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Dr. Rick Santee has opened a new Wellness Center in the Caribbean. Cancer and other conditions are addressed using IV Ozone, Direct Injection Ozone, Cesium/High PH, Enzymes, Detox, Raw Diet, Immune boosters and other non-toxic compounds. NO chemotherapy or radiation is used.

He's not doing phone consults at this time. The program is inpatient, full supervision. The biggest problem in treatment is people not complying. This factor will be mitigated under the fully supervised program. [As a side note, this is the same problem I've experienced countless times with people being unable to fully commit to a protocol and do all the aspects of it (dietary, lifestyle and spiritual changes) faithfully using the information from this website -- the protocol is a very good one, but too many people want an easy way out and are unwilling to consistently follow it, along with minor adjustments to their protocol as the need becomes apparent].

Rick was in practice for ten years in Los Angeles and his success rate for prostate, uterine and pancreas cancers was excellent. Other people did well if they complied. For people in reasonable shape upon intake, he is expecting 85% recovery from prostate cancer, pancreas cancer 75% with continued home program, other cancers above 70% with continued program.
Mention that you were referred by the "Distance Healer" website for a $1,000 USD discount for any person that pays in FULL 18K up front, two weeks before intake.

Click to see Brochure

Some good websites for more information are:

Cancer Info:

http://www.agri-dynamics.com/   (Jerry Brunetti used natural methods -- very similar to what I used for lung cancer -- to beat lymphoma, but his method is applicable to all cancers. He explains how the health of the soil is connected to that of plants, animals, and us -- and how to become healthy again.)


http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Strategies-Patients-Russell-Blaylock/dp/0758202210/  ("Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" by Russell Blaylock, M.D., a book that is very important for all cancer patients to read and re-read!)

Other links to Dr. Blaylock's website, newsletters and other nutrition and health books, as well as downloadable books on how to protect yourself from bioterrorism and nuclear terrorism: http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/ and www.NewsMax.com/BlaylockReports and his books http://web.mac.com/rblaylock/iWeb/Russell%20Blaylock%20M.D./Books.html)

http://www.jonbarron.org   (See his articles and free download "Lessons from the Miracle Doctors".)


http://www.drkelley.com/CANLIVER55.html (Dr. Kelley was a dentist who cured himself of pancreatic cancer, incurable by conventional medicine, and went on to live another 40+ years during which time he cured tens of thousands of people of cancer and other degenerative diseases. This is a link to his free, online book).


http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/  (Nicholas Gonzalez studied under Dr. Kelley, was funded to run clinical trials on the most difficult to treat pancreatic cancer by the NCI. He also has a private practice in New York City. He works with many types of cancer, and with other illnesses such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue.)

www.cancertutor.com  (One of the best sites for alternative, complementary cancer information.)

www.hopeforcancer.com  (Ellagic Insurance Formula for lung, breast, and other cancers; I use EIF myself, even though my lung cancer is now gone, as a preventative.)



This site is another good source for information on all kinds of cancers, and maintaining good health in general:

Another site with lots of good info (I wouldn't use fructose or Agave "Nectar"/syrup, though: see my main page for why Agave is quite harmful):

See the following for which foods are highest in pesticides, and therefore you should buy organic (if you cannot afford all organic): http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php, http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php, http://www.grinningplanet.com/2006/update-2005-05-24/pesticides-in-food.htm, http://www.foodnews.org/index.php, http://www.foodnews.org/fulldataset.php

Safer Cosmetics: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com, http://www.safecosmetics.org/your_health/poisonkiss.cfm, http://www.safecosmetics.org/your_health/index.cfm

Environne Fruit & Vegetable Wash (www.environne.com)

Shirley's Wellness Cafe (lots of information about cancer, homeopathy, natural medicine, etc.):

Jonathan Chamberlain's books and blog site:

Cancer: Natural Therapies  The Starfish Project

Self-Help Cancer - Complementary and alternative cancer treatments

World Without Cancer - Worldwithoutcancer_org_uk - B17 Laetrile Vitamin B17

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Webster Kehr's Cancer Tutor site ("Did you know there are natural or alternative cancer treatments that can provide more than a 93% true cure rate on recently diagnosed cancer patients, and can even achieve a greater than 50% true cure rate on cancer patients given up on by orthodox medicine?"):

For a comprehensive insight into the issues of health and pharmacy, see the website: www.gesund-in-bayern.info, which covers issues such as: balanced diet, traditional and alternative healing methods, grandma's home remedies and further contributions for a healthy and active life. Also, they explain medical references and comprehensive health encyclopedias.

