophet happens to be the only original idea in the Quran.  It is supported through circular reasoning: Muhammad is Allah's prophet because Allah says so - and we know that Allah says so because that is what Muhammad says.  (It isn't hard to see why the early Muslims had to kill a lot of people to get their point across).

    Grammatical, theological and scientific errors abound within the Quran, but they are often "explained away" through elaborate and complicated theories that may seem absurd to more objective students - even if such sophistry reinforces the faith of those who believe that the book is perfect in every way regardless of what it contains (to say otherwise is to risk a death sentence).  Also, for a book that claims to be "clearly written" it is suspicious that most copies are accompanied by voluminous commentary that often exceeds the actual body of verses.

    The exaggerative praise that accompanies the Quran (a book that literally tells Muslim men that they may keep women as sex slaves) makes Christian fundamentalist claims about the Bible "containing God's word" seem rather tame by comparison.  Syllables of the Quran continue to be committed to memory with a level of fanaticism that has not diminished over the generations.

    Allah apparently spoke in the obscure Quraish dialect, which few Arabs at the time understood all that well (and even fewer still today).  This is significant because Muslim apologists often use this point opportunistically, particularly with regard to the passages of the Quran that clash with modern sensibilities.  The knee-jerk line is that such verses have a different meaning in Arabic (even if this alternate meaning seems to have eluded fourteen centuries worth of Arabic-Islamic scholars).

    More recent translations are usually tainted by the interpreter's preferences, particularly in catering to contemporary Western tastes.  A quick test for determining whether a version of the Quran is honest or "politically correct" is to turn to verse 4:34 and check whether the word "beat" or "scourge" is used in the instruction to discipline belligerent wives.  If it is there, then the copy is probably closer to the Arabic than more recent "whitewashed" versions.

    If you are serious about acquiring a Quran, then confirm also that verses 4:24, 23:6, 33:50 and 70:30 stay faithful to the Arabic in using the word 'captive,' 'slave,' or 'those whom thy right hand possesses' in reference to the women authorized by Allah for a man's sexual use.  Contemporary translators are notorious for ignoring the original Arabic and pretending that Muhammad is speaking only of wives, when, in fact, it is evident from the text that he distinguishes between wives and non-wives (sex slaves).

    The Quran distributed by CAIR, Muhammad Asad's "The Message of the Quran," should be avoided by serious inquirers.  It is a 20th century Westernized translation that manipulates the naive by changing the wording of unflattering verse and offering mitigating commentary to convince readers that they are not seeing what they are really seeing. 

    We recommend the highly readable non-Muslim translation from CSPI (or the abridged version) or the Noble Quran, which is less readable but more objective.  The Noble Quran is a recent translation, but one that is mostly faithful to the Arabic.

    It is best to balance out one translation with occasional references to others, including to the MSA website, which contains the Pickthall, Shakir and Yusuf Ali Muslim translations. 


    Estimated Chronology of the Quran

    Suras from Mecca

    96, 68, 73, 74, 111, 81, 87, 92, 89, 93, 94, 103, 100, 108, 102, 107, 109, 105,113,114,112,53,80,97,91,85,95, 106,101,75, 104,77,50,90,86,54,38,7,72,36,25,
    35, 19,20, 56,26,27, 28, 17, 10, 11, 12, 15, 6, 37, 31, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45,
    46, 51, 88, 18, 16, 71, 14, 21, 23, 32, 52, 67, 69, 70, 78, 79, 82, 84, 83, 29

    Suras from Medina

    2, 8, 3, 33, 60, 4, 99, 57, 47, 13, 55, 76, 65, 98, 59, 110, 24, 22, 63, 58, 49, 66, 61, 62, 64, 48, 9, 5

    Quran Topic Index


    Eternal and Perfect?
    Why the Quran is Not from Allah: 10 Reasons

    Timeless... unchangeable... perfect?
    Mmm... maybe not.

    The Quran makes a lot of claims about itself. It says that it is the perfect and incorruptible revelation of God to man, and that it is so important that it has existed eternally on tablets in heaven.

    Critics claim that it is a badly-arranged collection of quotations from one man, passed off as the word of God to a gullible audience in a primitive society.  When accused of being a madman, for example, Muhammad would go into his tent and then emerge with a pearl 'from Allah' like, “You (Muhammad) are not a madman” (68:2). The people would then take this as proof that he was not.

    Some Muslims say that the Quran would not be believed by so many today if it were not true. But belief does not make truth – particularly when it has to be shamelessly enforced with discrimination, maiming and death.

    In fact, most Muslims have never read the Quran, a book they (nonetheless) are willing to kill and die over.  Their conviction is based on what they hear from other Muslims, particularly as they are growing up.

    An objective reader would almost certainly conclude that the Quran is less a product of divine origin than Muhammad’s imagination and the circumstances in which he found himself.

    Here are ten quick examples:


    Verse 27:91 reads “For me, I have been commanded to serve the Lord of this city.” If these are the words of Allah, then it would mean that someone is ‘commanding’ him to serve another god. The verse only makes sense if Muhammad is speaking from his own perspective.

    (This would also explain why “Allah” takes an oath to Allah in no fewer than seven other verses).


    Verse 5:3 says that the Islamic religion was “perfected” and “completed” on “this day”, yet 249 more verses follow it, including two additional Suras (9 and 110). 

    Also, how could the Quran be eternal if there was a time when it was not completed?


    So much of the Quran is devoted to redundant claims and threats about Muhammad’s status as a prophet, yet there is not a single original moral value. Nowhere does it tell men not to rape women or refrain from sex with children.  In fact, it gives men permission to rape their slaves and implies that sex with children is permissible (verse 65:4).

    Wouldn’t a perfect book teach perfect morality?


    Despite being a relatively small book, the Quran contains unnecessary repitition.  Moses is mentioned 136 times.  Some passages of misquoted Bible stories are nearly word-for-word identical (eg. Suras 20 & 26).

    Why would God waste space saying essentially the same thing about something obscure when he could have offered clear moral principles about peace, tolerance (or sex with children)?


    The Quran confuses Mary the mother of Jesus with Mary the sister of Aaron (and Moses) in Sura 19

    Despite tortured apologetics, the simplest and most obvious explanation is that Muhammad was mistaken. This would also explain why the Quran that he narrated erroneously states that Christians worship the Virgin Mary as a god (5:75, 5:116) when they never have.


    The Quran tells Muslim men that they may have sex with women captured as slaves.  Even worse: the passage is repeated in four different places.  By contrast, there is not a single verse that tells Muslims that they are to pray five times a day.


    The Quran says that it is “clear”, but then says elsewhere (3:7) that only Allah understands the meaning of some verses (which begs the question of why they are there).  It says that it explains "all things" (16:89), but then tells Muslims to follow the example of Muhammad (33:21) - without saying what that is.

    In practical terms, it is impossible to understand the Quran without references to external sources such as the Hadith and Sira (usually laid out in voluminous footnotes).  Yet these sources are often contradictory and almost never agreed on.   

    Even in the Quran, devout Muslim scholars infer dramatically different meanings from the same verses.  For example, most interpretations of 38:33 say that Solomon slashed at his own horses, severing their legs and necks.  However, some contemporary translators, including one of the most respected (Yusuf Ali) say that Solomon really just passed his hand over their bodies in a loving way.

    More alarming (and unfortunately more typical) are verses like 5:33, which mandates crucifying those who "wage war on Allah"... without really explaining what this means.


    Unlike the Old Testament prophets, Muhammad narrated petty defenses of his claim as a prophet (and even his own sanity) that are remarkably redundant.

    For example, no fewer than 8 passages (83:13, 27:68, 46:17, 16:24, 6:25, 26:137, 25:5 and 23:83) say that "Allah's messenger" is accused of repeating “tales of the ancients,” but that anyone who doesn’t believe him will burn in Hell. Why wouldn’t Allah just say it once and then use the remaining space for something more edifying?

    Isn’t this more of what one would expect from an overly-defensive poseur than from an eternal revelation of God to man?


    The Quran says that written copies of the Bible (Torah and Gospel) existed at the time of Muhammad (29:46, 3:3, 3:78) and a great many verses "confirm" that those copies are true (even if the Jews and Christians were later accused of misinterpreting them "with their tongues").  Parts of the Quran obviously rely on the Bible for completeness and many verses insist that the Word of God cannot be changed or corrupted.

    Here's the problem:

    There are hundreds of New Testament manuscripts that pre-date the time of Muhammad, all discovered at different times and different places by different people.  There are hundreds more of the Torah.  All agree almost perfectly with the modern version of the Bible, which contradicts the Quran.

    At the same time, not a single copy or fragment of either the Torah or Gospel from any era has ever been found which deviates in a way that agrees with the Quran. 

    How is that the "true" Bible - the one that supposedly confirms the Quran - never survived in any form, while so many "corrupted" copies did? 

    Isn't it more likely that Muhammad simply made it up as he went along and later accused Christians and Jews as a cover story for his own mistakes?


    As mentioned, despite being a small book, the Quran is supposed to be the timeless, unchangeable word of God.  Why would God use precious and valuable space on the personal life of one man - the same one who happens to be narrating the "revelation"?

    Consider verse 33:53:
    O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses, except when leave is given to you for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse, without sitting for a talk. Verily, such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of (asking) you (to go), but Allah is not shy of (telling you) the truth.
    That has to be immortalized on a tablet in heaven?

    Substantial portions of the Quran (particularly suras 33 and 66) are equally self-serving and address the sex, money or respect from his wives to which Muhammad is entitled.  Moreover, several such passages are repetitive.

    Couldn’t Allah have thought of a more important message for mankind than telling us (several times over) that Muhammad may sleep with an unlimited number of women?

    Further Reading

    1000 Mistakes in the Quran

    Contradictions in the Qur'an

    ©2002 - 2016 Site developed by TheReligionofPeace.Com


    Peaceful Co-Existence between Christianity and Islam?

    Inquiry: I understand that Christianity and Islam can never co-exist in peace with each other because of their extreme dogmas. Is this true?

    Response: From the perspective of Christianity, this statement is not true. In fact, from the very beginning Christianity has co-existed peacefully with other religions, including religions that opposed it. For example, the leaders of the Jewish religion considered the truth claims of Christianity blasphemous; and, as a result, the leaders attempted to kill those who followed it whenever they could. For example, Saul of Tarsus (see Acts 9) persecuted Christians. But the Christians did not therefore view it as their duty to revenge their persecutors. Rather, Christians are instructed by Holy Scripture to "live at peace with all men" (Romans 12:18, see also Hebrews 12:14), including those with whom we disagree. Attempts to execute wrath upon others are totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. (Sadly, it must be acknowledged that not all Christians have truly followed the teachings of the Bible in this respect.)

    Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14 (NIV)

    By contrast, your statement is absolutely true from the perspective of the teachings of the Qur'an. Near the end of his life, Muhammad commanded his followers to fight and subdue non-Muslims. By doing this, he abrogated the early toleration verses that were preached in beginning of his ministry in Mecca. At the end of his life, he left his followers with the instructions to make the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) pay a special tax (Jizya) and feel subdued. So, there is a important difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity teaches its followers to live in peace with all men, while Islam teaches its followers to fight and subdue non-Muslims and to have them submit to Shari'a law.

    Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. Sura At-Tawba 9:29 (Yusuf Ali's Translation)

    It is also true that Islam and Christianity can never co-exist in the sense of both being true. To accept Christianity as true is to deny implicitly some of the truth claims of other religions. It is simply illogical to say that two contradictory ideas are both true at the same sense. If Jesus Christ is really the divine Word of God (John 1:1), and that He really provided the only way of salvation, as Christianity affirms, then it stands to reason that all other religions, including Islam, that deny these claims cannot be both true.

    Some people will evaluate religions on a subjective basis. They weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various religions, and try to pick the "best" one. What really should matter is whether or not its truth claims are, in fact, true. Some might argue that Christianity is a "good" religion, because many Christians have done good deeds in the world. Similar claims might be made by other believers. However, a subjective standard for truth is flawed. The real test should be whether or not the truth claims of Christianity are true. Paul put it this way, 

    If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain. (1 Corinthians 15:14) 

    When Jesus taught in the temple (John 7), many people wondered whether or not he was for real. His teaching was strange to them, and they realized that what truly mattered was not whether his teaching sounded good, but whether it was true. In other words, if Jesus were really sent from God the Father as he claimed, then his teaching had to be true. But if he were not truly sent from God the Father as he claimed, then his teaching was not completely true, no matter how sensible or practical it sounded.

    Jesus' response to those who had these questions was this: 

    My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me. If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from myself. (John 7:16-17)

    In other words, Jesus promised that we can know that his teaching is true, provided that we have the right attitude. We need to be truly willing to submit to our Creator, even if we don't understand who he is or what he wants of us. When we evaluate the evidence with this attitude of humility in our innermost beings, Jesus promised that it would show his teachings and claims to be true.

    I can't say what exact evidence God will use to show you that Christianity is true. Some have been convinced by the historical evidence in the gospel, including the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Others have been convinced by the evidence of nature, which points to there being a Creator who has a purpose behind everything he created. Some have studied the various prophecies of the Old Testament that were fulfilled in the New Testament, such as the one about the Messiah (Jesus) being born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), or the one about his suffering for our sin (Isaiah 53).

    The inner voice of conscience can also be a factor in showing us that Jesus' teachings are true. I believe we are born with the innate knowledge that some things are good and some are evil. Evolution can perhaps explain a natural repulsion for things which are bad for the human race, but I believe we all know deep down that the question of good and evil goes beyond than that. Furthermore, we all know (if we are honest with ourselves) that we have a problem with evil. We are not as good as we ought to be. The Bible not only provides an explanation for this problem, but also tells what God has done about it. 

    According to the Bible, we are all guilty of sin, and therefore not fit for the holiness of God's presence in heaven. We can never make ourselves holy, no matter how well we follow the Ten Commandments or any other standard. But the good news is that Jesus' died for our sin, so that we can have our guilt removed and be given new life. We don't earn this gift by being good, it is simply ours for the taking if we want it.

    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

    So the question is, do we believe God offers this free gift of salvation, as the Bible claims? If not, then we are not accepting the gift. One thing is sure: This is not a trivial question. Anyone who thinks there may be even the slightest possibility that God exists should realize the absolute importance of investigating this matter as thoroughly as possible. As Jesus said, 

    What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? (Matthew 16:26)

    Last edited 12/10/2001


    George Weigel's newest book focuses on theological roots of Islamic terrorism, gives possible solutions :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)
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    Islam’s Barbarism Inherent To ‘Prophet’ Muhammad: Dispelling The (‘Peaceful’) Lies Will Save The West!

    In an article titled “Death by Fire Is an Islamic Punishment,” Yasmin Al-Khatib, a liberal Egyptian writer and artist, criticized the fact that, following every brutal execution carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS), Muslims around the world are quick to claim that these actions have nothing to do with Islam. She noted that Muslim history – including the history of the Prophet and his followers – is rife with stories of grisly executions and beheadings, which indicates that such actions are not foreign to Islam. MORE pointedly, Yasmin notes: “People who claim that ISIS brutality has “nothing to do with Islam” are liars.”

    The Cult of Islam: Mohammedans, A Danger To Western Civilization. (Past) Time To Tell The Truth.

    Was Muhammad Insane? | It's All About Muhammad

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    Muruna: Violating Sharia to Fool the West

    By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack February 18, 2012

    Westerners who understand Islamic deception often refer to “taqiyya” as being the tactic of lying in order to guard the faith. Sunni Muslim apologists counter that taqiyya is a Shiite doctrine, while accusing Shiites of being rabblerousers who sanction “mut’a” (pleasure marriage), which is nothing more than prostitution.

    Shiites can easily find equivalents to taqiyya and mut’a in the Sunni Muslim world. They are called “misyar” and “muruna.”

    While Westerners cringe at the thought of religiously sanctioned prostitution like mut’a, they are less familiar with the Sunni-sanctioned misyar, which literally means “the traveler's marriage.” It was established to assist with the sexual needs of travelers -- a Sunni Muslim male may enter into a contract with a woman in order to gain sexual gratification without the financial obligation necessary to maintain a wife.

    As a consequence, the sin of adultery never takes place because the sex contract is an official marriage license. An abundance of misyar “middlemen” can seal these interim deals. For internet savvy travelers, there are countless websites like Mesiaronline that allow men to arrange these marriages globally, including in the United States, from the comfort of their hotel rooms... (Excerpt: full article at


    By reversing Islamic law, muruna concludes an amazing doctrine that permits all prohibitions

    Retired Bishop Explains Why the Church Invented Hell

    The War on Christianity, Part 1 | James Perloff

    The War on Christianity, Part II: The Abomination and Blasphemy of Christian Zionism | James Perloff

    The [NWO] Secrets Are Revealed…

    GERMAN MEDIA IGNORE 7-year-old German girl savagely raped by a North African Muslim invader
    by BareNakedIslam

    The little girl was with her mother in the park, just a few meters away when a Muslim man dragged her into the bush, held her mouth shut, and brutally raped the girl. This is not a one off. Child rape in Islam is quite common and when the victim is a kafir (non-Muslim), so much the better.
    After he finished the rape, he let the girl go and ran away. It happened so quickly that the mother did not even notice anything. She first realized it when the child came crying and screaming to her. But the German media have been virtually silent about this crime. We all know why.

