Unfortunately, most people won't even find the time to read a book (or the information on my website) even if their very life depends upon it! Many people even emailed me and wanted me to retype the very same information that is on my website and in Dr. Blaylock's book into emails (most of which they did not bother to read, even after I spent what little "free" time I had rehashing the same information and sending it piecemeal); they then decided that it was too much "work" to take supplements and blend their vegetables in a Vitamix every day. The information you need is here: please read it and use it! There is no easy way out of reading and learning what you need to do to help save your life by simply talking for a few minutes on the phone or exchanging a couple of emails: you're trying to undo a lifetime of bad habits and it's going to take some work, and after you beat the cancer, you are still going to have to follow a very good diet and lifestyle and take supplements (fewer than when you had active cancer, but still substantial) to help keep the cancer from returning. Do not email me unless you are seriously going to follow a protocol on my website, and have read all my health-related web pages, along with Blaylock's book and Jerry Brunetti's interviews, and still have questions that you need help with. One person with Stage 4 cancer that had metastasized throughout her body and actually called and asked me if she could take one supplement (without even radically changing her diet and lifestyle to include mostly raw, blended vegetable juices) to cure herself of cancer! Unfortunately, many people email and call without even taking the time to read the information that I've spent so much time to make available to all, at no charge, and then expect me to rehash the same information that they would already know if they were not too lazy to read the material first. My time is very limited, and it is more effectively spent helping those who are seriously following one of these protocols and have done all of their homework first.

I've found that cancer is as much a disease of the mind as of the body. Cancer is a wake-up call that things need to be changed drastically -- and quickly! One lung cancer patient who had smoked and drank heavily for 30 years actually thought that all she had to do was to stop smoking, and go right on drinking and doing all of the other harmful things in her lifestyle, eating a bad diet, etc. and have a good chance at beating cancer. When I explained to her that she needed to take a lot of supplements ($10-15,000/year) and eat very healthily, blending mostly organic vegetables in a Vitamix blender, being careful of what other foods she ate, toxins in the environment/household/lawn/cosmetics, etc., she said it was too much work. Unfortunately, this has happened over and over again with many different people to the point that I have decided that I will make the information available to you and what you do with it is your own choice; if your life is not worth doing some very hard work to change years of bad diet, lifestyle and habits, then I cannot help you. The easy way is to pop prescriptions, get radiation and chemotherapy, but we both know that that does not work in over 97% of the cases, and in the majority of the few that it does "work" the cancer recurs later -- caused by the treatment.

See my Main Cancer Protocol Page for Supplements I would take.

If you are having radiation or taking Chemotherapy, also see my "Chemo Protocol" page for supplements to help protect you against their side effects.

Some people would rather have a supervised program, rather than trying to follow a protocol on their own. Dr. Rick Santee has opened a new Wellness Center in the Caribbean. Cancer and other conditions are addressed using IV Ozone, Direct Injection Ozone, Cesium/High PH, Enzymes, Detox, Raw Diet, Immune boosters and other non-toxic compounds. NO chemotherapy or radiation is used.

He's not doing phone consults at this time. The program is inpatient, full supervision. The biggest problem in treatment is people not complying. This factor will be mitigated under the fully supervised program. [As a side note, this is the same problem I've experienced countless times with people being unable to fully commit to a protocol and do all the aspects of it (dietary, lifestyle and spiritual changes) faithfully using the information from this website -- the protocol is a very good one, but too many people want an easy way out and are unwilling to consistently follow it, along with minor adjustments to their protocol as the need becomes apparent].

Rick was in practice for ten years in Los Angeles and his success rate for prostate, uterine and pancreas cancers was excellent. Other people did well if they complied. For people in reasonable shape upon intake, he is expecting 85% recovery from prostate cancer, pancreas cancer 75% with continued home program, other cancers above 70% with continued program.
Mention that you were referred by the "Distance Healer" website for a $1,000 USD discount for any person that pays in FULL 18K up front, two weeks before intake.

Click to see Brochure


There are some things (in addition to those mentioned below) that are very important (especially in late stage/stage 4 cancers):


As a friend, Webster at www.cancertutor.com says, you need to use several garden hoses and a fire hose to put out the fire of cancer. The fire hoses at this stage are cesium and ozone.


Besides alkalinizing the inside of cells and killing the cancer cells without harming normal cells, Cesium also gets rid of pain. Normal cells are supposed to be more alkaline -- cancer cells are too acidic and ferment sugar to make energy, as opposed to normal cells getting energy from their mitochondria. By the way, that's why white starch and sugar (and sweet fruit) feed cancer.


Ozone therapy is another fire hose, but you need to see a practitioner who has the equipment to do ozone insufflation, such as the clinic in St. Kitt's, if you can build yourself up enough to make the trip. It's a lot easier if you go there, as they will help make sure that you don’t eat anything harmful, take all of your supplements on time without missing any, and give you the ozone and cesium therapy, along with immune boosters, enzymes, raw food diet, etc.


Hydrazine sulfate helps with cachexia of late stage cancer (losing weight and wasting away), along with the cachexia supplements. Also helpful for gaining weight during cachexia is a raw food diet consisting of 60% protein, 30% fat and 10% (1-2 cups/day) raw, organic green drinks (barley grass and Berry Green) or raw, organic vegetables (lightly blended at low speed in a variable speed Vitamix so as not to destroy the enzymes from the heat of the blades). I would eat lots of raw eggs (wash them before opening them), raw cream/butter, saturated fat, extra virgin coconut oil, molecularly distilled fish oil (3-6 TBS/d with full spectrum vitamin E), raw meat (e.g., ground steak with eggs, onions, garlic, hot pepper, etc. like steak tartare, or etc.) or lightly-cooked meat (not browned) with pancreatic enzymes (pancreatin, bromelain, papain) to replace the enzymes that are destroyed by cooking. This diet will help you gain enough weight and strength to have the reserve to go through the treatment. After a few days on ozone IV and inhalation therapy along with cesium, immune-boosting therapy, and a raw, organic food diet, you’ll start ridding yourself of tumors and temporarily feel worse (Herxheimer reaction/experience an aggravation of symptoms/undergo detoxification) and cough up/vomit or pass pieces of tumors out through your bowels – then you’ll start feeling (and getting) better. The treatment plan at St. Kitt’s is 21 days, and they monitor your ozone, cesium and potassium (this is crucial) levels when undergoing this very powerful treatment.


If you want to do the cesium treatment yourself (although it’s much more effective if combined with ozone therapy), the links below tell you how describe yourself and watching that potassium levels don't go too low. Larry at the phone number and website I gave below will talk you through it if you buy the cesium from him.


Note that some of the treatments buy time while you work to refine your protocol and kill the cancer (http://www.cancertutor.com/Other02/CheckFast.html); also, they recommend cycling through stage four treatments, for example, ozone first, then cesium, followed by others, and maybe repeating. Besides killing cancer, cesium gets rid of the pain by neutralizing the lactic acid that cancer makes from fermenting sugar for energy. Pain killer prescriptions further damage your liver, so if it were I, I’d stop taking them as soon as I started cesium treatment, since that will get rid of the pain.


For the cachexia (weight loss and wasting away), see: http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Hydrazine.html and http://www.cancertutor.com/Other02/AdvSpecial.html


Also, Dr. Blaylock's book (pp 149-150, 207, 227-230, 262) lists some things that should be used for cachexia in addition to the hydrazine sulfate: vitamin E (800iu/d Swanson Full Spectrum E, SWU209 and vitamin E succinate, best from Jarrow Multi Easy vitamin powder); plant flavonoids (Swanson Ultra Apigenin, SWU375 and Swanson Bioflavonoids, SW128, 2/d); curcumin (3/d in oil -- see Blaylock's email below); quercetin (3/d in oil -- see Blaylock's email below); hesperidin (1/4 tsp 2-3 times a day, mix in fish oil with curcumin & quercetin); grape seed extract (3/d); lactoferrin; MCT oil (1TBS 3xday = 3TBS/d); NAC (600mg/d); sublingual glutathione (2/d under tongue until absorbed).


