Also see my Skin Cancer page about using red light of a specific wavelength for skin, breast, cervical, oral, anal, etc. cancers that the light can either shine on or penetrate (perhaps even prostate cancer).

Healing from Medical Light -- Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer, oral, cervical, anal, and other cancers, herpes (canker sores, cold sores, genital herpes)

I've got a small penlight of a particular wavelength that stops itching from insect bites, but also relieves pain, increases ATP energy generation in the mitochondria, helps Parkinson's and MS, and has many other benefits.

Boots, our cat, developed a huge, bleeding tumor -- probably from the GMO grains in "Friskies" cat food. We switched her to organic food into which we opened and mixed pomegranate capsules, and used the Light on her, along with healing touch (energy from God). She didn't even allow it to be touched, but she loved the healing light -- she'd sniff it, then lie down with the tumor facing me and let me shine the light on her for about 10-15 minutes at a time. It seems that she could tell that it was helping her, and it probably reduced the pain, as well as helped the cancer (along with the other things that I used). The tumor eventually was pushed out and fell off, and the spot is now totally healed over, with hair on it (moreso than in the above pictures -- I just don't have a picture of her now.)

Below are some pictures of our cat's tumor that initially was open and bleeding (prior to pictures) and went totally away with 635nm red light for about 5-10 mins twice a day, and opening a 500mg pomegranate capsule ( and mixing it in its combination of organic wet and dry food in AM and PM (2 caps/day).

Below are some related articles from Dr. Rowen.

How to Successfully Treat Skin Cancer (and Breast, Cervical, Colon and other Cancers)
Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter
July 2007 / Volume XVII , No. 7

A few months ago, I told you the incredible story about a cat with severe skin cancer. His owner completely cured the cat using a hand-held laser device. At the time, there weren't any cases of the laser working on human cases of skin cancer. Now there is. And, in a moment, you'll see the results. They are absolutely astounding!

The laser I'm referring to is the one developed by Gerry Graham, DC. It has the incredible ability to heal pain, wounds, and now cancer.

Dr. Graham is the one who told me about the cat. He showed me pictures of the cat with its squamous cell cancer. The cancer had grown across its right eye and down into its right nostril. It should have been "put to sleep." But its owner is a vet. And he wanted to see if the laser could help. So he treated the cat using only the laser. Within several weeks, the cancer was totally gone without a trace. And Kitty's eye was completely unharmed.

When I saw the before and after pictures of this cat, I remembered something I learned in a book written by Randolph Howes, MD, PhD. (Utopia available at He is my mentor on oxygen therapy. And his book shows how "free radicals" can be quite good for us. Well, in truth, we can't live without them. Our immune cells generate billions of them to kill bacterial invaders. Only when free radicals get out of balance do they become a problem. The antioxidants you take and eat help keep them in balance.

Another fact that most people don't realize is that your body is constantly creating immense amounts of electronically modified oxygen derivatives (EMODs). Some of these are, in fact, free radicals. But EMODs also include our friends hydrogen peroxide and ozone. They are extremely effective at delivering reactive oxygen to your cells.

All of your normal cells need and have a steady level of EMODs for ideal functioning. If the level drops too low, abnormal cells can proliferate. Cancer is abnormal cells that are proliferating non-stop. I've told you many times that cancer prefers a low oxygen environment. But if you can raise the level of EMODs in those cells, you can stop the proliferation. And even higher levels can cause apoptosis (cell death). That's what we want for wayward cells.

In the past, you could go to a special clinic that used photodynamic therapy in order to improve the levels of EMODs in cancer cells. Dr. Howes explained to me that the 635nm is a perfect wavelength to create one highly reactive EMOD in cells. But photodynamic therapy is extremely expensive. And you probably won't find many clinics willing to use it to treat your cancer. (You can read about photodynamic therapy on the Internet.)

But anyone with a 635nm laser (Dr. Graham's) can do the exact same thing for tumors the light can reach. It can activate normal oxygen to a particular reactive EMOD, which can enhance your immune system, and is toxic to cancer cells.

This means that the 635nm laser may be the fastest, simplest, easiest, and most convenient way to administer oxidation therapy directly to a specific part of your body! This concept could revolutionize healing! At least it sounds good in theory. How does it work in reality?

Well, we've already seen what happened with the cat. But now look at what happened to Todd Green. He's 37 years old and lives in Florida. He developed a basal cell cancer on his upper lip. His doctor removed it by biopsy three years ago. Everything was fine until two years later. In May 2006, something horrible came back with a vengeance on the same site. His dermatologist was not available for two weeks. And whatever it was, it was growing fast -- daily!

Quite frightened, he was scheduled for a bigger surgery to take it off, but decided to try the laser that cured the cat's skin cancer. He used it for 90 minutes daily for 30 days. Remarkably, the growth totally disappeared.

But Todd isn't the only incredible story. Peggy McKenna, also of Florida, developed a breast cancer with a huge mass in her left breast when she was 59. For two months, she used only the laser to treat the mass. The mass disappeared. And, as an added bonus, a knot in her neck totally disappeared too!