    Muslim Man Warns Germans: 'We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births'
    Zero Hedge

    A week ago, we showed a video of what we hoped was not representative of the general sentiment among Germans towards the refugee crisis as two ladies suggested, 'Every year 2-3 million arrive... it's generally about foreign infiltration.' Now we have the other side as the following video shows a muslim man threatening a German that 'his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate,' adding that muslims will will 'conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.'

    This, according to the mulsimman in the video, is the alleged punishment by Allah, the almighty god himself, for the acts of 'colonizing and exploiting their countries so they can drive Mercedes and have digital cameras'.

    Given this video, whether right-wing propaganda or not, as we detailed previously, anger is spilling over to the common people: 'In Freiberg in Saxony on Sunday evening demonstrators tried to stop asylum seekers reaching a refugee centre. The protesters tried to stop a bus with refugees from driving further down the road by staging a sit-in.

    Some people threw apples at the bus, while others set off bangers, the Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

    Around 50 counter-demonstrators also turned up to the anti-refugee sit-in and there were tense verbal stand-offs between the two groups, although police confirmed the situation did not escalate into violence.'

    Meanwhile in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, two local politicans have been threatened by people with presumed far right motives, reports the Hamburg Abendblatt.


    And with xenophobia slowly on the rise, the far-right elements are stirring: 'Meanwhile in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, two local politicans have been threatened by people with presumed far right motives, reports the Hamburg Abendblatt.'

    Patrick Dahlemann of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) had his car attacked with butyric acid. The foul smelling chemical was poured onto his vehicle.

    On his Facebook page Dahlemann said that he would not be intimidated in his efforts to foster a 'a real culture of hospitality' in the poor north-eastern state.

    Party colleague Susann Wippermann also suffered threats when an unknown person wrote 'traitor to the nation' on her car windscreen.

    This follows a warning last week from the Federal Office of Investigation (BKA) which warned that politicians who support refugees face increased danger of attack from far right groups. Earlier in October Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker was stabbed while campaigning for election by an assailant with self-declared anti-refugee motives.

    -- * *

    As Raul Ilargi Meijer recently noted, however, this ignorance and denial threatens to lead to a needless increase in nationalism, fascism, violence, misery, death and warfare. If we were to acknowledge that the change is inevitable, and prepare ourselves accordingly, much of this could be avoided.

    There are two main engines of change that have started to transform the Europe we think we know.

    First, a mass migration spearheaded by the flight of refugees from regions in the world which Europeans have actively helped descend into lethal chaos.

    Second, an economic downturn the likes of which hasn't been seen in 80 years or so (think Kondratieff cycle).

    Negative ideas about refugees are already shaping everyday opinion and politics in many places, and this will be greatly exacerbated by the enormous economic depression that for now remains largely hidden behind desperate sleight-of-hands enacted by central bankers, politicians and media.

    -- * *

    And now we have Merkel...


    In other words -- you're welcome!

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Muslim openly threatens German man: "We will conquer you with births, we will marry your daughters!"
    Face of a dying Nation
    As indigenous Germans are becoming the minority in their own cities, Muslims become increasingly revealing about their true intentions.

    This Muslim openly threats a German man and tells him, that his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate, belittling them as "having 1 child and a dog at most".

    He goes on to brag that Muslims have 7-8 children, can marry 4 wives and will "conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates".

    This is the alleged punishment by Allah, the almighty god himself, for the acts of "colonizing and exploiting their countries so they can drive Mercedes and have digital cameras".

    Germany is expected to receive 1.5 million Muslim refugees, mostly young men. Current laws allow that they bring their family, which a CDU politician estimated to be around 20 million more by 2020.
    [syn: Hijrah; stealth jihad; Civilization Jihad; jihad of the womb; womb jihad; welfare jihad; baby jihad; immigration jihad; quiet jihad; jihad by breeding; breeding jihad; concessions; creeping sharia; Cicero's Enemy Within; the muslim trojan horse; Terror's Progressive Accomplices; assimilation; concessions; religion of peace; ]

    Muslim Invasion Being Used To Destroy Western Culture

    Mullah Krekar in Norway gives chilling and honest interview about Islam and the West

    Violence, threats, intimidation - Europe under siege by Islam.flv
    An ex islam-follower about Islam, the ideology which spreads all over the west.
    "My name is Bosch and I'm a recovering Muslim.
    That is, if Muslims don't kill me for leaving Islam, which it requires them to do. That's just one of the reasons I've been writing and drawing against Islam and its Jihad for a number of years now. But fortunately for us, Islam hasn't been able to make every Muslim its slave, just as Nazism wasn't able to turn every German into a Nazi. So there is Islam and there are Muslims. Muslims who take Islam seriously are at war with us and Muslims who don't aren't.
    But that doesn't mean we should consider these reluctant Muslims allies against Jihad. I've been around Muslims my entire life and most of them truly don't care about Islam. The problem I have with many of these essentially non-Muslim Muslims, especially in the middle of this war being waged on us by their more consistent co-religionists, is that they give the enemy cover. They force us to play a game of Muslim Roulette since we can't tell which Muslim is going to blow himself up until he does. And their indifference about the evil being committed in the name of their religion is a big reason why their reputation is where it is."
    More here:
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

    Jihad Against the West: Our Fault?
    U.S. government radio endorses Islamist narrative.

    $22,000 Funneled Through Ohio to Support Islamic Terrorism
    In support of a senior-level al-Qaeda operative.

    Islamic Rape Wave in Norway / Islamsk Voldtekt Epidemien i Norge


    Islamic rape epidemic in Norway
    Muslim immigrants are responsible for almost all rapes of white Norwegian women and about 95% of rapes of Western European women. At least one member of Parliament, Andre Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation "critical" and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures "with a reprehensible attitude toward women."
    The scandalous fact is that Norway, for all its wealth, has chosen not to invest much in law and order. "Norway wastes millions of kroner every year on 'development aid' that ends up largely in the pockets of corrupt African dictators; it pours millions more into the pockets of non-Western immigrants who have become masters at exploiting the welfare system; the Norwegian government even funds anarchists. It's not entirely misguided for a Norwegian citizen to feel that his tax money is going less to fight the crime that threatens his home, his self, and his business than to support criminals."
    But beefing up the police force wouldn't even begin to address the problem that's at the root of the country's growing rape crisis: the presence in Norway, and especially in Oslo, of ever-growing numbers of people who have nothing but contempt for Western culture, who have absolutely no concept of respect for members of religions other than their own, and who have been brought up on the idea that women who dare to walk the street alone and without veils covering their faces deserve to be violated.
    Not so very many years ago, Oslo was virtually a rape-free city, inhabited by people who had been brought up on civilized notions of mutual respect and tolerance. No longer. Over the years, the incidence of rape has risen steadily. A wildly disproportionate number of the perpetrators are "rejected asylum seekers" - which may sound puzzling unless you are aware of the perverse state of affairs whereby even persons officially rejected for asylum in Norway are still allowed to stay. And the increasing temerity of the rapists -- who know very well that they will probably not be caught, and, if caught, will not be severely punished - is reflected in the fact that the most recent rape (in which two men assaulted a 21-year-old woman) took place virtually in the backyard of the Royal Palace.
    Oslo is, of course, not alone in having undergone this cultural sea change: many major cities in Western Europe have experienced similar transformations. Yet it now appears that the incidence of rapes in Oslo has now eclipsed that in the other two Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen. This is quite an achievement, given that Oslo has traditionally been the smallest and sleepiest of these three cities - the least cosmopolitan, the one that feels more like a safe small town than a European capital.
    A glimpse of the official mentality that makes this steady rise in rape statistics possible was provided in an article that appeared in the Norwegian daily Dagbladet on October 25. It appears that in the summer of last year, the same paper ran a story about Abdi, a Somali immigrant, then 24 years old, who since coming to Norway as an asylum seeker had committed 14 robberies, been incarcerated, become a narcotic, and lived on welfare.
    On June 3, 2010, Dagbladet reported, an Oslo court had ruled that Abdi, who is not a Norwegian citizen, should be returned to Somalia. Now, however, that ruling has been overturned by an appeals court. Abdi's lawyer was jubilant, saying that this decision "is important for many Somalis in this country." (Of all immigrant groups in Norway, Somalis are among those with the lowest employment and highest crime rates.) The lawyer chided Norway for having shown "an ugly face in this case" by planning to return her client to Somalia, but she expressed hope that given the new decision Norway would "change its practice" - presumably meaning that no amount of unsavory activity would make it possible to kick an immigrant out.
    The appeals court's basis for its decision to let Abdi stay in Norway was that it might be dangerous for him to live in Somalia. Whether letting him stay in Norway might make life dangerous for Norwegians didn't seem to enter into the court's calculus.
    It's not only the courts, to be sure, that are at fault in this sort of situation. In such cases, the media almost invariably step in and bombard the public with shameless propaganda designed to stir up sympathy for the miscreant in question. So it was with the Dagbladet article the other day, which sought to present Abdi as repentant, reformed, and reflective - indeed, almost sagacious and saintly. He was represented as having claimed that he has turned over a new leaf and that he now wants to help wayward immigrant kids to straighten out. He also supposedly said that he wants to study to be a sociologist (which, the more one thinks about it, sounds potentially even more dangerous than if he decided to persevere in his life of crime).

    Oslo, Norway - ALL Sexual Assaults Involving Rape In Past 5 Years Committed By Non-Western Males
    At what point do we, the non-Muslim peoples of Europe
    (whether White, Black or Asian), finally wake up? When? When Europe?
    When do you grow a backbone?

    Raping Islam

    Islam Dismantled In 6 Minutes : Pat Condell

    Why I Left Islam & Goodbye

    Muslim Gangs Take Control of 55 Zones in Sweden


    "Swedish Women are Whores": Muslim Migrants

    Illegal immigrants Demand Their Money

    Geert Wilders: The Reality of Islam in Europe; Malmo,Sweden

    Europe Revolts Against Islam, Unrest As Thousands Kick Terrorists Out of Towns!


    Why are there Muslims praying inside Washington's National Cathedral. Is this a set up? It is happening everywhere, All over Europe Sharia Law is being emplemented. Now it is happening here in America, Does Islam really believe in killing Christians, is Isis only a fringe group? What does islam really believe. What are their plans for America. Do Muslims agree with Isis or is this a fringe group among them. Many say the Christian religion also teacheds evil, but this is not true. Christ taught love and tolerance and forgiveness. Jesus came to DO away with the Old testement laws of slavery and abuse. Jesus actually came to do away with Sharia Law. the Christian scripture and the Apostles warned that this tyranical religion, in many forms, "another gospel" should be condemnd. Many do not realize that Islam is a christian type religion that believes in jesus but rejects his teachings, rejects his redemption and his Grace. It was this that Jesus spoke of when he warnd us.

    Swedes are evicted and replaced by refugees in public housing, government tell Swedes to GET OUT
    Click below for a FREE download of a colorfully illustrated 132 page e-book on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of Western civilization. Click on the "DOWNLOAD (7.53 MB)" green banner link.
    Booklet updated on Sept. 29th, 2015. (Now with over 90,000 Downloads!)
    PDF file:
    MS Word file:
    Watch the 10 hour video version of
    "The Zionist Attack on Western Civilization" @
    Notepad Promotional YouTube Comment:
    2 minute promotional BOOKLET video @
    (and @ )
    Are you interested in helping spread the booklet download link across the world? Then why not simply copy this text (& links) and paste it into the description box of your YouTube videos? Thank you in advance. :)
    Download the YouTube "description box" info text file below (which Patriots have just recently downloaded over 14,000 times, so thank you all for helping out) @
    Also watch the epic documentary "The Greatest Story Never Told" @ and @

    Poor Italians Homeless While Refugees Live in New Buildings

    The 'Refugees' in Europe act like Disappointed Tourists Compilation
    Even though they didn't pay for anything and weren't invited.

    Refugee Crisis- Syrian Refugees just want money

    LONDON: Recent Algerian Muslim immigrant to UK carries out 6 sexual assaults and 2 exposures in 10 days
    An Algerian Muslim national carried out a wave of sex attacks on young women within months of arriving in the country, a court heard today. Mehdi Midani, 27, allegedly committed six sexual assaults and two offences of exposing his genitals during a ten-day period in south London. UK Daily Mail He was arrested on Monday evening by [...]

    "Refugees" taunt and harass Europeans

    Millions of Fake Refugees flood Europe in biblical proportions, demand money and best housing,
    A population transfer of biblical proportions is happening now. Millions of africans, asians and arabs are flooding Europe due to the open borders and the large sums of money being paid out to anyone without any checks or controls.

    Refugees torching children into teargas and flying concrete blocks to get media sympathy. Video link,
    Fake refugees demand money and best housing, now millions, nearly all without refugee status, nearly all are accepted, they get lifetime welfare payments and modern houses/apartment. They are permitted to bring family, relatives and their clans.
    Finland initially exposed 2/3 are not refugees, but on a closer look it shows only 3 % had legitimate refugee status, 97 % came from other countries and only wanted better living standard. Similar revelations occur in other countries.
    The video exposes refugees themselves saying that all of them are going only to Germany, Norway, Sweden or Finland since those countries pay best "salary" as they call it. They mean welfare money, no work requirement, and their families can come later to also live on lifetime welfare. Refugees don't like Denmark anymore since Denmark announced they reduced the welfare payments from 10,000 crowns/month to 5000 while the other top paying countries still pay every refugee much more. Refugees have apps in their smartphones showing maps where to go, what government agency to contact, what to say, how to lie, how to get asylum.
    The welfare payment amount equal about 50 times their normal income if they worked in their homeland. With global social media Africa and Arab countries are fully aware about the western clondyke with bundles of money being handed out to anyone and the open borders allowing anyone to get asylum as long as they lie a little bit.
    Sweden grant asylum to 190 nationalities for any reason imaginable. So it's not about asylum, it's more about replacing the original population with third world populations.
    Refugees are fully aware of benefits, welfare payments, free healthcare, they can bring families to live on welfare, they get modern apartments or hotel rooms, furnished with modern furniture and electronic equipment, internet, free dinner in restaurants or hotels, waiters and servants attending to their need of clothing, shoes, healthcare, transport, more TVs, laundry, cars, Sweden even pay for vacation trips to the homeland they claim the "fled" from. Insanity is standard.
    The refugees are aware of weak western politicians afraid to say NO, scared of being accused of "racism" or stop the benefits, so they demand more and more until they get everything they demand. Locals call refugees "demand machines" since they never stop demanding more. Now they demand mosques and political influence, sharia law and islamic rules. Stupid western politicians grant every wish since they use other peoples money, tax money and media protect them. The taxpayers don't notice that their nations are collapsing, social service are collapsing all over Europe, media is not reporting the facts, they hide it.
    Before the recent mass invasion of Europe we already have 80 million muslim immigrants, nearly all, about 90 % live on welfare and refuse to work. Add millions of poor non-muslims from the third world also living on welfare or crime. Europe may have 150 million third-world welfare immigrants already and are now permitting millions more to come. UK had 5 million new immigrants in one year, Germany expect 1.5 million refugees this year alone recently upgraded from 120,000, the numbers are staggering. The flow are increasing since refuges understand the open border policy and the welfare payment must end soon or nations will collapse.
    The ONLY solution to avoid a muslim takeover of Europe is to send them back to their home countries, secure the borders, kick out the stupid politicians, bring back common sense and survival instinct to the west. It is about the survival of the western culture, the western world, the survival of democracy, safety and freedom.
    Listen to Coronel Ghaddafis words: "Allah willing, we will take over Europe without firing one bullet, the masses of muslims flooding to Europe will soon be a majority"
    Mass immigration is warfare. Defend your nations.

