Reiki is a energy-based healing art from Japan that is now being used in many of the more progressive hospitals of the world to augment conventional therapy and aid people in healing faster and with less medication. It is also being used today by many thousands of private individuals to help with their life goals and upsets; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and well being; for pain relief; relaxation; and with imagery/visualization and herbal medicine for immune system boosting. Reiki's healing power can be directed at people, animals, plants, homes, offices and situations.

Reiki can be performed in person by a method similar to "laying on of the hands" which is practiced by many religions, often accompanied by relaxing, meditative music. One unique aspect of Reiki is that it can also be performed at a distance in the present, past and future. For example, the healing energy can be sent by the Reiki practitioner back to the time of a particularly significant or hurtful event in a client's past to help the client come to terms with the issue, forgive (if relevant to the event), heal and move on with their lives. Reiki can be sent to the time of a future event, such as that of an operation, exam, job interview, or other event for which the client desires additional support. Reiki can also be sent at a distance in the present to help the client heal, deal with life's ups and downs, or maintain health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), although it's been my experience that it is much stronger in person.

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