For an English translation of www.gesund-in-bayern.info: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.apotheke.by%2F

Diindolylmethane, Natural Immune Booster, DIM:
An immune system booster like Diindolylmethane is an excellent natural immune booster. Learn how DIM can aid your cancer prevention diet:

Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis:

Heart disease, cholesterol and info on how many people are harmed by low-fat, one-size-fits-all diets:

www.eatfatbehealthy.com  (Although some people benefit from low-fat diets, 45% of the population harmed and even killed by these diets, especially if they follow them strictly don't cheat on them.)

http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Disease-Breakthrough-10-Step-Program/dp/0471353094  (Written by Dr. Yannios, who has the same problem as I, needing about 25% of his calories from healthy fats in order to prevent his arteries from plugging up. Research vitamins B6, B12 & folic acid preventing high homocysteine levels, too, in order to reduce heart attack risk. 60% of people having heart attacks have normal lipid -- standard cholesterol & triglyceride -- blood test results! Visit www.atherotech.com for more info. Also, search with Google for "superko small particle ldl" -- without the quotes.)

http://www.amazon.com/Reversing-Heart-Disease-Eliminate-Problems/dp/0446676578 and http://www.drwhitaker.com  Also, see his Wellness Institute, specializing in heart disease, diabetes and other degenerative diseases. He's often able help to get people off most (sometimes all) prescriptions while, at the same time, becoming much healthier through diet and lifestyle modification, along with supplements and state-of the art therapy, such as EECP which grows new collateral arteries naturally, sort of a natural bypass: http://whitakerwellness.com/testimonials/eecp/ )

www.atherotech.com (They can mail a blood test kit to your doctor and help him or her interpret the results.)

General Health Information (all kinds of ailments):









GMO Code (to help you identify and avoid genetically-modified foods):

See the following for which foods are highest in pesticides, and therefore you should buy organic (if you cannot afford all organic):

Healthier Cosmetics, Avoiding Toxins in the Home

Other Sources of information:

FDA Seeks to Destroy Alternative Health Web Sites

History of Herbal Treatment for Skin Cancer (and many links to various subjects):
http://www.bevanpotter.com/herbalhistory.html, http://health.centreforce.com/health/herbalhistory.pdf, or http://www.bevanpotter.com/herbalhistory.html

Alliance for Health Freedom re Codex

Dr Rath Foundation

Dr Mercola (tons of useful health information, along with Dr. Mercola's comments and explanations for each article):

Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments


Overcoming Cancer


Walter Last

The FDA's Panacea


Cancerolytic Herbs: A History of Suppression

Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments

An Email From One M_D_ to Another M_D_ Describing the Sad State of Affairs in Medicine

A Speech by Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. in South Africa, May 13, 2005 [Dr. Rath worked closely with two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling]

The History of the Pharma-Cartel

Oil and Drug Cartel Behind WWII Nuremberg Records Reveal

The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine

War and Disease or Peace and Good Health - The Fight for Fundamental Human Rights:

The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'

Codex -- How toxicology is being misused by North American and European regulators in an attempt to control vitamins and other natural remedies:

CODEX will outlaw most supplements and vitamins

Death By Doctoring:
http://www.cancertutor.com/ChemoSpill/dbdcomplete.htm or http://www.cancertutor.com/ChemoSpill/deathbydoctoring.htm

The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs, By Leslie Taylor:

Chart of Amazon Herbs for Specific Cancer Types (one-third of the way down)

When Healing Becomes a Crime:

Politics In Healing Cures for Cancer banned in USA for political reasons:

Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph W Moss (excellent research proving that chemotherapy is possibly indicated for only 2% of all cancers, causes secondary cancers, and kills the immune system, thereby causing cancer to spread):

See WorldNetDaily - A Free Press for a Free People: http://www.wnd.com/


Look up the content of movies before letting your kids watch them at http://www.parentstv.org/ and http://www.dove.org/. Also, see ClearPlay, a DVD player that allows you to select your desired level of violence/sex/language while playing standard DVD movies: http://www.clearplay.com/ and http://www.dove.org/news.asp?ArticleID=54)

The following some highly-recommended information sources that I think you'll appreciate. Like NewsTarget (www.newstarget.com) and Truth Publishing, these organizations are also using the power of Free Speech and the Internet to reach millions of readers, educating them about important issues like health, the environment and renewable energy.

