It's urgent that we let our "leadership" know how we feel by taking action and emailing and faxing our representatives in Congress and the president. We can no longer afford to sit silently by, watching our country being destroyed, and then finally, when it's too late to do anything about it, realize that we should've stopped being the "silent majority" and spoken up sooner and often! Please share this with your friends and relatives -- feel free to forward a link to this webpage, if you'd like.

The special interest groups and certain, specially selected "minorities" speak as one, and almost all of them vote -- that's why they have been determining who is elected, what laws and taxes are passed, and what has happened to our country -- as most of us have stood silently by, perhaps thinking apathetically "what good will one phone call, fax, email or vote do?" The answer is a whole lot of good.

Minorities are registering to vote in record numbers (and are constantly calling, faxing & emailing their representatives), and if most of us don't participate, they will finally destroy the wonderful republic our founders spilled their blood to create, and we will become a socialist state. (See my website for an explanation of Marxism and what history should've taught us, but judging by so many people today embracing it today, evidentally has not: Another important thing to consider when you vote is that the person who is elected may only be in office for 4 years, but will have a major effect on the country you will be living in for up to 35 years after they're no longer in office because of the federal and Supreme Court judges that they elect. These activist judges are largely responsible for the destruction of our the country our founding fathers left us, through their total disregard and deliberate contempt for the founding father's intentions and meaning of the law and constitution. They have been routinely overruling referendums where the majority of the citizens want one thing, and the judges want the other: one federal judge can overrule the majority of citizens in an entire state! Please keep this in mind if you're voting rashly and out of anger with whomever the current adminstration and their policies happen to be.

You can print out a Voter Registration Form at: and mail it in to the address they give you, and you'll be all ready to vote in the upcoming election. Just because it's on McCain's site, you don't have to register "Republican" or anything -- it's a generic form from the government. It's just a convenient way to register, without having to find time to drive somewhere and register in person. Voting booths are at nearby churches and other buildings in your county (you can only vote at the designated locations in the county in which you live).

Off-Shore Oil and Congress, From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Alliance 8/18/2008

I just received an incredible news release from Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) regarding the ongoing protest on the House floor that I had to share with you.

Rep. Pence today commented on Nancy Pelosi's announcement that she was willing to allow a vote on comprehensive energy legislation to bring more domestic oil to the American people.

"When the floor protest began over two weeks ago, Speaker Pelosi said Republicans would have to use our 'imagination' to get a vote on more domestic drilling. By last week she apparently had changed her position, telling a national television audience for the first time that Congress 'can have a vote' on more domestic drilling.

"On Saturday in a national radio address, Speaker Pelosi went on to say that the Democrats 'plan' will consider opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling...'"

Pelosi's change in attitude is because of you!

Without the incessant, building pressure from grassroots Americans, Pelosi would be relaxing amidst her book tour with nary a care in the world.

But thanks to so many Grassfire team members, House Democrats are getting "blitzed" by tens of thousands of phone calls, faxes and emails demanding action.

Now that she's publicly announced her willingness to allow a vote, I need your help more than ever.

++ Action Item --"Bring Back Congress for a Vote!"

I'm asking EVERY member of our team to call Speaker Pelosi each and every day this week, and demand she bring back Congress for a vote on the drilling ban.

 Speaker Pelosi's contact information:

 202-225-4965 (DC), 415-556-4862 (San Francisco)

As Congressman Pence said, "the American people should hold [Pelosi] to this commitment and demand that Congress immediately return to Washington, D.C. and vote."

He adds, "And when Congress votes, there must be a full and fair debate that allows the Republican minority the opportunity to debate and vote on the American Energy Act, an 'all of the above' approach to energy legislation that encompasses more drilling, more use of clean energy sources and more conservation."

++ Action Item -- Fax Key Members of Congress

We are winning this battle, and we need to press just a bit harder this week to punch through and get that vote.

To send your faxes to your members of Congress (free), click here:

Here is a sample message to cut and paste (modify it a little, if you want, so that it's customized and stands out):

As a taxpaying citizen, throwing away $4 on a gallon of gas, I demand that Congress return to Capitol Hill and get back to work to find a real solution to our energy problems. Recess is over, and now it’s time to work!