See the following links regarding cesium for late stage cancers:




http://www.cancertutor.com/Other02/CheckFast.html (I would read through all 8 chapters).
http://www.mwt.net/~drbrewer/index.htm  (See the cancer articles).

Cesium not only kills cancer (even in stage 4 patients), but also relieves pain.  Percosets and other narcotics accelerate the growth of cancer significantly. Accepting and preparing for death, rather than fighting it with every cell of one's body, and doing everything necessary to beat it, also does. Ask Dr. Wolfe if he would advise using it for your stage and type of cancer (along with the other supplements, good diet, distilled water, etc.) It's important to work with Dr. Wolfe in order to know if you need to replace potassium and certain other minerals, since the body draws in cesium in potassium's place and you can run into serious trouble if you get too low in potassium and other minerals in the blood. He offers help over the phone, and you can order the cesium and potassium (order some in advance to have on hand) from him. (Dr. Wolfe, www.thewolfeclinic.com 800-592-9653)

Dr. Wolfe sells the cesium and guides you while you are using it; it can be quite dangerous if potassium and other blood levels aren't monitored and maintained closely. You can order the blood tests yourself at a nearby lab through Life Extension (800-544-5440, www.lef.org/bloodtest/) and Dr. Wolfe will help you interpret the results, and advise you if you need to take anything.

One of the best ways to follow cancer growth is to keep an eye on the level of C-reactive protein, which measures inflammation. Some of the things that can lower inflammation include Boswellia, Zyflamend, GLA, and fish oil. This is a simple, inexpensive blood test that can be performed in most laboratories -- you can order one yourself at a nearby lab through Life Extension (www.lef.org/bloodtest/), or your doctor can order one for you. The blood level of CRP has been shown to be a reliable predictor of survival in cases of multiple myeloma, melanoma, lymphoma, ovarian, pancreatic, colon and other cancers: the higher the level -- that is, the greater the inflammation -- the worse the prognosis is. Improvement in the level of CRP is believed to indicate an improving control over the cancer.

Like CRP, blood ferritin levels are also a good way to follow the progress of your cancer: very high levels are often seen with advanced cancers, especially cancers that have metastasized. Falling ferritin levels can mean improved control of the cancer. Tests for blood ferritin levels are available in most labs and are relatively inexpensive. In some instances, a high blood ferritin level is the first evidence of a malignant disease. Unfortunately, people were told for many years that they needed more iron. Little did people know that all the iron that the government added -- and still is adding -- to flour, breads, cereals, crackers and other foods, and manufacturers are adding to multivitamin pills were actually increasing their risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases, since excess iron (and copper) are free radicals. If they already had cancer, it caused their cancer to grow faster and spread more rapidly.]

Below are some links to cesium information and protocols.
(The following is somewhat different than the above protocol):
Larry at Essense of Life also sells Cesium and Hydrazine Sulfate (800-760-4947 -- Leave your name and number. Please say them twice. We will return your call. Email: larry@essense-of-life.com, Web contact page: http://www.essense-of-life.com/moreinfo/questionforeol.htm) He will help you with the cesium and hydrazine sulfate; don't forget the other things, though. http://www.essense-of-life.com/moreinfo/minerals/cesium.htm 

Sometimes when a person hears that a cesium chloride clinic has a "cure rate" of 50% they become concerned that cesium chloride is dangerous or not effective. The answer to this concern is somewhat complex so don't skip anything in this article.

Cesium chloride is frequently combined with other treatments, such as DMSO, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), ozone, etc. Cesium chloride is clearly the most popular alternative cancer treatment, among alternative cancer treatment experts, for cancer patients who have been sent home to die. And therein lies one of the secrets to understanding statistics.

First of all, understand that virtually 100% of cancer patients who are treated with orthodox treatments (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, interferon, etc.) go to orthodox medicine FIRST, meaning their first cancer treatments are orthodox.

However, quite a different picture emerges for alternative medicine. The vast majority of people on alternative cancer treatments had been on orthodox treatments BEFORE they even started their alternative cancer treatment.

This puts alternative medicine at a severe disadvantage. First, the cancer patients who are sent home to die by orthodox medicine, and THEN start an alternative cancer treatment, have been severely damaged by orthodox medicine. It would literally take 50 pages to describe the different kinds of damage (called "side-effects") done by orthodox medicine to cancer patients. See the Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. tape: "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" for more details.

Second, very valuable time has been lost while the patient was on orthodox treatments. Months, and in many cases years, have been lost to the alternative cancer practitioners to treat the patient. The disadvantage that alternative cancer practitioners work under is absolutely incomprehensible.

Most people who use alternative cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine, then they decide to look into alternative cancer treatments, because they "have nothing to lose."

Because of this, and because the experts almost universally use cesium chloride on highly advanced cancer patients, there is a severe bias in the class of patients who use cesium chloride. In other words, cesium chloride is almost exclusively used on advanced cancer patients who have been through the complete range of orthodox treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and perhaps others.

Another reason for saying cesium chloride is almost exclusively used on advanced cancer patients is that cesium chloride is a complex treatment because a cancer patient has to monitor their potassium, and perhaps deal with other things, such as inflammation or nausea.

For these reasons, for cancer patients who do not go to orthodox medicine first, but rather go to alternative medicine first, cesium chloride is generally not the first choice of practitioners. There are plenty of effective alternative cancer treatments for patients who have not been through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation which are easy to use and very effective.

When alternative cancer practitioners do not use cesium chloride for their advanced patients who have been through orthodox treatments, their cure rates are generally poor. But statistics can be tricky.

For example, Dr. Donald Kelley had a 93% overall cure rate for treating cancer patients. This is NOT the bogus "5-year cure rate" of orthodox medicine, but a true cure rate.

However, what many people fail to remember is that Kelley did not include in his statistics any advanced cancer patient who died within 18 months of starting his treatment. In other words, if Kelley started working on a cancer patient sent home to die by orthodox medicine, he did not count this patient in his statistics unless he or she lived for at least 18 months after starting the Dr. Kelley treatment.

A similar story can be told about laetrile. For example, Dr. Philip Binzel did not count advanced cancer patients in his statistics unless they lived for at least one year after beginning his laetrile treatment.

Thus, when looking at the statistics for treating advanced cancer patients a person must know exactly what statistical techniques are being used.

For example, Gerson had a 50% cure rate, however, he counted EVERY patient that came to him, even if they died within the first month. Over 90% of Gerson's patients were advanced and terminal. It may be that the Gerson cure rate of 50% was actually more impressive than the 93% cure rate of Kelley, if you understand the way they did their statistics!! The bad thing about the Gerson treatment is that is was administered by an M.D. and it was a very complex and rigid treatment.

Now let us talk about the Dr. Sartori cesium chloride (and I think he also used ozone) study in 1981. Let me quote from Dr. Howenstein's article:

"Dr. H. E. Sartori began his cesium cancer therapy program in April 1981 at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in Rockville, Md. Fifty patients with widespread metastatic tumor deposits were treated. Forty-seven of these 50 patients had already completed maximal modalities of treatment, i.e. surgery, radiation, multiple courses of chemotherapy before cesium was tried. Their condition was hopeless.

Approximately 50 % of patients with breast, colon, prostate, pancreas and lung cancer survived. Three patients were comatose when the therapy was initiated. Thirteen patients died in the first 2 weeks of therapy. Autopsy results in each of these 13 disclosed reduction in tumor mass size caused by cesium therapy. Also pain disappeared in all patients within 1 to 3 days after initiation of cesium therapy. This may have reflected decreased production of lactic acid by dying cancer cells." http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james14.htm

I did not quote the entire article, but note that 47 of 50 patients were "hopeless" and 3 of the 47 were in a coma before the study was begun. His 50% cure rate for certain types of cancer was astonishing!!

Given that cesium chloride is generally only used for the more advanced cancer patients, and given that some clinics include ALL of their patients in their statistics, a 50% cure rate for cesium chloride is actually amazing!!