Here are some of the top organizations (and sites) I recommend:

Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
Led by Ronnie Cummings, the OCA monitors and reports on important issues impacting all things organic: Food and produce, cosmetics, personal care products, etc. He offers a daily roundup of related news from around the web, plus several key action campaigns that give you the opportunity to contact your representatives in Washington (if you're an American citizen, anyway) and let your voice be heard.

Environmental Working Group
As the name reveals, this organization focuses on the environment, educating readers with articles about toxic chemicals in foods and consumer products, threats to the environment, and corruption between commercial interests and government regulators. The EWG has done outstanding work raising awareness about synthetic chemicals in cosmetics, foods and baby products, and their research and reporting on subjects like bisphenol-A (BPA) is second to none. See: http://www.ewg.org/reports/bisphenola/newsrelease.php

Please support the EWG through readership and, if possible, donations. We will continue to help the EWG publicize their important research in future articles.

Commercial Alert (CA)
Founded in part by Ralph Nader, and currently headed by Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert is fighting against the abusive, overreaching power of corporations and their desire to exploit the public in any way that generates higher profits. With its "Stop Drug Ads" campaign ( http://www.StopDrugAds.org), Commercial Alert is attempting to ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising -- a move that would save countless lives of American consumers while halting Big Pharma's blatant propaganda campaigns that push fictitious diseases and dangerous drugs to treat them.

PR Watch
Dedicated to exposing and countering corporate and government spin, PR Watch is a valuable source for honest information that you'll never see printed in the corporate-controlled mainstream media. It's headed in part by John Stauber, author of "Toxic Sludge is Good For You - Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry." That's a book that explains just about everything being spun out of the food corporations, drug companies, artificial sweetener producers and chemical manufacturers today.

PLoS Medicine
For those who enjoy a more technical read, there's only one medical journal I know of that blatantly refuses to accept drug money from pharmaceutical companies: PLoS Medicine. This open-source, fiercely-independent medical journal consistently publishes honest, hard-hitting studies that expose the fraud of disease mongering, the false claims in drug ads and many other important issues. Check this journal from time to time (all articles are available at no charge), and you'll see why I think this journal makes JAMA and the other "mainstream" medical journals obsolete.

Life Extension Foundation Legislative Action Center
No group has fought harder against FDA censorship and intimidation than the Life Extension Foundation. That's why they've set up a Legislative Action Center (LAC) where you can contact your elected representatives on important issues like the Health Freedom Protection Act, a bill that would end the reign of medical McCarthyism at the FDA.

Be sure to visit this site and see what you can do to take action today. And you may wish to become a LEF customer (and member), too, where you can purchase top-quality supplements that I consider to be some of the best in the industry. My favorite product? Life Extension Mix Caps, a multivitamin that's loaded with plant-based medicine.

Protecting your health freedom takes effort and resources

Why do I support and recommend all these organizations? Because we all need to work together if we're going to overturn commercial exploitation at the expense of health, life and the environment. These groups all have one thing in common: They're exposing the unscrupulous actions of Big Business corporations who would sacrifice anything (health, lives, the environment, honesty, ethics, you name it...) for a boost in next quarter's profits.

That's why I invite you to read these sites and, if they resonate with you, become a subscriber or even consider financially supporting their efforts. Remember: It's all up to us. If the intelligent members of the online community don't stand up and start challenging the pro-business, anti-consumer stance of corporations and government regulators, nobody's going to do it.

So stay informed and stay active in the debate. Use your brain -- and your voice -- to be a participant, not a victim. And, of course, stay tuned in to NewsTarget for a daily dose of reality about foods, health, Big Pharma, the FDA and much more:

To your health,
- Mike Adams


More Sources/Links: Where to Look for the Latest Health Information and Updates

Jon Rappoport
The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com
Also see Jon's many great books and MP3's:

Unfiltered News - Current
Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

Educate Yourself

NWO, Secret Societies, Health and Cell Salt Info

Hidden information, mysteries and "pseudo science"
THE TRUTH about all forms of SCIENCE, the dumbed-down EDUCATION SYSTEM, distorted HISTORY, complaint MEDIA and our POLITICIANS who are HENCHMEN of the OLIGARCHS

Health vs medicine
Alternative health topics, aspartame, fluoride, vaccinations

How to get well and keep fit using cellsalts
This website originally started out about CELLSALTS and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, but due to the huge amount of DISINFORMATION AND SUPPRESSION of alternative therapies, the conspiracy pages were started and evolved to dominate the site.

Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA)

Citizens for Health

Farm Wars - Barbara Peterson (Organic Gardening, NWO, Chemtrails, etc.)


Health information:



Natural News (Mike Adams) Email Alerts

Dr. Mercola's health information

Citizens for Health

Dr. Robert Rowen's Second Opinion Health Alert


Mother Earth News (Farming, Survival, Seeds, Gardening, Home Repairs, etc.)

Bob Livingston

Articles by Tony Isaacs

International Advocates for Health Freedom

Dr. Blaylock's Articles on Hacienda Publishing:

Books, Articles, Links by Dr. Russell Blaylock



Dr. Bruce West specializes in heart problems. (http://www.healthalert.com/) His subscribers to his Health Alert Newsletter get access to him for free protocols, and if you pay a small fee in addition to the newsletter subscription (he includes Vol.1 and Vol.2 of his health encyclopedia with a 2 year subscription that cover not only heart disease, but diabetes, and many other diseases and protocols, also -- and you can order the supplements directly from him, too), he will personally prepare a protocol for your specific problems and tell you which supplements and how much to take. (Tell him that I sent you or your friend -- I don't get any kickbacks, and don't want any, but hearing "thanks" from him is enough, as I like to know if I've helped people).

Dr. Frank Shallenberger


Jon Rappoport - Pandemic Flu Online:

Alternative Flu Information

Off The Grid News (Survival)

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Townsend Letter (Alternative Health)

Ty Bollinger - Cancer Truth

Free PDF Medical and Dental Books


James Howenstein

Dr. Robert Rowen

Hillsdale College - Imprimis Newsletter PDF

HSI Daily Health E-alert





Tony Isaacs (alternative health)

Greg Caton's Site (Skin Cancer cure, alternative health)

Homeopathy for Plants, People

Evidence, Health Effects and Remedies:

Health Risk Information of GMO (Institute for Responsible Technology)

Barbara H. Peterson - Farm Wars
Info on Chemtrails, Organic Farming, NWO, GMO, What you can do


Educate-Yourself_org- Links Page:
(See the above page for many other links besides the ones below)


Dr Hulda Clark (http://www.huldaclark.net)
Dr. Hulda Clark has performed a great service to humanity by writing books which provide an invaluable resource of fundamental information concerning the nature of the disease process and how you can learn to cure YOURSELF from any affliction using natural therapies.

Rife Technology Links (http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/rifelinks.shtml )
I've created a separate page for Rife Technology links. If you don't know who Dr. Royal Rife was, read our brief description under "Forbidden Cures". An enormous amount of valuable info is just a click away.

The Health Project (http://www.lightparty.com/Health/Health.html)
A marvellous site maintained by Da Vid, M.D., a caring and concerned physician. Many outstanding articles on all subjects touching on alternative medicine.

The Gerson Institute (http://www.gerson.org/index.shtml)
The first and best source of info that originated with Dr. Max Gerson on beating cancer through diet and juicing. His work is being ably carried forward by daughter Charlotte Gerson. A wealth of information. Obtain her latest book, The Gerson Therapy ($17)

The Cure is In the Cause (http://www.thecureisinthecause.com/book.html)
Dr. Ruza Bagdanovich has written my kind of book, The Cure is in the Cause. It's a Nature based approach to health, and for my money, that's the only intelligent approach to health care and maintenance. Her bio says that she studied with Bernard Jensen and has a degree in Naturopathy

Dr Lorraine Day (http://www.drday.com)
A former San Francisco surgeon who beat cancer through diet and an unshakable belief in God and Spirit to heal those who wish to be healed.

Oxytherapy.com - Oxygen & Ozone Therapies (http://www.oxytherapy.com/)
"We are dedicated to the advancement of Oxygen Therapies. Oxygen Therapies include the use of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy ( H2O2 ), Ozone Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Stabilized Oxygen, and Ionization." Very interesting, and highly beneficial information on all forms of oxygen therapies.