    Dutch Muslim Immigrant kids warn: convert or die

    'Convert or die, the Caliphate is here,' warns Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists who are threatening Assyrian Christians living in Sweden... yes, SWEDEN!
    by BareNakedIslam
    You know Sweden, one of the most Muslim freeloader-friendly countries in all of Europe, predicted to become an Islamic-ruled nation within 35 years? They have no one to blame but themselves -- the leftist coexistence promoters who welcome with open arms the very people who will eventually kill them.
    ShowImage.ashx (see pictures at above link)
    Breitbart (h/t Emma) Assyrian Christians living in Sweden have been targeted with a string of threatening messages linked to the Islamic State, including demands that they 'convert or die.'
    A recent report by Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter revealed that the Assyrian community in the city of Gothenburg, in southwestern Sweden, is being menaced by unidentified aggressors using known Islamic State methods and symbols. According to reports, local police are investigating the threats, but so far have found nothing.
    The town of Gothenburg is a hotbed for jihadist recruiting, and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet earlier this year reported that at least 150 people had left the city to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
    Terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp has called Gothenburg 'the Swedish Center for Jihadists,' and the town with a population of a half million has contributed more fighters to ISIS than the entire United States of America.
    On Tuesday, Swedish Assyrian Markus Samuelsson found the walls of his restaurant in Gothenburg covered in jihadist graffiti, including messages of 'Convert or Die' and 'The Caliphate is Here.'
    These same messages, along with the ISIS logo and the Arabic letter ?, were painted on the walls of the Le Pain François bakery and the next-door pizzeria as well, though other, non-Assyrian owned restaurants were left untouched. 'I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It's terribly painful, we feel threatened,' Samuelsson, who owns Le Pain François, told DN.
    ISIS militants in the Middle East have used the Arabic letter ? to signify Christians -- Nazarenes -- and painted it on the doors of Christian homes in Mosul before seizing the city last year. Identifying the homes of Christians, Islamic State fighters later drove them out of the city, telling them to either leave, convert to Islam, or pay a tax.
    Samuelsson is one of some 3,000 Assyrian Christians living in Gothenburg.
    In February, an essay in the Sweden Report complained that when defecting Swedes return to their homeland after serving as ISIS militants in the Middle East, they are not punished by Swedish authorities, but are 'coddled with therapy' and 'fast-tracked to jobs ahead of native Swedes.'
    Just last week, the Islamic State released a video showing three Assyrian Christians being killed in Syria, and ISIS fighters have warned that they will kill 180 more if a ransom isn't paid.
    Last Easter, as Assyrian Christians were celebrating the feast, militants from the Islamic State booby-trapped the 80-year-old church of the Virgin Mary in Tal Nasri village in the western countryside of Hasaka province, in northeastern Syria, blowing it to pieces.
    The Assyrian Church of the East is one of the oldest branches of Christianity, with roots dating back to the 1st century AD. Assyrian Christians speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus, and have their origins in ancient Mesopotamia, a region that extends across northern Iraq, north-east Syria and south-eastern Turkey.
    BELOW: A Muslim living in Sweden confirms that the above story will soon become a reality:

    VERY UNGRATEFUL REFUGEES IN GELDERLAND, netherlands SEE my other vids 2

    Calais: Illegals complain and throw away food given by French leftists

    Muslims attack Catholics leaving Church
    Savage Muslims have attacked Christians attending a Catholic celebration in southern France. Participants were leaving in their cars when young Arab Muslim immigrants started throwing stones at the vehicles.
    The Joyeuse Union Don Bosco [Joyous Union Don Bosco] takes place in Nîmes, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady the Virgin of Santa Cruz, built by French people repatriated from the Algerian city of Oran following Algerian independence. These people were driven out of the place they grew up in by Muslim aggression. Now they face it in France too! It seems the mayor of the town granted permission for a mosque to be constructed very close to the Catholic shrine.
    The local police, whose station is in this area, were immediately notified and the event organisers had to arrange a diversion to another route to protect the occupants of the vehicles from the savage attacks which continued. As for the press, other than a brief article in "la Provence", there was no mention of the "intifada" attacks against the Christian religious community at Nîmes.

    Ethnic Cleansing Of French People by Muslims

    Unreal-Muslims students Wants to remove Jesus from Catholic Schools

    Why migrants / "refugees" want Sweden and not Denmark

    Transit Trash: Locals angry over garbage left behind by migrants and refugees

    To Rent - Muslims Only!

    Letter From German Nurse on Muslim Invaders
    A riveting account from a nurse in Bavaria Germany you won't hear from the Mainstream media on the invasion going on in Europe by Muslims, who have no intention of assimilating to the culture of the host countries they are invading.

    Islam in Norway: Welfare Fraud
    Location: Norway [Norge]
    Subject: Somali Muslims
    Welfare fraud or years of successive conceptions from fornication out of wedlock? You decide.
    Authorities are astounded, Many busted families that profess to be single-parent homes are actually two-parent homes fraudulently collecting welfare.
    Welfare system was put there so that single parents would not have to go from one crisis to the next in a struggle to survive and provide basic necessities for their children. Somali Muslims in Norway are abusing the system.
    Somali-Norweigans are having 4 kids each (statistical average), and single Moms collect welfare on each child each month.
    However, these kids did not lose their father, rather the fathers are in many case still providing material support while the mothers scam the system out of taxpayers hard-earned money by pretending the father is not around, and the mothers are conceiving out of wedlock (post-divorce) year after year from the same man.
    This reeks of welfare fraud in which the couple gets divorced so the family can scam the government and taxpayers out of their hard-earned money -- but they continue their familial and sexual relationship, in cohabitation or while living seperately to avoid getting caught. The key here is that the women keep getting pregnant with the same father, this means she is not single and is defrauding the government as a money making scheme.
    About the title: While this certaily does not reflect the values of all Muslims, Several Muslim lecturers throughout Europe have conveyed that it is not theft if you trick Kaffirs out of their money to lead an Islamic life because all Kaffir money belongs to Allah. I do not know whether these somali muslims subscribe to that line of thinking, or whether their behavior is a sign that their great faith has simply proven impotent to prevent this immoral behavior.

    German town of 102 forced to accept 750 refugees

    Small German Town Gets 7 Times Its Population Of Muslim Refugees To Destroy The City

    Hungarian Prime Minister Accuses George Soros Of Destroying West With Refugees

    Dearborn, MI An Emerging No Go Zone of Islamic Hate and Intolerance
    Dearborn, MI is the first emerging No-Go Zone in the United States for Christians and Jews. Islamic law or in Arabic Shariah Islamiyya, considers proselytizing any other faith besides Islam blasphemous and an offense to Allah.
    Dearborn has the largest percentage of Muslims per population than any other county in the United States at 46%. During the 2009 Dearborn Arab International Festival Christians began openly proselytizing resulting in arrests and escalating violence each and every year.
    2009 - George Saieg was arrested for handing out Christian literature during the Arab International Festival. The Thomas More Law Center took his case and a court of law proved that his 1st Amendment rights were violated. That same year Christians David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi and their team were physically assaulted by the Arab International Fairs private security guards - no charges were filed.
    2010 - David Wood, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla and Negeen Mayel were arrested for talking with Muslims at the Dearborn Arab International Festival and charged with Breach of the Peace. The trial found all four defendants innocent and their 1st Amendment rights were violated, resulting in a judgement of over $100,000.
    In 2011, I was attacked for legally filming while 2000 angry Muslims were protesting Christian Street preachers. As documented in this video both my attackers were found guilty of assault and/or assault and battery.
    In 2012, Christians were stoned on Friday at the Festival. The next day a Muslim man named Mohammed Agby tried to run over 9 Christians with his vehicle and was arrested.
    The Dearborn Police Department acted admirably and should be commended.
    These long train of abuses has earned Dearborn, MI the title of being the first No-Go Zone in the United States.

    The Terrifying Results of Muslim Immigration in the UK
    This is What Happens Because the British Allow Muslims to the UK, and it's time for every freedom loving persons to stand against not just muslims but the appeasing politicians as well.
    'Poor Refugees' Have More Money Than Local People
    NETHERLANDS, Alphen a/d Rijn, 29 October 2015.. The item was placed in the mid of a news broadcasting of TV West a Dutch regional TV channel . The insignificant place was meant: not to attract TOO MUCH ATTENTION. However, the ugly reality concerning the endless zunami wave of Asylum seekers (refugees) becomes more and more obvious. How long will our authorities and EU try to conceal the truth that most of the so called 'poor refugees' (vast majority Muslims from Islamic countries and Africa) are phoney? They are flooding Europe loaded with money and they are well to do!!! -- The cuckoo bird is far more wealthy than the poor hosts by whom it is laying its nasty eggs. The second truth show's the sleazy false character of the political-correct 'Gutmensch' receivers. By massive attack through all possible media channels bringing the message 'They are people in need!', We have the duty to help them!!? They are willing to sacrifice their own country at every possible prize: neglecting their own local needed poor, neglecting the needs of youths, disabled and elderly and even at the cost of the safety of their country.
    SOURCE: TV West 28 October 2015.
    More information on the subject can be read on (Google Translator gives quite good translation to English)
    GOOGLE+ (R4S): (R4S2014):
    YOU TUBE (R4S): (R4S2014):

    Syrian refugee - refugees wants only money


    Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims

    4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies
    During a press conference on how to combat radical Islamic extremism, Admiral James A. 'Ace' Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, stated that under the leadership of Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated all of the National Security Agencies of the United States. Furthermore, Lyons said that Obama is deliberately unilaterally disarming the military and spoke to the need for the new GOP controlled congress and Military leaders to stand up to the administration and uphold their oaths.

    Treason Exposed! Obama Used Benghazi Attack to Cover Up Arms Shipments to Muslim Brotherhood
    Despite evidence showing the Benghazi attack was staged by a State Department hired jihadist security outfit in connection with an arms transfer to al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria, the establishment media is pretending it does not know what happened in Libya on September 11, 2012.
    The corporate media has yet to point out that the Obama administration attempted to cover-up the real reason for the murder of ambassador Stevens -- U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and the State Department initially pointing to a lame anti-Muslim video -- and has consistently downplayed the incident and characterized it as a non-event not requiring congressional investigation and the impeachment of President Obama.
    Covert War Between the Pentagon and CIA
    A number of people came forward following the attack have built an indisputable case that the CIA was shipping arms from U.S.-controlled facilities located at the U.S. mission in Benghazi to its mercenaries in Syria and the murder of ambassador Stevens was carried out by an al-Qaeda affiliated group as part of a turf war between the CIA and elements in the Pentagon.
    "The real issue is very simple, you have to think of two elements of the government fighting each other that are covert," Pieczenik said. "The government is never unified, it never has been unified. For over thirty or forty years there has been a conflict between the military and the CIA and the FBI... The CIA has been run for the last fifty years by civilians who are out of control."

    Obama LIED About Benghazi Attack!!! (Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Interview)
    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Interview on the Obama Administration Lie about what happened at Benghazi.
    Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (who could have killed Osama Bin Laden, but was ordered to stand down 11 years ago) said tonight on that his sources tell him that Obama was one of the people int he room watching the Benghazi attack go down. Lt. Col. Shaffer of believes it would have taken an order by the president to intervene or not.

    Benghazi Gate - New Explosive Info On Attack In Libya - Whistleblowers Threaten By Obama Admin
    Potential Whistle Blowers Are Being Threaten By Obama Admin
    Unbelievable Interview With Hidden Id Due To Fear Retroversion
    Benghazi Gate - New Information On Benghazi Attack In Libya - Explosive Info From Conseal Id
    More Info See Video Below
    Benghazi Gate State Dept Withholding Benghazi Documents - Whistleblowers Threaten By Obama's People?

    Murder Of Chris Stevens In Benghazi Attack Ordered By American Military Leadership, Possibly Obama
    If you look at this, it's getting painfully obvious that this was intentional. The big question is, who gave the order to stand down? This is how the military industrial complex deals with you if you pose a problem to them when you are inside their system. They killed Aaron Kenefick and many others with the same tactic. Was Chris Stevens not compatible with their strategy in Libya? This is looking less and less like just the murder that it is, and more like an assassination against Stevens. R.I.P. to Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty.

    EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say
    AC-130U Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire (Updated)
    CBS Busts Obama -- and Itself: Unaired 60 Minutes Clip Proves White House Lied About Benghazi Consulate


    Migrants looking for economic opportunity and running from gangs/violence are NOT refugees

    Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 25, 2016

    Immigration activists are urging Obama to release them all before January 20th!

    They are surging north by the tens of thousands since Trump won the Presidential election on November 8th. See news at Drudge yesterday, here.   And it isn’t just Mexicans and Central Americans, as Pamela Geller told us here two days ago, that want to get in to America before Donald Trump is inaugurated.

    Next time you hear the Left whining about Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach and Steve Bannon remember that President Barack Obama had Cecilia Muñoz (La Raza), and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett by his side for nearly 8 years working day and night to change US immigration policy and seed your towns with diversity. Now the pendulum swings back!

    Most are NOT REFUGEES! although most will be requesting asylum (and most are being cared for on the taxpayer’s dime).

    While we focus so much energy on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, the asylum portion of the Refugee Act of 1980 is going berserk!  The Open Borders activists have latched on to it in order to make up for the numbers they might lose in the normal refugee program. I mentioned it recently when I wrote about Doris Meissner.

    In the normal process we write about all the time, refugees are selected abroad and flown here on your dime (they are supposed to repay the airfare, but no one, outside the government, knows how much they do repay).

    With asylum seekers, they get here on their own either by crossing the border illegally or illegally overstaying a visa and then requesting asylum, which is supposed to offer protection from PERSECUTION.

    In either case legitimate “refugees” must prove that they fear persecution if returned home, according the 1951 Convention on refugees….

    Article 1 of the Convention, as amended by the 1967 Protocol, defines a refugee as this:

    “A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it..”

    What has been happening is that the definition is being expanded (really by the Open Borders lobby and their media mouthpieces) beyond the idea of persecution to include anyone who is running from anything that makes them unhappy!

    Bloomberg: Let all asylum-seekers go free before January 20th:

    Now, back to the article that caught my eye a few days ago at Bloomberg (where else!): Obama being urged to let all asylum-seekers go free.  But, remember! most of the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children who entered the US illegally are already free to roam America!

    Immigration advocates are asking the Obama administration to release thousands of detained Central American women and children who want asylum in the U.S., citing concerns that Donald Trump will deport them after his inauguration in January.

    Representatives of groups including the Women’s Refugee Commission and the American Immigration Lawyers Association met with White House officials last week to discuss a host of immigration issues, including the fate of about 4,000 Central American detainees, some as young as two years old, who have fled violence in their home countries. They’re housed in jail-like facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania, some for more than a year, as they wait for the government to process their asylum pleas.

    Immigration advocates want the president to either end the practice of detaining families altogether, as they’ve been requesting for years, or direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to release families with a notice to appear before a judge on their own recognizance.

    They are NOT refugees! But, see here below, that the media calls them that already. In order to be a refugee they must make an asylum claim and be granted asylum!  In most states they are not eligible for welfare until the asylum claim has been approved.

    The plight of the Central American refugees, who fled violence and gangs in their home countries, is one of several 11th-hour immigration conundrums Obama faces as he prepares for Trump to enter the White House. The Republican campaigned on promises to crack down on undocumented immigrants and to build a wall on the Mexican border, and immigration advocates fear a government that has struggled under Obama to humanely handle a crush of asylum-seekers at the southern border will turn markedly more hostile under his successor.

    More here if you care to read it!

    The vast majority of so-called ‘refugees’ in

    Sarah Palin: "I Was Not Allowed" To Tell The Truth About Obama In 2008 (July, 26 2013)
    Sarah Palin Destroys Obama and his "Phony Scandals" on Fox New - 7/26/2013 - Tonight Greta Van Susteren explores why the president is calling the D.C. scandals "phony." In this sneak peek clip of the special, Greta talks to Sarah Palin who exposes that in her 2008 vice presidential run, she was forbidden from talking about Obama's relationships with both Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, as well as his job experience.
    "I was not allowed to talk about things like that because those 'elitists,' those who are the brainiacs in the GOP machine, running John McCain's campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things."
    "What that got us, this kind of complacency and self-censoring of a campaign where we weren't allowed to tell the truth about who this candidate was -- Barack Obama -- what it got us was a list of these scandals," Palin charged.
    Add a public comment...
    Jed 'oldhorsesass' Clampett 3 months ago (edited)
    I wanna share some thoughts and hopefully without a tremendous amount of ridicule. I think it goes without saying we as a Nation and as a people are in very serious dire straits. Please stop and think for a moment, about the power the corporate media wields over those who choose to turn on a television. From childhood there was a slow process of grooming to except virtually everthing that came out of a network journalist's mouth. Our public education system became slowly manipulated into a training exercise for conformity to authoritarian figures. Having said those two fundamental key points, we as people of the U.S. have become a population to never question what is placed before them. It's surprising just how many people become combative to those who actually see the transparency of the orchestrated lies being perpetuated on the masses.
    After having said this mouthful....I would now like to comment. Sarah Palin said she was forbidden to say anything regarding Obama's eligibility. By whom? Do your research. Palin is also Illuminati. The elitist planning for the NWO has it's rank and file. The political climate was ripe for a groomed candidate such as Obama in '08. America bought the goods hook line and sinker. Until voters start to educate themselves and understand that the ridiculous theater that is the Democrat & Republican party, nothing is going to get better. THEY SERVE THE SAME MASTER!