Obviously, this new laser science is stunning. Dr. Graham may have unknowingly stumbled on to a relatively inexpensive and absolutely safe way to do photodynamic therapy for superficial or other cancers that can
be reached by the light. So now we have an easy-to-use treatment for pain, skin wounds, and any cancer that's on the surface, or just under the surface, of the skin. We'll have to wait for more evidence of how well it works for different cancers and other ailments. But if you have any of these problems, I strongly recommend you try the laser. It won't hurt you in any way, and it could completely heal you!

The lasers are expensive. But when you consider what they can do, I think they're well worth the price. The professional four-light model is $5,995. The two-light home unit is $2,995. You can order the laser from LazrPulsR Systems at 888-696-6532.

Erase Chronic Pain and Wounds in Days
Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter
Vol. XVII, No. 1 January 2007

Anyone over the age of 50 knows pain and slow wound healing are common as we get older. Our joints may ache, headaches can become more common, and the pain from injuries in our youth can seem to haunt us daily. Bruises may not go away very quickly. Cuts can take longer to heal, and injuries may seem to hurt for much longer than they used to.

These are just some of the many problems we may encounter as we age. But what if I told you there is a device that can stop your pain and speed healing of just about any wound? You might think it was too good to be true. Especially when I told you the device looks like it came right out of Star Trek.

In Star Trek, anyone who was injured would go see Dr. McCoy in sickbay. There, injured crew would simply lie motionless on the table. Sometimes you would see a light on the body. Other times you wouldn't see anything. But somehow almost all of them miraculously recovered without so much as anyone touching them. Of course, that was fiction. What I'm about to tell you is every bit as incredible, but it's not fiction. It's very real.

You may know that I'm a fan of light therapy. I wrote a special report on the topic and have used colored light to heal many people. In fact, many of you have used that report and the colored filters that came with it to heal your own ailments. Some of the testimonials I've received are truly amazing.

Dinshah Ghadiali pioneered light therapy, as we know it. But science has pushed this marvelous therapy quantum leaps beyond anything Dinshah ever imagined when he first began experimenting with his colored lanterns. Today, we have the ability to heal in ways we never thought possible simply by using powerful light beams known as lasers.

Most science fiction uses lasers to cut and destroy. While certain lasers have some of those abilities (such as we see used in many surgeries today), others can have the opposite effect. Instead of cutting or destroying, these lasers can heal.

The technology has been around for a couple of decades. In 1988, I purchased my first laser for about $4,500. It's a huge machine, but it works remarkably well. Using that laser, I've healed wounds and joints with amazing speed. It's an amazing treatment I still use today. Most people never heard of this treatment thanks to the government. My machine was one of a few to get through production before the FDA stepped in and shut down the factory.

But now, 20 years later, there's an even better machine. It's FDA approved. It's small enough to fit in your hand. And it can treat most pain and wounds with just a few treatments.

I found out just how well this laser works a couple of years ago after a particularly strenuous cross-country skiing expedition. I hadn't skied since I left Alaska in 2001. The high Sierra conditions are worse than Alaska because it's a warmer climate, so the snow melts into slush. Hitting several of theses pockets, I went down many times and unknowingly wrenched my left shoulder.

The pain began the next day and continued despite my best treatment efforts. It was agony turning over in bed. After three weeks, I started getting sympathy pain on the other side. I was convinced my cross-country skiing days were finished. Eight weeks later, still in major pain, I met Gerry Graham, DC at a medical conference, where he had his laser on display. I took one home on loan.

Dr. Graham has developed the laser to operate at different frequencies. These frequencies affect different tissues in different ways. For instance, by switching the frequency, you can program the device to help ligaments, wounds, general pain, and many other ailments.

In just three days on the "ligament" program, my pain was down over 70% and I had no trouble turning over in bed. The total treatment time was less than 60 minutes (20 minutes a day). In a few weeks, I was free of pain. My shoulder strength returned to normal. One year later, I returned to the same cross-country resort, this time with much better conditions. I did over 20 kilometers of very rugged work in a few hours. No falls, not even a whimper from my shoulder, and I finished only 10 minutes behind my athletic daughter. I was astounded at the healing this device brought my shoulder.

How did this little device do it? I've told you in the past that our bodies are extremely sensitive to different frequencies. Some frequencies help our bodies. Others can do it harm. As you may know, light has various frequencies, which are based on wavelengths. Longer wavelengths, which carry less energy, are the colors on the outer ring of the rainbow: red and orange. The shorter, more energetic wavelengths are on the opposite end: purple and violet. But there are even shorter, more energetic wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye. These are the potentially damaging ultraviolet bands.

What we see every day are the many frequencies of light. They have random peaks and troughs in their waves, and travel in random directions. The waves are not parallel, and vibrate in several planes (not polarized). A laser is a light source where all the waves are the same frequency, polarized, and all the peaks and troughs of the waves are in phase. Most light striking your skin will be reflected off. If it didn't, standing in the sun would roast you in seconds. But because of how the laser light is designed, it can penetrate far into your body.