I am outraged that a majority of Congress would take off on their vacations when all Americans are pinched at the pump. I urge you to take immediate action to lighten the energy burden on all Americans. We deserve better than what we are getting from this “do nothing” Congress. I’m demanding that the Senate pass laws on Outer Continental Shelf exploration, oil shale exploration, ANWR exploration, and the Gas Price Reduction Act.


Remember, you can download the targets and our fax letters to use on your own. Regardless which method you choose, send your faxes and place your calls! (

This week is a key week for grassroots Americans-a historic week where we must press Speaker Pelosi to make good on her comments!



++If you missed the exclusive interview with Congressman Pence, click here to listen:

Another good site to sign up for alerts and automatically faxes your representatives with one click is (No need to even cut and paste -- they already have the issues and faxes, and you just click on which one you want and it sends it to the right people! What could be easier to make sure that the "silent majority" is heard once and for all, and our desires to have our country back are made known -- at this time when it's so very crucial to our nation!

See Frosty's other columns

By Frosty Wooldridge
August 7, 2008

Most American citizens stand in fear of their shadows. They sit down when they could stand up! They remain silent when their voices need to scream out. They fear something called: ‘political correctness’. All the while, they watch their country burn faster than a California wildfire with a charred landscape of linguistic chaos, cultural annihilation and environmental degradation.

They remain silent with millions of jobs lost to outsourcing, offshoring and insourcing. They say nothing as to our $9.4 trillion federal debt. They button their lips as this senseless and endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan continues to kill our kids and deplete our nation. U.S. citizens remain silent while an unarmed invasion force numbering over 20 million storms our borders by the thousands nightly.

A reader from Snowmass, Colorado wrote, and I’m keeping his name protected for obvious ‘political correctness’: “I heartily agree with your sentiments regarding the current tidal wave of illegal immigration. I fail to see how we can simply stand aside and allow the "Balkanization" or our country to rush ahead without impediment. The out of control tidal wave of illegals with the crushing load it has caused to fall upon our education and healthcare systems, threatens our very way of life. In the face of this threat, there seems to be however, a kind of disorganized, but nonetheless overarching reluctance to allow a proper investigation of the dimensions of the problem in order that it might be accurately identified and properly characterized as the dangerous threat that it is. If there is a culprit at the bottom of this situation, it is to my mind and without doubt, "political correctness."

“I am convinced that the "PC" phenomenon is easily as threatening and even more out of control than the immigration itself. The whole notion that we must live by an ever tightening set of guidelines, which constrict and often completely shut off investigation and debate on and of any number of pressing issues, is beyond annoying, and to me at least frightening.

“By virtue of the theory of political correctness, it is right now a fact that any number of ethnic groups are above investigation. Practically speaking, even the most basic analysis of their sundry negative economic and social impacts on our body politic is virtually prohibited. Apparently this topsy-turvy situation springs from a misguided notion that nobody is truly responsible for the chaos that their actions often ignite, and that it is somehow unfair for the greater society to find out why this is, and to formulate a plan of action to turn it around and stamp it out.

“Worse yet are the faceless "powers" that have conspired to appoint themselves as the arbiters of what we are entitled to know and discuss, as opposed to that which is in their wisdom, off limits to us. This kind of thinking might work for the three monkeys who see, hear, and speak no evil, but it is a formula for disaster at some point down the road for our society and the economy that is the foundation of its health and happiness.

“I believe it should be obvious to those who currently support the notion of political correctness, which by any other name is nothing more than censorship sans the vote, that sooner or later, someone, or some entity is going to come knocking on their door to inform them that they too now fall under these prohibitions and something, whatever it might be, that they have always felt was beyond reproach is now included in the list of subjects proscribed from public discourse. I wonder what they will think and how they will feel when that day arrives?

“There is a perfect, and apocryphal parallel with the German Jews, who during the 1930s paid scant attention to the fact that some of their neighbors down the block were dragged away in the night by Hitler's Brownshirts. At first blush, how their neighbors were faring was not their concern. But the day came when there was a knock at their door, and they were the ones who were dragged away. A chilling prospect certainly, and for thinking people it should be a clear wake-up call as well.”