    The murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi was an organized hit to cover up direct arm deals!!
    A former CIA gun runner revealed that the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in order to cover up the U.S. State Department's direct arm shipments to al-Qaeda.
    William Robert "Tosh" Plumlee started his career as a CIA contract pilot in the late 1950s, delivering guns and ammunition on behalf of the agency to Fidel Castro.
    Plumlee confirmed that such arm deals are still common today, with the State Dept. shipping arms to al-Qaeda via the CIA.
    During an interview with Alex Jones, Plumlee pointed out that Pat Smith, the mother of an information management officer also killed during the Benghazi attack, received little information from the Obama administration about her son's murder.
    "I began to wonder 'why won't they tell her anything?'" He asked. "Then a contact of mine in the Middle East, a high-ranking NATO official, mentioned to me that he had reports that the ambassador [J. Christopher Stevens] had been complaining about the dispatches and cables that he had got from the State Department about the weapons being received and [Islamic] radicals armed, including Stinger missiles."
    According to Plumlee, Steven was ordered to stand down after he asked the State Dept. what he should do about the American arm shipments to al-Qaeda.
    "The ambassador and his people had written a series of field reports and cable dispatches advising our State Department that the rebel factions had been armed with U.S. weapons," he said. "Now my contention is this: if that is the case, why is that classified as a national security matter?"
    Plumlee mentioned that Steven's field notes have not been released by the State Dept.
    These revelations suggest that after Stevens told the State Dept. that he did not want al-Qaeda receiving heat seeking missiles, he was killed in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi which was designed to take out witnesses to the arms transfer and to suppress Stevens's reports.
    The Obama administration then blamed the attack entirely on Islamic protestors enraged by the film Innocence of Muslims while refusing to answer why U.S. special forces were ordered not to aid Stevens and others during the assault.
    The missiles in question, as well as the other weapons given to al-Qaeda, were transported to Libya by C-130s under the Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) program, which operates within the State Dept.
    As explained by New York Times best-selling author and former journalist Jim Marrs, the DCS program oversees the shipment of U.S. weapons and training to countries around the world.
    Through its own internal investigations, the State Dept. admitted that firearms supplied by the DCS have ended up in the hands of foreign enemies.
    Tying it all together, Plumlee stated that the weapons given to al-Qaeda were "U.S. made weapons that came from the DCS program, illegally transported by C-130s" into countries such as Turkey and Jordan and were "dispatched from CIA safe houses to the Syrian rebels."
    As we have documented in the past, the Syrian rebels are predominantly al-Qaeda fighters who want to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in order to install an Islamic state in Syria.
    If al-Qaeda controls Syria, other nations could easily take advantage of the ensuring chaos and Syria's reduced sovereignty by extracting trillions of dollars in oil revenue from the country.
    The Syrian rebels led by the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, the direct offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq, were described as the "most effective fighting force in Syria" after filling the void left by the secular Free Syrian Army.
    Suffering from severe shortages in weapons and supplies, the Free Syrian Army began losing soldiers to the better armed and equipped al-Nusra Front.
    Now it is known why the al-Nusra Front, and al-Qaeda worldwide, never seem to lack arms: they are receiving weapon shipments directly from the State Dept.

    Navy Seal Reveals what REALLY happened to Seal Team Six and Benghazi! Obama and Hillary COMPLICIT!
    Hear entire interview here...

    Benghazi Truth: Obama Was Running Secret Army
    Alex continues to seek the truth behind the Benghazi debacle that left four Americans dead in Libya Sept 11, 2012, which the White House falsely claimed was fallout stemmed from an anti-Islamic YouTube video. Dr. Steve Pieczenik also analyzes Israel's and the US' increased efforts to invade Syria by funding, aiding and arming so-called rebels, many of which are affiliated with the al-Qaeda offshoot Jabhat al-Nusra.

    Former Muslim Brotherhood member: "Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Terrorist"
    Listen as Walid Shoebat explains how Barack Obama and his brother are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and are in fact, Muslim terrorists.

    Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Obama in Prison

    Secret Service Agent: Obama Is Worse Than You Know

    Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy

    Obama Admits He Is A Muslim
    Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections. Legal Disclaimer: The writers, producers, and editors of this video are not claiming or implying that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, or that Obama said he was a Muslim, rather they are only examining the evidence surrounding the rumor that Barack Hussein Obama might be a secret Muslim.

    OBAMA the Muslim - HIS OWN WORDS

    ALERT: DHS Joins Muslim Brotherhood- Sharia Law in the USA

    Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011) [syn: Hijrah; stealth jihad; Civilization Jihad; jihad of the womb; womb jihad; welfare jihad; baby jihad; immigration jihad; quiet jihad; jihad by breeding; breeding jihad; concessions; creeping sharia; Cicero's Enemy Within; the muslim trojan horse; Terror's Progressive Accomplices; assimilation; concessions; religion of peace; ]

    Mark Levin talks Obama's Muslim Brotherhood.
    This is part 2 of Mark Levin's appearance on Hannity, he talks everything from Marco Rubio's infamous "Zero dark thirsty" to Obama's love of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Great Deception New World Order & Muslim

    Mega-churches, New world order Agendas Exposed!

    OBAMA's END GAME REVEALED BY KGB - Communist Obama Socialist / Marxist / Leninist

    5 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS TO BE MURDERED -- New World Order :: The Plan Is In Progress RIGHT NOW !! by WashingtonDCtreason

    Islam In America: The Christian Truth

    Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

    Robert Spencer - Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith

    Robert Spencer - Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We're In

    Robert Spencer - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (II)

    The Complete Infidels Guide To The Koran - Robert Spencer (Full)

    Robert Spencer - Hillary Clinton's Record

    Robert Spencer - The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion

    Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

    Robert Spencer on Why ISIS is Islamic

    Robert Spencer - Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith

    THE REAL TRUTH OF ISLAM: William Federer

    Psychology of Islam and Muslims

    Robert Spencer - The Crusades, Fact & Fiction

    Dr. Katherine Albrecht - Christians Increasingly Alarmed Over Level Of Government Surveillance by Pete Santilli Show

    Larry Nichols admits to killing people to protect the Clintons

    Episode #433 - Hillary Clinton Raped 18 Yr Old Linda O'Donnell - Says Witness Larry Nichols

    Child Rapists: Epstein Black Book Exposes Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew & Alan Dershowitz

    Pedophile Billionaires: Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton & Sex Slave Island Cover-Up
    Muslim sex gangs turned loose on British schoolgirls
    Posted By Leo Hohmann On 08/11/2016 @ 3:52 pm In Faith,Front Page,World | No Comments

    The U.K.'s Express has pieced together shocking testimony from victims and local residents in a large-scale investigative series that shows nothing has been done to stop the horrific sex crimes being perpetrated by Pakistani Muslims against British school girls in the town of Rotherham.

    Media reports of the rapes originally surfaced in 2014, and eventually the truth came out that more than 1,400 school girls had been lured into sex by 'grooming gangs' between 1997 and 2013. The gang members passed the girls off one to another for their own sexual gratification. Some were as young as 11 years old and almost all were 17 and younger.

    WND last reported on the situation in April when it interviewed Peter McLaughlin, author of a landmark book 'Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal.'

    While the British politicians and press finally relented and stopped denying that the girls had been systematically abused by the 'Asian gangs,' as they called them [never using the word 'Muslim'], the true scope of the problem was exposed by McLaughlin. He reported that the same type of gangs exist in almost every city with a significant Muslim minority across Britain and Wales and that the number of abused female children is at least 100,000.

    But now the Express has become the first mainstream British newspaper to take up the story in a serious investigative way, albeit still focused solely on the single city of Rotherham. The paper interviewed scores of victims and related their stories, something the media until now has refused to do.

    'They all told us how police and the local council is still 'failing' thousands of vulnerable girls,' the Express reported. 'It reveals how organized, criminal gangs of pedophiles are still using the town as their own personal fiefdom, peddling underage girls for sex as part of a multi-million pound crime empire.'

    The male abusers are predominantly from the city of Mirpur in the disputed region of Kashmir, on the border between Pakistan and India, the paper reports.

    'Today an investigation by this website lifts the lid on the shocking scale of abuse still going on in Rotherham, two years after a landmark report into the scandal ruled police and council workers had ignored the issue for fear of being branded racist,' it further reports.

    A report published by Professor John Drew in March concluded that the police were now 'adequately' tackling child grooming and that historic failures had been 'isolated.'

    But testimony, pieced together from independent sources and exposed by the Express, shows quite a different reality.

    'A number of people who gave evidence to Professor Drew's inquiry expressed open dismay at his findings and told us the grooming of girls is as bad now as it has ever been,' the Express reports. 'And many have told of their outright anger the police and local council workers have not done more to crack down on the grooming gangs.'

    Victims speak out

    One victim, who the Express called Ellie to protect her identity, said: 'Raping of white girls by these men is still going on. Some, I know, have had to wait months before they're even asked to give a statement [to the police]. It's shockingly bad still.'

    The most disturbing thing about the Express revelations is the fact that almost no arrests have been made to date due to what the Express calls 'scandalous failings' of the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) to tackle child sexual exploitation the Government sent in the National Crime Agency (NCA) to oversee the inquiry.

    The investigation -- called Operation Stovewood -- is probing more than 7,000 lines of inquiry.

    But Ellie told the Express: 'What have the National Crime Agency been doing for the last 18 months with their Ł10million? No arrests yet? We're feeling desperate and disheartened.'

    Cops tell white girls they're 'being racist'

    Another girl, going under the pseudonym Lizzie, said: 'I know a few girls who have come forward recently and been told they are being racist and I know a lot that won't come forward and to be fair I can't blame them.

    'Nothing has changed, not in the slightest. It's still the same scale as before.'

    Lizzie's was one of a number of testimonies the newspaper heard detailing how abuse is going on in plain sight, with victims, campaigners and neighbors all able to direct this website to the areas where the grooming gangs operate freely in the terraced streets.

    She added: 'It doesn't shock me anymore because I'm used to hearing it. You hear it on a daily basis, about new girls on a daily basis.

    'All you can do really is help them, and I wouldn't advise people to go to the police because they don't do anything. I'd rather take it into my own hands.'

    A third victim said: 'It's just as bad as it was before because they just don't care -- they don't want to tackle it.'

    In shocking testimony the father of one girl who was raped by the criminal gangs told how packs of young Kashmiri men linked to her abuser still turn up outside his home to intimidate the family.

    McLaughlin said his book has been largely ignored by the European left. It contains research that blows away the theory, widely reported in the media, that it's a tiny minority of Muslim men involved in the rape gangs and then only in one British town, Rotherham.

    The phenomenon works something like this. A gang of Muslim 'Asians' seeks out, pursues, chats up and cultivates school girls for sex, turning them into bodies for sale.

    McLaughlin argues in his exhaustive study that it's at least 300 Muslim men who were preying on girls in Rotherham over a 16-year period. And the same type of gangs have been operating in dozens of cities across the United Kingdom, as well as in Muslim areas of the Netherlands and Sweden. In the Netherlands the gangs are called 'lover boys.'

    'In 2008 one of the policing agencies having to do with sex trafficking commissioned a 20-minute educational video to be shown to school girls to show how the gangs operate,' McLoughlin told WND. 'They hang around schools and malls and use an attractive young man to convince them he wants to be their boyfriend and he gets them to drink and do drugs and then she has sex with him and later his 'brothers' and his 'uncles' and whomever else he pimps her out to.'

    That video was never actually shown to the girls, he said. And Britain's homage to political correctness led police and child-welfare advocates to cover up what was happening for fear of being called racists.

    Article printed from WND:

    URL to article:

    Christians Form A Major Militia, Declare A Crusade Against Islam
    Theodore Shoebat -- August 11, 2016

    Christians in Nigeria have become furious about Muslims killing Christians and destroying churches. They formed their own militia and have declared a crusade against Islam, vowing to destroy mosques and kill Muslim terrorists. I did a video on this:

    According to a report:

    * The militant Christian group Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (NDRC) has vowed that it will carry out reprisal attacks on Muslims and mosques in the Niger Delta region if Boko Haram fulfils a threat to kill Christians and burn down churches.

    * A spokesperson of the NDRC, W O I Izon-Ebi,said in a statement: 'We want to alert Nigerians and the world that the Islamisation plot has been proven by the Boko Haram new leader Abu Masab el Barnaw that their new mission is to kill all Christians and burn down all churches.'

    * The statement added: 'But, we want to warn them that we, the Niger Delta youths, in this 21st century will not accept killing of innocent Christians or burning of churches. That if they try it in the north or any part of Nigeria, we the Niger Delta youths will not see any Muslim or mosque in the Niger Delta'.

    * In a statement released by al Nabaa, an ISIS newspaper, al-Barnawi said that his organisation 'remained a force to be reckoned with.'

    * He also warned that they have been actively recruiting those who share like minds to fight 'Christianisation of society.'

    Article reposted with permission from

    Germany, yes, GERMANY! Christian refugees forced to hide Bibles because of death threats by Muslims in asylum centers
    Bundestag member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born pastor Mahin Mousapour called for much stronger sanctions for Muslims who abuse Christians in Germany at a press conference on Monday. Breitbart Highlighting the fact Christians suffer violence, harassment, and death threats in migrant lodgings, Ms. Mousapour criticised Germany for granting Islam 'too much respect'. Declaring anti-Christian hate attacks [...]

    Nets Cover Muslim Fencer 100x More Than Faith of Christian Gymnasts

    Winning is a matter of faith for some of Team America at the Rio Olympics. Except journalists only seemed to care about Islamic faith and almost nothing about Judeo-Christian beliefs. So much so that the broadcast networks covered the Islamic faith of one Olympian more than 100 times more than the Judeo-Christian beliefs of five gold-medal winners.

    When the U.S. women's gymnastics landed a gold medal Tuesday evening, the broadcast networks spent 22 minutes, 35 seconds celebrating the win and interviewing the girls. Only 0.6 percent of the coverage mentioned the girls' faith, even though several of them clearly expressed that God was their inspiration for competing.

    In contrast, the networks dedicated 13 minutes, 25 seconds to Muslim fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad simply because she was the first American athlete to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics. The networks began covering her a full three days before the Olympics even began.

    'For thirty-year-old Ibtihaj Muhammad, identity is important,' CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano said on the August 2 This Morning, 'She's a Muslim woman, and an African-American and an Olympic fender.'

    Quijano then explained that Ibtihaj is 'the first American to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab,' and that the fencing uniform 'allowed her to both honor her Muslim faith and blend in.'

    Reporters weren't even predicting Muhammad would win, Not that it mattered when pushing an agenda. 'Now she's not expected to win gold,' ABC senior national correspondent Matt Gutman admitted on the August 7 Good Morning America. 'However she has already proven herself a winner,' he continued.

    Journalists still gave her tons of coverage. To put it in perspective, the networks discussed a Muslim fencer -- solely because of her faith -- more than 100 times as much as they discussed the faith of gold-medal-winning Christian and Jewish gymnasts.

    Muhammad lost her second round, but This Morning and Today continued to cover her, intentionally singling her out of the other 554 U.S. Olympic athletes. Ibtihaj got an additional one minute, 49 seconds of coverage after her loss.

    ABC, CBS and NBC hyped that fencing is the only sport where the uniform fits Muslim modesty standards -- and all told how Ibtihaj has been harassed in the U.S. because of her hijab.

    There's nothing wrong with the media sharing Ibtihaj's story. It's a 'first' worth reporting. But when the media spend 13 and a half minutes focusing almost exclusively on one competitor's Muslim faith, and only 8 seconds hinting at the gymnasts' Judeo-Christian faith, it becomes an offensive discrepancy.


    That's especially true because these women have made it clear that God is their inspiration. They've mentioned their faith multiple times on Twitter.

    19-year-old Simone Biles, who is now regarded as the gymnast at Rio, said she lights a candle to St. Sebastian before events, and carries a rosary to competitions.

    On Twitter, Biles points to her faith as her way of overcoming obstacles.

    20-year-old Gabby Douglas prays while performing. 'Faith plays a very big role in my life,' she said in a 2012 interview, 'I don't know where I would be without it today.'

    Gymnast Madison Kocian, 19, has tweeted:

    And 22-year-old Aly Raisman has wished her followers a 'Happy Jewish New Year' on Twitter.

    Even after winning gold Tuesday night, 16-year-old Laurie Hernandez tweeted a Bible verse from Isaiah:

    Shameful Silence: ABC, CBS, NBC Have Ignored Christian Genocide
    By Matt Philbin | August 10, 2016 | 11:59 AM EDT

    Christians in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are suffering massive, sustained and very bloody persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists. The three broadcast networks are reluctant to report on it, let alone call the atrocity what it is (and what the Obama administration has admitted it is): genocide.

    ISIS has driven staggering numbers of Christians from their homes in Iraq and Syria, and have destroyed some of Christianity's oldest holy sites in what the Islamists have termed 'cultural cleansing.' Terrorists have slaughtered entire Christian villages in Nigeria, and murdered Christian students in their classrooms in Kenya. Churches have been bombed and worshipers kidnapped in Pakistan and Syria.

    One report from Christian activists identifies 1,131 individual Christians murdered by the Islamic State and names 125 churches the terrorists have attacked. Those numbers, according to the report, may be 'the tip of the iceberg.'

    ISIS has publically beheaded or burned alive Christians for refusing to renounce their faith and convert. In Syria, the group crucified dozens. ISIS broke up Christian and Yazidi families and sold young girls into sex slavery. It destroyed Christian holy sites in an attempt to erase all pre-Islamic history, and announced it will continue to wage war against 'the Jews, the Christians, the pagans, and the apostates.'

    A March 18, 2016 article in the Christian Science Monitor cited the evangelical Christian group Open Doors, which found that more than 7,000 'Christians were killed because of their faith last year,' and that doesn't necessarily include the numbers from Iraq, Syria, or even North Korea, where accurate data are difficult to obtain.'

    All this adds up to one thing -- genocide.

    Yet the concept of 'Never again!' seems forgotten by network journalists. Groups such as Open Doors, the Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians have documented the horrors in countries from Afghanistan to Yemen, the West Bank to Central Africa. It hasn't helped. The media rarely tied the incidents together. Even when the pope, the European Union, the House of Representatives and finally the Obama administration all agreed that Christians were victims of genocide, the term was almost unused on ABC, CBS and NBC.

    The networks have reported on the violence sporadically and often superficially. They mentioned the plight of Christians in Muslim countries in only 60 stories between January 2014 and June 2016 -- an average of just one story every two weeks across all three networks. But they have essentially refused to connect their own dots and call it what it clearly is: genocide.