Once the light goes into your body, your cells pick up the light particles. These particles contain energy, which is then released into the cell. This process can almost instantly stimulate thousands of chemical reactions. This process is called biological amplification, and explains why the laser can speed healing so effectively.

The two most important factors in this process are the specific wavelength and the intensity of the light. It turns out that the 635 nm wavelength is the most specific to activate human tissue. That's the frequency of the color red. And the power intensity doesn't have to be much. You need only 5 milliwatts or less (my original laser was only one milliwatt). More isn't necessarily better. You can absorb only so much energy. Your eyes are a great example of this. Too much light is blinding!

The red laser Dr. Graham developed barely penetrates your body -- only two inches. However, that's definitely deep enough for therapeutic effects. And there's plenty of scientific evidence to support the clinical evidence we've seen.

In a recent study on mice, researchers found that wound healing dramatically increases. The researchers also found that the laser reduced scar tissue by 60%. And it also stimulated the regeneration of both lymph and vein vessels, which increase blood flow.

A study conducted in India found a 30% reduction in wound healing time in mice. White cells, fibroblasts, and blood vessel cells, increased in the wounds when lasered.

Canadian researchers did one study that really surprised me. They found the low level laser treatment (LLLT) actually worked better when it went through clothes or medical bandages. The study evaluated the laser treatment on fully dressed versus undressed wounds. It found that LLLT administered to fully dressed wounds "may facilitate a faster rate of wound healing than LLLT applied to exposed wounds by reducing trauma and the risk of infection." Wound trauma and risk of infection increases every time dressings are peeled off the wound for changing. The laser penetrates through clothing and dressings without major change in healing ability.

And the final study I'll discuss showed the laser works remarkably well for bacterial infection. In 2000, a published study said that LLLT could produce changes in bacterial growth of "considerable importance for wound healing." The study said that 630 nm appeared to be the best frequency to inhibit bacterial growth, inferring that this wavelength might be the wavelength of choice for treating infected wounds.

There you have the scientific proof, but here's the exciting clinical proof: V. H. had suffered with terrible headaches for 16 years. Nothing worked! Painkillers stopped working years ago and they were beginning to cause other health problems. A problem tooth caused the pain. But her dentist couldn't figure out how to stop it. When she tried Dr. Graham's laser, it penetrated right through her maxillary bone to the root of the problem. Her pain was gone in seconds!

Barbara Duffey dropped a 45-pound weight on her foot at the gym. It was badly damaged and she was sure it was fractured. The skin under her toes turned black and swelled, even though she put her foot in an ice bath. She couldn't put weight on the ball of her foot. She went to the ER, but they were too busy with emergencies to evaluate her, even after waiting two hours. Barb went home, where she had Dr. Graham's laser. She treated herself on the programs for deep bruise, lymph, and circulation. Only eight hours after the morning injury, she had done five treatments. The swelling and bruising was already receding and she was walking.

The next day she repeated the treatments a "few times." She was not limping. That night the bruise was about gone. The following day she was able to work out normally. "I was so astounded and speechless that the discoloration began clearing within minutes and was almost gone within a few hours."

The gym owner, who witnessed the accident, was incredulous that Barb was running and working out in tennis shoes only two days later.

In Denver, Paul Dicken, a 62-year-old ex-pro baseball player for Cleveland (1963-'66) developed repeat sciatica. He could only walk a quarter mile before severe pain stopped him cold. Adjustments helped before, but did not work this time. After six months of continuous pain, Paul saw Dr. Graham. Paul was instructed to walk with the laser shining on his skull. Dr. Graham didn't tell him why he was being treated with light to avoid a placebo effect. He walked out of the office five minutes later with no pain. "My neurological gait was out of whack. The pain has been gone now for two years. I bought one for maintenance!" Paul told me.

And then there's Jack and his wife, a middle-aged couple, both with genital herpes. Jack's herpes outbreaks usually last 12-14 days. His wife's lasts about 10-12 days. I got to see them within a day of their last outbreak. They used the laser daily for about five minutes for only three days. The lesions had healed in both.

I think Dr. Graham's innovations in laser therapy may make his instrument the healing tool of the decade. He has programmed in specific frequency pulsations of the laser light. In addition to the energy of the light, you also receive it in frequencies that Dr. Graham and his associates have found to be specific for target tissues.

Cold lasers are an FDA class IIIa device. That means they are considered safe and are available to you by prescription for human use. The only known warning is that you don't shine it directly into your eyes. That's a no brainer.

But you don't necessarily have to get a prescription to buy the device. Ironically, you can order Dr. Graham's 635 nm laser without a prescription to home treat your pets or farm animals. It's very easy to use. Additionally, this device has slots that enable you to enter frequencies that you or your doctor believes will be specific for you or your pet. I've checked on similar instruments and have found nothing comparable in price or versatility.

