The following is an excerpt about Epicor's history and where to buy it for one cent per day, from Dr. David Williams' September 2007 newsletter, an excellent newsletter to subscribe to. (Create an account to subscribe to the newsletter:

"A few years ago I got a very interesting call concerning an animal feed supplement. It involved a company called Diamond V Mills located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They make an animal feed supplement from a fermented yeast culture. Supplements like this aren’t unusual. Numerous companies manufacture and/or sell either baker’s yeast or yeast cultures to add to the feed of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. Diamond V has been doing so for over 60 years. This call, though, had to do with the health of the employees at Diamond V—not that of the animals being fed their products.

"From all indications, it appeared that the employees, who were being exposed regularly to dust from the yeast culture during its production, had been experiencing significant health benefits. Over the last couple of years this has become public knowledge, but when I first started looking into the matter no one at Diamond V seemed to want to talk about it. The “official” word was that their products were manufactured for animal consumption only, not for humans. Later I was told that clinical and laboratory studies with humans were underway, but results from those tests weren’t yet available. Even later, I discovered the company was in negotiations with others regarding marketing their product for human consumption and couldn’t discuss the matter with me. All of the studies up to that point involved farm animals. And for over 60 years, as a feed supplement it has performed well—very well. It improves digestion, muscle weight gain, litter weights, milk production, conditioning, and even survivability in all the various animals it’s been tried on. Some of the studies I reviewed are over 20 years old, and in not one of those studies could I find any ill effects or downside to using the material. I spoke with several companies that incorporated the yeast product into their custom animal feeds, both here in the US and in New Zealand. Everyone seemed to like the product. I began to use it on my ranch as well, and continue to do so.

"It was the human health aspect, however, that I was—and still am—most interested in. When Diamond V checked their health claim records, they found something very peculiar. The plant workers, who came into contact with the yeast products, weren’t getting sick. The support staff (accountants and the like), however, took sick leave at rates that were comparable to most companies across the country. After accounting for all the other possible factors, it appeared the improved health of those in the production plant could be traced to their repeated exposure to the fermented yeast culture dust in the production plant. Subsequent interviews revealed, time and time again, that an employee’s health picture often changed dramatically after coming to work at Diamond V Mills. Some, despite experiencing yearly flu and colds in the past, reported they had not had either in the years since they started work at the plant.

"The vice president of operations is married to an ER nurse. Before taking the job at Diamond V, he, his wife, and his children routinely came down with colds, flu, and other infections—undoubtedly brought home from the hospital by his wife. He took the job with Diamond V nine years ago, and he hasn’t experienced colds, flu, or an infectious disease for the last seven years. His wife and children, however, continue to succumb to several infections each year.

"Another employee, along with his twin sister (who didn’t work at the plant), was diagnosed as having the congenital disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP)—a condition that eventually leads to complete blindness as clumps of pigment begin to accumulate on the retina. There is no medical treatment. Vision generally begins to fail when one reaches their 30s, and blindness is typical within 15 to 20 years. After 30 years of working in the dusty plant, this employee’s RP hadn’t progressed at all—while his sister had lost 90 percent of her sight.

"The story was pretty much the same for the other 35 individuals who worked in the plant. Some hadn’t experienced a cold, flu, or other infection in 25 years. Others reported improvement in chronic allergy conditions, autoimmune problems, gastrointestinal health, and numerous other conditions after starting work at the plant.

"Researchers then began to take a closer look at the effects yeast cultures might have on humans. Their findings were amazing, to say the least. After more research and product development, the company came up with a more concentrated product for humans. Very significant health benefits have now been associated with the ingestion of this product. (FASEB J 06;20(4):A143)

"In past articles I’ve discussed at length the importance of natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are your immune system’s first line of defense against invading pathogens or cancer cells. Researchers found that NK cell activity increased fourfold following continued increased efficiency allowed the immune system to perform at superior levels with fewer NK cells— sparing the body the stress and expenditure of having to produce more NK cells.