    Hollywood champions like George Clooney, who publicized Darfur and demanded action on that genocide have gone silent. Pope Francis has shined a light on the violence, going so far as to condone military action against ISIS. But the networks were far more interested in anything the pope might say on gay marriage or contraception than genocide.

    If there's any good news, it's that, unlike Rwanda, where the horror was complete before the media understood genocide was occurring, the Christian genocide is occurring at a slower pace. There is still time for the networks to let the world know.

    MRC Culture analyzed more than two years of network coverage of Christian persecution, and has published a Special Report, available here. The essential findings:

    * What Genocide?: Between January 2014 and June 2016, the network evening news shows referred to persecution against Christians in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia just 60 times. Despite telling of murders, forced religious conversions and mass displacement, the networks refused to add up the thousands of atrocities to what they clearly amount to: genocide. Just six of the 60 reports used the word genocide. Put another way, over two years, they mentioned the Christian genocide on just four separate days. Even when Secretary of State John Kerry officially declared in March 2016 that ISIS was engaging in genocide, CBS didn't report it.
    * Media Kept Calling Darfur 'Genocide': During the George W. Bush administration, the networks had no problem calling the situation in Darfur genocide, even before the U.S. officially called it that. Once it did, they referred to the Darfur 'genocide' 38 times in two years.
    * Journalists Should Have Known: If network reporters had even connected the dots of their own reports, they should have known and reported on what was really happening to Christians. By their own reporting, hundreds of thousands of Christians are 'on the run' from their homes, mass graves have been found, and Christians have been made to 'convert or die.' In addition, network journalists could have watched their own news magazine shows. Both ABC's Nightline and CBS's Sixty Minutes have aired excellent long-form stories on the atrocities, though neither show used the word genocide.
    * Downplaying The Slaughter: The six instances where the networks have used 'genocide' or equivalent terms, they've tended to lump Christians in with Yazidis and Shia Muslims as victims, echoing the Obama administration's reluctance to focus on the anti-Christian violence. During the two years MRC Culture analyzed, one source has recorded 226 Muslim- on-Christian attacks. At least 125 churches have been attacked. According to one Christian group, 7,000 Christians worldwide were killed because of their faith in 2015 alone. Yet even when the Obama administration has (officially and unofficially) called the Christian persecution in Iraq and Syria genocide, the networks almost never used the word.

    Sign the petition and demand the networks Tell the Truth about Christian Genocide.


    Even though the State Department finally acknowledged that that ISIS's ongoing murder and persecution of Christians amounts to genocide, ABC, CBS, and NBC continue to avoid using 'genocide' to describe what ISIS and affiliated extremists are inflicting on Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

    And they have only sporadically reported on the mass exodus of some of the world's oldest Christian sects from Iraq and Syria, and the bloody fate of those who remained.

    * Jihadists have attacked, and sometimes wiped out, entire Christian neighborhoods and villages.
    * Christians have been murdered in a dozen countries by extremists that have tortured, beheaded, crucified or burned them alive.
    * ISIS has assaulted hundreds of churches and destroyed ancient Christian holy sites in acts of 'cultural cleansing.'

    And almost none of this has made the evening news broadcasts. ABC, CBS, and NBC almost never identify this brutal terror for what it really is:

    Christian genocide.
    Sign the Petition

    People everywhere deserve to know the TRUTH about the genocide being carried out against Christians. I stand with the Media Research Center and demand the media 'Tell the Truth!'

    This Will Turn the Tables on Obama's Brotherhood
    Christians from across the country need to contact Congress right now and demand that they pass the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act!

    This bill would deport Obama's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operatives immediately and cut off the U.S. "non-profit" fundraising arms of these jihadis.
    Image of Charles Benninghoff video analyzing the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act

    The bill just passed in the House Judiciary Committee but six Republicans did not even show up for the vote!

    Watch today's video to learn why we have to demand that Congress label the Muslim Brotherhood as a jihadi group and deport all of its foreign spies!
    The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act (HR 3892) was sponsored by Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida. There is an identical companion bill in the Senate.

    Barack Obama has refused for the past seven years to label this group as an international sponsor of terrorism even though the group openly declares jihad against all non-Muslim countries.

    Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas says the group is "the key foundation stone for radical Sunni terrorism that spawned both Al Qaeda and ISIL."

    This group actively promotes Sharia law in America and thanks to Obama it has infiltrated almost every federal law enforcement agency!

    Send FaxGrams to Congress to kick the MB out!

    Six Republicans did not show up for the Judiciary Committee vote on this bill. It passed 17 to 10 along party lines and if all of the Democrats on the Committee had been there it likely would have failed.

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the full Senate and the full House still need to vote on it and if the Judiciary Committee vote is any indication, some GOP members are too afraid of Obama to touch this issue!

    This is why your FaxGrams to Congress right now are crucial.

    The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act calls for deporting all foreign nationals who are members of the group.

    That includes current employees and top advisers in the White House, the Pentagon, the Defense Department and other agencies, as well as jihad-preaching imams who are visiting the country on foreign visas.

    In addition, if the Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a jihadi organization it would make it a crime for these front groups to raise funds in the United States:

    The despicable Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which refers to patriotic Christians as terrorists, and which also supports Hamas.
    The Islamic Society of North America
    The North American Islamic Trust
    The Barack H. Obama Foundation, a phony "non-profit" formed by Barack's brother Malik "Roy" Obama who as been identified as the principal international fundraiser for the MB. Accused IRS scoundrel Lois Lerner personally signed the authorization papers allowing the formation of the Barack H. Obama Foundation!

    This would cut the major fundraising arms of the MB in America and kick the foreign enemies OUT!

    Send your FaxGrams to Congress today and tell them to pass this bill!

    Obama is letting the enemies in the gates but with this bill we finally have a chance to make an impact and turn back the tide.

    America under Obama has become like the city of Ninevah in the Old Testament, in which the prophet Nahum declared in Nahum 3:13, "The gates of your land are wide open for your enemies; fire shall devour the bars of your gates!"

    This bill will slam the gates shut once again. The MB operatives who have been writing Obama's failed counter-terrorism policies will be kicked out.

    These rats hiding in plain sight have rewritten America's "War on Terror" training documents to label Christians as a threat while scrubbing all references to Islamic immigrants and refugees!

    Plus Obama's family is personally financially benefiting from the relationship with this group!

    Send FaxGrams right now to boot these unholy enemies of America out and send them home!

    Send Faxes Now Image

    Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart had the courage to write the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act and stand up to Obama so we will be endorsing his future reelection efforts.

    Send this link to others who you believe would be willing to speak out:


    After sending your FaxGrams, contact your Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to pass HR 3892, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act!

    Finally, please remember to "Like" our page on Facebook and ask your online friends to "Like" us as well.

    In His Name,
    Charles Benninghoff, Founder
    Pray For US
    3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Ste 500 S.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
    Personal Cell: 949-510-1100

    The Roots of the Refugee Crisis Caused by the West
    Posted by Dr Sircus on January 8, 2016 | Filed under World News

    Children cry as migrants waiting on the Greek side of the border break through a cordon of Macedonian special police forces to cross into Macedonia, near the southern city of Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on Aug. 21, 2015.

    This picture broke my heart especially hard because this little boy looks exactly like my youngest son. I have been holding off publishing this essay for many months because it frightens me to be so blunt about the massive evil forces at work on earth. However, as I waited, added and events unfolded things only got clearer. We have to be that strong now to protect our families and we need to be super clear, about what is going on around us.

    I cried my heart out seeing the photos below presented by the Times and am mad hearing from Rand Paul [] how the United States government is responsible for the rise of ISIS, [] and thus all the barbarian acts against men, women and children. Now that Russian troops are on the ground in Syria, the chances for world war have increased with Obama against going against his word putting boots on the ground. []

    Now that Turkey has shot down a Russian plane, we are another step closer to a world war. Turkey, a NATO country, is apparently allied with ISIS and is helping it sell oil on the world market. In addition, the Turkish military is more interested in killing Kurds (whom the US like and support) than in settling things in Syria, where chaos reigns driving more and more people to flee the country.

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also acknowledged that the U.S-led invasion aided the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS). [] Coalition leaders had failed to understand what would happen after the removal of Saddam Hussein as Iraq's dictator, Blair said.

    'What we do know is one of the most important spies in the CIA, one with a major role in the Near East (probably Iraq), definitely was retained as a lobbyist by Sulayman. And Sulayman retained him to 'create an autonomous Sunni region in Iraq or an independent Sunni State.' In other words, destroy Iraq by formally creating and recognizing Sunni-Jihadi-stan. Or a safe-zone for Sunni terrorists. Or what it actually is, a caliphate,' writes Tyler Durden.

    'The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam. Following takfiri doctrine, the Islamic State is committed to purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people,' writes The Atlantic.

    'What do you do when there are large numbers of crazy people that are actually looking forward to being martyrs? We don't really have a defense for the kind of attack that we just witnessed in France. What can you really do when you are dealing with large numbers of homicidal maniacs that are not afraid to die and that can strike anywhere at any time?' writes Michael Snyder.

    Paul Craig Roberts writes, 'Washington is not opposed to terrorism. Washington has been purposely creating terrorism for many years. Terrorism is a weapon that Washington intends to use to destabilize Russia and China by exporting it to the Muslim populations in Russia and China.'

    [syn: Wolfowitz Doctrine; Wolfowitz; toppling governments; interventionism; regime change; Western imperialism; colonialism; Socialism; Fascism; Bilderberg; NWO; one world government; one world religion; CFR; US empire building; Confessions of an Economic Hitman; US toppling foreign governments; US colonizing nations; IMF; Western Imperialism; US installed puppet regime; interventionalism; imperialism; Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia; ]

    Yesterday I published about how the refugee situation is threatening to destroy the west [] and on Facebook received some hate for it. The subjects I am trying to communicate about are difficult there is no doubt about it. It is understandable if a person does not want to look into the jaws of the beast preferring to stay home with a good book. It might have looked like I was against Moslem people but that is not the case. I am against rapists, sexual abusers, pedophiles, enslavers, psychopaths and sociopaths and the basic programming put into my fellow human beings imaginations that help them turn toward evil and ignorance. [Islam is evil; some muslims are not, but the closer that they adhere to Islam and the Qur'an, the more evil they are.]

    Whether we look or not events will find their way of catching up with most of us. If we allow ourselves to be blindsided it will hurt more. The media of course is not helping much feeding the gullible public with piles of lies and distortions. Mainstream western media are no more likely to tell us what is real much more than Chinese state media does. Most Americans are thus walking around in fantasyland not really caring what outrages their government provokes around the world. Most leave untouched huge happenings taking place ignoring massive injustices because they receive such scant attention from the media.

    Turkish gendarmerie stand near by the washed up body of a refugee child who drowned during a failed attempt to sail to the Greek island of Kos, at the shore in the coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey on 02 Sept.r 2015.

    Refuges are on the march from North Africa, the Middle East and from the Ukraine and Afghanistan. It is the barberry and butchery of governmental policies that is leading to mass migrations. 'And so sadly, the choice appears to be between bullets, bombs, and sword-wielding jihadists in Syria and freezing to death in the Balkans or else being burned alive in Sweden -- and that's assuming you don't die at sea in transit,' writes Tyler Durden.
    [almost all are not from Syria and are not refugees but freeloaders aiming to spread Islam while having as many babies as possible on welfare, with us paying for our own eventual enslavement: Hijra]

    Note: It is usually the US that reminds the world of Syria's displaced population. What it often doesn't mention is the fact that most of these displaced Syrians have not fled abroad either to Turkey or Jordan or further beyond to Europe, but have instead sought safe haven [from Obama's terrorists -- the ones he continually trains, arms, supports and justifies -- along with the chemical weapons that were used on the Syrians that he gave the terrorists and then blamed on Assad] in Syria's capital of Damascus and the protection of its government and the Syrian Arab Army. [They also don't mention that the US has been arming ISIS, al-Qa'ida and other rebels in an attempt to overthrow Syria's government, along with the many other countries' governments that the US overthrew (see "General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies"; "The General openly spilled the beans on the U.S. military's plan to illegally invade 7 countries in the Middle East under the lie of the war on terror"; "Paul Wolfowitz penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which became the basis for Washington's foreign policy" (under which the US overthrows governments and attempts to surround Russia and China with governments that are hostile to them (and to us, unfortunately, also); see Wolfowitz for more info), creating unliveable conditions for millions of people and causing the "refugee" migrant crisis in which the majority of the Muslim migrants are freeloaders hoping to capitalize on the crisis and live off the poor citizens of the West while the Muslims pop out millions of babies on welfare and take the countries over (as they were ordered by the Quran and their inmams) and change their governments to Sharia, then they enslave, rape and murder non-Muslims (see Stealth Jihad; welfare jihad; confessions of an economic hitman; )][syn: Wolfowitz Doctrine; Wolfowitz; toppling governments; interventionism; regime change; Western imperialism; colonialism; Socialism; Fascism; Bilderberg; NWO; one world government; one world religion; CFR; US empire building; Confessions of an Economic Hitman; US toppling foreign governments; US colonizing nations; IMF; Western Imperialism; US installed puppet regime; interventionalism; imperialism; Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia; ]

    Learn how to treat yourself and your loved ones safely at home with Dr Sircus Protocol
    Get Your Free Guide

    Today, according to the Washington Post, they are 'bypassing the refugee camps and heading straight for Europe, [] as the fallout from a war President Obama once called 'someone else's civil war' spills far beyond Syria's borders.' Want a preview of the kind of life that is coming to hundreds of millions with billions affected read the Posts essay.

    'The reason so many are fleeing places such as Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq [] is that U.S. and European interventionist foreign policy has left these countries destabilized with no hopes of economic recovery,' explained [] former congressman and three-time presidential contender Ron Paul, a leading voice for a constitutional, non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy. 'This mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the neocon foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing 'democracy' at the barrel of a gun.'
    [The US, following the Wolfowitz Doctrine, (q.v.) has started countless wars all over the world, toppling governments and making these countries hellholes for the people who live there. Some are legitimate Syrian refugees, but most are freeloaders who are neither refugees nor from Syria, and who are exploiting the situation and confusion to travel to the West and demand welfare. Democrats are only to happy to welcome them and steal more tax money from us to give to them in their quest to obtain new voters to keep them in power. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" -- Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton's and Obama's idol and mentor.]

    Governments should stop thinking about refugee camps as temporary places, says Kilian Kleinschmidt, [] one of the world's leading authorities on humanitarian aid (+ interview). "These are the cities of tomorrow," said Kleinschmidt of Europe's rapidly expanding refugee camps. "The average stay today in a camp is 17 years. That's a generation."

    Evil Provokes Evil

    'Why has Barack Obama airdropped 50 tons of ammunition into areas that 'moderate rebels' in Syria supposedly control? This is essentially the equivalent of poking the Russians directly in the eyes. Much of this ammunition will end up in the hands of those that the Russians are attempting to bomb into oblivion, and so to Russia it appears that we are attempting to make their job much harder. And of course the truth is that there aren't really any 'moderate rebels' in Syria at all. Nearly all of the groups that are fighting are made up primarily of radical jihadists and/or hired mercenaries,' writes Snyder, in an essay titled, 'Is Obama trying to start WWIII?

    'Contrary to what one might expect, U.S. military aid doesn't produce willing, cooperative, or effective security partners. Instead, it incentivizes bad behavior and drives the sources of terrorism: corruption, violence, and poor governance. Unwittingly, this policy is creating its own enemies,' writes Jeremy Ravinsky.

    I feel sorry for those who believe that the United States is a benevolent force in the world and one would think European governments would have learned the lesson of peace by now but they have not. We are about to witness big changes in the world and none or few for the better. Drone Strikes Are Creating Hatred Toward America That Will Last for Generations.

    Pravda published, [] 'Washington is trying to provoke a war in the Middle East to cover the coming collapse of the Petrodollar system and the American economy when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. The war is necessary to blame the coming dollar and debt collapse on Russia and China rather where it belongs on Wall Street, the central banking cartel and Washington political establishment. Remember while a Washington provoked war or conflict is likely to start in the Shia Crescent; it could spread across the Middle East and into Europe.'

    Certainly this lusting for endless conflict was revealed recently when things boiled over between Iran (the Shite) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni). The brother of a prominent Shiite cleric whose execution has roiled the Mideast and set off worldwide protests is blaming President Obama for failing to use his influence with the Saudi government to prevent his death. 'I am sorry to say that the American government did not offer to make any efforts on this, although they knew the danger of this action and the repercussions,' [] Mohammed Al-Nimr said about the weekend execution of his brother, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr,

    David Stockman, [] an ex-governmental man, wrote, 'The end of the cold war meant world peace was finally at hand, yet 25 years later there is still no peace because Imperial Washington confounds it. In fact, the War Party entrenched in the nation's capital is dedicated to economic interests and ideological perversions that guarantee perpetual war; they ensure endless waste on armaments and the inestimable death and human suffering that stems from 21st century high tech warfare and the terrorist blowback it inherently generates among those upon which the War Party inflicts its violent hegemony.'
    [Search for perpetual war] Also search for:
    [syn: Wolfowitz Doctrine; Wolfowitz; toppling governments; interventionism; regime change; Western imperialism; colonialism; Socialism; Fascism; Bilderberg; NWO; one world government; one world religion; CFR; US empire building; Confessions of an Economic Hitman; US toppling foreign governments; US colonizing nations; IMF; Western Imperialism; US installed puppet regime; interventionalism; imperialism; Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia; ]

    Srdjan Zivulovic/Reuters

    A mounted policeman leads a group of migrants near Dobova, Slovenia October 20, 2015. [] Can you imagine yourself or one of your loved one on this line and situation? This is what your friendly first world governments have brought to many people of the world.