Now for the tougher news. The lasers aren't cheap. The professional four-light model is $5,995. The two-light home unit is $2,995. That might seem like a lot. But consider the huge dollar outlays and time with your doctor that you've already paid for pain treatments that haven't worked. Consider your lost time at work. Somehow, a home device like this may now sound reasonably priced. It won't require you to travel to me or another doctor for neural therapy injections, prolotherapy, or other interventions. You can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Since you can treat yourself, your doctor could easily get one for his/her office and make it available for walk-ins at a bargain basement fee. You can be sure that I will continue to investigate the versatility of this healing tool and regularly report to you on my research. Dr. Graham's company, LazrPulsR Systems, can be contacted at 888-696-6532. They're ready to beam Star Trek healing to you now. Move over Dr. McCoy!

Ref: Bisht, D., R. Mehrotra, P.A. Singh, et al. "Effect of Helium-Neon Laser on Wound Healing," Indian journal of experimental biology. 1999; 37(2): 187-189; Ghamsari, SM, K. Taguchi, N. Abe, J.A. Acorda, M. Sato, and H. Yamada.

"Evaluation of low level laser therapy on primary healing of experimentally induced full thickness teat wounds in dairy cattle." Vet Surg., 1997 March-April;26(2):114-20; J Clin Laser Med Surg., 2000 October;18(5):235-40.

Q: I really enjoyed your story about the low-level laser. Can the laser work on animals and children? -- B.J., via e-mail

A: Thank you. I'm glad you liked the story. The laser truly is a remarkable medical breakthrough. And, yes, it works wonders on animals and children.

Take the story of Shirley Saddoris, for example. She's a horsewoman from Colorado who told me her expensive draft horse was bitten on its nose three times by a rattlesnake. The horse's airway was in great danger of closing from the poison. "The venom was destroying cells."

She watched her vet work the laser on the horse's nose. The vet first lasered several acupuncture points to relax the horse. Then he irradiated the bites. The mare was lasered six times daily. The bruise began to resolve right in front of Shirley's eyes.

The bruise was gone in just two days rather than an expected seven days. The skin over the bites did not slough off. On the second day, the horse had some difficulty breathing in the morning, but that was corrected in just minutes after treatment.

The horse was turned out with its companions in just 3 days. On the fourth day, no one could tell that the incident had even occurred. The horse had been given antivenin, but suffered none of the late complications that are common with antivenin. "I could not believe the calm state of the horse while it was lasered," said Shirley.

Tim Carbert works with Dr. Gerry Graham (the inventor of the laser device) and is his son-in-law. Tim worked on his uncle's dog.

The poor animal had acquired a bacterial infection from raccoon urine. The germ caused uncontrolled fluid retention. His abdominal girth had doubled. He would not move or eat; and he didn't respond to antibiotics. His liver had shriveled. They were ready to put him down.

Two weeks into the illness, Tim treated him with several laser programs and the animal responded immediately.

"You could actually see the size of his fluid-filled abdomen go down" with the treatment. He got up, urinated, and ate. He was treated every five to seven days.

The edema and belly fluid disappeared, revealing a totally emaciated dog. In 3-4 weeks, he returned to normal.

Then there's the treatment of children. Karen Whisner of Colorado is Dr. Graham's assistant.

One of her grandchildren (four years old) developed stomach cramps. She got out her laser and treated him. His cramps were gone in minutes and he passed a tapeworm.

Another 4-year-old grandson stuck his fingers in a candle. They were burned red, but not yet blistered. She placed them in cold water and then lasered them. He resumed playing in 15 minutes.

As you can see, the laser is great for use on just about any animal or human. It's very safe. And has no side effects.

Shocking Discovery: How Shining a Light Up Your Nose Cures Disease
Vol. XXIII, No. 7 July 2013
Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter

For the past several years, I've been telling you about the power of energy healing. Some of the treatments are extraordinarily effective. The costs of devices have varied from moderately pricey to expensive. Now, I'm really excited to tell you of a novel energy device that's relatively cheap, super easy to administer to yourself, and which might dramatically help your health conditions.

When you subscribed to Second Opinion, you might have gotten a promotion I wrote years ago about light therapy. Dr. Darius Dinshah was a daring pioneer who proved that shining particular colors on the body could induce rapid and "unexplained" healings for a variety of conditions. (For his discoveries, the FDA destroyed him.) My publisher offers color filters based on his work.

Light technology has come a long, long way since Dinshah's time. We now have lasers and light emitting diodes (LED) of all colors. I've written here about laser therapy, particularly red light in the 635 nm wavelength area. This wavelength of light has some exciting properties in healing a multitude of tissues. One property is that it activates a key enzyme in your mitochondria (energy furnaces) called cytochrome oxidase. If you can get your mitochondria turned on, you can accomplish "miraculous" healing, since all healing requires energy. More on the biochemistry in a moment.