"It also improved the ratio of immune helper cells to suppressor cells. In the simplest terms, helper cells (CD4 cells) are crucial in coordinating the response of the immune system to pathogens. They activate other immune cells and stimulate the production of antibodies. Suppressor cells (CD8 cells), on the other hand, help maintain a balance so your immune system doesn’t “over-react.” They stop an attack. Individuals taking the yeast culture also exhibited higher levels of antibodies, indicating their immune systems were more effective.

"What I believe to be one of the most important findings of all has to do with levels of what’s called IgA.

"I have yet to uncover any downside to using this product on a regular and continuing basis. One of the strongest attributes of this product is the fact that it balances the immune system rather than acts as an immune stimulant. This is an extremely important point to keep in mind.

"Individuals who suffer from what are called autoimmune diseases can make their condition worse by taking anything that overstimulates their immune system. Their immune systems have lost their ability to distinguish normal healthy cells from pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and will readily attack healthy cells. For example, in type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the islet cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In rheumatoid arthritis it attacks the joints. Other examples of autoimmune disease include multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and Graves disease.

"This is a product you can (and should) take on a consistent basis to help keep your immune system balanced without overstimulation.

"Since it’s not a stimulant, it wouldn’t be used as a “treatment” for some acute problem like a cold or flu. Instead, it’s something that can be taken continuously to prevent a cold, flu, or other infection from happening in the first place. It’s a maintenance-type product that has a long history of being safe and effective for long-term use.

"Diamond V Mills has a few different cultured yeast products for animals; the formulations are essentially the same except for their concentration. The most concentrated, and the one I use and recommend, is called Diamond V XPC. It’s based on the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The medium on which the yeast is grown consists of processed grain byproducts, roughage products, cane molasses, malt, and corn syrup. (The natural sugars are necessary to feed the yeast.) The yeast they use is also commonly referred to as baker’s yeast or brewer’s yeast. It is one of the most researched yeasts and has been used for centuries for making bread, beer (particularly ales), and wine. Diamond V reportedly utilizes a proprietary technique to both grow and dry the yeast, which helps maintain its health-promoting benefits.

"When the company discovered that cultured yeast could benefit humans as well as animals, it formed a subsidiary called Embria Health Sciences to sell the newly developed product under the name EpiCor. This product is now being sold through several different companies. Although all the original benefits I’ve discussed—reduced sick days, improved immune health—are a direct result of ingesting the products created for animals, the company literature says that EpiCor and Diamond V XPC are somewhat different. There are a number of differences I’m sure of, and a couple I can guess at.

"For one, the company says the drying process is different so the product retains more of its antioxidant capability. From the company’s product specification sheets I’ve obtained, it appears that the EpiCor may also have a higher protein level.

"Based on the information I’ve received, I’ll speculate on another difference. After introducing the EpiCor branded product, Diamond V Mills released a new version of the animal product XPC called XPC LS. The LS product is designated as suitable for use in organic production. The production difference seems to be that the grains used in producing the yeast culture are non- GMO grains (genetically modified organism). This would lead me to believe that the EpiCor product is also probably produced using a non-GMO base as well.

"The biggest difference I see between the two products, however, is the price. A 30-day supply of EpiCor (consisting of thirty 500 mg capsules) sells for anywhere from about $20 to $50. A 50-pound bag of Diamond V XPC sells at feed stores for anywhere from $1.50 to $1.75 a pound.

"From the company’s point of view, a significant difference is that EpiCor is made in a food-grade facility, while the Diamond V products are made in a feed-grade plant. I’m sure that matters to the FDA, but it doesn’t matter to me.

"EpiCor has the FDA safety status of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). XPC doesn’t, but then products for animals generally don’t. The approval process is lengthy and expensive, and not necessary for animal feed. Nevertheless, both are obviously safe, nontoxic, pesticide-free, and non-mutagenic. They both have the same reported shelflife: a minimum of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

"Recommended dosages for XPC vary significantly depending on the size of the animal. For example, a racehorse might be given 14 grams a day, whereas an ostrich might be given only 3.5 grams a day. The company’s literature obviously doesn’t provide dosages for human use, but, if you use body weight as the determining factor, I would guess the dosage for an adult human would be somewhere in the ballpark of 2 to 3 grams a day. A child’s dosage would probably be anywhere from ½ to 1 gram a day.