Now let us suppose there was some magical cancer cure that removed EVERY cancer cell from the body of a cancer patient within 24 hours, even for the most advanced cancer patients.

What some people don't realize is that even if such a magical treatment existed it would probably only have a 60% to 65% cure rate of advanced, terminal cancer patients. Why? Because many people released by orthodox medicine cannot be saved because they have a vital organ that has been damaged beyond repair, they have so much damage to non-cancerous cells that they cannot be saved (even if all of their cancer cells were removed), they have such a severe case of cachexia (i.e. malnutrition), and so on.

In other words, many of the cancer patients released by orthodox medicine are going to die, even if you could safely remove every cancer cell in their body within 24 hours of being released.

In summary, the 50% cure rate of using cesium chloride on advanced, terminal cancer patients is the best reliable cure rate I have ever heard of for advanced, terminal patients, where all of the patients are included in the study statistics, for ANY alternative or orthodox cancer treatment.

Remember, the cure rate of these patients by orthodox medicine is close to ZERO percent. Remember also that alternative medicine is dealing with a severely damaged patient and alternative medicine has lost months or years of treatment time to orthodox medicine.

On the other hand, those who use cesium chloride FIRST, instead of orthodox medicine first, and do not lose any time to orthodox treatments, have a very high chance of survival, most likely around 95% if they do their homework and keep to their strict cancer diet!!

Introduction to the Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol
(The following is an excerpt from: http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Alkaline.html
See that page for more information and history of cesium treatment)

When it comes to treating advanced cancers, such as Stage IV cancers, fast growing cancers, cancers that have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, etc., if there were only one cancer treatment allowed to be used, this treatment would be the best choice. One reason for this is that it is the only "Stage IV" treatment that can be used at home for those who cannot take supplements or digest supplements.

While the Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol is extremely safe, given how powerful it is, before going on a Cesium Chloride Protocol, which must include DMSO, you need to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

This article is not designed to teach a person how to treat themselves. It is necessary to have expert telephone support from the vendor when using this treatment, or any other "Stage IV" treatment. Advanced cancer patients always must have expert telephone support, or the support of a clinic, because there are so many different situations involved when treating cancer.

The purpose of this article is to give a patient the "big picture" of what the treatment will be like. It is also to give you an idea of the safety warnings. It is also to supplement what the vendor will tell you, but not to replace what the vendor will tell you.

When there is a contradiction between this article and what the vendor tells you, always go with what the vendor tells you. The Cancer Tutor website is a research oriented website, and should NOT overrule what those with treatment experience will tell you!

While the safety warnings in this article are probably stronger than they need to be, they will give you an idea of what to watch out for. The vendor will be more realistic as to the warnings. It is actually a very safe treatment.

Some people are reluctant to go on cesium chloride because of the safety warnings. Look at it this way: if you have advanced cancer your chance of survival with orthodox medicine is virtually ZERO percent. Yes, ZERO. Also, with advanced cancer there are very few alternative cancer treatments that will give you a fighting chance. This is one of those rare treatments!!

The Importance of Potassium in the Blood (i.e. Serum or Plasma)

A quote from the University of Maryland:

"Hyperkalemia is an excess of serum potassium. Most potassium in the body (98%) is found within cells; only a small amount usually circulates in the bloodstream [i.e. the serum]. The balance of potassium between the cells and the blood is critical to the body. It affects the way the cell membranes work and governs the action of the heart and the pathways between the brain and the muscles. If you have excess potassium in the blood, it is usually excreted by the kidneys. However, the levels can get too high if your kidneys aren't working right, which is the most common cause of hyperkalemia. Another cause is damaged cells' releasing potassium into the bloodstream faster than even normal kidneys can clear it. Medications or diet may also affect the amount of potassium in the blood. Hyperkalemia is a serious condition that must be treated promptly.
Here is a quote on what cesium chloride does to potassium in the body of a cancer patient:

"Some patients on cesium develop evidence of potassium depletion so serum potassium needs to be monitored along with uric acid blood levels. Any alkali therapy changes the ph of the body toward a more alkalotic state. This causes movement of potassium into cells [i.e. which depletes serum potassium] which may result in low serum potassium values. This movement of potassium into cells means that a person can become seriously depleted of potassium even if there is no diarrhea or vomiting.

In other words, cesium chloride does not drive potassium out of the cancer cells, rather it drives potassium into the cancer cells, thus reducing blood serum potassium levels. Potassium must be supplemented to the cancer diet to increase the amount of serum potassium. However, if the serum potassium get too high, then hyperkalemia can result. It is this delicate balance of serum potassium that forces a cancer patient to have their serum potassium level checked every couple of weeks. Kidney damage can result if serum potassium gets too high, but drinking high levels of water generally takes care of this problem.

Symptoms of hypokalemia (too LITTLE serum potassium) include:

"... fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps, and intestinal paralysis, which may lead to bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain. Severe hypokalemia may result in muscular paralysis or abnormal heart rhythms (cardiac arrhythmias) that can be fatal."

Symptoms of hyperkalemia (too MUCH serum potassium) include:

"... tingling of the hands and feet, muscular weakness, and temporary paralysis. The most serious complication of hyperkalemia is the development of an abnormal heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmia), which can lead to cardiac arrest."

In other words, both hypokalemia AND hyperkalemia can lead to muscular weakness and abnormal heart rhythm. While these are strong statements, getting your potassium level checked every 2 or 3 weeks should easily give you the ability to keep your potassium in a safe range (by making slight adjustments if your potassium levels get slightly above or slightly below the normal range).

You should have your blood uric acid, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium levels checked at least once every 2 or 3 weeks, even if you take the recommended dosage of potassium and Coral Calcium. The potassium may become too high or too low or the magnesium or calcium levels may become too low (you must take the Coral Calcium for the calcium and magnesium)!! Uric acid levels, which can damage the kidneys if they become too high, rise due to the amount of DNA released by the dead cancer cells. At 3 grams of ionic cesium chloride a day, it is unlikely the uric acid levels will rise very much, but if they do the drug Xyloprim can take care of the problem. Furthermore, hypokalemia (too LITTLE potassium in the blood serum) and hyperkalemia (too MUCH potassium in the blood serum), can lead to a dangerous irregular heartbeat! Contact your physician if increased fatigue, irregular heartbeat, or significant blood pressure changes occur during treatment.

It is also important to look for TRENDS in potassium levels. For example, suppose your first reading for potassium is 4.5, and 3 weeks later it is 4.3 and 3 weeks later it is 3.8 (these are actual numbers from a cancer patient). All of these are within acceptable ranges. However, if this TREND continues, the next reading will not be within acceptable ranges. If you see a trend like this, then you should immediately increase your dose of potassium or increase your consumption of foods that are high in potassium (see below)!! Of course, if the trend is going up, and is about to go off the chart, then you should reduce your dose of potassium (see below). Generally, however, if the dose does need to be changed, it needs to be increased.

The Vendor With the Most Cesium Chloride Experience
While this article describes a "one-size-fits-all" Cesium Chloride Protocol, the fact of the matter is there is no "one-size-fits-all" cesium chloride protocol that will work best for all cancer patients. The treatment should vary by a person's weight, type of cancer, density of cancer, and many other issues. Cancer patients also need to know what to expect during the treatment.

The good news is that the vendor with the best quality cesium chloride and the most cesium chloride/DMSO experience is willing to work with cancer patients (or their representatives) over the telephone to help them with dosages, knowing what to expect, etc. He also sells the ONLY brand of hydrazine sulfate that is endorsed by this web site. Hydrazine sulfate is needed when the patient has lost their appetite.

The person is Larry of Essense of Life. He spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, on the telephone answering dosage questions about his products, which include most of the key products, such as enzymes, high density nutritional products, etc. He has been doing this for several years, so he knows what he is doing. As mentioned above, if there is a contradiction between this web site and what Larry says, always go with Larry.