Researchers in China have been actively researching low-intensity laser on vascular diseases. In one paper published in 2012, researchers evaluated 90 subjects. All of them had either coronary artery disease or a history of stroke. They divided the participants into a treatment group of 60 and a control group of 30. They gave the treatment group the therapeutic light for just 30 minutes daily for 10 days, three days off and another session of 10 days. They exposed the control group to a normal, non-medical light.

They didn't have the patients make any dietary changes. But they did fast before the blood draws. The age range of the treatment and control group was similar -- about 75 and 76 years respectively. The researchers evaluated their blood for blood viscosity and lipid changes. The two key blood viscosity measurements decreased significantly. That means their blood became less "thick" and easier to flow. That's extremely important for vascular diseases. Now get this. Total cholesterol fell from 173 mg/dl to 147. LDL fell from 107 mg/dl to 97. "Good" HDL cholesterol rose from 42 mg/dl to 47. And, triglycerides fell from 161 mg/dl to 151.

Did it help stroke? A 2005 China study on 21 patients utilized the sophisticated SPECT scan, which actually determines blood flow to various areas of the brain. The therapeutic light improved brain perfusion on the treated side! Other studies showed improvement in stroke symptoms with this treatment.

You know, if a pharmaceutical drug did this well for vascular risk, you'd have doctors recommending it regardless of the chemical's toxic effects. But light therapy has no known toxicity. And this light therapy had a most novel, easy, and unique administration -- into your nasal cavity! That's right! All they did was shine a red light into their nose.

The Chinese postulated that the red light might work by improving the redox status of cells. Redox refers to oxidation/reduction. Redox is as important to your cells as is pH (acid/base). They measure redox by the ratio of an oxidized vitamin B3 molecule called NAD+ to its reduced form NADH. That's called the NAD+/NADH ratio. A dysfunctional cell has a lower NAD+/NADH ratio than normal. A dysfunctional cell is more reduced, meaning richer in electrons. Why? All those extra electrons indicate that oxygen is not actively soaking them up and making energy for you.

Ozone and ultraviolet oxidation therapies work to raise this ratio. NAD+/NADH ratio is crucial in your ATP energy production. One of the ways oxidation therapies work is to raise that ratio by generating more NAD+, which stimulates mitochondrial energy output! The red light may have a similar effect as the more expensive oxidation therapy in improving (raising) the redox (oxidation/reduction) status of your cells. In fact, other research has shown that the light works best where the redox status is actually faulty, and the light doesn't help at all if the redox status is optimal. You need more NAD+ in your cells to jump-start biochemical reactions. Cancer cells are overly reduced, meaning they'll have a very low NAD+/NADH ratio. That indicates they aren't using oxygen to grab the excess of electrons, like a normal cell does.

China is well ahead of us in light research and treatment. One study found that intranasal light therapy for 60 minutes per session, once daily over 10-14 days, improved insomnia for 82% of patients. In a study on patients with mild cognitive impairment, intranasal red light improved red blood cell deformability compared to placebo. That means the red cells became less stiff. That's crucial for the cells to squeeze through your small capillaries, which have a smaller diameter than your red cells themselves. This brings better blood flow and oxygen delivery, and less of a requirement for more pressure to squeeze the red cells through!

In 2002, another Chinese study evaluated 47 Alzheimer's disease patients and 22 patients with gastric ulcers as controls. The researchers treated the participants with a red intranasal laser once daily each morning for 30 days. Melatonin levels increased in the Alzheimer's group, as did a memory test, but there was no change in the gastric ulcer group.

A study on Parkinson's disease in 2003 found that intranasal laser treatment for 30 minutes each morning for 20 days improved symptoms in two-thirds of the patients. Out of these, 30% had significant improvement and 57% had mild improvement. When it comes to Parkinson's symptoms, any improvement is most desirable.

Furthermore, levels of SOD enzyme (a key protective and anti-aging enzyme) and melatonin (a key repair and protective molecule made during sleep in your pineal gland) both rose. At the same time, MDA (malondialdehyde), a marker for destructive oxidative damage, decreased. Even better, an intestinal enzyme called cholecystokinin- octapeptide, which high levels have a deleterious effect on cognitive ability, declined to normal levels.

Yet another Chinese study on Parkinson's found improvements in 89% of patients, with 27.7% having significant improvement. And, an animal study found that low-level light irradiation at 670 nm (similar to the red laser) prevented loss of vulnerable neurons in the substantial nigra, the brain area deranged in Parkinson's.

Do you have headaches? A 1998 study treated 39 patients with chronic migraines and trigeminal neuralgia similarly for 30 minutes per session per day over two five-day periods with a two-day break in between.

Improvement occurred in 90% of patients with twothirds having significant improvement. Improvements in local blood flow alone might account for these findings! What about depression? A pilot Chinese study on depressed patients showed a remarkable 63% reduction when the researchers irradiated their foreheads with a longer wavelength (810 nm which is infrared). Blood flow to the frontal cortex increased. That's the area of higher brain functioning! Remember the SPECT brain scan findings on page 2. This study confirms those results.

Now let's translate the above to treatment for the average American. The Chinese were using old technology that required you to plug the device into an outlet.