Something, some organization or someone promotes the destruction of the United States by forcing massive, unending and relentless legal and illegal immigration onto our soil. It’s not by chance. The last four presidents did nothing to stop it. The two major parties do more to promote it than arrest it. Our U.S. Senate fails us as well as our House of Representatives. No state governor addresses it or stands against it. Dozens of our major city mayors, Villaraigosa, Gordon, Daley, Bloomberg, Hickenlooper, Ruzzin and more promote it with ‘sanctuary policies’ that welcome lawlessness with all its consequences reported weekly across the nation. While thousands of Americans suffer rapes, killings, drug murders, drunk driving deaths, diseases, car theft—those mayors thwart our laws.

We now must endure Islam’s ‘honor killings’ in America whereby fathers kill their little girls for disobeying them as reported on FOX News last week in Texas, “My father just shot me, I am dying.” Another honor killing occurred in Clayton County, Georgia whereby the father killed his daughter for not marrying a man chosen for her. Never mind the man was 25 years older than the girl!

Our liberal media and press stomp or obfuscate any information illustrating the anarchy, cultural and environmental consequences provided by massive legal and illegal immigration. As if they and their children may never be affected by it!

It’s SO out of hand, we suffer 20 to 30 million illegal aliens disrupting the foundation of our republic. Yet U.S. citizens do nothing, but re-elect the same people who do nothing to stop it!

Most of them walk in the fear of their shadow and terror of expressing themselves through the 1st Amendment. Political correctness paralyzes American citizens out of their participation and responsibility to stand up and be counted when our leaders fail to enforce our laws.

No one spoke up against Hitler, either. Or Stalin! Or Mao! Or Saddam! Or North Korea’s little midget mouth!

It’s time for Americans to shed PC by speaking out, standing up and taking action. Vote all incumbents out. Vote third party. Vote for English as our national language. Vote to secure our borders. Vote to repatriate 20 to 30 million people who do not belong in our country. Speak up, speak out and shout to stop all mass immigration before we no longer maintain a voice in our country.

To take action:

Listen to Frosty Wooldridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays as he interviews top national leaders on his radio show “Connecting the Dots” at at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. Adjust tuning in to your time zone.