    See the below article that this excerpt is from:
    As the United States plans to take in about 2,000 "Syrian refugees" [almost all are not from Syria and are not refugees but freeloaders aiming to spread Islam while having as many babies as possible on welfare, with us paying for our own eventual enslavement: Hijra] this year -- out of the nearly 4 million who have fled the country's civil war -- Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch is warning that resettlement efforts are merely attempts to create Democratic voters out of Muslim refugees who are using migration as 'a form of jihad.'

    Note: It is usually the US that reminds the world of Syria's displaced population. What it often doesn't mention is the fact that most of these displaced Syrians have not fled abroad either to Turkey or Jordan or further beyond to Europe, but have instead sought safe haven [from Obama's terrorists -- the ones he continually trains, arms, supports and justifies -- along with the chemical weapons that were used on the Syrians that he gave the terrorists and then blamed on Assad] in Syria's capital of Damascus and the protection of its government and the Syrian Arab Army. [They also don't mention that the US has been arming ISIS, al-Qa'ida and other rebels in an attempt to overthrow Syria's government, along with the many other countries' governments that the US overthrew (see "General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies"; "The General openly spilled the beans on the U.S. military's plan to illegally invade 7 countries in the Middle East under the lie of the war on terror"; "Paul Wolfowitz penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which became the basis for Washington's foreign policy" (under which the US overthrows governments and attempts to surround Russia and China with governments that are hostile to them (and to us, unfortunately, also); see Wolfowitz for more info), creating unliveable conditions for millions of people and causing the "refugee" migrant crisis in which the majority of the Muslim migrants are freeloaders hoping to capitalize on the crisis and live off the poor citizens of the West while the Muslims pop out millions of babies on welfare and take the countries over (as they were ordered by the Quran and their inmams) and change their governments to Sharia, then they enslave, rape and murder non-Muslims (see Stealth Jihad; welfare jihad; confessions of an economic hitman; )][syn: Wolfowitz Doctrine; Wolfowitz; toppling governments; interventionism; regime change; Western imperialism; colonialism; Socialism; Fascism; Bilderberg; NWO; one world government; one world religion; CFR; US empire building; Confessions of an Economic Hitman; US toppling foreign governments; US colonizing nations; IMF; Western Imperialism; US installed puppet regime; interventionalism; imperialism; Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia; ]

    Like most partisan political debates, this one gives off plenty of heat without shedding much light. Because the real question is: why are hundreds of thousands of people suddenly abandoning their homes, their families, and their countries to make the long and dangerous trek through Mexico and into the United States? [The US, following the Wolfowitz Doctrine, (q.v.) has started countless wars all over the world, toppling governments and making these countries hellholes for the people who live there. Some are legitimate Syrian refugees, but most are freeloaders who are neither refugees nor from Syria, and who are exploiting the situation and confusion to travel to the West and demand welfare. Democrats are only to happy to welcome them and steal more tax money from us to give to them in their quest to obtain new voters to keep them in power. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" -- Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton's and Obama's idol and mentor.] And where are these people coming from?

    Mark This Date-Global War Has Arrived
    Andy Hoffman's Daily Thoughts, October 4, 2016

    Last week, I wrote an entire article about lying, [Who are Worse Liars, Central Bankers or Politicians?] invoking the name of history's most infamous liar, Joseph Goebbels. [Was Goebbels Right?] Come to think of it, it was the second such article in a month, following September's "who are worse liars, politicians or Central bankers?"

    The reason being, that the pace of global economic collapse has accelerated so rapidly (see this morning's horrific U.S. industrial production report, restaurant performance index, [] and heavy duty truck orders), [Contra Corner » 18-Wheeler Alert---Heavy Truck Sales Down 29% Y/Y] that the powers that be's' efforts to preserve the dying status quo - that benefits less than 1% of the world's population, at the expense of all others - have resorted to lies, fraud, manipulation, and propaganda so severe, and perverse, even Goebbels would blanche. And likely, marvel at how much communication and market rigging technologies have advanced in seven decades, to the point that practically nothing is unachievable. At least in the short-term, until "Economic Mother Nature" eventually wins, as she always does.

    In it, I opined that "even the smallest lie often leads to far greater evils," so you can imagine the trouble that will result from today's unprecedentedly large ones. Like, for instance, history's largest, most destructive fiat currency Ponzi scheme; which necessitates exponential expansion of the lie that your purchasing power will return. Until, of course, all purchasing power is gone, as occurred in all fiat Ponzi schemes throughout history. However, never have they all collapsed simultaneously, which is exactly what we are headed for, in rapid fashion.

    To that end, the "every day worse than the last" manipulation mantra I uttered more than a decade ago has officially gone parabolic - shortly, to graduate to the lying equivalent of a ninth degree black belt. Or, more appropriately, the seventh level of hell, as the trapped rats that are said "powers that be" resort to unprecedented fraud in their desperate efforts to kick the can those last few inches.

    Frankly, it's hard to believe Precious Metals are the year's best performing asset - in nearly all currencies - given how maniacal the Cartel has been in its vicious, blatantly obvious, 24/7 attempts to hold prices down amidst the most "PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish" news flow of our lifetimes. Which I assure you, are about to get a lot more so. Such as last night's 160th "Sunday Night Sentiment" raid of the past 166 weekends, and this morning's follow ups - at what do you know, the time honored "key attack times" of the 8:20 AM COMEX open, the 10:00 AM EST physical market close, and the 12:00 PM "cap of last resort" - as the horrific global political and economic news flow accelerates to a torrent.

    I'll get to the incredible Deutsche Bank saga shortly, as it's clearly the most likely flash point for the political, economic, and monetary implosion that frankly, I cannot see being avoided by the end of this year. However, the bigger - and far more terrifying - concept of war is what is dominating my thoughts, regarding not just currencies and trade, but the desperate attempt to maintain power by those with the most to lose; and to garner it by those most able to exploit the world's rapidly exploding ills.

    Politically, all is nearly all lost - as no matter what the powers that be attempt, the world will be a far different scarier place a year from now. New leadership has already been secured in the UK, which officially announced its BrExit plan this morning. And later this year, the same will occur in Italy, and very likely in the U.S. as well; followed by France, Spain, and Germany next year, to name but a few; all of whom aim to either destroy the hell that has been created, or create a new one, purposefully or inadvertently. I mean, think about it. What could possibly come of the U.S. cutting off military diplomacy with Russia in Syria, whilst accusing it of humanitarian atrocities? Or Congress passing the JASTA bill, enabling Americans to directly sue Saudi Arabia...forcing our only Arab ally - and the gatekeeper to the "petrodollar" standard - to openly discuss its role in 9/11?

    Here in the States, with each passing day I am more convinced that November 8th will represent a cataclysmic event in U.S. history - by my words, "BrExit times ten," [] given that seemingly everyone believes Hillary Clinton will win, despite polls claiming otherwise. And more importantly, the increasingly obvious shift in the political zeitgeist. Frankly, it's almost surreal to watch the mainstream media relentlessly attack every move Trump makes - most of it, pure propaganda; whilst allowing Clinton to rape, destroy, and pillage American citizens, and the world at large, without a peep. Hopefully, Julian Assange's much anticipated WikiLeaks release tomorrow in fact destroys her Presidential campaign - as he strongly believes will be the case. But if not, I assure you something else will; as in my view, no Presidential candidate has been more universally despised than Hillary Clinton.

    Economically, possibly the three biggest economic lies I have ever seen - which is saying a lot - have occurred in the last three trading days, starting with Wells Fargo's blatant lying to thousands of clients - which by the way, Morgan Stanley was also accused of this morning. Next, the complete and utter fabrication that is the "OPEC production freeze." Which I assure you, will be seen through by the time its planned "ratification" on November 30th arrives. Don't believe me? Than pray tell, why did the Saudi stock market close today at essentially its lowest level since early 2009; i.e., oil's low print from the great financial crisis. And why did Zero Hedge just post an article titled "what OPEC 'production cut': Iran, Libya to boost production."

    Then there's Deutsche Bank, the "Lehman of 2016" and "world's most systematically dangerous institution," that is unquestionably on the "verge of collapse." Honestly, nothing I have ever seen - from Enron, to Worldcom, Bear Stearns, AIG, Fannie Mae, and Lehman - holds a candle to the depth of fraud, deception, and flat-out war its imminent bankruptcy is bringing to light, to the point that I'm having trouble putting it words. Put it this way, what we saw on Friday (always Fridays!), of a fabrication so blindingly ridiculous, it made the OPEC 'production cut' appear rational, takes the cake as the biggest financial lie ever told. Which fortunately, is already being called out - as frankly, my anger level regarding all things Deutsche Bank-related is reaching levels previously reached by only a precious few, like Hillary Clinton.

    Last year, the "Deutsche Bank War" erupted when it announced massive, multi-billion losses, far more disproportionate than its peers. Clearly, its immense leverage and gargantuan, toxic derivatives book were starting to erode it from the inside. And when DB started offering 5% Certificates of Deposit this Spring, and openly criticizing the ECB of destroying its business with negative interest rates, the writing was clearly on the wall that something very, very big was going down.

    During late June's post-BrExit swoon, the stock hit a new all-time low of $12.49/share; and rapidly approached that level when two weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Justice, despite being amidst similar investigations with numerous banks, chose to single out Deutsche Bank, and fine it $14 billion (against expectations of $2-$3 billion) for mortgage-related fraud prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Which, it turns out, was exactly the amount the EU fined Apple for "tax evasion" last month. Only in this case, the U.S. picked on the weakest - and most "systematically dangerous," according to the U.S.-led IMF - institution in Europe; as opposed to Apple, quite obviously America's strongest company. Better yet, a week later, the DOJ went after Volkswagen - one of Germany's largest employers - claiming it aims to fine it as much as possible without putting it out of business. And this morning, my prior observation of the DOJ's agenda was validated by the head of the German Parliament's Economics Committee, who suggested the U.S. was indeed engaging in economic war; and not to mention, extortion.

    In doing so, the price of DB sliced through said all-time low, falling as low as $11.22/share last Thursday, when word emerged that numerous high profile hedge funds were pulling their excess cash out - leaving the world one day from imploding, as if DB's stock crash continued Friday, ahead of a three-day German weekend, there's a good chance markets would not have opened today.

    Which is precisely why the most inane rumor ever was concocted, based on a TWITTER post, by the FRENCH press, that the GERMAN company Deutsche Bank was on the verge of signing off on a "mere" $5.4 billion settlement with the AMERICAN government. Which aside from the fact that the concept of such an announcement being leaked to the French press, and posted only on Twitter, being utterly ridiculous, wouldn't even be "good news" if it were true. I mean, is it me who's nuts, or did essentially every major Wall Street bank, upon hearing of the DOJ's $14 billion fine announcement two weeks ago, opine that even a $3-$4 billion fine would be enough to wipe out most of DB's capital? Let alone, $5.4 billion, if it were true!

    Either way, this blatant lie was put out, with accompanying PPT "cover," to make sure DB's stock turned around prior to the weekend, despite it being so Goebbels-esque in nature. And "save" it most certainly did, for one day at least - as the mother of all short covering rallies was piggy-backed onto the PPT's relentless buying, causing the price to rise back to $13.09 by day's end.
    The only problem is, that like OPEC's "production freeze," it was likely to be found out, and quickly. And in this case, it also invited a new phase of economic warfare; as over the weekend, embattled Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who unquestionably will be forced to resign by year-end - once his pet Constitutional Reform referendum is defeated - used Deutsche Bank's weakness to not only attack the European Union (as revenge for it patronizing Italy regarding the poor state of its banking system); but to further his own political agenda (by "standing up for Italy's rights"); and seek a scapegoat for the equally imminent collapse of Italy's third largest bank, Banke Monte Paschi. By thus, accusing Deutsche Bank of, for all intents and purposes, fraudulently hiding Monte Paschi's losses - as Goldman Sachs did with the nation of Greece, going all the way back to the 2009 financial crisis. In other words, kicking them when they're down, by making it more difficult to negotiate a DOJ settlement; and by proxy, dramatically increase the odds of Standard & Poor's imminently reducing DB's credit rating to junk status.

    That said, the bigger bombshell occurred (last Sunday night), when it was reported that not only was there no DOJ settlement, but Deutsche Bank executives hadn't yet even met with DOJ officials to discuss it. In other words, it took a mere two days for the biggest economic lie ever told to be refuted. Which, per my initial quote regarding the ramifications of lies, made the situation that much worse, now that the Bank Monte Paschi-related lawsuit has been thrust onto the scene. Which is probably why Deutsche Bank bankruptcy-related credit default swaps hit an all-time high this morning; in turn, revealing just how maniacal the PPT has become, given that as I write, DB stock is down just $0.30, after rising $1.60 on Friday. Oh well, as they say, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. Oh, and did I mention that over the weekend, many of Deutsche Bank's ATM's "coincidentally" wouldn't dispense cash, due to what company executives are deeming an "IT glitch?" Or that the Deutsche Bank corporate yield bond curve inverted? Or that U.S. repo market cash funding rates just soared to the highest levels since the 2008-09 crisis? But don't worry, what could possibly go wrong? After all, I kid you not, Jim Cramer just told listeners to buy DB stock.

    Frankly, the only TRUTHs I see from today's soon-to-be serially discredited and deposed officialdom are those telling you, right to your face, of the horrors they are about to impose on your financial status - like the UK government proposal to reduce pension benefits; and major Central bankers speaking of upcoming bailouts, bail-ins, negative interest rates, and equity monetizations. Including, in just the past week alone, America's "big three" dollar destructionists - Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Larry Summers.

    OK, that's enough for now - as my anger is at the boiling point, and my daily three-page limit getting harder and harder to meet. Other than to scream, at the top of my lungs, for you to PROTECT YOURSELF, and DO IT NOW, as the global wars are raging - politically, economically, and socially. Shortly, to conflate into an unprecedented monetary inferno.

    David's Favorite Articles

    Paul Craig Roberts Urges "Bring Back The Cold War"

    Pundits have declared a "New Cold War." If only! The Cold War was a time when leaders focused on reducing tensions between nuclear powers. What we have today is much more dangerous: Washington's reckless and irresponsible aggression toward the other major nuclear powers, Russia and China.

    During my lifetime American presidents worked to defuse tensions with Russia. President John F. Kennedy worked with Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Richard Nixon negotiated SALT I and the anti-ballistic missile treaty, and Nixon opened to Communist China. President Carter negotiated SALT II. Reagan worked with Soviet leader Gorbachev and ended the Cold War. The Berlin Wall came down. Gorbachev was promised that in exchange for the Soviet Union's agreement to the reunification of Germany, NATO would not move one inch to the East.

    Peace was at hand. And then the neoconservatives, rehabilitated by the Israeli influence in the American press, went to work to destroy the peace that Reagan and Gorbachev had achieved. It was a short-lasting peace. Peace is costly to the profits of the military/security complex. Washington's gigantic military and security interests are far more powerful than the peace lobby.

    Since the advent of the criminal Clinton regime, every American president has worked overtime to raise tensions with Russia and China.

    China is confronted with the crazed and criminal Obama regime's declaration of the "pivot to Asia" and the prospect of the US Navy controlling the sea lanes that provision China.

    Russia is even more dangerously threatened with US nuclear missile bases on her border and with US and NATO military bases stretching from the Baltics to the Black Sea.

    Russia is also threatened with endless provocations and with demonization that is clearly intended to prepare Western peoples for war against "the Russian threat." Extreme and hostile words stream from the mouth of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has called the president of Russia "the new Hitler" and threatened Russia with military force. Insouciant Americans are capable of electing this warmonger who would bring Armageddon upon the earth.

    Yesterday, Israel's voice in the US, the New York Times, added to Hillary's demonization of the most responsible leader in the world with this editorial: "Vladimir Putin's Outlaw State." This irresponsible and propagandistic editorial, no doubt written by the neoconservatives, blames all the troubles in Ukraine and Syria on Putin. The NYT presstitutes know that they have no case, so they drag in the US-orchestrated false report on MH-17 recently released by Washington's Netherlands vassal.

    This report is so absurd as to cast doubt on whether intelligence exists anywhere in the Western world. Russia and the now independent Russian provinces that have separated from Ukraine have no interest whatsoever in shooting down a Malaysian airliner. But despite this fact, Russia, according to the orchestrated report, sent a surface-to-air missile, useful only at high altitude, an altitude far higher than the Ukrainian planes fly that are attacking Russians in the separated republics, to the "rebels" so that the "rebels" could shoot down a Malaysian airliner. Then the missile system was sent back to Russia.

    How insouciant does a person have to be to believe this propaganda from the New York Times?

    Does the New York Times write this nonsense because it is bankrupt and lives on CIA subsidies?

    It is obvious that the Malaysian airliner was destroyed for the purpose of blaming Russia so that Washington could force Europe to cooperate in applying illegal sanctions on Russia in an attempt to destabilize Russia, a country that placed itself in the way of Washington's determination to destabilize Syria and Iran.