There is one VERY important thing to understand. If you do buy cesium chloride from Larry, it is CRITICAL to talk to him over the phone before you buy anything. Larry sells a complete package, but he will customize it for different types of cancer, different situations, etc.

In other words, do not just buy one of his packages through Pay Pal. There is no extra charge for Larry to help you set the right doses and learn what to expect from the treatment for your situation.

It is especially important to tell Larry if there is any bone mass loss, possible brittle bones, or bone cancer.

Here is Larry's main web page for cesium chloride, which includes a number of links to other web pages: http://www.essense-of-life.com/info/cesium.htm

A cesium chloride treatment requires the right diet, the right supplements, the right combination of minerals, the right form of the supplements, the right amounts, the right frame of mind, etc. That is why you actually need to talk to Larry before you buy from him.

Do not add anything to his customized package without letting him know, because the product may already be in the package under a different name.

He will return phone calls anywhere in the world and he will ship products anywhere in the world. Just call him or email him and leave your name and phone number.

Whether you email Larry, or call his answering machine, make sure you include your telephone number!! Include your area code or country code, and if you call him, repeat your complete telephone number twice.

Contact information for Larry can be found on his web site and below:
Leave your name and number. Please say them twice. We will return your call.
International Customers (add your dialing prefix): +1 951-639-9708
email: larry@essense-of-life.com
web contact page: http://www.essense-of-life.com/moreinfo/questionforeol.htm

Important Note For Brain Cancer Patients
Brain cancer presents a difficult problem for any cancer treatment, whether orthodox or alternative. The problem is dead and dying cancer cells in highly sensitive areas of the brain. When a cancer cell is dying, from whatever cause, it can create an inflammation in the brain. This inflammation can in turn cause a very dangerous seizure.

For brain cancer patients, it is especially important to work with Larry of Essense of Life. His package for brain cancer is different than his other package and the doses of cesium chloride he recommends for brain cancer are very different than his recommended doses for other types of cancer.

Important Note For Those Whose Cancer Has Spread to Their Bones
For those with bone cancer, it is very important to deal with Larry of Essense of Life, and make sure you tell him you have cancer in your bones. He will add the right dose of liquid ionic strontium chloride, a trace element, and two other minerals to your treatment to strengthen the bones. The right balance between these products, which will require some experimentation, will help avoid pain in the bones.

The bones of bone cancer patients frequently get so brittle they easily break, even during normal activities. When this happens the patient will frequently lose the desire to fight their cancer. It is critical to strenghen their bones during treatment.

Important Note For Cachexia (e.g. Rapid Weight Loss or Very Weak) Patients
The creation of lactic acid by fermentation in cancer cells does more than make the cancer cells acidic. It also starts a chain reaction that actually kills more cancer patients than any other cause: malnutrition and a "wasting away," which is generally the result of the "cachexia cycle."

As cancer cells are fermenting glucose (and thus creating lactic acid), enormous amount of energy are used (about 15 times more energy than a normal cell uses), which effectively steals enormous amounts of energy from non-cancerous cells. In the "cachexia cycle," the lactic acid created by cancer cells goes to the liver and the liver converts the lactic acid back to glucose. This action in the liver also consumes enormous amounts of energy!! Thus, the cancer cells convert glucose to lactic acid, the lactic acid travels to the liver, the liver converts the lactic acid back to glucose, which then travels back to the cancer cells.

This cycle consumes an enormous amount of energy and may cause the body to start "eating" its own muscles and bones in order to feed the cancer cells (i.e. feed the cachexia cycle). This creates a "wasting away" syndrome. If you think the cachexia cycle may apply to you, then STUDY the article on the cachexia cycle and then return to this page. Here is the article:
The Cachexia Cycle: http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Hydrazine.html

The Dosages of Cesium Chloride and Potassium
Note: Cesium chloride and DMSO should NEVER be taken orally. Actually, cesium chloride is never needed to be taken orally because DMSO will carry the cesium chloride through the skin and get it into the bloodstream within minutes.

Having said that, some cancer patients are allowed to take cesium chloride internally or orally. Ask your vendor if you have a type of cancer that allows you to take cesium chloride internally. The advantage of taking it orally is that you do not have to deal with the body odor caused by the DMSO.

For most cancer patients, who have to take the cesium chloride externally, the liquid ionic cesium chloride should be mixed with the liquid DMSO and be applied to the skin, but NOT above any area of dense concentrations of cancer cells and not touching any surface cancer cells.

If you want to put something directly onto skin cancer, use Vitamin C or one of the other external skin cancer treatments. The way cesium chloride works, there is no benefit to putting it directly on cancer cells.

If a rash develops on the skin where you put the DMSO and cesium chloride, just spray some water on the rash. The rash is caused by the DMSO dehydrating the skin.

The liquid ionic cesium chloride should be taken one tablespoon (i.e. there are 1.5 grams or 1,500 mg in each tablespoon), TWICE A DAY, making 3 grams A DAY total (i.e. two tablespoons A DAY). As mentioned above, it should be mixed with DMSO and applied to the skin externally, but not near or above the cancer.

In addition to the liquid ionic cesium chloride, a person will have to take liquid ionic potassium. The dosage of liquid ionic potassium chloride is 1,200 mg per DAY, divided into two equal doses (600 mg per dose, twice a day).

To avoid any confusion, study these rules about the cesium chloride and potassium many times (doses for brain cancer are different):

Here is a summary of the rules for taking cesium chloride and potassium chloride:

Rule #1: Take 3 grams (i.e. 3,000 mg) of cesium cloride a day, divided into two equal doses of 1.5 grams each.

Rule #2: Take 1,200 mg of liquid ionic potassium chloride a day, divided into two equal doses. Note that the dose of potassium is less than half the cesium chloride dose, measured in milligrams (mg).

Rule #3: Take the potassium dose at least one hour after the cesium chloride. The reason for this is that if they are taken at the same time the potassium can block (i.e. compete with) the cesium chloride from getting into the cancer cells. The potassium should be taken orally.

Rule #4: Several of the foods you eat every day should be high in potassium. You should get more potassium from the foods you eat than from the potassium supplement. See the next section for foods that contain potassium.

Rule #5: Drink lots of water with this treatment. It would be best to drink more than half a gallon of natural water, or filtered water, a day for adults over 125 pounds.

Rule #6: Have at least two people do the calculations for how many TEAspoons or TABLEspoons of cesium chloride and potassium you take for each dose. Many people do not do the calculations correctly and take the wrong doses. Have a second pair of eyes read these instructions several times to make sure the doses are correct!!

In addition, you should add liquid ionic calcium chloride and liquid ionic magnesium chloride (or magnesium citrate) to your treatment. The recommended vendor for magnesium citrate is:
http://www.msm-msm.com/ [on that page, click on Minerals/Magnesium]

Note: Some vendors of cesium chloride recommend 3,000 mg of liquid ionic potassium chloride per day and they do not mention having an hour gap between taking the cesium chloride and the potassium chloride. They may also have a person take the cesium chloride on a cycle of 5 days on, then 2 days off, or some other pattern. These instructions do not seem to be as effective as the above instructions.

Getting Potassium From Foods
It is best to get as much potassium from the foods you eat as from the liquid potassium chloride. When you get potassium from your foods, you are also getting nutrients and other minerals that help the body use the potassium. Here is an article that discusses which foods have potassium:
Potassium in Foods (http://www.essense-of-life.com/info/potassiumfoods.htm)

Using DMSO With Cesium Chloride
DMSO is always required whenever you take cesium chloride. It is important to understand how to take them together.

The recommended DMSO is 99.9% pure DMSO mixed: 70% DMSO and 30% distilled water or aloe.

First, MIX the DMSO and the cesium chloride together. The dosage of DMSO is one TABLEspoon each time you take the TABLEspoon of cesium chloride. DMSO is 100% natural and very non-toxic. It should be noted that the FDA requires vendors to sell and label DMSO as a "solvent."

AFTER they are mixed together, wait several minutes before you apply the mixture to the skin. Do NOT mix the potassium in with this mixture. As mentioned above the potassium should be given no less than one hour AFTER the cesium chloride.