Mexico's War On America
By Frosty Wooldridge
In 1836, legends Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Travis, along with 180 fearless men, fought Santa Anna's two thousand Mexican troops at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. No contest! Santa Anna killed every last one of those brave men. Six weeks later, with a cry of "Remember the Alamo", Texans beat back the Mexican army and established Texas as a republic and later, part of the United States of America.
Today, Mexico's declaration of war on America moves with quickening speed. Their modern day general known as President Vicente Fox is not content with retaking Texas. He invades all American states.
As a premier, many of you watch the History Channel with WWII footage showing Germans and their tanks charging into Poland. You watched their tanks crush the French.
Did any of you watch the 100,000 illegal Mexicans and others storm Chicago, Illinois March 10, 2006? How many Mexican insurgents stand on American soil? At last count, in excess of 9,000,000 illegal Mexicans! It's the largest invasion force without firing a shot EVER on American soil.
This invasion is encouraged, abetted and organized by the Mexican state and supported by all citizens in Mexican society. Fox provides his 'troops' with maps, water, provisions and aid to invade America's border.
What are the desires of Mexico? Lawrence Auster, in his "The Second Mexican War" February 17, 2006, wrote, "In orchestrating this war on America, the Mexican state represents the desires of the Mexican people as a whole:
1. Political revanchism-to regain control of the territories lost to the U.S. in 1848, thus avenging themselves for the humiliation they feel they suffered at our hands for the last century and a half; In effect, Mexico is colonizing the United States.
2. Cultural imperialism-to expand the Mexican culture and Spanish language into North America. They destroy English as America's language.
3. Economic parasitism-to maintain and increase the flow of $20 billion dollars that Mexicans in the U.S. send back to their relatives at home every year, a major factor keeping the chronically troubled Mexican economy afloat and the corrupt Mexican system cocooned its status quo." They use us against ourselves to benefit themselves.
Americans watch a peaceful invasion and the most profound colonization in modern history. Carlos de Mola for Mexico's Excelsior Newspaper said, "You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave of an ant-like multitude, stubborn, unarmed and carried on in the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on earthit is slowly returning the southwestern U.S. to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot nor requiring the least diplomatic action, by means of a steady, spontaneous and uninterrupted occupation."
What you're watching-and most Americans only keep watching without a whimper-the takeover of America by a foreign country by colonization.
One of Fox's cabinet officers, Juan Hernandez said, "The Mexican population is 100 million and 23 million who live in the United States."
Heather MacDonald, in the City Journal, Fall 2005, wrote, "Mexico's five-year development plan in 1995 announced that the 'Mexican nation extends its border into the United States. The government would strengthen solidarity programs with the Mexican communities abroad by emphasizing their Mexican roots, and supporting literacy programs in Spanish and teaching of the history, values and traditions of Mexico to those Mexicans living in the United States. We are betting the Mexican population in the U.S. will think Mexico first.'"
Not only are they invading America in numbers and language, they financially bleed Americans of jobs, depress wages and send money to Mexico. In time, they will be able to deny authority of American law because they will vote against American laws and/or change them to fit their purposes.
A simple look at what happened in Chicago a week ago portends violent confrontations in the future. We allow the complete surrender of U.S. sovereignty over our immigration policy. Fox loves it as his 'insurgents' grow by three million annually on U.S. soil. (source: Time Magazine, September 20, 2004, America's Broken Borders)
Auster wrote, "Hitler pursed 'Anschluss', the joining together of the Germans in Austria with the Germans in Germany leading the official annexation of Austria to Germany. Mexico's equivalent is 'acercamiento' which means 'warmer relations' to act as a unified block to advance Mexico's interests inside the U.S. andweakening of U.S. immigration law. Thus, the Mexican government is using the Mexican U.S. population as a fifth column."
As you can see, we allow 56 Mexican consulates in major cities throughout America to foster this invasion with help and guidance inside the belly of America. Those consulates distribute 'Guia del Migrante Mexicano' which is a guide for illegals to further imbed themselves into America without getting caught.
Auster wrote, "It has been proposed that Mexicans in the U.S. vote in Mexican elections. California Mexicans would have seats in the Mexican Congress, specifically representing Mexicans residing in that state. One of Mexico's three major parties, the PRD, urges the designation of the entire United States as the sixth Mexican electoral district."
Winston Churchill wrote in his "Follies of the Victors," that the Germans were given a 'motive' for revenge; later, an opportunity to strike back. By the same stroke of history, the U.S. gave Mexico a 'motive' in 1848, and today, an 'opportunity' by allowing mass migration.
In other words, we gave Fox this opportunity; he took it and now General Fox dictates terms to us. Who are his generals? Specifically--U.S. Congressman Joe Baca in California works for 'Reconquista de Aztlan' along with Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, U.S. Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah and dozens of others on U.S. soil. Not only that, he can count on an American foot soldier George Bush and most of the U.S. Congress. Fox counts on the silence of U.S. governors in all 50 states. Who are his foot soldiers? Nine million Mexicans spread across 49 states and growing!
Please, if you do nothing else this week, join and become a weekly faxer. Send this column to your friends and have them join and send those prewritten letters. If that guest worker program passes this month, you're looking at adding 60 million Mexicans to American within 10 years. Over 18 million will be Spanish speaking children flooding our schools. Yes, if even half those 12 million illegal Mexicans bring in six million wives under Specter's or Kennedy's guest worker programs, those wives bring at least three children each. Thus, you're looking at 18 million more kids within a heartbeat in time-hitting our schools. If even half the single Mexicans have one child each in ten years, you're talking six million more kids. This is war and colonization by any other names.
Americans, what are you going to do about it?
All I can say is, "Remember the Alamo!"
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at ; Join ; Become a part of the "21st Century Paul Revere" bicycle ride across America coast to coast next summer with Frosty as he and his band of riders carry this message from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Inquire at his email address for full details on how you can participate: We need 10 bicycle riders. You will be provided meals and transport to origin and from destination. Retired RVs drivers will be provided meals and 50 cents per mile. Start date is May 29, 2006.
Send donations to: 21st Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. ; ; ; Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; for patriotic songs by Luca Zanna; ; My book: "IMMIGRATION'S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES" Call: 1 888 280 7715. ­

By the way, if you're interested in some good books:

Pat Buchanan has just published "Churchill, Hitler, and The Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World" ( -- a mistake he says we're also about repeat in the Ukraine and other former Soviet republics that we've promised to defend against nuclear-armed Russia.

"The Revolution: A Manifesto" -- Ron Paul (

"The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate" by David Freddoso (

Warning! Snoop rant (

This is funny: after reading this it reminded me of Ahmadinejad’s recently completed incoherent propaganda rant.