"At the time the company first noticed the effect the product had on humans, they carried out tests to see approximately how much was being taken in daily by the workers. Diamond V used the results of these tests to determine the dosage of EpiCor to be ½ gram per day. Based on the dosage figures I mentioned earlier, a daily dose of EpiCor, from the least expensive supplier I could find, would run about 66 cents.

"As I mentioned earlier, one of the differences between Diamond V’s various products is their concentration. The dosage of XPC that’s equivalent to half a gram of EpiCor is about 3 grams. That higher daily dosage of XPC, at the highest price, would cost just over a penny a day. I’m going into such detail because I don’t see how anyone can pass on this deal. I’ve personally never seen a better bargain when it comes to balancing your immune system. If you utilize the XPC product, you can help give your body some of the best protection ever documented for a penny a day. This is another product my dad would certainly call “cheap insurance.”

"I’m sure the company won’t like the comparisons I’m making, but the facts are there. And for several reasons they can’t recommend that humans use XPC. But it wasn’t EpiCor that bestowed all the end benefits on the employees at Diamond V Mills; it was the lesser  concentrated animal products, and those products have been used successfully on all types of animals for over 63 years without incident. Like it or not, we too are animals.

This is available from animal feed supplies as Diamond V XPC. A 50 lb bag costs about $1.50/lb = 1.1 cents / day. The dosage of XPC that’s equivalent to half a gram of EpiCor is about 3 grams. That higher daily dosage of XPC, at the highest price, would cost just over a penny a day. See Dr. Wms Sep07 newsletter. Nov07 newsletter p40 update: XPC is available from Wholesale Feeds in Marion, Iowa, 319-377-5528. They can't take internet orders yet (as of 11/2007).]

Health e-Tips - Turn your immune system to a veritable fortress with Epicor
Laugh in the face of cold season
(Note: I've included this because it contains general information on Epicor. I have no connection with this company. You can purchase Epicor from many different sources, including the really economical source mentioned in the previous article by Dr. Williams.)

Learn how a small, family-owned company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa accidentally stumbled onto a single-nutrient secret that can turn your  immune system into a veritable fortress!

It's starting to look like the heartland of America might hold the answers to nearly all of today's major health concerns.

I say that confidently because in the past 5 years there have been not one, but two medical breakthroughs in the same small town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Breakthroughs that will change the way scientists and doctors view and treat immunity health -- including the deadliest health concern facing our country today, cancer.

One breakthrough was stumbled upon and the other was fashioned after the most stunning results scientists have seen in years. They have been brought together for the first time and make no mistake, both of them will...

Change the way your look at your health,  immune system and overall well-being...forever

To get the full story, you have to go back to 1943.

Not in a lab, but in to the early days of that same, small, family-owned factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that sold animal feed additives.

The company was called "Diamond V." Their products were designed to help boost the digestive and immune systems of farm animals -- preserving the health of new litters and, in turn, the farmers' investments.

And for 60 years, that's all the company did. Until, in 2003, a unique set of complaints started to flow through the human resources department...

No one in the factory was using their sick days... so they cried, "Not fair!"

Employees of the company were staying healthy year round. So their five annual sick days were just going to waste. But here was something even more strange: the "suits" over in the corporate offices were using their sick days on a regular basis. It was mostly the factory workers who stayed unusually healthy.

So there was some grumbling.

Why should the healthy employees have to give up their time off while everyone else got to use theirs? It seemed like a strange complaint at the time... but the company had no choice. They let their unusually healthy factory workers use their sick days for vacation instead.

Then Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Paul Faganel, started thinking. What could be happening? Paul took a look at the company's insurance premiums. So few employees were going to the doctor, the health insurance premiums actually remained flat for several years. That's right, no increase. Despite most other companies reporting double-digit increases!

