AMAZING 2nd Amendment speech by Green Beret combat vet causes Democrat walkout
Delegate Nick Freitas Speech on Floor of Virginia House of Delegates 3-5-2018. Please subscribe. Don't forget to Click The (BELL) Icon to get Notification when my latest Video is uploaded.
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This is really, really good.
Replies to 'Gun control, the other side of the argument'
Sassy said: He's correct. The bad guys manage to acquire a weapon, may it be a gun or a knife while the vulnerable (women, handicapped, students...) are defenseless. Look at Toronto, they're shooting people every day or so. In the U.S.A., shootings occur in gun-free areas or gun-free cities.

Gun control, the other side of the argument

Excellent find, Eeyore. Trust a highly trained American military soldier (like the speaker, with his deep firearms familiarity) to lay things out so succinctly and eloquently. Especially at video time point -- 00:04:20, when the speaker enumerates exactly what it is that Democrats really want with all their hue and cry about an armed citizenry.

I've always consider it extremely curious when there are conspicuous convergences between (otherwise discordant) ideologies, cultures, scientific disciplines, or interpersonal relations in general. Lately, we've been seeing these statistically improbable convergences with daily regularity.

So, here we have Islam's (ideological) water carrier, the US Democrat party, perpetually nibbling around the edges of the American Constitution's Second Amendment.

Isn't this precisely what we're seeing with Islam (be it in the EU or USA)? Muslims use lawfare and hate-crime laws for 'clipping' the coin of American law. For those with the gastrointestinal fortitude, here comes the fun stuff.

SIDEBAR: Clipping a coin could simply involve shearing off a slight chord from the metal disc's edge. Otherwise, more sophisticated shysters*, would use a sharp-edged tool to shave off the coin's rim, a small curl of the thinner, similarly valuable outer edge is struck from.

Crucial to this message is how the fundamental currency of AMERICA'S SOCIETY IS BEING DEBASED. If I may be so bold, America's coin-of-the-realm is its Constitution and Rule of Law. Without either, the USA might stand a slight chance in a fair-fight with, let's say ... North Korea.e metal. Those grooves on the edge of your quarter or dime (called 'reeding') specifically were invented to prevent

The take-away still stands at how these various methods of removing value from whatever coin-of-the-realm all represent a classic form of Currency Debasement.

This sort of Currency Debasement is as old (and far older) than Ancient Rome.

To reiterate, just as with this nation's Second Constitutional Amendment--currently we are bearing witness to attempts at PERMANENT erosion of America's 'Face', by Sarah Rosenberg. Rule-of-Law. Hate Crimes, 'Phobias', Privileges, Lawfare, the Dire Risk of Hurt Feelings, a refusal to accept criticism of Islam, Reinforcement of North America's preeminence in the MME (Muslim Middle East).

Now, pile onto this monumental spit-heap consequences of longstanding Black and Jewish friction. Then there's the potential of Black and Caucasian abrasion. What about Black and Asian fulminations? And none of this includes what might think.

* Mind you, only in the most modern times might you expect to see the two words, 'sophisticated' and 'shysters', connected so intimately in the same sentence. Please pardon me.