You can use a spray bottle or eye dropper bottle to administer the liquid to the skin. SPREAD the mixture out over a wide area of the skin. Otherwise you could get a rash.

While DMSO is very non-toxic, it can be mildly dangerous to handle, so it is absolutely critical to read this article which covers the safety warnings about using DMSO (e.g. it should NOT be used by pregnant women or women who might be pregnant, it should not touch cloth or gloves, etc. - see the article):

DMSO Article - Safety Warnings - [MUST READ!!!]

A Word About Body Odor and DMSO
The 1 tablespoon of DMSO, twice a day (i.e. 2 tablespoons a day), may give you significant body odor. This body order has been described as an oyster smell or a garlic smell.

The bad breath and/or body odor is caused by the DMSO leaving your body after doing its job. Normally it leaves via the kidneys, but sometimes it leaves through the skin. You may find yourself taking a shower and changing clothes more than once a day. But DMSO is absolutely critical to your treatment because it grabs hold of the cesium chloride and drives it through the skin and into the cancer cells. For brain cancer patients, it blasts past the blood-brain barrier like it wasn't even there.

Some cancer patients would rather die than have that much body odor. For advanced patients, that may explain their options. If you are still working your company may have to make adjustments for your situation.

What NOT To Take With Cesium Chloride
The above doses are designed to maximize the safe number of cancer cells that can be killed when treating cancer at home. NO alternative cancer treatment should be used with the cesium chloride and DMSO treatment that kills cancer cells. Killing too many cancer cells by combining treatments may lead to too much debris (i.e. dead cancer cells) in the body.

What CAN be added to this treatment are treatments that build nutrition, build the immunity system, protect the kidneys and liver, etc.

The Pattern of Taking the Cesium Chloride and Potassium
The Cesium Chloride Protocol should be taken EVERY DAY until you reach your cesium limit (which will be discussed below).

It is important to note that with the cesium chloride treatment tumors may actually become enlarged BEFORE they start to shrink. The reason is generally inflammation, which will be discussed below. For certain types of cancers this inflammation may create a dangerous situation and the dosage of cesium chloride may need to be reduced for a short time. But generally, it should be taken every day.

Additional Warnings
Warning #1: When the cancer patient reaches their cesium limit (which will be discussed below) the patient SHOULD CONTINUE TO TAKE POTASSIUM FOR ANOTHER 3 MONTHS!! The reason for this is that the cesium will stay in your body (and continue to pull potassium into the cancer cells and out of the blood serum) for about 3 months after you stop taking it.

Warning #2: If you have cancer anywhere in your digestive tract, and if your digestive tract is obstructed, do NOT take this treatment. As mentioned above, inflammation may result temporarily from this treatment, and inflammation added to an obstructed digestive tract can be very dangerous.

The Side Effects and Symptoms of This Treatment
As mentioned above, the combination of cesium chloride and DMSO is very potent. There are many possible side-effects and symptoms of its use. Some of these side-effects are harmless and will probably go away. Others are potentially dangerous.

It is absolutely critical to become VERY familiar with all of these items.

Inflammation, Swelling and Pain Where Concentrations of Cancer Cells Are
Of all of the symptoms and side-effects of the Cesium Chloride Protocol, this is the most dangerous for certain types of cancer. When the cesium chloride gets into a cancer cell, the cancer cells starts getting "sick" from starvation. Up until this point the body's immunity system has largely ignored the cancer cells for a variety of reasons. However, when the cancer cells become sick, the immunity system recognizes them as cancer cells (i.e. sick cells) and starts to take action. This action may cause serious inflammation and pain.

All Stage IV cancer patients will experience some inflammation, however, in many cases, depending mainly on the type of cancer, the inflammation will be severe and will result in pain. But it is not the enlarging of a tumor or the pain that is dangerous, it is the possibility that the temporarily enlarged tumor may block the flow of key fluids in the body. For example, in the brain or pancreas a temporarily enlarged tumor may block the flow of blood or bile, respectively. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need medical attention.

One thing that may help is taking DMSO both with cesium chloride (as usual) AND taking DMSO and/or MSM by themselves a few hours later. These products are known to help reduce inflammation and pain. Key enzyme products, such as Vitalzym or 10Zymes (10Zymes is the product Essenses of Life includes in most of their packages), may also help reduce inflammation and pain.

Muscle Cramps
Muscle cramps are one of the symptoms that a patient is not getting enough potassium. For example, if you curl your toes and they do not go right back into a normal position, this is probably a sign you are low in potassium.

While pickle juice may quickly help ease the cramps, you may need to increase the amount of potassium, calcium and/or magnesium you are taking. It is best to increase your potassium levels using food, but if this is not possible, then increase the amount of liquid potassium chloride.

Remember that too much potassium can also be bad for you. A blood test is the most accurate way to determine where you are on the scale.

How to Tell When You Reach Your "Cesium Limit"
The cesium limit can be detected under either of the following conditions:
1) Your feet turn purple, they feel cold and/or they feel like you have frost bite, OR
2) Your finger tips feel like needles and pins, they hurt if you bump them against something, especially something cold.

When you have either of these symptoms, it is time to stop taking cesium chloride. Remember to continue to take potassium for another 3 months until the cesium chloride works its way out of your body.

A discussion of when, and if, to take a second round of cesium chloride is below (i.e. a "second" Cesium Chloride Protocol).

Do not confuse these symptoms with the far less severe "tingly and prickly" feelings to be discussed next.

A Tingly, Prickly Feeling, Particularly in Your Fingers, but Possibly in Your Lips or Face
This is a common side-effect and generally happens within the first week or two. It should NOT cause any alarm. Generally it will go away. Chemotherapy can also cause this side-effect.

Nausea and Vomiting
These are symptoms of taking cesium chloride orally or internally. As mentioned above, cesium chloride should always be mixed with DMSO and should always be taken externally on the skin.

Ichiness and/or Dry, Scaly Skin
This is a sign of dehydration. It happens when a person does not drink enough water during the day. You need to drink, drink, drink during this treatment. Half a gallon or more for a person who weighs 125 pounds or more - EVERY DAY!!

Frequently Get Up During the Night to Urinate or You Can't Sleep
The kidney does most of its work processing the dead cancer cells while you are sleeping. It will fill up your bladder quickly, in about 2 hours, which may lead to you getting up in the middle of the night several times. However, if you take BOTH of your doses of cesium chloride and DMSO BEFORE noon, it should help avoid many of the middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.

Another thing that may help this situation is to eat fruits. This situation will overrule the "cancer diet" article.

Also, if you are not sleeping well it may be because the cesium chloride has made you hyper. This is another reason some people may need to take both doses of their cesium chloride by noon.

Dark, Dried Blood in the Urine
This is a GOOD sign. It means the kidney is doing its job getting rid of dead tissue. This generally happens in the morning, and usually does not happen in the afternoon or evening.

However, fresh bright red blood is never a good sign. This is a sign of internal bleeding and may require medical help.

One reason for separating the cesium chloride from the potassium is specifically to avoid cramping. It you still get cramping, and you have been separating the cesium chloride and the potassium by at least an hour, then separate them by more than an hour.

Also, drink pickle juice.

How to Tell If Your Treatment is Progressing
First, many people wonder when their tumors will shrink. There is another article specifically on this subject. The answer is not what you think, so make sure you read the article very carefully if this is one of your questions:

Article on Shrinking Tumors

To be specific, as mentioned above, the size of your tumor MIGHT INCREASE when you start your Cesium Chloride Protocol. This is because of the inflammation. Usually this small amount of inflammation is not a problem. But the size of your tumor should start to noticeably decrease within two months or less.

Second, many people wonder about "tumor markers." Tumor markers are generally specific types of proteins found in the blood. Alternative cancer treatments are not designed (and no one cares) about removing these proteins from your blood. Thus, an alternative cancer treatment may or may not affect your tumor markers. Even if they rise it may not be a bad thing.