Something about the factory was keeping the workers exceptionally Paul decided it was high-time he figured out what it was...

A much greater immune response!

There was no time to waste -- Paul hired AIBMR Life Sciences in Puyallup, WA, experts in natural medicinal product research, to run some tests on the products Diamond V was producing in their factory. His theory: extended exposure to the product was what had turned his factory employees into veritable fortresses of immunity.

AIBMR ran some preliminary lab tests -- they wanted to see if a test group would show better resistance to a specific bacteria than the untreated control group.

And they sure did!

Of course human trials will be needed to be sure, but at this point, it is abundantly clear that Diamond V's product is more than just a healthy animal feed ingredient. And the question sitting on everyone's mind was...

What is it about this product that turns your immune system into a veritable fortress?

Paul went to his board of directors with everything AIBMR had found out so far. Something, he told them, hidden in this product is protecting the health of our employees...

And it's actually seems to be keeping them stronger and healthier year-round!

They expanded their research efforts, and created a human products division, Embria Health Sciences -- an off-shoot of Diamond V, with Paul at the helm and a singular goal:

To uncover the secrets that were lying within each and every molecule of this incredible product and then figure out how it can forever change the way we look at health, our immune systems and our overall sense of well-being.

They developed an improved, concentrated (still all-natural) form of the animal product specifically for human use, called EpiCor. And the results of every test, evaluation and development surpassed their every expectation.

The nutrient content alone would be enough to make headlines. With a full spectrum of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and eight other vital minerals. Plus a full assortment of phytosterols and phenolics.

But what's in it isn't nearly as impressive as what this stuff can do for you.

Feel your best all year long

Your body has many ways to protect itself from foreign invasion. And it goes way beyond the white blood cells you learned about in biology class.

Your body's defenses can be divided into specialized "teams" of immunity response, each with its own set of protective responsibilities.

If any of these teams ever slack off on the job, there's a good chance you'll know it.

So, the next set of tests sought to understand how EpiCor impacted each line of the body's natural defense teams.

It's like having 60% more bouncers working at the same bar

Your first lines of defense are concentrated in areas of the body where invaders on the outside can try to get in -- mucous membranes like your mouth, nose, throat and intestines.

So your body produces a substance called secretory IgA(sIgA).

Like the bouncer at a bar, sIgA stands guard in all of the entryway membranes where an intruder may seek to get in. It's the most abundant type of antibody you have.

And in the tests conducted by Embria's research team, EpiCor raised levels of sIgA up to 60%!

Knute Rockne was a one-of-a-kind football coach...but imagine if there were more of him

If, by chance, a nasty little pathogen makes it past your sIgA defenses, your body calls in a second team of helper cells (CD4) and two different types of "killer" cells -- T-killer cells (CD8) and antibody-producing B cells.

The helper cells are like the football coaches of the immune system.

They call the plays and coordinate activities for the rest of the team.

When a pathogen makes it into your body, the helper cell sees that the body is under attack and sends the T and B killer cells into play -- producing antibodies and thwarting the attack of the invader.

The more helper cells there are, the faster your immune system can spread the message to your killer cells. And it was no surprise when the research team discovered that EpiCor did exactly that -- it seemed to not only boost the efficiency of the killer cells, but also it increased the ratio of helpers to killers.

So, imagine Knute Rockne were on the sidelines, calling the plays and sending his all-star team into certain victory...

Now imagine your immune system with dozens Knute Rocknes, coordinating the plays -- giving their unfettered support to your body's strongest defensive players. Their opponents would never stand a chance -- and neither will germs and other invaders than can "sack" you!

Your body has a ruthless task force of sharp-shooters...and EpiCor can help run the recruitment and training

But the discovery didn't stop there. EpiCor also increased the activity and efficiency of what are called NK cells.

NK cells, or Natural Killer cells, get their name because they're like your immune system's secret police force.