Gary Null's Natural Living (http://www.garynull.com/)
" Well-documented research & practical information on the nature and politics of medicine, health, nutrition & environment, including facts omitted by conventional media." Gary Null is America's best known authority on natural health. His daily radio program on Pacifica Radio is nothing less than a graduate-level "classroom on the air".

Herbal Healer (http://www.herbalhealer.com)
Owned by Mariah McCain in Arkansas. One lady who wrote me said that she got rid of her breast cancer using essiac tea obtained from Herbal Healer and thought very highly of their products.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's Optimal Wellness Center (http://www.mercola.com/)
There's a staggering amount of valuable info on this web site. Dr Mercola has done his homework. Not to be missed.

Cancer Control Society (http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/default.html)
An excellent resource for information (audio, video tapes) about alternative therapies for treating cancer. No chemo, radiation, or disfiguing surgery promoted here.

Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation (http://www.borderlands.com/index.htm)
Free energy, suppressed technologies, the creme-de-la-creme of alternative health info. It's all here. Their books and tapes are top notch.

Dr William Kelly's On Line Book One Answer to Cancer (http://www.drkelley.com/CANLIVER55.html)
If you know someone with cancer, download and print out this book. Read it fom cover to cover and follow the advice of Dr Kelly's metabolic therapy.

Keep Hope Alive (http://www.execpc.com/ -- keephope/keephope.html)
A GREAT web site for information on rebuilding and boosting the immune system, carefully maintained by editor Mark Konlee. Orientated towards people with AIDS and HIV . I get some of my best immunity-boosting gems here!

The Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients (http://tldp.com)
A legitimate and HONEST forum for orthodox and altenative therapeutic ideas. Quite a departure from the usual "peer-reviewed" journals (or more accurately, pharmaceutical propaganda mills). Excellent articles.

Gulf War Vets (Gulf War Illness)
Retired Army flight nurse Joyce Riley has done more any other person in this country to alert the public to the reality of Gulf War Illness (GWI) which has claimed the lives of at least 15,000 American men and woman and is devastating the lives of many, many more family members and friends.

Persian Gulf War Syndrome (http://www.chronicillnet.org/PGWS/)
For the latest information, references and resources regarding this tragic reality of war, biological weapons, and the immune system effects of drug and chemical reactions.

The Institute for Molecular Medicine (http://www.immed.org/)
This is the web site of Drs Garth & Nancy Nicholson who have done much to uncover the lies, deceit, and denial that the government has promoted concerning Gulf War Illness and associated disease conditions such as Mycoplasma Fermentens which is showing up in the fallout analysed from Chemtrail sprayings and making many people ill.

The Vitamin C Foundation: MEGASCORBATE THERAPIES (http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/)
The Vitamin C Foundation is a national nonprofit, charitable organization devoted to preserving the "lost knowledge" about ascorbic acid and its role in life.

Natural Immunity Information Network (http://members.xoom.com/niin/)
A network of concerned parents dedicated to the helping other parents make informed choices for the health and well-being of their children and themselves.

Women's Health Advisory Service (http://www.whas.com.au/)
Good info from some wonderful gals 'Down Under'.

We Want to Live (http://home.earthlink.net/ -- welive/)
Aajonus Vonderplanitz has learned to save people's health through Nature. You can too. Read the book.

The Silver Institute (http://www.silverinstitute.org/)
One of the most comprehensive web sites available about Silver.

International Coalition for Drug Awareness (http://www.drugawareness.org/home.html)
Fed up with the pro-drug propaganda/commercials you get on TV and radio? Here's a place where you can get some REAL information.

Mercury Free and Biological Dentists Listed by State (http://www.talkinternational.com/mfdsindex3.htm)
If you're looking for a dentist trained in proper amalgym removal, check out this web site.

No More Fake News.com ( http://www.nomorefakenews.com/)
Jon Rappoport is a solid reporter in health info, vaccince dangers, mind control, and the NWO. Also see Jon's many great books and MP3's:

Health, Wealth & Happiness (http://www.relfe.com)
Lots of interesting stuff. Stephanie Relfe is the enthusiastic owner.

Global Vision International (http://www.g-vision.com/)
Organized by Kanan Alexander, this web site offers articles and video tapes on alternative health, conspiracy, NWO, suppressed info, more.