All hell, how many times and how many ways can I say “liberals have issues!”

Again this is an example of not necessarily giving a sh*t about what this moronic dude has to say, only to point out the exorbitant level of illogic exhibited by these people.

The bad thing about the Daily Kos site these days is there are so many of these people writing diaries and I believe that in order to get noticed they write crazier and zanier entries ranting like little children in order to get attention.

It’s one thing to have a valid political point, it is quite another to pull out the vestiges of a truly evil time period where the shadow of a murderous dictator loomed over the entire world.

Here we have some young jackass supposedly educating the rest of us dolts, no doubt living with his parents or barricaded in some college dorm or dank dark apartment complete with video games galore and no doubt the latest Halo, stale pizza, cigarette butts acting as carpeting reeking with the stench of your typical discharge accident from too much alcohol consumption.

I’m a 43 year old black man and it would be disingenuous of me to write entries talking about the evils that existed back in the true Jim Crow era, whites only signs, segregated hotels, restaurants, drinking fountains or to try and process the pending threat that was Hitler and communism.

How could some young mentally challenged individual even begin to process the notion that America is slipping into this fascist state, when I just finished watching some pinhead moronic dictator speak at one of this nations most prestigious universities not to mention that the event was simulcast on FOX NEWS!

The University of Florida student was a prankster and a typical college aged jackass, brash, arrogant spoiled ***. I see all too often these self-absorbed frat boy Sorostitutes types wandering the university grounds, cell phones stuck to the ear paying little or no attention to the world around them or that car about the strike them.

This generation of emotionally challenged individuals find it difficult to respect those outside of their entourage.

As much as I detest John Kerry, he and that audience deserved respect, but college aged pranksters have hindered free speech by acting like a bunch of ignorant *** which is precisely why few right leaning types venture to college campuses anymore.

Foolish and moronic behavior is the norm.

Here in Lawrence we have an institution where national and world leaders, not to mention prominent political figures and Pulitzer Prize winning columnists, regularly speak and the only time you see students attending is when they are offered “extra credit” or some incentive for attending.

When the speaker does not fit the typical liberal ideology the talk is ether ignored or some phony protest is held with the stereotypical passing out of “fact” sheets with erroneous information. Liberals are not interested in acquiring knowledge -- only promoting their twisted spin on the world and crying when the world does not fit in their little bow wrapped gift box.

I’ll give you one example: Recently while speaking to a student, very nice young lady, smart, motivated in the process of getting her Masters, we were discussing Iraq and setting aside the particulars the point I want to focus on was she said she “hated George Bush for getting us into this war.”

Now I never want to get into a debate on the semantics of whether or not we should or should not be in Iraq with folks, what I always focus on when speaking to a young person is “when does your history on Iraq begin?”

You see to me if you want to tell me we should not have been in Iraq, and only want to focus on the history while G Dub has been in office and totally ignore anything prior to G Dub taking office, there is nothing to discuss.

This young lady is 24 and knows nothing about what was said prior to Bush’s presidency.
There are tons of clips on You Tube featuring Mrs. Bill’s ever changing stance on Iraq and virtually every Democrat morphing views on the issue.

All I asked of her was to truly study the issue. While listening to her all she could do was regurgitate Democrat clichés, she was ridiculously clueless on the issue other that what she read in the New York Times (she said it) or what was discussed in her political science class.

The point is do liberals choose to be ignorant of all the facts? Many choose not to acknowledge what was said before or simply choose to only put political blame on a policy that no one individual can carry out.

Liberals selective ranting is all political. Think about it: If you believe in gay marriage and you somehow think that by berating the current president on an issue that you really don’t give a *** about, can get you closer to electing an individual with your political values, then why not join the “Iraq is wrong, impeach Bush” bullsh*t.

Who cares if *** Democrats doesn’t have the (courage) to stop funding.

Bottom line: when you read Liberals rant about whatever, you always have to ask yourself what their real motive is.

Referring to a 4 star general as an “***-kissing chicken***” tells you everything you need to know about the absence of logic that exists in the minds of most young liberals today.

This dude is unlikely to give a *** about the growing fascist state of America while attending a pep rally for his favorite college sports team or licking the tequila and salt off the stomach of some skank in a bar.

Keep in mind that the Democrats actually court this twisted moronic demographic.

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