They work a lot like your T and B killer cells, roaming your body looking for pathogen-infected cells. But when they find them, a process called apoptosis takes place. In essence... The NK cell forces the infected cell to commit suicide!

You stay healthy because the pathogens and the cells they've already infected die off before they can spread through your system.

Could EpiCor be all silver lining?

The news just kept getting better and better. Who'd have thought, 60 years ago, that a simple animal feed ingredient would turn out to be the most powerful immune system-supporting agent ever discovered.

There had to be a catch.

The early research showed all the benefits. Now they wanted the other side of the story. If there was any downside to EpiCor -- if it had even the slightest side effect when used by humans, these guys were going to find it.

Weeks and months had passed while the toxicology research team hit EpiCor with additional tests. The anticipation was unparalleled.

When the smoke cleared and the dust had finally settled, they emerged from their lab and handed Paul a stack of research reports.

"We did the best we could...and we came up with nothing."

A confusing statement at best, Paul started paging through the reports. After just a few pages, he got up out of his seat...after a few pages more, he found himself pacing back and forth in his office. Page after page had proven what no one thought possible.

All this good news couldn't possibly come without a catch...or could it?  Some of toxicology's shrewdest experts were called upon to ensure EpiCor would be found to be generally recognized as safe. If anyone was going to be able to find a "bad side" to PureImmune, it would be:

Theodore M. Faber, PhD, DABT, with 20 years experience as the Director of the FDA's Division for Drug and Environmental Toxicology. Plus four years working as Chief for the EPA's Toxicology Branch.

Norbert Page, PhD, DABT, a former Director of the EPA's Scientific Affairs for Toxic Substances and Pesticides. He was also Chief to the Office of Hazardous Substances Information at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and former President of the Society of Toxicology.

Joseph Borzelleca, PhD, DABT, the professor emeritus of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Virginia. He was also Chairman of the Board on Toxicology, Food Chemicals Codex Committee and a consultant to FDA, NIH, NCI, NATO, FAO/WHO, US Army and others.

  EpiCor passed every test, with flying colors!

Anti-microbial tests, blood tests, gene mutation tests, adverse reaction reports, stability tests, toxicity analyses, tests for pesticides -- all passed.

EpiCor proved to be the safest, most powerful boon to immune system function they had ever encountered. But Embria made another huge discovery that can keep you healthier than ever! You see, one substance is turning heads in the alternative and mainstream medical worlds and it's proving to be...

The key to protecting you against the deadliest of threats --  before they start

Studies are still in progress to determine if selenium holds all of the answers, but it sure has a lot of them! And scientists are discovering more and more all the time. It's even proving to have a positive effect against cancer. Any one of selenium's following weapons could be the reason.

Selenium can reduce DNA damage -- a nasty result of most carcinogens  It impacts genes that are involved in the development and progression of cancer  Reduces the deadly precursor to many cancers, oxidative stress  It's like selenium was made to go toe-to-toe with today's biggest health concern!

It comes from selenium's unique ability to increase the activity of glutathione peroxidase -- an enzyme that protects your body from oxidative damage. You see, oxidative stress has been linked to cancer damage so the theory is that by cutting off its life support -- you cut your risk.

Be warned: not all forms of selenium are created equal. The market is flooded with the cheapest, easiest and ultimately, worthless forms of selenium. These are usually inorganic forms like selenium salts. Don't waste your time!

The one form that wastes no time in  super charging all of your cells

You want the same results that are shocking scientists, right? So why not use the exact same form they use in their groundbreaking studies?

Only one form gets these results, selenomethionine. It's the same form that scientists use and it has been proven that your body is better able to use this safer, more bioavailable form. In fact, one study of 120 selenium-deficient patients found that the bioavailability of selenomethionine was almost twice that of selenite (the form those cheaper versions use and you should ignore).

Now one company called Embria (the pioneers of the other medical marvel I must tell you about) has packed more selenomethionine into it's own personal form of selenium and called it, eXselen. By taking advantage of this form, eXselen can flood muscle tissue, liver tissue and your blood more efficiently than any other product out there.