World Natural Health Organization (http://www.wnho.org/)
Website for alternative and complementary medicine, disease prevention, health promotion, and natural healing

Patricia Doyle's website (http://goddess-of-fire.tripod.com/index-1.html)
Patricia Doyle's website with special focus on the Plum Island Biowarfare research laboratory in New York with associated West Nile virus research.

Search Engines

All The Web (http://www.alltheweb.com)
This search engine may be a good alternative to use when Google fails to produce the info you are seeking. Someone on the E-Y Discussion Forum mentioned that at least one anti New World Order web site was systematically being stripped from Google which means that Google can no longer be trusted, right along with AOL and Yahoo (CIA controlled).

Google (http://www.google.com) Google is undoubtedly the most popular seach engine used by most people, but I received a cautionary e-mail about Google's monitoring and data colection from their users, that you may want to consider an alternative search engine.

Scroogle (http://scroogle.org) This search engine was mentioned in the above e-mail as an alternative to Google which will give you the same results, but without the tracking of your IP address and click thru links.


Cliff Carnicom (http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm)
Good site for chemtrail infomation, but overly cautious and worried about upsetting The Powers That Be to call a spade a spade. Informative all the same. .

Barium Blues.com - (http://www.bariumblues.com/)
Great web site on recent chemtrail information and documentation by Lydia Mancini

Radar Matrix (http://www.radarmatrix.com/ )
Incredible pictures of not only of chemtrails, but astounding radar images of EMF bombardment and broadcasting that this government is raining down on its citizens. Great pictures of the weather effects from HAARP. Lots of good stuff there. Check it out.

Mind Control/ Psychotronics

Radiation Health Foundation Inc. ( http://www.rhfweb.com )
This web site is simply loaded with top notch articles on electronic mind control and EMF radiation hazards. More importantly, they do an admirable job of explaining to you how and why these secret technologies work and what you can do about it. Absolutely first rate information here. Do not miss this web site!

Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control ( http://www.aches-mc.org/ )
ACHES-MC, originally founded for survivors of mind control experimentation, has identified additional survivors of other nonconsensual experimentation. These survivors include children, prisoners, mentally incapacitated and military personnel and their families-those who cannot freely give consent.

Survivorship ( http://www.survivorship.org/ )
For survivors of ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture, and their allies. Survivorship is a non-profit organization created to support the healing of adult survivors of ritualized abuse. We are a truly grassroots organization totally supported by membership fees and donations. We accept no federal, state, or private grant monies. We are run for and bysurvivors and their allies.

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse By Neurological and Electromagnetic Weapons (http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/ -- welsh/ )
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (C.A.H.R.A.) was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments. The specific purpose of this group is to stop the currently ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation by the U.S. and other governments. The group will use research and documentation, networking and organization to reach a timely solution. Victims organized this group to pool their time and resources and to network with each other, just as the Gulf War Vets and also radiation victims did. (contact: Cheryl Welsh <welsh@dcn.davis.ca.us>)

David Roscoe on Psychotronics (http://mediamatrix.puissante.com/)
David has a fantastic web site laying out the secret government program of electronic mind control/influencing called psychotronics. It's real and it's coming to your neighborhood soon. He also presents compelling documentation of government cover-ups and 'beneficial coincidences' aiding the Political Establishment.

Reflections of Light (http://home.earthlink.net/ -- reflectionsoflight/)
"Mauri" is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse whose goal is to convince a skeptical public about the dangers of the cults that surround us. Essays on Mind Control, Armageddon, Ritual Abuse, the Ten Commandments, and Nazi Physics versus Newton and Einstein.

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Chemtrails: plenty of information that will convince any reasonable person that they are real, causing sickness and death to us, trees and plantlife, animals, and our planet, as well as what to do about them: more information about what to do about radiation, heavy metals, GMO foods, pesticides, organic gardening, etc. See: http://www.distance-healer.com/Chemtrails.html

New World Order / NWO page: information about the global elites' plan for one world government, Agenda 21 / 'Sustainable Development', ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, etc.:

See my "Get Active" page for what we all MUST do to Take America Back, and for a great collection of educational articles from various authors about politics, public schooling, democracy, immigration, multiculturalism/"diversity", hate speech legislation, freedom, rights, movie ratings for parents concerned about what their kids are exposed to, terrorism, morals, values, parenting, offshore oil, evolution, global warming, etc.:

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