Third, the best way on earth to determine you progress is a PET scan. However, a PET scan is a carcinogenic X-Ray. It causes cancer. Thus, you should not even consider having a PET scan until you are very certain you are in complete remission.

What To Do After Reaching Your "Cesium Limit" [CRITIAL INFORMATION!!]
Some people on the Cesium Chloride Protocol will reach their "cesium limit" BEFORE their cancer is completely cured. This means they are probably going to have their cancer "return." When this happens the Cesium Chloride Protocol has essentially knocked the cancer from Stage IV down to Stage I or Stage II, but has not completely finished-off the cancer.

While some people will take the Cesium Chloride Protocol a second time (see the section below), whether a cancer patient takes the cesium chloride a second time or not, when they are done with the cesium chloride treatment, EVERY person who has been on the cesium chloride protocol needs to play it safe and go on a different, but less potent alternative cancer treatment.

The good news is that there is an alternative cancer treatment that is simple to use, easy to go on, and very inexpensive, which is a perfect addendum to the Cesium Chloride Protocol.

That treatment is the Protocel treatment. Protocel is simple to use, easy to go on, and only costs about $2 a day.

The only downside to Protocel is that the cancer patient must take the product every 6 hours, 24 hours a day. They usually accomplish this by getting up early in the morning, taking a dose, and going back to bed. The Protocel treatment should be gone on for at least one year after finishing one or two cesium chloride treatments.

There are some supplements which will interfere with the Protocel treatment. Before taking this protocol it is necessary to buy a $10 online eBook called Protocel and Cancer, by Tanya Pierce to learn about this treatment. For more information on this treatment and the eBook, read:

The Protocel Treatment

Protocel is not the only easy to use option for a follow-up treatment to the Cesium Chloride Protocol. Another viable treatment is the Amazon Factor Protocol, which is more powerful than Protocel, but it is more expensive. The web pages for this treatment are linked to in the article in the next paragraph.

There are actually many "Strong Stage III" treatments that are viable at "finishing off" whatever cancer cells may remain after reaching the "cesium limit." See:

Strong Stage III Treatments

Because it is generally impossible to detect the small number of cancer cells remaining after reaching the "cesium limit," it is critical that a cancer patient go on one of the "Stong Stage III" cancer treatments, such as Protocel, after completing one or two Cesium Chloride Protocols!!

Should the Cesium Chloride Protocol be Repeated A Second Time?
There are many people who want to use 2 or 3 Cesium Chloride Protocols. However, if the symptoms of cancer are essentially gone, it would be wise to move to a less strenuous treatment, such as one of the "Stong Stage III" treatments mentioned above.

However, if you think the first Cesium Chloride Protocol worked for you, and if you think you still have a long way to go in treating your cancer, then do it again, but the second time you should use HALF the doses as the first time!! You again need to be very sensitive to the symptoms and side-effects of cesium chloride.

Also, you should wait at least a month before starting the second round. This will give your body some time to detoxify and, quite frankly, recover. Obviously, take potassium between treatments of cesium chloride.

Be aware that the cesium chloride takes about 3 months to completely leave your body and there may be some build up in the non-cancerous cells, so take potassium for at least 3 months after stopping the cesium treatment.

There is ALWAYS a possibility of reaching your cesium limit in less time than the first time, even with half the dose. This is both a caution about using a second protocol, and a warning to watch more closely for your cesium limit the second time you are on it.

A third protocol would probably not be necessary or helpful. Switch to something else, like Protocel.

Measuring Your pH

As mentioned above, it is the CANCER CELL pH that must be raised to 8.0 or above. The human blood cannot be raised to a level of 8.0 because you would die before that happened. Your body does an amazing number of things to keep your blood pH at a fairly constant level. Unfortunately, when a person has a highly acidic diet, some of these things the body does (to keep the blood pH level) lead to major health problems. That is how desperate the body is to maintain a constant overall pH.

So how do you know when your cancer cells have a pH of 8.0 or above? You can't. Some people talk about measuring the pH of the blood, lymph, saliva or urine to try to determine whether the pH of the cancer cells is high enough. It won't work:

"Another interesting book is; Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody. In Chapter one, he describes the difficulty of getting an accurate pH reading of the body by measuring the pH of urine, saliva, or other body fluids. He also describes how a healthy regimen can cause these ph measurements to indicate acid, as the healing process removes the acid causing materials from the body.
This is one of the quotes in the Baroody book that supports that statement:

"At present no tests can accurately guage how acid you are because current diagnostic methods reveal only that acid wastes are present in body fluids (blood, lymph, urine, mucous, and saliva). Such tests never give a reliable indicator of how much acid waste is actually in the system, because the fluids are always running through the tissues attempting to remove these excess tissue acid wastes. Therefore, although it is possible to measure body fluid as being alkaline or acid, it is impossible to evaluate the state of body tissues (skin, organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, arteries and vessels) based solely on blood, urine, or saliva tests.
Unfortunately, waste acids that are not eliminated when they should be are reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. They then deposit in the tissues. It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health!
Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D, D.C, Ph.D., page 15

He states that the only real way to tell if your tissue is acidic or alkaline is to analyze your diet.

In short, the best way to insure your pH obtains a level of 8.0 or above is to follow the protocol in this article and make sure you don't partake of too many acidic foods or drinks (such as soda pop), meaning follow the "cancer diet."

The "Cancer Diet" During This Treatment
Most of the people who work with Larry will use his diet. The main difference between Larry's diet and the "cancer diet" on this website is the use of fruits. Larry allows more fruits to be eaten because they are high in nutrients and the cesium blocks the glucose in the fruits from getting inside the cancer cells, so he has less concerns with a person eating fruits.

For such people it is highly recommended they use the most potent of the fruits, meaning:
1) Juiced red, black or purple grape juice (with seeds if possible),
2) Juiced blueberry juice,
3) Xango Mangosteen Juice,
4) Tahitian Noni Juice or
5) One of the wolfberry juices (or goji juices).

All of these juices provide highly dense concentrations of nutrients.

However, if the cancer patient is very weak from the cancer, there is a special section in the general "cancer diet" article that allows them to eat a completely different kind of diet. For example, cancer patients who are very weak should eat beef broth and go on the macrobiotic diet, plus the above fruit juices and concentrated vitamin and mineral supplements (such as Larry's Essense Health Blend).

CancerTutor Home Page (see Endorsed Cancer Clinics on this page, along with other useful info)

Treatment For Stage IV Cancer Patients

The DMSO Protocol

FAQ - Is There Any Evidence For the Cesium Chloride Protocol?

FAQ - Is There Any Evidence Cesium Chloride Causes Heart Attacks?
Webster Kehr: "I sometimes get asked the question of whether cesium chloride causes heart attacks or other heart problems. It seems orthodox medicine is using their tricks to make it look like cesium chloride is more dangerous than chemotherapy when treating cancer. These are the same clowns who have a 3% true cure rate on cancer patients, and they are telling us that our treatment, which cures 50% of their patients who were sent home to die, is dangerous!! Let's look at the facts:

FAQ - What is the Cesium Chloride Cure Rate?

Treating the Pain of Cancer

Use Of Cesium Chloride To Cure Malignancies by Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

Cancer Cover-Up The Neal Deoul Story (re Cesium):

Vendor of Cesium Chloride:
Older, archived info: http://www.essense-of-life.com/info/cesium.htm
Excerpt from: http://www.essense-of-life.com/moreinfo/minerals/cesium.htm

Warning!!: Do Not Use Cesium Chloride As An Alternative Treatment Or Therapy Without First Consulting Your Doctor Or Physician. It Is Extremely Important That Those Supplementing With The Mineral Cesium Chloride Also Supplement With The Mineral Potassium. It Is Recommended That You Consult Your Doctor Or Physician To Monitor Body Potassium Levels. Cesium Chloride Is One Of The Most Alkaline Minerals.