This kind of protection is unheard of and has scientists scrambling. In fact, an epic study is underway and includes 35,534 men. It's scheduled to end in 2013, but why wait until then to protect your body? Plenty of results have already shown the promising power of selenium.

And now, you can be one of the first people, outside the factory, to get your hands on these two powerhouses -- in one place!

There are longer-term studies currently underway. But we already know that together EpiCor and eXselene can:

- Increase the number of sIgA "bouncers" guarding your "entryways," blocking pathogens before they even get into your system

- Boost the number of CD4 "star quarterbacks" to coordinate activity of T and B killer cells, ramping up your second tier immunity into a rapid-fire line of defense.

- Promote the activity and efficiency of Natural Killer cells, forcing already infected cells and pathogens to "commit suicide" before they can spread throughout your body

- Has powerful antioxidant and proper immune response properties

- Supercharge your free radical fighting power to actually help you look and feel younger

- Reduce DNA damage -- a nasty result of most carcinogens

- Reduce the deadly precursor to many cancers, oxidative stress

- All without any known side effects!

Even on that basis alone, it's abundantly clear -- EpiCor and eXselene can be an essential key to turning your immune system into a fortress against the forces that wear you down!

But this might be the most exciting part of the story yet...

Until now, only the workers in this one factory were getting the benefits of this amazing substance. Then Embria Health Sciences improved the original animal product, making it available for human use as EpiCor. And now, they have generously granted NorthStar Nutritionals the right to offer EpiCor to the public and added the most powerful form of selenium, eXselene into the mix. We call it PureImmune Plus and I'm confident it's going to change the way you look and feel about immunity.

Each daily capsule contains 500 mg of EpiCor -- the same powerful dose taken daily by almost every employee of the very company that created it! You'll also get 100 mcg of eXselene, the perfect amount of the perfect form of selenium.

Today, you have the opportunity to be one of the first people, outside the walls of Embria Health Sciences and Diamond V, to get your hands on PureImmune Plus -- risk-free!

Put PureImmune Plus with EpiCor and eXselene to the test today.

We are offering it to you at the low introductory price of just $39.95 for a one-month supply (see page 8 and learn how you can save $49 on today's order!).

If you think about it, that's less than it might cost you to prepare for "cold season."

When you take into account tissues, tea bags, a few jars of honey, maybe a few containers of orange juice and some cans of chicken soup it can really add up!

Beyond cold season:  Guaranteed for a full year

I really want you to put PureImmune Plus to the test. But I want you to understand that this is not something, like Airborne® or echinacea, for you to take when you need an extra boost for your immune system. And it won't do a thing to relieve your symptoms if you're already sick.

PureImmune Plus is something you take every day. It builds up in your body slowly, over weeks and works with your immune system to fortify your body's natural ability to fight off invaders -- before they can get inside and wreak havoc on your health.

That's why I've created the "Cold Season and Beyond Challenge."

I'm giving you a full year to put PureImmune Plus to the test. If, after a full year, you don't feel PureImmune Plus is everything I've promised you...I want you to send back any unused portion and we'll refund everything you spent on PureImmune Plus for the entire year (less shipping)!

How's that for a little health insurance?!

You've got nothing at all to lose and a veritable fortress of immunity -- and well-being to gain. Order your risk-free supply of PureImmune Plus and take the "Cold Season and Beyond Challenge." Order now!

Yours in good health,

Allan Spreen, MD Chief Research Advisor NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. You are among the first people to be offered an opportunity to put PureImmune Plus with EpiCor and eXselene to the test. And you can do this, risk-free. Remember, you have a full year to try it. If it doesn't line up to every expectation, NorthStar Nutritionals will give you back everything you spent on it (less shipping). This is an excellent opportunity, so order today!

P.P.S. For all that PureImmune Plus can do for you, it's hard to justify not making it a part of your daily routine. Just imagine going a whole year with a healthier and stronger immune system to help you fight those nasty bugs! But we can't offer it at the low introductory price forever. So please take advantage of this insider's opportunity -- order now!


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