That's not very convenient. They also used laser light.

Recent research indicates that it is the wavelength that does the trick and that the light doesn't have to be a laser. So, a far cheaper LED light (emitting the required wavelength) will have a nearly identical effect. And, in recent years, LED technology has been so miniaturized that we can accomplish an intranasal administration with a single battery power supply.

Lew Lim, of MedicLights research, Toronto, is a brilliant engineer and entrepreneur who came to meet with me in Santa Rosa. He's developed an amazingly small device called the Vielight, which you can easily carry in your shirt pocket. It provides a power supply to an LED light that you can very comfortably insert into your nostril to provide the requisite energy and wavelength. Better for us, since, as it is a LED and not laser, there are no FDA concerns. (Lasers carry a warning regarding shining directly into your eyes.)

You might wonder why intranasal LED administration works so well. There are several reasons. The 630 nm wavelength penetrates tissues at least 1 cm. That will get the energy close to or into your brain. The bones in back of the nasal cavity are paper thin, and will easily transmit the red light. Plus, your nose septum is among the richest tissues in capillaries. The red wavelength will easily penetrate all the red blood cells in this bloodrich area, bathing them in the stimulating and healing light. This can improve their oxygen delivery performance. In the 25-minute preset treatment, you are treating a large percentage of your red blood cells.

The cost of Lim's LED red intranasal light (at 633 nm wavelength) is just $299. He is so sure of its value to you that he has offered Second Opinion readers a money back guarantee. I've never seen a money back guarantee for any re-saleable healing device. Use it for three months. If you don't like it, return it, and you'll get an 80% refund. He can't do a 100% money back guarantee since he can't resell the device.

My goal here is to get you information you can use to heal yourself at home with limited trips to any doctor, including me. Some of the healing methods I've written about, while incredibly effective, may be out of the price range for many people. This device may provide the most cost-effective means of treatment of anything I've written about. Lim reports that the feedback received from customers (including practitioners) largely supports the clinical data of the Chinese studies.

The Vielight may hold promise to help you restore homeostasis (balance) in high blood pressure and vascular conditions by improving the rheological (flow) properties of your blood. If you choose to try it, please use once daily. It's so comfortable, you can easily use it when you go to bed. It's preset to shut off after 25 minutes. You can order the lights by calling 855-377-6936.

Ref: Karu, T. "Photobiology of low-power laser effects. Health Physics, 56, 691-704, 1989; Int J of Photoenergy, vol 2012 Article ID 489713.

From "The Holistic Veterinary Handbook" by William G. Winter, DVM (

Conium (Hemlock) is a homeopathic remedy used to treat lymphoma in animals.

Food ratios for Dogs:

20-25% animal products (meat/eggs/dairy). Best Meats: In general, meat should be served raw. For ecological reasons, look for cuts of meat not commonly sought out for people, such as chicken necks and backs, giblets, tongues, venison, wild fish, and tougher pieces of meat. Many butchers will grind these up for you. Have restaurant employees save good leftover meat (cooked or raw) for you. Organ meat (liver, kidney) should not exceed 10% of total meat intake. Pork and rabbit should be lightly cooked. Watch out for hormones and pesticides in meats -- U.S. beef and dairy  (from cows, not goats & sheep) products have banned in the rest of the world because of Monsanto's Growth Hormone, which is like throwing kerosene on a fire to cancer.

65-75% plants (vegetables/grains/fruits -- go easy on grains, and only whole, rough grains that need to be chewed, not ground grains made with flour -- even if  "whole wheat"). I would give Sunny some organic wheat and barley grass mixed in his food  [Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Non-GE 5 lbs, (];  [NOW-02662, 2lbs] organic non-GE], and you could blend some vegetables, especially greens, in a VitaMix blender.

Grind bones using either a clamp-on hand grinder or good processor or use a large meat tenderizer too and butcher block. Grind all skin, bones and muscle. You can prepare large batches of food and freeze it in small-sized portions. Offer food at room or body temperature. Do not microwave food!

Immune Stimulation:

Garlic -- medium to high dose
Raw Organ Meat, especially thymus gland and "sweetbreads"
Chlorophyll (wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella -- if you use the last two, be careful to buy a brand certified to be very low in heavy metals, since they absorb them from their environment).
Bee Pollen
Brewer's Yeast
Increased intake of Fluids/Liquids (no sugar or artificial sweetners or fruit juice)
Vitamin C -- high level
Fresh, whole foods
Sunlight, fresh air
Gentle Exercise
Thymus "Thump" -- massage or pat over thymus gland to activate
Bathing, brushing, and hands-on touch
Catch problems early to prevent severe illnesses.