    In a recent speech, the mindless cipher, who in his role as US Secretary of Defense serves as a front man for the armaments industry, declared the one trillion dollars (1,000 billion dollars or 1,000,000 million dollars, that is, one million dollars one million times) that Washington is going to spend of Americans' money for nuclear force renewal is so we can "get up in the morning to go to school, to go to work, to live our lives, to dream our dreams and to give our children a better future."

    But Russia's response to this buildup in Washington's strategic nuclear weapons is, according to Defense Secretary Aston B. Carter, "saber rattling" that "raises serious questions about Russia's leaders commitment to strategic stability."

    Do you get the picture? Or are you an insouciant American? Washington's buildup is only so that we can get up in the morning and go to school and work, but Russia's buildup in response to Washington's buildup upsets "strategic stability."

    What the Pentagon chief means is that Russia is supposed to sit there and let Washington gain the upper hand so Washington can maintain "strategic stability" by dictating to Russia. By not letting Washington prevail, Russia is upsetting "strategic stability."

    US Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been broken and tamed by the neoconservatives, recently displayed the same point of view with his "ultimatum" to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. In effect, Kerry told Lavrov that Russia must stop helping Syria resist the jihadist forces and allow the US-supported ISIS to regain the initiative and reduce Syria to the chaos in which Washington left Libya and Iraq. Otherwise, Kerry said that the agreement to cooperate is off.

    There can be no cooperation between the US and Russia over Syria, because the two government's goals are entirely different. Russia wants to defeat ISIS, and the US wants to use ISIS to overthrow Assad. This should be clear to the Russians. Yet they still enter into "agreements" that Washington has no intention of keeping. Washington breaks the agreements and blames Russia, thus creating more opportunities to paint Russia as untrustworthy. Without Russia's cooperation in setting themselves up for blame, Russia's portrait would not be so black.

    On September 28, 2016, the New York Times gave us a good example of how Washington's propaganda system works.

    The headline set the stage: "Russia's Brutal Bombing of Aleppo May Be Calculated, and It May Be Working." According to the NYT report, Russia was not bombing ISIS. Russia was "destroying hospitals and schools, choking off basic supplies, and killing aid workers and hundreds of civilians."
    The NYT asks: "What could possibly motivate such brutality?"
    The NYT answers: Russia is "massacring Aleppo's civilians as part of a calculated strategy . . . designed to pressure [moderates] to ally themselves with extremists," thereby discrediting the forces that Washington has sent to overthrow Syria and to reduce the country to chaos.

    When America's Newspaper of Record is nothing but a propaganda ministry, what is America?

    Pundits keep explaining that Washington's 15-year-old wars in the Middle East are about controlling the routing of energy pipelines. Little doubt this is a factor as it brings on board powerful American energy and financial interests. But this is not the motive for the wars. Washington, or the neoconservatives who control the US government, intend to destabilize the Russian Federation, the former Soviet Central Asian countries, and China's Muslim province by adding Syria and then Iran to the chaos that Washington has created in Iraq and Libya. If Washington succeeds in destroying Syria as it succeeded in destroying Libya and Iraq, Iran becomes the last buffer for Russia. If Washington then knocks off Iran, Russia is set up for destabilization by jihadists operating in Muslim regions of the Russian Federation.

    This is clear as day. Putin understands this. But Russia, which existed under Washington's domination during the Yeltsin years, has been left threatened by Washington's Fifth Columns in Russia. There are a large number of foreign-financed NGOs in Russia that Putin finally realized were Washington's agents. These Washington operatives have been made to register as foreign-financed, but they are still functioning.

    Russia is also betrayed by a section of its elite who are allied economically, politically, and emotionally with Washington. I have termed these Russians "America Worshipers." Their over-riding cause is to have Russia integrated with the West, which means to be a vassal of Washington.

    Washington's money even seems to have found its way into Russian "think tanks" and academic institutions. According to this report, two think tanks, one Russian one American, possibly funded by Washington's money, have concluded that "US, Russia 'Have far more common interests than differences' in Asia-Pacific."

    This "academic report" is a direct assault on the Russian/Chinese alliance. It makes one wonder whether the report was funded by the CIA. The Russian media fall for the "common interest" propaganda, because they desire to be included in the West. Like Russian academics, the Russian media know English, not Chinese. Russia's history since Peter the Great is with the West. So that is where they want to be. However, these America Worshipping Russians cannot understand that to be part of the West means being Washington's vassal, or if they do understand the price, they are content with a vassal's status like Germany, Great Britain, France, and the rest of the European puppet states.

    To be a vassal is not an unusual choice in history. For example, many peoples chose to be Rome's vassals, so those elements in Russia who desire to be Washington's vassal have precedents for their decision.

    To reduce Russia's status to Washington's vassal, we have Russian-US cooperation between the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations and the US-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. These two co-conspirators against Russian sovereignty are working to destroy Russia's strategic alliance with China and to create a US-Russian Pacific Alliance in its place. One of the benefits, the joint report declares, is "maintaining freedom of navigation and maritime security."

    "Freedom of navigation" is Washington's term for controlling the sea lanes that supply China. So now we have a Russian institute supporting Washington's plans to cut off resource flow into China. This idiocy on the part of the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations is unlikely to reassure China about its alliance with Russia. If the alliance is broken, Washington can more easily deal with the two constraints on its unilateralism.

    Additionally, the joint report says that Moscow could cooperate with Washington in confidence-building measures to resolve territorial disputes in the Asia-Pacific region. What this means is that Russia should help Washington pressure China to give up its territorial claims.

    One cannot but wonder if the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations is a CIA front. If it is not, the CIA is getting a free ride.

    The foreign policy of the United States rests entirely on propagandistic lies. The presstitutes media, a Ministry of Propaganda, establishes an orchestrated reality by treating lies as fact. News organizations around the world, accustomed as they are to following Washington's lead, echo the lies as if they are facts.

    Thus Washington's lies-such as Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad's use of chemical weapons, Russian invasions-become the reality.

    Russia's very capable spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, understands that Washington uses the Western media to control explanations by shaping public opinion. She terms it a "reality show." However, Zakharova thinks the problem is that Washington misuses "international relations and international platforms for addressing internal issues." By this she means that Obama's foreign policy failures have made him hysterical and impudent as he strives to leave a legacy, and that American/Russian relations are poisoned by the US presidential campaign that is painting Trump as a "Putin stooge" for not seeing the point of conflict with Russia.

    The US presstitutes are disreputable. This morning NPR presented us with a report on Chinese censorship of the media as if this was something that never happens in the US. Yet NPR not only censors the news, but uses disinformation as a weapon in behalf of Washington and Israel's agendas. Anyone who depends on NPR is presented a very controlled picture of the world. And do not forget German newspaper editor Udo Ulfkotte, who admits he planted stories for the CIA in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitnung and says that there is no significant European journalist who doesn't do the same thing.

    The situation is far more serious than Zakharova realizes. Russians seem unable to get their minds around the fact that the neoconservatives are serious about imposing Washington's hegemony on the rest of the world. The neoconservative doctrine declares that it is the principal goal of US foreign policy to prevent the rise of any country that would have sufficient power to serve as a check on American unilateralism. This neoconservative doctrine puts Russia and China in Washington's crosshairs. If the Russian and Chinese governments do not yet understand this, they are not long for this world.

    The neoconservative doctrine fits perfectly with the material interests of the US military/security complex. The US armaments and spy industries have had 70 years to entrench themselves with a huge claim on the US budget. This politically powerful interest group has no intention of letting go of its hold on US resources.

    As long ago as 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his last public address to the American people warned that the Cold War confronted Americans with a new internal danger as large as the external Soviet threat:

    "Our military organization today bears little relation to that known by any of my predecessors in peacetime, or indeed by the fighting men of World War II or Korea.
    "Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But now we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense; we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.
    "This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

    "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

    "We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."

    President Eisenhower's warning that our liberties were equally at stake from the military/security complex as from the Soviet Threat did not last 24 hours. The military/security complex buried Eisenhower's warning with extraordinary hype of the Soviet Threat.

    In truth, there was no Soviet threat. Stalin had buffered Russia from the West with his control of Eastern Europe, just as Washington controlled Western Europe. Stalin had eliminated Trotsky and his supporters who stood for world revolution. Stalin declared "socialism in one country."

    Stalin terminated international communism. But the American military/security complex had much money to gain from the American taxpayers in order to "protect America from International Communism." So the fact that there was no effort on the part of the Soviet Union to subvert the world was ignored. Instead, every national liberation movement was declared by the US military/industrial complex to be a "falling domino" of the Communist takeover of the world.

    Ho Chi Minh begged Washington for help against the French colonialists in Vietnam. Washington told him to go to hell. It was Washington that sent Ho Cho Minh to seek communist support.

    The long Vietnam war went on for years. It enriched the military/security complex and officers' pensions. But it was otherwise entirely pointless. There were no dominoes to fall. Vietnam won the war but is open to American influence and commerce.

    Because of the military/security complex more than 50,000 Americans died in the war and many thousands more suffered physical and psychological wounds. Millions of Vietnamese suffered death, maiming, birth defects and illnesses associated with Washington's use of Agent Orange.

    The entire war was totally pointless. It achieved nothing but destruction of innocents.

    This is Washington's preferred way. The corrupt capitalism that rules in America has no interest in life, only in profit. Profit is all that counts. If entire countries are destroyed and left in ruins, all the better for American armaments industries.

    Yes, please, a new Cold War. We need one desperately, a conflict responsibly managed in place of the reckless, insane drive for world hegemony emanating from the crazed, evil criminals in Washington who are driving the world to Armageddon.

    Military Told to Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria! Stateside Military Told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-One Nuke Exchange
    Tuesday, October 4, 2016 22:09

    (Before It's News)

    'Military Told To Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria!
    Stateside Military Told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-one Nuke Exchange'
    by Newsroom

    'Military members from the United States who are in and around Syria have been calling their families back in the states telling them, 'We have been told to prepare for a tactical nuclear exchange with Russia in Syria and forces at home in the US have been ordered to prepare for one-for-one intercontinental ballistic missile exchange(s) with Russia once the fighting breaks out in Syria!' Further, those conversations have included warnings to families to immediately RELOCATE away from US Military bases which are expected to be targets of any intercontinental attack.

    SuperStation95 has CONFIRMED such conversations with three separate military families who have family members in the Middle East! The Pentagon refuses to comment on these reports, which is strange in-and-of-itself. Usually, the Pentagon will flatly deny erroneous reports. Not this time. Just a terse 'no comment.'
    This is a developing story...please check back for updates.

    UPDATE 8:25 PM EDT: The developments reported above are accurate. These developments come from the cut-off of Diplomatic cooperation between the US and Russia inside Syria. UNCONFIRMED, repeat UNCONFIRMED reports indicate the US is going to directly attack Syrian forces in-and-around Syrian President Bashar Assad and perhaps Assad himself. This decision has allegedly been made because efforts to oust Assad by 'rebel' means have failed and the US will not accept that failure.

    How This Developed: The US wants Syrian President Bashar Assad out of power because Assad refused to allow QATAR to run a natural gas pipeline from its northern gas field, through various countries, including Syria, so as to supply natural gas to Europe. The US and Europe want this gas pipeline so as to lessen European reliance upon Russian-supplied natural gas. By lessening Europe's reliance upon Russia, the west thereby lessens Russia's power over Europe.

    When QATAR first proposed this pipeline, it won approval from all the governments along the proposed route- except Syria. Since Syria has always been a Russian ally, Syrian President Assad realized that this pipeline would harm his Russian ally, and so he refused permission to have it travel through his country. This refusal did not sit well with QATAR or its Sunni-Islam allies, like Saudi Arabia. Especially since, at the same time, Iran, which is Shi'ite Muslim and thus an enemy of Sunni Muslim countries, was proposing a gas pipeline of its own to Europe, via a slightly different route.

    Shortly after Assad refused, there was a vast media blitz about him being a 'ruthless dictator' who 'abused his people' and all the same rhetoric the world heard about Saddam Hussein, Muammar Quadafi and the like.

    Shortly after the media assault, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN and their pals, decided to begin funding 'freedom fighters' and 'moderate rebels' to 'liberate' Syria from its democratically-elected President, Assad. Thus began the so-called Syrian Civil War. It was not a civil war, it was groups of mercenaries, hired and paid by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the rest, to oust Assad so as to get their pipeline run. Their motivation was not simply earning profits from the gas pipeline, they also wanted to make certain that their arch-rival, Iran, could not run a pipeline and thus get access to vast monies from expanded sales.

    Fighting Breaks Out in Syria: Fighting broke out inside Syria and things did not go well for the Syrian government. As the fighting grew worse, Assad realized he was going to lose, so he traveled to Moscow to ask his ally, Russia, for help. Russia agreed and sent troops, planes and war fighting equipment to Syria.

    The Russians not only tipped the balance in favor of Syria, they uncovered the fact that the terror groups ISIS and Al-Nusra Front (a.k.a. Al-Qaida), were actively profiting from stealing oil from Syria and from northern Iraq, transporting that stolen oil into Turkey, where it was being slightly processed, re-packaged, and SOLD! The Russians proved that this oil theft and smuggling, with the cooperation of Turkey, was earning ISIS about $100 MILLION a month in profits to fund the terror group!

    In order to stop ISIS terrorists, Russia began bombing the convoys carrying the stolen oil. This immediately put a crimp in the amount of stolen oil being smuggled into Turkey, thus impacting the clandestine profits of certain Turkish government officials. Turkey asked Russia to stop bombing the oil convoys. Russia refused.

    Shortly thereafter, a Russian plane was shot down by Turkey, which claimed the Russian aircraft had violated its airspace. That claim was a lie. Turkey shot the plane down to send a message to Russia to stop screwing around with the oil smuggling. The message did not work.

    Instead of halting the attacks, Russia publicly released video showing miles-long convoys of oil trucks, streaming-into Turkey almost 24 hours a day, with stolen oil smuggled from Syria and Iraq! These smugglers are in so tight with the Turkish government, they didn't even have to stop at border checkpoints; they got waved-through by border guards. This made clear who it was inside Turkey, profiting from the smuggled oil: Turkish President Recypt Erdogan, the same man who ordered the Russian plane shot down. Russia then imposed a travel ban on Russians visiting Turkey, and imposed economic sanctions on Turkey, which seriously damaged Turkey's economy.

    As the months of fighting in Syria continued, the Russians enjoyed success after success in stopping both the terror groups AND the rebels trying to overthrow Assad. This did not sit well with the US, which was aiding the 'rebels' in the effort to overthrow Assad. It also didn't help the US that the media was full of stories about Russian successes, and this got people asking why Russia was having so much success, when Americans had been in Syria for over a year prior, and did not make ANY progress against the terrorists? The uncomfortable truth emerged just weeks ago, when it became undeniably clear that the ISIS and Al-Qaida terrorists ARE the 'moderate rebels' being helped by the U.S.

    As Russian military action continued to crush the terrorists and rebels, the US proposed working with the Russians; a gesture welcomed by Russia. But the Russians quickly came to realize that the US was being deliberately dishonest. They didn't want to help at all, what the US wanted to do was limit the strikes against its 'moderate rebels' hoping to sneakily continue to overthrow Assad. When Russia realized that the US was being dishonest, it went abut doing what needed to be done to continue protecting its ally.

    So what did the US do? It had coalition aircraft attack the Syrian Army, killing 62 and wounding 100. Making matters worse, just seven minutes after the coalition aircraft attacked, well-organized elements of ISIS and Al-Qaida, launched a ground assault against the very same Syrian Army location. Syria claims to have audio recordings of the Coalition pilots coordinating with the ISIS terrorists by radio just before coalition aircraft attacked the Syrian army. The Pentagon says this claim is 'false and ludicrous.'

    Shortly after the attack, the US claimed 'it was a mistake' and said they would investigate and explain to Russia and Syria. So the Russians and Syrians called for- and got- an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. Instead of explaining what happened, US Ambassador Samantha Powers, WALKED OUT of the meeting! There was not going to be any explanation.

    Afterwards, the Russian Defense Ministry publicly stated 'We have come to the terrifying conclusion for the world, that the US is actually supporting the ISIS Terrorists.'

    With no explanation from the US, Russia then attacked a long-established and well-known Terrorist Operations Center. A Russian ship operating off the coast of Syria, launched three Kaliber missiles which scored direct hits on this operations center. When the dust cleared, among the dead terrorists were three dozen uniformed military officers from the United States, Israel and Turkey! What were dozens of uniformed officers from the US, Israel an Turkey doing inside a terrorist operations center? Well, they were doing exactly what Russia said: supporting terrorists! Story HERE.

    Shortly thereafter, Syria's largest city, Aleppo, which has been under ISIS control for over a year, came under attack by elements of the Syrian Army, intent to reclaim their city. The attacks were remarkably successful, thanks in large part to air support from Russia. The success of operations in Aleppo, sent the US off the deep-end; they were witnessing what could very well be the complete failure of their efforts to oust Assad. So the US told Russia that unless Russia stopped bombing Aleppo, the US would cut-off cooperation.

    The Russians, seeing that US 'cooperation' was nothing but lies coming from dishonest (and dishonorable) US military commanders who were operating for a dishonest (and dishonorable) US government, was worthless. The Russians refused to cease operations in Aleppo.