Extremely High Doses Of Cesium Chloride Have Been Linked With Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias: http://www.mayoclinicproceedings.com/pdf/7908/7908cr2.pdf

Cesium Chloride Does Not Kill Cancer Cells
Balanced nutrition through diet change (including unprocessed foods, alkaline foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and mineral supplements) is a way to increase the body's ph levels.

See http://www.cancertutor.com/ re German, Mexican and other cancer clinics, doctors & clinics doing IPT, cesium, etc.

Regarding the Cesium Chloride Protocol (from http://www.cancertutor.com/):

There are certain advantages to staying home during a cancer treatment. You are close to family for moral support, you are in familiar surroundings, you do not have to travel, etc. Even though Dr. Jim Howenstine lives in Costa Rica, he will work with cancer patients over the telephone or by email. In other words, there is no reason for the patient to travel to Costa Rica. Dr. Howenstine is a U.S. trained medical doctor who has a great deal of experience working with cancer patients. Here is contact information:
Dr. Jim Howenstine, M.D.

Another expert in the Cesium Chloride Protocol is Dr. Darrell Wolfe, PhD, who had a clinic in Canada where he consulted with many cancer patients. However, about 12 years ago he switched to exclusively using telephone consultations so patients can stay at home, and for other reasons. He uses the Cesium Chloride Protocol and a wide variety of other excellent protocols. With over two decades of experience with cancer patients, and with his use of a proven alkaline treatment, he is an excellent choice.
The Wolfe Clinic - Canada (http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/)

The book "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" by Ty Bollinger (http://www.amazon.com/Cancer-Outside-Ty-M-Bollinger/dp/0978806506/) has a lot of information about combining cesium, enzymes, various vitamins & minerals, laetrile, and the importance of testing uric acid and potassium, etc. for stage 4 cancer patients. There is a chapter called "Top 7 Stage IV Treatments". (Note that the book is helpful for all cancer patients, not just those in stage 4). It's well recommended that you purchase and read it if you're battling for your life. Also, Dr. Blaylock's book, "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" (http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Strategies-Patients-Russell-Blaylock/dp/0758202210/) is essential. Webster's site, www.cancertutor.com, has a wealth of information on it, too, but it may be somewhat overwhelming until you read the above two books. Ty's book is an easy-to-read version of some of the information from Webster's site, and once you read it, all of the health-related pages on my website (don't just read the one whose title matches your particular type of cancer as the others have critical information pertinent to all cancers on them, too) and Dr. Blaylock's book you will be able to zero in on what you're interested in on Webster's site for more information.

Cesium chloride was given to patients, along with vitamins A, C, B17 (Laetrile), zinc, selenium, a good overall multivitamin/mineral, enzymes, DMSO, EDTA (chelation), etc. (see Ty's book for more details) and the results were astounding: 50% of the patients with breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic and lung cancer survived for at least 3 years, despite the fact that conventional doctors had given them each only a few weeks to live. Amazingly, pain disappeared in 100% of the patients within 1-3 days after initiation of cesium therapy. The write up of these studies can be found in Dr. Sartori's book, "Cancer -- Orwellian or Utopian?" All of these patients had already been given their "death sentence" by conventional doctors; they were labeled as "terminal" and sent home to die. They had damage to their major organs from the toxic chemo treatments and radiation, yet still 50% were saved. Remember, conventional medicine has close to zero percent cure rate for similar advanced cancer patients.

Dr. Keith Brewer discovered that cancer cells had an affinity for cesium. A radioactive isotope of cesium is commonly used as a "marker" to trace the movement of conventional chemotherapy drugs into a tumor. Brewer determined that there were a number of vitamins and minerals, including B17, that greatly enhanced the absorption of cesium and rhubidium by cancer cells. B17/Laetrile is available from Medicina Alternativa: www.tjsupply.com or CytoPharma: www.cytopharma.com -- a bottle of 100 pills (100mg/pill) is about $20. The bitter almond tree, a wonderful source of laetrile/nitrilosides, was banned from the U.S. in 1995. Apricot pits have also been banned by the FDA, so they may be difficult to find.

Neal Deoul was sued and dragged through the mud in a lengthy court battle initiated by the Cancer Industry because of his use of cesium to cure his own cancer and that of others: www.cancer-coverup.com

According to Dr. Hans Nieper who used a cesium chloride protocol in Germany, "You wouldn't believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover, as well as directors of the AMA, ACA and orthodox cancer institutes." www.whale.to/vaccine/quotes2.html and www.explorepub.com/articles/neiper1.html

It's important to consult with Larry (www.essense-of-life.com) and Dr. Wolfe (www.thewolfeclinic.com) if you decide to undergo cesium/dmso/laetrile treatment at home. Dr. Wolfe has 25+ years experience with cancer patients and will suprevise cancer patients via telephone consultations for a very reasonable fee. Larry's consultation is free if you purchase the materials from him. See the warnings on p123, p168, p194 and p202 in Ty's book about this protocol. http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/ (800-592-9653), http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/dmso/pdf/DMSO_Cesium_Protocols.pdf


In most cases, 2 to 3 gms of CsCl were administered orally three times per day after mealtime. Supportive compounds consisting of approximately 5 to 50 gms of vitamin C [gee - that's really approximate - like a ratio of 1:10 and was this all ascorbic acid? That would be an enormous amount of acid! The amount of 50 grams could still be ingested but preferably in the form of calcium ascorbate which is 20% calcium and 80% vitamin C and has none of the acidity side effects], 100,000 to 300,000 units of vitamin A [100,000 units are normally considered safe. 300,000 units would probably be toxic. What are the effects of such an overdose?], 50 to 100 mgs of zinc, and 200 to 600 mcgs of selenium were also administered.

Two side effects have been observed in some of these patients. These effects were nausea and diarrhea [were these the side effects of the supportive supplements?]. Nieper has reported that the nausea can be relieved by administering the cesium in a sorbitol solution.

Cesium chloride: 3 to 9 grams

Potassium, Calcium, etc.: see http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/dmso/pdf/DMSO_Cesium_Protocols.pdf and talk to Dr. Wolfe and Larry.
Vitamin A-Emulsion: 100,000 iu (Note: I would use Swanson Ultra Carotenoid Complex, SWU260, www.swansonvitamins.com instead)

Vitamin C (calcium or magnesium ascorbate): 4 to 30 grams, Now Foods Magnesium Ascorbate (http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c=1&pid=676&at=0) [Another cesium protocol calls for 750 mg to 2,000 mg daily]

Zinc citrate: 60 to 100 mg, Nutricology Zinc Citrate, 25mg, (http://www.betterlife.com/prod_home_page.asp?prod_id=8939)

Selenium: 200 to 600 mcg (Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium, SWU171 and GTF Selenium (yeast) 200mcg tablets Puritan/SDV# 003205 (http://www.puritan.com) -- some of each.

Amygdalin/B-17/Laetrile: 1500 to 3000 mg
Pancreatic Enzymes (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Amylase) Now brand Pancreatin — Two to four capsules, four times daily.

VITAMIN B15 (PANGAMIC ACID) — 50 mg, three times daily

Multivitamin/mineral - JRW-01019, Jarrow Multi Easy powder (subtract selenium, zinc, etc. that is in this from what extra you take) (http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c=1&pid=242&at=0)

Full Spectrum VITAMIN E—800 I.U. to 1,200 I.U. daily (Swanson qty120, SWU209)

Warning (From http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/dmso/pdf/DMSO_Cesium_Protocols.pdf):
You should have your blood uric acid, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium levels checked at least once every 10-14 days, even if you take the recommended dosage of Theta potassium, Theta magnesium and Ionic Coral Calcium. The potassium may become too high or too low or the magnesium or calcium levels may become too low (It is very important to take Ionic Coral Calcium) Uric acid levels, (which can damage the kidneys if they become too high), rise due to the amount of DNA released by the dead cancer cells. At 3 grams of ionic cesium chloride a day, it is unlikely the uric acid levels will rise very much. Furthermore, hypokalemia (too little potassium in the blood serum) and hyperkalemia (too much potassium in the blood serum) can lead to a dangerous irregular heartbeat! Contact your physician or health care professional if increased fatigue, irregular heartbeat or significant blood pressure changes occur during treatment.