Ten Biggest Sources of Cancer in Domestic Animals

  • Emotions - grief, guilt, fear, anger, boredom, loneliness
  • Stress - mostly emotional, also hormones, environment, no purpose in life
  • Sedentary Lifestyle -- build-up of carcinogens, free radicals, mucus, "sludge"
  • Poor Diet -- stale, low quality, additive and hormone-laden food
  • Poor absorption of food -- enzyme deficient; coated, weak, lazy intestines (dairy and ground starch/flour and products made from them cause coating)
  • Obesity -- body has enough energy to "waste" and begins building excess tissue
  • Poor wast flushing -- inadequate fluid intake or inadequate elimination schedule
  • Blockage of Chi or energy -- excess scar tissue, trauma, inactivity or poor posture
  • Massive carcinogen exposure -- smokers in house, lawn chemicals, flea poisons, pollution, junk food, vaccines
  • Gentic predisposition, viruses, others.
  • General Principles of Holistic Treatment

Herbal detoxification -- this should be done first.
Fasting -- to detoxify and "starve out" the cancer: a "wake-up call" to the body.
Homemade, raw, natural, balanced (sufficient vegetables & grasses) diet.
Supplements -- Full Spectrum vitamins C, E, A, Garlic, Prozyme to dissolve inflammation and pain, Ginseng, Echinacea, Essiac, Liver herbs (milk thistle, dandelion root), Homeopathic remedies (Conium/Hemlock for carcinoma), immune boosters

(Note: Please see other cancer pages on this site for additional general cancer information -- particularly my main cancer protocol page, which contains much information about breast, prostate, colon, lung, brain and many other types of cancers; Metabolic Typing pages; and my Raw Foods & Cancer page.)


Preventing Lymphoma by Diet (from Dr. Blaylock -- this is pertinent to other cancers, too)

In a previous newsletter, I reported on a study that found that lymphomas were increasing faster than any other type of malignancy in those under age 30 years. Shocking news to say the least. Yet, a series of studies clearly shows that nutrition is a powerful way to combat this increase risk.

In one study, which looked at the diets of 591 people having a non-Hodgkin lymphoma compared to matched populations of the same age, sex, and other risk factors, found that those who had the highest intake of omega-3 fats (fish oils) had up to a 60 percent reduced risk of developing the cancer.

Likewise, those with the highest vegetable intake, as measured by carotenoid levels, had a 40 percent reduction in risk, and those with the highest vitamin E intake (natural vitamin E) had a 60 percent reduction. Previous studies have linked high protein diet (especially red meats eaten rare) and high milk intake with significantly increased risk of lymphomas.

A particularly strong association was found between fiber intake and reduced risk of lymphoma. Those who ate 14.4 grams of fiber per thousand kilocalories (equal to a highvegetable diet plus whole grains) experienced up to a 60 percent reduction in risk.

In another study from the Mayo Clinic, it was shown that people who ate the most cruciferous vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) reduced their risk of lymphoma by 42 percent. Zinc also lowered risk. Of the carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthans, lowered risk as much as 42 percent. Kale, spinach, and tomatoes are high in these carotenoids.

In the previous study, they found that high calcium intake, no matter the source (supplements or milk), dramatically increased lymphoma risk. As with the link between prostate and breast cancer risk and calcium intake, it appears that the high calcium diets lower vitamin D-3, (2,000 IU a day) which normally suppresses these cancers. Higher vitamin D-3 may also protect against lymphomas. The important lesson to retain is that by eating a healthy diet and using appropriate supplements, one can avoid the risk of these dangerous cancers.

I use Immune Assist Critical Care myself from Aloha Medicinals to boost my immune system; they have products for dogs and some other helpful information at:

Other helpful immune boosters are mentioned on my site, including Astragalus, Gum Ghatti, Aloe Vera, Arabinogalactan, Fucoidan, Echinacea, and Goldenseal (a good quality, standardized extract, hopefully, like: -- see my main "Cancer Protocol" page for details.

Some liver support/detoxification herbs/supplements might be helpful (these are also on my liver and cancer pages) such as Milk Thistle Extract (   SWH051, qty120 caps, 250mg 80% + 250mg Milk Thistle Powder, $5.75 -- mix in EV olive oil, as it is oil-soluble, or it won't be absorbed), Dandelion Root (Swanson), TMG (Swanson), non-GMO Lecithin (NOW brand from Also, N-Acetyl Cysteine (Swanson), and a good overall multivitamin/mineral (I use Activite Sport multivitamins from Methionine and iron (in some pet vitamins) accelerate cancer.

There are things to help reduce metastasis (see my colon cancer page), including MCP, concentrated flax lignans, and arabinogalactan if you need them.

This book may be helpful:

I use purified liquid fish oil ( or because I found, upon nicking the capsule and squeezing it out on a spoon and smelling the oil, that many of the capsules were rancid and doing more harm than good. Also, the liquid is cheaper. At any rate, if you use capsules, I'd check one from each bottle. Another type of DHA that is good is Calamari Oil capsules (Swanson) 2/d.

For joint problems, instead of prednisone (which suppresses the immune system), I take 2/d with food, Boswellia Serrata, SWH010 (3/d) and Myrrh (Swanson) 3/d to reduce inflammation/swelling. Open the capsules and mix the Boswellia (Frankincense) and Myrrh in Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil before taking them, as they are oil-soluble and won't be absorbed well otherwise. Arnica Gel (externally only) and Hyland's tablets (6X or 30X internally) work together well for joint pain.