    Yesterday, as threatened, the US cut-off Diplomatic cooperation with Russia inside Syria and is now allegedly planning an outright military attack to achieve its goal of ousting Syrian President Assad. Russia, seeing what the US is planning, has now moved its feared S-300v4 surface-to-air missile defense system into Syria. Once this system locks onto an aircraft, there is no defense. The aircraft is dead and there's no way to outrun, out-maneuver, or fool the system. This means that Russia can, at any time, ground all US aircraft operating in Syria simply by turning-on the S-300v4 system.

    Remember, Russia was asked to help Syria and has permission from the Syrian government to be in that country. The US did not ask permission and does not have it. The US also does not have a declaration of war by Congress, or an authorization for the use of military force from Congress, or a UN Security Council resolution to be in Syria.

    What the US is doing in Syria is 100% completely illegal. The US military Commanders carrying out orders in Syria, such as Lt. General Stephen Townsend who is based out of Fort Bragg, NC, are engaged in criminal war actions. They have chosen to obey orders which they know to be illegal. General Townsend and his staff should be arrested and taken into custody by local US troops. But the troops won't do it because they know that these illegal orders come from the top, and if they arrest the General, they will quickly find themselves arrested because the criminal actions being undertaken are being ordered by President Barack Obama -Criminal-In-Chief.

    Other Issues Driving us toward war: While all this was taking place, NATO was expanding eastward along Russia's borders. This violated a promise made by then-Secretary of State James Baker, who promised after the Soviet Union dissolved, that 'NATO will not move one inch eastward.' Since Baker's promise, NATO has added the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to its membership.

    In an effort to increase NATO presence around Russia, the US spent $5 Billion to foment to violent overthrow of the duly-elected President of Ukraine, so as to install a puppet government favorable to the West. This was discovered when Assistant Secretary of State Gloria Nuland got caught using an unsecured phone to call the State department. It was during this call- which was intercepted by Russian Intelligence- that Nuland notoriously said 'F**k Europe' when told the Europeans had concerns about what the US was doing in Ukraine. That phone call was made public by Russia, thus proving the US/NATO did foment the overthrow and lied about it.

    Most recently, Poland and Romania became home to a US Missile Defense systems, designed to shoot missiles out of the sky. Russia says these systems are designed to prevent Russia from firing back if it is fired upon, making them a 'sitting duck' for a US/NATO first-strike, and they strongly warned NATO not to activate the systems in Poland and Romania.

    NATO said the Russian fears are nonsense, the systems are there to protect against launches from Iran. There's just one minor problem: all the radar stations connected to this missile defense system are aimed east/northeast at Russia instead of south/southeast at Iran. So again, the US/NATO lied, again. And got caught, again.

    Russia made clear that if those missile defense systems went active in Romania and Poland, Russia would take action. The systems went active two weeks ago.

    If you were the Russians, and you saw lie after lie, and the encroachment of foreign military forces all around your nation, and the activation of a system which would render your defenses useless, what would you do?

    Editorial Commentary: Congress has conveniently failed to take any action to stop Obama because collectively, they afraid of being called 'racists' for impeaching this criminal President who happens to be black. Their failure to act has now gotten us to the point where Obama is fixing to attack Syria. When he does, the Russians will defend Syria. When they do, US forces will be shot-down and killed, and the US will strike back. When the US strikes back, Russia will engage them in battle.

    There begins the war.

    Of course, none of you know this because the mass-media in the US is derelict in its duty to report the news. Scott Pelly from CBS, David Muir from ABC and Lester Holt from NBC...missing in action when it comes to reporting the facts on Syria. CNN? Too busy shilling for the Hillary Clinton campaign to bother reporting the facts. FOX NEWS, completely screwed up to the point of dumping Roger Ailes and now in a downward spiral of internal chaos.

    So here we are, on October 4, 2016, and today, the Russian government began a 'drill' to place forty million (40 MILLION) of their citizens into bomb shelters throughout Russia. Who is kidding whom, here? This is no drill, they're preparing for war. Story HERE

    The US and our population? Blissfully unaware.

    Unaware that at 3:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled three E6B nuclear command and control aircraft from Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Story HERE

    Unaware that two E4B Presidential Command Aircraft are now aloft over the US so as to be able to control our forces worldwide 'in the event ground-based systems are destroyed.'

    Unaware that around 4:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled multiple P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine-warfare aircraft out into the Atlantic to search for Russian missile submarines.

    Yes, our fellow citizens are home watching the boob-tube, completely unaware of the horrors that may be unleashed upon all of us within days.

    Those wishing to comment on this Editorial can use the email address lower on this page.'

    Last modified on Tuesday, 04 October 2016 23:47

    Service Note: As part of our preparation for what we HOPE does NOT take place, we have secured web site server space at a data center in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with full back-ups of this web site in case our cloud-based, Oregon-located, master servers are destroyed. We have tasked a single person to nearby Argentina to bring this site back up and begin publishing news, in the event that we here in New York City are killed. Our person arrived safely in Argentina and is online, with back-up power and back-up communications available, to keep the news flowing in the event war breaks out.
    'U.S. Scrambles 3 Nuclear Command-And-Control 'E6B' Aircraft- No 'Drills' Scheduled
    according to USSTRATCOM. P-8 Anti-Submarine Planes Scrambled out of Jacksonville'

    At about 3:00 PM eastern US time, the United States Air Force SCRAMBLED three (3) model E6B nuclear command-and-control Aircraft from Offutt AFB, with at least two other model E4 Mobile Presidential Command Planes already airborne. These aircraft are part of the TACAMO (Take Charge And Move Out) system to command the global United States military arsenal from the air in the event the US is attacked and ground facilities are destroyed. There are no strategic 'Drills' scheduled according to US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)

    The Boeing E-6 Mercury (formerly E-6 Hermes) is an airborne command post and communications relay based on the Boeing 707-320. The original E-6A manufactured by Boeing's defense division entered service with the United States Navy in July 1989, replacing the EC-130Q. It conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines, a mission known as TACAMO (TAke Charge And Move Out). The E-6B model deployed in October 1998 kept this role, but added further command post capabilities and control of land-based missiles and nuclear-armed strategic bombers. The E-6B replaced Air Force EC-135Cs in the 'Looking Glass' role, providing command and control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control become inoperable. With production lasting until 1991, the E-6 was the final new derivative of the Boeing 707 to be built.

    The Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, with the project name 'Nightwatch' is a strategic command and control military aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). The E-4 series was specially modified from the Boeing 747-200B. The E-4 serves as a survivable mobile command post for the National Command Authority, namely the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and successors. Four E-4Bs are operated by the 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron of the 55th Wing located at Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska. An E-4B is denoted a 'National Airborne Operations Center' when in action.

    As of 4:00 PM EDT on 10-4-2016, at least TWO of these aircraft are now in the air over the USA, despite no 'Drills' being scheduled by US Strategic Command. SuperStation95 is inquiring of our sources as to whether or not this is a US response to Russia commencing the movement of forty million citizens into Bomb Shelters as a 'drill' announced through Russian media yesterday, as commencing today October 4, and reaching completion by October 7. Our story about that appears here.

    This sudden deployment of US command-and-control military aircraft is a developing story, please check back for more details.

    UPDATE 5:02 PM EDT: A number of P8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft have also been scrambled out of Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, FL and, according to a first-hand observer they 'Hauled ass directly out into the Atlantic.'

    Something is 'up.'

    The Boeing P-8 Poseidon (formerly the Multimission Maritime Aircraft or MMA) is a military aircraft developed for the United States Navy (USN). The aircraft has been developed by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, modified from the 737-800ERX.

    The P-8 conducts anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction, along with an electronic signals intelligence (ELINT) role. This involves carrying torpedoes, depth charges, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons. It is able to drop and monitor sonobuoys. It is designed to operate in conjunction with the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton Broad Area Maritime Surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle.'



    It is of course, Samantha Power (singular) who is the witless American ambassador.
    And VICTORIA Nuland who is the immoral and unethical State Department flunky...
    Apart from these minor errors, a concise and accurate summary of the ridiculous mess Washington has gotten themselves in!
    The American people should be beside themselves with rage...
    Never in my long life did I expect Washington to be The Bad Guys and Russia to be fighting for all that is good and true and honest.

    Nuclear Attack Pending? Russia Putting 40 Million Citizens into 5,000 Shelters from October 4 - 7 as Military "Exercise" -- UPDATE: U.S. Cuts Ties with Russia over Syria.


    * Post by Newsroom
    * - Sep 21, 2016
    * File Photo .


    4:12 PM EDT- 21 September 2016 -- A Russian military vessel in the coastal waters off of Syria, targeted and destroyed a "foreign operations center" killing several American, Israeli, and Turkish Military officers. "Russian warships fired Kaliber rockets onto the command posts of the terrorists in western Aleppo, where Turkish, Saudi, Israeli, UK, and US officers are deployed to aid their operations," Sputnik News Agency reported on Tuesday.

    Been reading in other places online that US Special Forces are embedded with terrorist groups in Syria. This is beyond horrible!
    The Russian warships stationed in Syria's coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

    "The Russian warships fired three Kaliber missiles at the foreign officers' coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam'an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers," the Arabic-language service of Russia's Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

    The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam'an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

    Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists' attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

    Earlier in September, the Syrian army units launched a preemptive strike on the terrorists of the so-called Aleppo Operations Room in their gathering centers near Castello road in the Northern areas of Aleppo and Mallah farms, foiling their plots to attack the region's supply route, a source said.

    The source said that the army's artillery units attacked the terrorists' gathering centers near Castello and Mallah farms in Zahra Abdo Rabbah, Kafar Hamra and Hurayatyn which killed and wounded dozens of militants.

    Also, the Syrian air force attacked the terrorists' supply route in Northern Aleppo towards Hayyan and Adnan as well as the supply roads in Western Aleppo towards the North and smashed the terrorists' convoys in al-Aratab, Urom Kobra and Ma'ara al-Artiq which thwarted the terrorists' plots and forced many of them flee towards the Turkish borders.

    Informed media sources disclosed earlier that the Syrian army has continued its advances in the Southern part of Aleppo, and regained control over several strategic areas in the town of Khan Touman.

    "A number of key warehouses of Khan Touman are now under the Syrian army's control," the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed informed source as saying.

    The source noted that the Syrian air force and army's artillery units also targeted the gathering centers and fortifications of the terrorists in Khan Touman.

    Developing story, check back for updates.

    The horrible question now facing the world: Why were United States Military Officers "directing terrorist attacks" inside Syria?

    UPDATE 5:27 PM EDT -- The SuperStation95 report above, is now being confirmed by Russia's Arabic Language "SPUTNIK" News Service HERE

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    The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet's res...

    BREAKING News: Flight 370 Passenger Managed to Send Photo From Hidden iPhone Tracing Back to U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia
    INDIAN OCEAN (INTELLIHUB) -- According to freelance journalist Jim Stone, one of the American passengers, Phillip Wood , a technical storage ...

    Top 7 Reasons to Question the Official Story of MH17
    With the recent shooting down of a Malaysian Boeing 777 over Ukraine, the Western media is aflame with fingerpointing at Russia and Ukrainian separatists.
    However, while NATO and its media mouthpieces attempt to rekindle the Cold War and ignite a confrontation with Russia, there exists a number of fundamental questions surrounding the events that have taken place in Eastern Ukraine.
    Although not a detailed list, below are six reasons why one should question the official story of the Malaysian flight shot down over Ukraine...

    Busted! MH-17 Was in Fact the 'Lost' Flight MH-370 -- Updates

    Iran Unveils New Attack Drone 'Reverse-Engineered' From Captured U.S. Drone

    Shield Your Body From Fukushima Radiation With 10 Natural Foods

    Note: It is usually the US that reminds the world of Syria's displaced population. What it often doesn't mention is the fact that most of these displaced Syrians have not fled abroad either to Turkey or Jordan or further beyond to Europe, but have instead sought safe haven [from Obama's terrorists -- the ones he continually trains, arms, supports and justifies -- along with the chemical weapons that were used on the Syrians that he gave the terrorists and then blamed on Assad] in Syria's capital of Damascus and the protection of its government and the Syrian Arab Army. [They also don't mention that the US has been arming ISIS, al-Qa'ida and other rebels in an attempt to overthrow Syria's government, along with the many other countries' governments that the US overthrew (see "General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies"; "The General openly spilled the beans on the U.S. military's plan to illegally invade 7 countries in the Middle East under the lie of the war on terror"; "Paul Wolfowitz penned the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which became the basis for Washington's foreign policy" (under which the US overthrows governments and attempts to surround Russia and China with governments that are hostile to them (and to us, unfortunately, also); see Wolfowitz for more info), creating unliveable conditions for millions of people and causing the "refugee" migrant crisis in which the majority of the Muslim migrants are freeloaders hoping to capitalize on the crisis and live off the poor citizens of the West while the Muslims pop out millions of babies on welfare and take the countries over (as they were ordered by the Quran and their inmams) and change their governments to Sharia, then they enslave, rape and murder non-Muslims (see Stealth Jihad; welfare jihad; confessions of an economic hitman; )][syn: Wolfowitz Doctrine; Wolfowitz; toppling governments; interventionism; regime change; Western imperialism; colonialism; Socialism; Fascism; Bilderberg; NWO; one world government; one world religion; CFR; US empire building; Confessions of an Economic Hitman; US toppling foreign governments; US colonizing nations; IMF; Western Imperialism; US installed puppet regime; interventionalism; imperialism; Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia; False Flags; False Flag; ]

    General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies ...
    Feb 22, 2015 ... In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on a Wesley Clark interview on ISIS. AMTV Website: Donate ...

    General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U S Allies ...
    Jul 1, 2016 ... General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U S Allies ... US Army General Wesley Clark Exposes Planned Wars in the Middle East ...

    Wesley Clark: "Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy ...
    Feb 17, 2015 ... Wesley Clark: "Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah" ..... General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies ...

    Gen. Wesley Clark: 'ISIS Got Started With Funding From Our Closest
    Feb 19, 2015 ... Many remember General Wesley Clark as the man who almost started World War III by ... according to General Wesley Clark, ISIS was created and funded by our " closest allies. ... Wesley Clark, informs us that our closest allies in the Middle East have helped create ISIS ..... Ron Paul Explains Libertarianism.

    General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by US Allies - AMTV

    Feb 22, 2015 ... Many remember General Wesley Clark as the man who almost started World War III by ordering the British to fire on Russian peacekeepers ...
    General Wesley Clark admits 'allies' created ISIS to fight Hezbollah ...
    Feb 27, 2015 ... General Wesley Clark admits 'allies' created ISIS to fight Hezbollah ... He did not specify exactly which US allies he was talking about.

    General Wesley Clark: ISIS Serves Interests of US Allies ... - antimedia
    Dec 2, 2015 ... Retired US General Wesley Clark may be on to something here.

    General Wesley Clark: ISIS Serves Interests Of US Allies Turkey And ...
    Dec 4, 2015 ... "Let's be very clear: ISIS is not just a terrorist organization; it is a Sunni terrorist organization. That means it blocks and targets Shi'a. And that ...

    General Wesley Clark: "ISIS Got Started Through Funding From Our ...
    Feb 18, 2015 ... General Wesley Clark: "ISIS Got Started Through Funding From Our Friends & Allies" ... Which explains, as MiddleEastEye notes, the questions about ISIS' rapid ... to Israel, the US and other Arab regimes, which could be considered the ultimate disavowal of the group. .... "Out friends and allies created ISIS".

    Gen. Wesley Clark: 'ISIS Got Started With Funding From Our Closest ...
    Feb 22, 2015 ... Many remember General Wesley Clark as the man who almost ... Wesley Clark, ISIS was created and funded by our 'closest allies.' As the General said: ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies... to fight to the death ... Wesley Clark, informs us that our closest allies in the Middle East have ...

    Wesley Clark: "Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah"

    Gen. Wesley Clark: 'ISIS Got Started With Funding From Our Closest Allies'
    Written by Daniel McAdams
    Thursday February 19, 2015

    Many remember General Wesley Clark as the man who almost started World War III by ordering the British to fire on Russian peacekeepers who landed in the Kosovo capital, Pristina, before the Americans. British commander of the international KFOR peacekeeping force, General Sir Mike Jackson, is reported to have replied, "I'm not going to start the third world war for you."

    One of the most interesting things about Gen. Clark, however, is his propensity to blurt fascinating things out every now and again.

    Who can forget his interview with Amy Goodman back in 2007 where he revealed that one of the top generals in the Pentagon had showed him a memo from then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld not long after the 9/11 attack outlining US global war plans. According to Clark at the time, the general said:

    * [W]e're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.' I said, 'Is it classified?' He said, 'Yes, sir.' I said, 'Well, don't show it to me.' And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, 'You remember that?' He said, 'Sir, I didn't show you that memo! I didn't show it to you!'

    Well Clark is back with another very interesting blurt.

    Far from a spontaneously-arising root-of-all-evil organization, at least according to General Wesley Clark, ISIS was created and funded by our "closest allies." As the General said:

    * ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies... to fight to the death against Hezbollah.

    Which friends and allies, he did not say. But he did suggest that it has become a "Frankenstein monster."

    So the insider, Gen. Wesley Clark, informs us that our closest allies in the Middle East have helped create I