It is also important to look for PATTERNS in potassium levels. For example, suppose your first reading for potassium is 4.5 then 3 weeks later it is 4.3 and 3 weeks after that it is 3.8 (these are actual numbers from a cancer patient). All of these are within acceptable ranges. However, if this PATTERN continues, the next reading will not be within acceptable ranges. If you see a pattern like this, you should immediately increase your dose of potassium by 1 tablespoon until you get more readings!! Of course, if the trend is going up and is about to go off the chart, you should reduce your dose by 1 tablespoon. Generally, however, if the dose does need to be changed, it needs to be increased.

"Some patients on cesium develop evidence of potassium depletion so serum potassium needs to be monitored along with uric acid blood levels. Any alkali therapy changes the ph of the body toward a more alkalotic state. This causes movement of potassium into cells [i.e. which depletes serum potassium] which may result in low serum potassium values. This movement of potassium into cells means that a person can become seriously depleted of potassium even if there is no diarrhea or vomiting. See: http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james14.htm

See http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/dmso/pdf/DMSO_Cesium_Protocols.pdf  for what to take and how much, and call Dr. Wolfe and Larry.

More Info about Cesium:

Clinics - Alternative Cancer Treatments using these protocols and others
See: http://www.cancertutor.com/Other/Clinics.html and http://www.cancertutor.com/

Laetrile (“Vitamin B-17”):

Tablet sizes are from 100-500mg. For some patients in whom gastric acidity is deficient, side reactions of weakness or headache following oral administration may be avoided by taking some apple cider vinegar (1-2tsp in half a glass of water) or a betaine hydrochloride tablet to prevent these unpleasant reactions. When higher dosages are desired, the IV route is recommended (done at Dr. Contreras’ Oasis of Hope hospital and others in Mexico http://www.cancure.org/directory_mexican_clinics.htm). Note: they do this with a comprehensive protocol that includes plenty of enzymes, raw vegetables blenderized along with some fish and chicken, immune boosters, anti-metastasis supplements, fiber, etc. IV dosage may range from 3-9g or even 12g/d and is administered into a vein, preferably between meals.

Direct Application

Water solutions of B-17 may be applied to open wounds by saturating several layers of gauze to cover the raw area.

B-17 water solution may be used as an overnight retention enema also, following a cleansing irrigation. (B-17 can be added to the bolus or oil/DMSO herbal enema mixture, or alternated with one or both of them). This may be a particularly good way to get nitrioloside directly to colon tumors (although, it is also absorbed systemically this way, and can reach other parts of the body).

B-17 in solutions may be made into a water-soluble salve and applied to localized skin lesions.

B-17 in a solution of 1gram/cc of DMSO has also been used successfully for direct application.


It is sometimes advisable to change the dosage. The sense of well-being of a patient is probably the best practical guide to decide if a change is indicated. The sense of well-being is influenced by the patient’s capacity to dispose of the toxic products that result from tumor breakdown.

For example, when drainage from a cancer area is inadequate, or detoxification and excretion are impaired, toxins released by lysed cancer cells may result in an occasional episode of weakness, dizziness, or increase body temperature, or other evidence of toxemia, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or mental confusion. High dosage could be followed by a higher rate of tumor destruction and toxemia than a patient can tolerate. Such toxemia is usually temporary, lasting from a few hours to one day, and subsiding as detoxification and elimination adjust to the rate of tumor breakdown. Should the patient’s impaired sense of well-being continue, however, the dosage level should be decreased accordingly, and perhaps raised again as well-being is restored.

Administer B-17 and enzymes separately. Dr. Contreras prescribes B-17 one hour before meals, Pangamic Acid (vitamin B-15) at the end of each meal, and enzymes mid-morning and at 10pm.

Foods high in B-17 (500mg nitriloside per 100g of food):

Berries: Wild blackberry, Swedish (lignon) cranberry
Seeds: apple, apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune
Beans: fava
Tubers: cassava
Leaves: alfalfa
Grains: millet, buckwheat
Nuts: bitter almonds

Many users eat raw apricot kernels during the day, and add 1tsp-1TBS/serving of kernels or seeds (ground in a small coffee grinder, such as the Proctor-Silex grinder used for flax seeds) to their vegetable blend (from the Vitamix) or green drink.


Laetrile. Special mention here for this long standing, effective alternative cancer treatment which still remains banned by the American government after 50 years of continuous usage worldwide. Laetrile (also called Amygdalin or vitamin B17) is a powerful cancer fighter when used with other appropriate treatments (See Capt. 1) The book "Alive and Well", by Philip E. Binzel Jr. MD documents his many success stories using Laetrile. Seventeen countries around the world routinely use Laetrile.

Injectable and pill forms are available today, but many people simply choose to eat apricot seeds - a rich natural source of Amygdalin, the key ingredient. Some believe the seeds are superior to extracts as they contain other naturally occurring factors.

 The government bans this proven cancer fighter claiming it contains a trace of cyanide - which it does. What they fail to include in the message to the public is that vitamin B12 (cyanocobolomin) also contains a trace of cyanide. Besides apricot seeds, Amygdalin occurs naturally in 1200 fruits, nuts, grasses, grains etc.

One of the finest alternative care hospitals in Mexico, Oasis of Hope, has treated over 100,000 cancer patients in the last 35 years using alternative treatments. 95% of those people have received Laetrile. Books and websites describe people chewing 2 to 4 pits per day as a cancer preventative. For active cancer treatment, they use at least 1 pit for every 10 pounds of body weight, eaten throughout the day. If too many are consumed at once, sometimes a temporary illness similar to a bad case of influenza can be triggered.

In America, the FDA likes to drive sources of laetrile and apricot pits out of business, but here are some sources active at the time of this writing ...

- www.apricotpower.com. Apricot Power at 866-THE-PITS

- www.sunorganic.com for apricot kernels

- www.credence.freeserve.co.uk. (no sales to the United States)

- www.vitaminb17.de. (one of the best)

- http://cancerchoices.com/apricot.htm

Finally, keep in mind that Vitamin B17 helps prevent and treat cancer, but it must be stressed that a complete array of treatments is always important including diet, enzymes, detoxification etc. as prescribed by a qualified health practitioner (See Chap. 1: http://www.naturalcancer.net/FreeGuide.htm)

Second, make sure you get the nutrients that are necessary in order for laetrile to work:
1) zinc (which is the transport mechanism for laetrile),
2) Vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day),
3) manganese,
4) magnesium,
5) selenium,
6) Vitamins B6, B9 and B12,
7) Vitamin A,
8) Vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)

If you are already taking a multi-vitamin, compare its ingredients with the above list and take extra supplements to make up any deficiency.

Binzel also adds "Megazyme Forte" for its trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromalin and zinc nutrients - 2 pills three times a day. Other pancreatic enzymes (also known as proteolytic enzymes) are: Vitalzym, 10Zymes (also from Essense of Life), and Wobenzym N.

IT IS CRITICAL to take the pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes during the laetrile therapy!! However, note that they are blood thinners and should be taken within the vendor's recommended maximum dosage (on the bottle). These are critical for the laetrile molecules to work at peak efficiency.

Note that zinc is also one of the most critical parts of this therapy:

"Zinc is the transportation mechanism for laetrile and nitrilosides in the body. Biochemists and researchers have found that you can give Laetrile to a patient until its coming out of the ears of the patient, but, if that patient did not have sufficient level of Zinc, none of the laetrile would get into the tissues of the body. They also found that nothing heals within the body without sufficient vitamin C. They also found that magnesium; selenium, vitamin A, and B all played an important part in maintaining the body's defense mechanism. This is way its important to understand that cancer is best treated with a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, laetrile and pancreatic enzymes."

He also adds Pangamic acid (B15) 100 mg. - 1 pill three times daily.

See http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Laetrile.html for more information on Laetrile, and http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/DMSO.html for more information on DMSO.

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