Some people and animals have trouble converting the ALA in flaxseed oil to EPA/DHA (fish oil) due to an enyzme deficiency caused by age, eating a lot of omega-6 oils, being overweight or having cancer or other illness: (  I prefer to take purified (molecularly-distilled) fish oil directly (I take 4TBS/d total, 2AM + 2PM along with full-spectrum oil-soluble vitamin E at the same time. I mix in 500mg curcumin and 500mg quercetin into 1TBS of the above oil three times a day (using a spoon and a little saucer); I actually take 1000mg of curcumin + 1000mg quercetin + 1TBS fish oil AM and 1TBS fish oil plain, then 500mg of each with 1 TBS fish oil and 1TBS fish oil plain PM. (Or mix them in CP EV Olive Oil and take Calamari Oil capsules instead of liquid fish oil).

Also for cancer: Source Naturals Pomegranate Extract (large dosages; on my website) + lots of enzymes (Now Pancreatic Enzyme, Now Papaya Enzyme from and

Virtually all the things on my web site are applicable to pets, too -- just the dosages are different. In fact, there is more information available for treating cancer with natural methods in pets than in people because of active government and media suppression.

If your pet is taking corticosteroids/prednisone, I can't advise you to discontinue any prescriptions by allopathic doctors, but if it were me, I'd try the other anti-inflammatories instead, keeping the prednisone in reserve while seeing how it goes.

About how things mix together: I took all of the things on my protocol when I had active cancer, in the dosages indicated, simultaneously; I take a quite a few now, but less (both in number and quantity), along with a virtually perfect diet and lifestyle. Many of the supplements and herbs actually are synergistic and help each other, rather than make you sick. The main bad interactions are few and mostly with prescriptions -- for example, some herbs can interact with blood thinners and cause the blood to thin more, and the supplements for diabetes will lower blood sugar and can require someone using prescriptions that do the same thing to decrease or gradually stop taking them.

Not to necessarily endorse this diet (some of the things on the website looked good, but some things that were linked to (but on other sites) were questionable, but this part was good, and along the lines of what the other book I sent you excerpts from said (about including lots of certain vegetables (cruciferous and other nutritious ones), ground flaxseed, fruits, etc.:

The BARF DIET™ does not contain grain products. Grains are not biologically appropriate for our pets. The ingestion of grain and other starchy foods contribute to most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases. Domestic pets should be getting their carbohydrate in a similar manner to their wild ancestors. Natural Fresh fruits and vegetables, in the BARF DIET™, provide a natural source of carbohydrates in a more digestible format. Current trends of improving the diets, exercise, health and well being of humans have influenced the way we have improved the feeding regimen for our prized pets.

Although I would follow the vegetable and meat percentages given above, and select other vegetables also, along with Now brand organic wheat grass and barley grass powders (, here is an example of how you can mix organic, raw, blended vegetables ( variable-speed blender), fruit, freshly-ground organic flaxseed (Proctor-Silex Coffee Grinder) with raw meat and bones: Various forms of meat, along with finely ground bones, Liver, Egg, Broccoli, Celery, Spinach, Carrot, Ground Flax Seed, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Apple, Pear, Grapefruit, Orange, Dried Kelp, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Oxide, Manganous Oxide. (
Complimentary report on cutting edge cancer care for your pet. If you need to speak to a person call (775) 882-5959 8:00am to 4:00pm Mon - Fri. PST

Essiac tea is also helpful for pets with cancer. For Rene Caisse’s later 8 herb formula -- powdered 8 herb formula used late in Rene's life, go to and search for "Flor Essence" (without quotes; iherb costs a lot more). Mfr's info:
Flora Flor Essence Gentle Detox For The Whole Body -- 17 fl oz, $19.29, 8 herb formula Dr. Brusch & Rene developed later, after refining it so that it could be used orally, rather than injected. Flora is the company Dr. Brusch sold the formula to. Vitacost sells it at a discount.

Warnings: This product contains Turkish rhubarb root. Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because rhubarb may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. You could take some of the capsules and pills with your teas.

If you're pressed for time, like I am, you might prefer the liquid extract:
For Adults: Shake the bottle well before use. Measure 2 oz of tea and dilute with an equal or double amount of purified water. Take two servings daily: one before breakfast and one before bedtime. Sip slowly. After opening Keep Refrigerated and use within 3 weeks.

For Children (2-12): Measure 3/4 to 1 oz of tea once or twice daily. Dilute and take as above. Sip slowly.

For Infants (under age 2): Measure 1/4 to 1/2 oz of tea once or twice daily. Dilute and take as above. Sip slowly.

For Pets: base dosage upon body weight.

FDA Gives Pet Food Companies a Loophole to By-Pass Law about feeding pets euthanized animals containing phenobarbital and diseased animals


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